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letra de precision! - twisted & sadfriendd


it’s just the stupid m-th-f-ckas always talkin’, till i then [?] (ayy, wait, wait)
they keep thinkin’ that they can get the m-th-f-cka on the feds
run up on me, i’ma fill a f-cker with my lead
if you tryna break the bread, you b-tch, it’s just like a breakdown
shoot you i’m dead, which i’m off the edge
when you showed up with stains, clean this glock off instead
when your natural physique gives me love while i’m dead
take his b-tch, i’m the master and you’re kinda pointless

sir, i don’t wanna do it too with diamonds on me dancin’
b-tch, you know i like to move it, move
shorty wanna call me and give mе neck just like the stupid, stupid
talkin’ all thеir chat, but you have a b-tch, you need to mute it, mute it
i don’t wanna talk if it money, b-tch, you run your f-ckin’ mouth

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