letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de body in a box – the myspace transmissions – city and colour there’s a funeral procession on the highway traffic screeches to a halt there’s people searching for a better way to live their lives johnny lived a good life, you’ll hear them say as tears of sadness soak the ground the reaper crept in, took his breath away in the middle of the night we celebrate ... https://letras.top/c/city-and-colour/letra-de-body-in-a-box-the-myspace-transmissions-city-and-colour/ letra de aeroplane – jessica pratt [verse 1] reflection of your memory in the window and beneath the plane, city lights are a-twinklin’ and you wear them for a crown, over the neon, how soft, my morning comes, oh, when they lose their glow [chorus] oh yes, and i don’t wanna touch down treasures luminous and divine savior’s light, oh [verse ... https://letras.top/j/jessica-pratt/letra-de-aeroplane-jessica-pratt/ letra de keväinen jää – jarkko martikainen ja luotetut miehet [intro] me elämme allamme hohtava keväinen jää [verse 1] aivan tavallinen heikkinen lähti voittamaan helsinkiin saisi töitä ja kämpän ja yhteyden ihmisiin vuotta myöhemmin joi vaikka pullon pohjia puistokemistijoukoissa sitten tapahtui tappo ja kaikki sai kakkua [pre-chorus 1] poika parka sellissä puistelee päätä ja muistelee sameaa elämää [chorus] kun rakkautta ja rahaa on ja onnen ... https://letras.top/j/jarkko-martikainen-ja-luotetut-miehet/letra-de-kevainen-jaa-jarkko-martikainen-ja-luotetut-miehet/ letra de i need you – hypasonic remix – n-dubz i need you i need ya i need you i need ya baby, i need you i need ya i need you i need ya last night was a blur, but all i remember is black shirt, bare carats on my wrist me and a couple men rollin’ up in a whip met a pretty ... https://letras.top/n/n-dubz/letra-de-i-need-you-hypasonic-remix-n-dubz/ letra de nimbus – jaye prime [verse 1] see my crown look like halo when the light hit in the night and the highs ain’t been as high i know my mind just gotta get right talking that high, high, high watch where you’re going forget what you running from oh why, why, why time moving slower the pain is just ... https://letras.top/j/jaye-prime/letra-de-nimbus-jaye-prime/ letra de king del mixtape – dj double s [intro] bella dj double s primo mixtape del 2012 king del mixtape, fabri fibra fa l’intro bella ragààà [strofa] è il ritorno di mister malandato sia benedetto il beat, io mai andato via anche se, c’è chi dice: “quello lì è sparito!” “quello là gli ha sparato!” anzi no, ha sparlato aaah… mi sembrava sei ... https://letras.top/d/dj-double-s/letra-de-king-del-mixtape-dj-double-s/ letra de ostatnie wyjście z szafy – afro kolektyw gdy nagi przemawia ktoś wtedy wypada wytężyć słuch przechodniu świadkiem być masz czekam na twój agresywny ruch wysokoczoły we mnie chemik nad doświadczeniem głowę zwiesił chociaż coś wrzeszczą ludzie ciemni i tłuką szyby głupie dzieci niech coś wybuchnie, coś się spieni gwiaździstość nocy niezliczonych obserwowałem tylko z ziemi w lodówce biły się atomy przechodniu możesz ... https://letras.top/a/afro-kolektyw/letra-de-ostatnie-wyjscie-z-szafy-afro-kolektyw/ letra de angel’s scorn – vagenda born in the streets of the city – she cried though her body was burned, there was an angel inside but she learned it hard, and she learned it well somewhere was a pedestal from which she fell it never should happen to someone like her ‘cause she was so pure and she was so ... https://letras.top/v/vagenda/letra-de-angels-scorn-vagenda/ letra de loving you – iamenergybars [chorus] loving you is all i do loving you is all i do [verse] look more time i ain’t got time for it more time man i gotta chill it’s alright bare missed calls on my phone line (phone line) more time i ain’t got time for it more time man i gotta chill it’s ... https://letras.top/i/iamenergybars/letra-de-loving-you-iamenergybars/ letra de rødt hjerte – unni wilhelmsen sånn derre mann sånn derre strand sånn derre guttekropp sånn derre glovarm kopp sånn derre løftes opp sånn derre bølgetopp sånn derre mann sånn derre vann sånn derre se sånn derre blikk sånn derre rare stikk sånn derre søt panikk da sjansen ikke gikk men ble det er ikke så mange ord her det er ... https://letras.top/u/unni-wilhelmsen/letra-de-rodt-hjerte-unni-wilhelmsen/ letra de haschisch kakalake – creme de la creme [part 1:] es war einmal unter dem sofa von dirk hempel eine menge krempel und ein kakalaken-tempel in dem sich zwei kakalaken begegnen sie reden über’s wetter, es ist am regnen doch das könnt’ sie nicht schocken, in der wohnung sei es trocken. da sehen sie auf dem tisch so etwas wie ‘nen braunen brocken ... https://letras.top/c/creme-de-la-creme/letra-de-haschisch-kakalake-creme-de-la-creme/ letra de la rue – salif [couplet 1] sur nos trottoirs il est trop tard, ça pue la cèce notre vie est comme une p’t-te otage venue de bucarest c’est un brelic et pas une femme que tu caresses que la police pose ses cordes vocales sur ma verge impitoyable et loyale, est dans la rue la règle soit tu t’arrêtes, ... https://letras.top/s/salif/letra-de-la-rue-salif/ letra de tony montana – kayuá [refrão] dinheiro em quilo e não em grama me chame de tony montana certo ou não, funciona desse jeito respeito, poder, dinheiro chame de tony montana tony montana funciona desse jeito respeito, poder, dinheiro em quilo e não em grama chame de tony montana [verso 1] palavras são mortas sem ações sabemos quem somos independe ... https://letras.top/k/kayua/letra-de-tony-montana-kayua/ letra de gloria al rey – jaci velasquez [verso 1] hay una razón la maldición fue rota hay una razón la oscuridad se irá hay una razón hoy somos perdonados cristo vivo está [verso 2] hay una razón no estamos derrotados hay una razón cantamos en la prueba hay una razón tenemos esperanza cristo vivo está [coro] gloria al rey resucitado gloria al ... https://letras.top/j/jaci-velasquez/letra-de-gloria-al-rey-jaci-velasquez/ letra de my child – ​gillythekid (youtuber) [verse 1] my dear, you’re not the first to fall been many and i could not save them all, not even one i watched them go, they dropped like flies their souls torn out, nothing else inside i know what’s best for you just go back into your room [chorus] should you choose to leave ... https://letras.top/other/%e2%80%8bgillythekid-youtuber/letra-de-my-child-%e2%80%8bgillythekid-youtuber/ letra de flashlight – radio edit – dj fresh (uk) do you remember boy when you were so cruel? when you played the thief and i played the fool gonna make you move, i’ll make you move, make you move spent so long crying over you, now i’m coming your way gonna make you move gonna make you move, i’ll make you move, make you ... https://letras.top/d/dj-fresh-uk/letra-de-flashlight-radio-edit-dj-fresh-uk/ letra de das beer boot – vat19.com i drink z beer from z gl-ss but das boring. das boot oooo yaaahh das more like it keep pouring i have z german accent so of course i love beer but how much can z boot hold eins, zwei, drei? eins, zwei, drei, vier! da da das boot da da das boot da da ... https://letras.top/v/vat19-com/letra-de-das-beer-boot-vat19-com/ letra de moka grossa – soft the brainstorm [strofa 1] hai idea di che vuol dire progettare un suono? io non lo so, sono anni che ci provo e corro avanti e indietro, borbottando frasi per la stanza trovando punti fermi quanto la forma dell’acqua e tolgo di precisione, aggiungo un pò di svarione scrivo più rime nuove e gioco di innovazione cerco ... https://letras.top/s/soft-the-brainstorm/letra-de-moka-grossa-soft-the-brainstorm/ letra de was wär ich ohne dich – ich + ich [strophe 1: adel tawil] ich weiß nicht, ob unsere liebe ewig hält doch solange schnee vom himmel fällt bin ich an deiner seite ich weiß nicht, wohin der sturm uns weht doch solange die welt nicht untergeht bin ich auf deiner seite du weißt, ich halte dich nicht fest aber solange du mich lässt bin ... https://letras.top/i/ich-ich/letra-de-was-war-ich-ohne-dich-ich-ich/ letra de lets get violent – sinna these lyrics were submitted through rappad – write better lyrics you will never know the violence inside my sick brain angels with the violins leave em’ with slit veins you’ll be f-ckin’ spineless with a squished brain what i contain is like a virus, 666 on my wrist to predict pain burn off your eyes ... https://letras.top/s/sinna/letra-de-lets-get-violent-sinna/ letra de ta bom – v-raptor [intro] o mambo tá bom(3x) xe ah eh eh jpilson num maya solta esse mambo, o mambo tá bom… [refrão] o mambo tá bom então ma n-gga vamo tchilar ehhh (2x) o mambo tá bom (2x) o mambo tá bom então ma n-gga vamo tchilar ehhh (2x) o mambo tá bom (3x) [verso] by v-raptor ... https://letras.top/v/v-raptor/letra-de-ta-bom-v-raptor/ letra de shut uppp love (english) – gumi – ym just let me be, won’t you? it’s close to burning out, my hete. soon as you enter my sight tch how incorrigible there’s no longer anything left- no fondness, no love. slowly, the heat is cooling down you no say i love the lined up words are dancing in my head it’s an effective trap, ... https://letras.top/y/ym/letra-de-shut-uppp-love-english-gumi-ym/ letra de louisiana hot sauce rainy nights – the taxpayers been a long, long time; i have been playing things through in my mind prison equals narrative, but separation is d-mnation for our kind you spent years chasing after a mess but easy livin’ doesn’t pay the rent so put stakes in words and wastelands, leave the machinery for the rest it was a smoke-filled ... https://letras.top/t/the-taxpayers/letra-de-louisiana-hot-sauce-rainy-nights-the-taxpayers/ letra de soitin pomolle – negatiiviset nuoret [chorus] soitin pomolle en pääse tänään töihin kun vituttaa vaa aamust enkä pessy mun tukkaa muutenki vituttaa noi kuolevaisten duunit enkä haluu enää heittää yhtään ryyppyreissuu hukkaa [verse 1] mä nukuin tänään kunnes nenään hais paska sen siitä saa ku en oo tiskannu taaskaa enkä vieny roskii, mä en vaa vittu jaksa aion juua mun ... https://letras.top/n/negatiiviset-nuoret/letra-de-soitin-pomolle-negatiiviset-nuoret/ letra de deze wereld is van jou – gers pardoel [verse 1: gers pardoel] ik kwam als new kid in de scene met gaten in m’n jeans tattoeages op m’n arm die m’n vader niet mocht zien en nu 2 jaren later doe ik dingen die ik wil laat een ander lekker denken ‘what the f-ck is met die k!ll?’ en er zijn chicks op ... https://letras.top/g/gers-pardoel/letra-de-deze-wereld-is-van-jou-gers-pardoel/ letra de thegabbieshow diss – ricegum verse 1 phone in my face now her screen cracked b-tch really tried to make a move she playing games like 2k but i spent that on my sweater too wrist lookin like the 50 bands from that last diss i did on you now they mad and making better moves now the can’t afford ... https://letras.top/r/ricegum/letra-de-thegabbieshow-diss-ricegum/ letra de bonjour – nusky & vaati [intro] wesh pourquoi ça réponds comment ça elle veux plus me voir ? ouais mais elle… elle à consultée avant ? merde [couplet 1] ça ne répond pas, peut-être que j’me suis fait des films mes potes m’ont traité de fou, j’me suis emporté des fois j’ai fait mon sac, emporté deux ou trois bricoles ... https://letras.top/n/nusky-vaati/letra-de-bonjour-nusky-vaati/ letra de grita – taxi (spanish) no hay salida, no hay solución pierdes la fe, se equivoca el sol y el día se tiñe de marrón si no hay luz en tu rincón los de siempre te marcan gol y toca fondo el corazón si no te puedes levantar de ese golpe del ayer si tu vida desafina no lo pienses ... https://letras.top/t/taxi-spanish/letra-de-grita-taxi-spanish/ letra de banging on ’em – norma / matiax (norma – zwrotka) mój pieprzony los, jakbym na loterii wygrał go spójrz na mnie ima boss, scenę wypalam jak cygaro burza filary, twoje j-py będą tera płakać bo kto kurwa przyjdzie na nich, jak usłyszą mnie na trakach czekaj wezmę oddech, bo czuje zapach victorii(wiktorii) jednej z nich, bo moi homies jebią nie tylko wasze ... https://letras.top/n/norma-matiax/letra-de-banging-on-em-norma-matiax/ letra de can you feel me – buczer [zwrotka 1: buczer] robię to na poważnie mój rap po chodnikach hula ja versus reszta to jak ice cube versus ace ventura jedne to rap najlepsze marki, drugie to żart to jak przydrożny motel kontra karczma pełen exlusive ja właśnie taki mam styl, jak bracia z fabuły własny, ma go nie każdy spierdoliłem w życiu ... https://letras.top/b/buczer/letra-de-can-you-feel-me-buczer/ letra de você não sai da minha cabeça – leandro mc part. pr banks [leandro mc] hoje acordei,peguei o papel e a caneta pra tentar compor algo que não me lembr-sse tristeza e veja, só o que veio na minha mente presente, p-ssado, futuro de tudo,que foi pra a gente entende? o que tivemos no p-ssado faz o meu presente ver futuro ao seu lado casado, sei lá… só ... https://letras.top/l/leandro-mc-part-pr-banks/letra-de-voce-nao-sai-da-minha-cabeca-leandro-mc-part-pr-banks/ letra de happy days – twista [introduction: instrumental] [chrorus: supa bwe] like a tiger in his cay-age, yeah i be plotting my scay-ape, yeah i be smoking dope for day-ays, yeah i be smoking dope for day-ays, yeah i am finna hit the stash ’til i’m ‘k, yeah i am finna hit the stash ’til i’m ‘k, yeah i be smoking ... https://letras.top/t/twista/letra-de-happy-days-twista/ letra de to the sky – bobby gore climb mountains every week so i can’t forget the top at this 24/7 so the grind never stops check around boy i’m hot u just allowed in the kitchen i been whipping up some work stick around to do the dishes when the food gets finished we need another meal sky dive to my target ... https://letras.top/b/bobby-gore/letra-de-to-the-sky-bobby-gore/ letra de complex magazine (ft. blakk soul) – vh1 pnut (verse 1) i was f-cking with this sh-t i was sprung, she was mighty cool she had a crib, and a kid, and she went to school but little did i know, she was a hoe, she liked to dance and strip i walked into the club, and this b-tch couldn’t dance or l1ck i ... https://letras.top/v/vh1-pnut/letra-de-complex-magazine-ft-blakk-soul-vh1-pnut/ letra de findelkinder – silly [strophe i:] richte dich ein wie für ewig bau dir’n sicheres haus mit teuren schlössern an teuren tür’n irgendwer trägt dich da raus stell dir ‘ne kleine armee an die dich tapfer bewacht butler und anwälte und bodyguards geben dir tag und nacht was dein leben so sicher macht [chorus:] wir sind findelkinder [strophe ii:] ... https://letras.top/s/silly/letra-de-findelkinder-silly/ letra de faceless – triumphant i am wearing the face, the face that they gave me sure, there’s no mortal who can f-cking evade it remember, you can like or unlike it, but forget the moments of happiness in your life if you tear away this mask from your face your past will not let you go do you know ... https://letras.top/t/triumphant/letra-de-faceless-triumphant/ letra de heimspiel – revolverheld [strophe 1] du zelebrierst dich weißt, du verlierst nicht dein team formiert sich das spiel fängt an, du bist bereit du bist so heiß willst immer mehr davon dein herz schlägt schneller fußball ist unsre religion [refrain] das ist dein heimspiel, spiel deines lebens 90 minuten, um alles zu geben wie rock ‘n’ roll fußball ... https://letras.top/r/revolverheld/letra-de-heimspiel-revolverheld/ letra de typical love song – sefa m [1st verse] baby tell me yo flaws lemme hear em all and tell me every trust issue lemme prove em wrong and tell me every insecurity that you have ever had and moments that make you sad or happy angry or mad lemme get it, i just want you and that’s really it let’s work ... https://letras.top/s/sefa-m/letra-de-typical-love-song-sefa-m/ letra de six disasters – third child it’s hard to see straight in the summertime i mistook that snake for a swinging vine it’s the devil’s deal to waste your time i’m calling you ay-yea you try to pray to no avail cause there are no gods in riverdale just carrot-tops and ponytails i’m calling you ay-yea i put my faith in ... https://letras.top/t/third-child/letra-de-six-disasters-third-child/ letra de el dolor – yiyo sarante te mandaron una carta mujer y yo la recibí no la quise leer porque ahi comprendí que tú me eras infiel que decían esos renglones de ti no te puedo decir pero hay algo que sé que tu vivías por él y yo moría por ti yo soñaba con tenerte entre mis brazos nena con ... https://letras.top/y/yiyo-sarante/letra-de-el-dolor-yiyo-sarante/ letra de 14.11.14 – edgar wasser heute ist der 14. november 2014… erst kam das „stockholm-syndrom”, dann die internetblogs und heute ist der tag, an dem „tourette-syndrom“ kommt heute bin ich aufgewacht und machte den laptop an und schaute mir die itunes- und amazon-bewertung’n an: ist mir wohl doch nicht egal, was ihr denkt… tut mir leid, liebe fans! mein manager ... https://letras.top/e/edgar-wasser/letra-de-14-11-14-edgar-wasser/ letra de freaky – gemaine edwards … won’t you come over girl got something to show you girl i promise that it’s something that you would want to see (girl you know you want to) you ain’t gotta worry girl i ain’t in a hurry girl i’m gonna take it slow (just trust in me x2) i’m a give it to ... https://letras.top/g/gemaine-edwards/letra-de-freaky-gemaine-edwards/ letra de mercy and grace – shai linne [verse 1: shai linne] i gotta say this, god is gracious that’s not just a doctrine statement, but my heartfelt proclamation of a god who saves men without obligation from sin’s domination and the bonds of satan n0body sins in moderation that’s obvious from our evil thoughts to our conversation we were dead, we needed ... https://letras.top/s/shai-linne/letra-de-mercy-and-grace-shai-linne/ letra de 휘파람 (whistle) – girl’s day give me your love 왜 자꾸 휘파람을 불어대 give me your love 지금이 몇신데 날 불러내 give me your love 어쩜 다들 똑같은 패턴에 휘리릭 휘리리릭 oh no no no give me your love 이 많은 남자 중에 내 짝은 누군지 give me your love 한번씩 만나보고 다닐수는 없잖아 give me your love 진심이 안보여 ... https://letras.top/g/girls-day/letra-de-%ed%9c%98%ed%8c%8c%eb%9e%8c-whistle-girls-day/ letra de não sou sem nós – cynthia luz [letra de “não sou sem nós”] [verso 1] e eu digo: “lá vem ela” todo mundo sabe que o mundo é só um céu então é pouco o que se compre com papel que se compara ao labirinto de intenções a mais perto do desejo, quase que não penso se eu vejo mas mereço um ... https://letras.top/c/cynthia-luz/letra-de-nao-sou-sem-nos-cynthia-luz/ letra de lua da night – realleza ansiosa estava para o final de semana estresse da vida dura, pelo corre da grana já que a noite chegou, eu faço tipo rihanna “shine bright like diamond” envolvente na dança dj solte o som, que na luz de neon meu bonde é furacão, meu bonde é zica na melhor intenção o vermelho batom ação ... https://letras.top/r/realleza/letra-de-lua-da-night-realleza/ letra de broken hearts are for assholes – live – dweezil zappa hey! do you know what you are? you’re an -ssh0l-! an -ssh0l-! some of you might not agree ’cause you probably likes a lot of misery but think a while and you will see… broken hearts are for -ssh0l-s broken hearts are for -ssh0l-s are you an -ssh0l-? broken hearts are for -ssh0l-s are you ... https://letras.top/d/dweezil-zappa/letra-de-broken-hearts-are-for-assholes-live-dweezil-zappa/ letra de all my friends – daily grind [verse 1] harder to say try to never take the fall guess it’s my fault after all i got a good friend going through the struggle one with his head in the bottom of the bottle see he and me are swimming up the same stream claiming innocence among the ranks acting like i’d do ... https://letras.top/d/daily-grind/letra-de-all-my-friends-daily-grind/ letra de ça commence – falcko [couplet] ça commence près d’une tour, près d’un square sachant que tout c’qui commence un jour finira un soir ca commence par des hlm, réveiller par des ktm c’est un bruit d’compèt qui le tin-ma écarte tes rêves ca commence par des naissances et ce manque de moyens immigrés, familles de guesh, d’espagnol, de rebeu, ... https://letras.top/f/falcko/letra-de-ca-commence-falcko/ letra de from the fire – fields of the nephilim i am certain of the way now like the sun i’m so far above men and i need no one, i need nothing i can’t wait, i’ve been dead for so long help me from the fire, from the liar take my hand, i know no way out help me from the fire on my ... https://letras.top/f/fields-of-the-nephilim/letra-de-from-the-fire-fields-of-the-nephilim/ letra de mean and evil – moreland & arbuckle [verse 1] heaven bless you heaven bless you heaven bless you and keep your soul now h-ll don’t want you no h-ll don’t want you no h-ll don’t want you they told me so [chorus] cause devil failed you man devil failed you gone devil failed you man take his throne cause you mean and ... https://letras.top/m/moreland-arbuckle/letra-de-mean-and-evil-moreland-arbuckle/ letra de no rompas mi corazón – latino dance no rompas más, mi pobre corazón estás pegando justo entiéndelo; si quiebras poco más, mi pobre corazón me harás mil pedazos quiérelo no soy lo mejor, ni tu única opción no tengo más partido que mi amor; dime algo baby bién, ya no me hagas perder serás siempre mi nena como el sol te gusta ... https://letras.top/l/latino-dance/letra-de-no-rompas-mi-corazon-latino-dance/ letra de you and me – leon thomas iii (intro) gonna be you and me gonna be everything you you ever dreamed wanna be you with me want to be everything (chorus 1) i believe that if you want something bad enough it’ll happen in the right time now you see baby all i did was pick you up now i can call you ... https://letras.top/l/leon-thomas-iii/letra-de-you-and-me-leon-thomas-iii/ letra de 100 times over – forever ends here is it alright that i built a house where no one knew me cause i finally felt like moving on and is it alright that i built a reputation of the boy who always had his heart set on the things he thought he’d never see but he’s hoping that one day he would meet ... https://letras.top/f/forever-ends-here/letra-de-100-times-over-forever-ends-here/ letra de no rivals – ruup x the aymansta ruup: yo, this sh-t slaps! put us on a mic, we got no rivals the aymansta: yo, we ain’t rivals, right? ruup: nah, man the aymansta: part-tion ain’t got nothing on us! ruup: first off i’m a brown boy and when you hear my sound boy you’ll realize that i’m the future king of underground ... https://letras.top/r/ruup-x-the-aymansta/letra-de-no-rivals-ruup-x-the-aymansta/ letra de underground rap 4 life – taktloss [taktloss] an all euch huren, nutten und die ganze scheiße hier ist ein anderer rapflow den ich fertig habe und er geht so mein name ist taktloss, n-gga als mich die scouts erspähten würde ihr beten erhört doch rapfreunde waren empört ihr bild vom letzten realen rapper schien für immer zerstört taktloss macht jetzt r ... https://letras.top/t/taktloss/letra-de-underground-rap-4-life-taktloss/ letra de onde ficamos? – matheus queiroz [verso 1] o telefone toca, o tempo voa e anota hoje a garoa mostra tudo valeu, todos os meus, todos os seus planos o que viveu e aconteceu não foram só enganos hoje me pego sentado, olhando pro lado no dia seguinte pensa no p-ssado onde ficamos, como estamos [refrão] não sei se será, falsa ... https://letras.top/m/matheus-queiroz/letra-de-onde-ficamos-matheus-queiroz/ letra de saturday – samzen [verse 1] everyday i’m looking around and i can’t see anyone but you everyday i’m looking around and i can’t see anyone but you anyone but you what am i to do anyone but you what i to do [chorus] because babe i like you (stories to my not so ex) oh baby you are ... https://letras.top/s/samzen/letra-de-saturday-samzen/ letra de ten – joe kirk verse 1 i woke this morning earlier than i planned i’m not sure why (i’m not sure why) i’ve been in a haze going on from day to day knowing something’s not right (something’s not right) pre-chorus there’s tears that fall with no reason at all i can’t slow them down i retrace my steps ... https://letras.top/j/joe-kirk/letra-de-ten-joe-kirk/ letra de mouth of hell – abdominal rupture my repeated birth is the pain i bear; with these visions of your progressive regress filling me deep beneath; rolls the static corruption as pregnancy of my nature i’ve been regurgitated with the tears of the creator; yet a single certainty remains i am still undefined you have unveiled the fracture. you have unveiled it ... https://letras.top/a/abdominal-rupture/letra-de-mouth-of-hell-abdominal-rupture/ letra de land of a thousand dances – jessica mauboy one, two, three! one, two, three! you gotta know how to pony like bony maronie mashed potato, do the alligator put your hands on your hips, let your back-bone slip do the watusi, like my little lucy na, na na na na, na na na na, na na na, na na na, na na na ... https://letras.top/j/jessica-mauboy/letra-de-land-of-a-thousand-dances-jessica-mauboy/ letra de fumble – djizy & ess-k [intro: djizy] gunz! [couplet 1: djizy] t’es dans les jupes de ton père tempère bâtard, si j’étais pas là j’étais où? dans la tête de ceux qui me doivent des houss? que de l’att-tude ces négros n’ont même pas de plumes dans leur trousse j’t’ai donné, t’en valais pas l’coup plus l’temps p-sse et plus ... https://letras.top/d/djizy-ess-k/letra-de-fumble-djizy-ess-k/ letra de let me fall – laura mvula [verse 1] i wait, nervously muddle through you found me here alone; i followed empty dreams for you i wait, out of the folly fields don’t try to save me now; i wonder how it feels to be free and i pray, i pray that i would sleep sleep for a thousand years there in ... https://letras.top/l/laura-mvula/letra-de-let-me-fall-laura-mvula/ letra de material things – nneka after sets, cell phones, internet, vegas bets private jets, limousine chauffeurs, all of that money, clothes and oh, diamonds, cars, rims, shining none of this compares to what i see in you materials don’t mean a thing to me girl, you are the world to me if i had to pick a favorite thing it ... https://letras.top/n/nneka/letra-de-material-things-nneka/ letra de fashion – young rich homie (verse 1) these n-gga taking my swag and then went through the roof wait hollup ummm n-ggas they talk out they -ss must think that they bulletproof my fashion so over the top that its out of view like blue they left me without a clue eyes red when i see green call it mountain ... https://letras.top/y/young-rich-homie/letra-de-fashion-young-rich-homie/ letra de lovecaught – the ceremonies [verse one] help! is somebody coming to keep me from losing my mind? and who is waiting to catch me, to keep me from falling behind? (is it you maybe?) ‘cause i can’t catch a wink or fall asleep to lies (and i know it’s crazy,) but i see love is blind– ‘cause dreaming of ... https://letras.top/t/the-ceremonies/letra-de-lovecaught-the-ceremonies/ letra de outro (malavita) – riccy [part] malavita! dieses jahr hab’ ich mir vorgenomm’n, sie bremen mich nicht manchmal kommst du nur ans ziel wenn du die wände durchbrichst die wendung kommt nicht wenn du den ganzen tag nur trübsal bläst handle, überleg auf deinem weg damit du überlebst voller euphorie und ambitionen haben viele hier vergessen, auch ‘nen widerstand zu ... https://letras.top/r/riccy/letra-de-outro-malavita-riccy/ letra de ghetto youth freestyle – wizkid [intro:] ara ra ra raa o ro ro ro roo yeah team starboy welcome to another session you already know oh yea e le le le le le o lo lo lo lo lo lo lo [verse 1:] for the people wey dey yarn my story oh oya sit down make i yarn you story ... https://letras.top/w/wizkid/letra-de-ghetto-youth-freestyle-wizkid/ letra de kitchen – blackchords i heard a noise in the kitchen the other night i imagined it was you coming over to say that its alright you ain’t going anywhere i lie awake with the moon streaming in and it cuts the bed in two i’ve got to shake this feeling from my back cause i’m talking to the ... https://letras.top/b/blackchords/letra-de-kitchen-blackchords/ letra de 27 – the dark seas standing all alone in time and sp-ce pictures in my head i can’t erase voices in my head won’t let me be save me from these nightmares that i dream do you ever feel so close to the edge? that every breath feels like the end and tonight you’re not coming home hold your breath ... https://letras.top/t/the-dark-seas/letra-de-27-the-dark-seas/ letra de genocide ii (swallow) – slug † christ [verse 1] genocide when i ride tilted and wilted the slug stack up pillars of ominous lilith eyes like woah woah woah diligent b-st-rd pride examine this callus reads infinite malice when my kind begins to die but really to me i need a few hundred ounces to bleed f-ck with this creed all the ... https://letras.top/s/slug-%e2%80%a0-christ/letra-de-genocide-ii-swallow-slug-%e2%80%a0-christ/ letra de als je weggaat – bløf [verse 1] het heeft veel te kort geduurd maar ik genoot van ieder uur en ach, er is zo weinig tijd maar dat woog toen nog niet zo zwaar we werden vrienden van elkaar soms is dat liefde voor altijd gek hoe heldendom vervaagt terwijl ik jou op handen draag ik zou je willen vragen ... https://letras.top/b/blof/letra-de-als-je-weggaat-blof/ letra de don’t take your love away from me – vast i am looking for an inspiration and i think i found it in your heart it’s the kind of thing you get when you’re not looking it’s the kind of thing you had from the start put me on a ship that is sinking on a voyage to an untamed land take away the freedoms ... https://letras.top/v/vast/letra-de-dont-take-your-love-away-from-me-vast/ letra de shining star – pornocult radio edit – get far the way you look at me the way you touch me the fire are in your eyes (i swear) makes me shivers inside there’s nothing i can do about it ’cause nothing seems so truth when i’m beside you and my dream of all thing is all in my hand naked, perfect, so beautiful you ... https://letras.top/g/get-far/letra-de-shining-star-pornocult-radio-edit-get-far/ letra de i’ve learned to love myself – ​letlive. [verse 1] there’s no way my mother can still love me the way my father, my father said she did more like a brother to the others, but to my sister i am nothing but another statistic when you’re birthed by seven women over thirteen days, superst-tious happy endings seem farther away than you may ... https://letras.top/other/%e2%80%8bletlive/letra-de-ive-learned-to-love-myself-%e2%80%8bletlive/ letra de skywalker freestyle – babyfather if it feels good, make it two times and if this tune bangs, bust it two times it’s getting late, it’s going down everybody knows that i’m coming ’round jamaican sound all my n-ggas down bunning in the place, bodies in the crowd and we smoke it loud ’cause we’ve been around everybody knows that ... https://letras.top/b/babyfather/letra-de-skywalker-freestyle-babyfather/ letra de tony awards 2016: best book acceptance speech – lin-manuel miranda this envelope says lin, but it’s not entirely lin’s cause when you work with tommy kail, the best idea wins when alex finds a place to cut, or andy needs more bars you can’t think this is mine, you can only think this is ours is it ‘are’s or is it ‘owr’s, well it’s hours ... https://letras.top/l/lin-manuel-miranda/letra-de-tony-awards-2016-best-book-acceptance-speech-lin-manuel-miranda/ letra de trouble – the chipmunks & the chipettes no attorneys – to plead my case no orbits – to send me into outer sp-ce and my fingers are bejeweled with diamonds and gold but that ain’t gonna help me now i’m trouble – yeah trouble now i’m trouble y’all, i disturb my own town i’m trouble – yeah, trouble now i’m trouble y’all, ... https://letras.top/t/the-chipmunks-the-chipettes/letra-de-trouble-the-chipmunks-the-chipettes/ letra de bedingungslose liebe – jadu [strophe 1] ich rede viel, doch sage nichts ich nehme viel, doch habe nichts verspreche viel, doch halte nichts riskiere viel und verliere nichts ich rede nicht, doch sage viel ich nehme nichts, doch habe viel verspreche nichts, doch halte viel riskiere nichts und verlier’ doch viel [refrain] bedingungslose liebe entsteht nie im frieden, entsteht ... https://letras.top/j/jadu/letra-de-bedingungslose-liebe-jadu/ letra de if it makes you god – sequel of sunday if it makes you god, will you give that up? big city, worthless ent-ty it’s all about overvalued and profane plastics become kings culture of paranoia the illusion of being alive, it wraps around our necks money talks but i promise one day i’ll break its jaw apart if it makes you god, will you ... https://letras.top/s/sequel-of-sunday/letra-de-if-it-makes-you-god-sequel-of-sunday/ letra de éprouvé – lacrim [couplet 1 – lacrim] j’suis né par les forceps, j’ai pas grandi dans l’seize la rue t’élève et te tue, j’avais pas compris le concept noyer dans l’océan de sang pour faire ces preuves tu m’crois au top, c’est la que j’subis les pires épreuves j’aurais tant aimer avoir une vie tranquille j’suis tiré par ... https://letras.top/l/lacrim/letra-de-eprouve-lacrim/ letra de over bite – samzen [pre-chorus] how come you try to say that you miss me because two days ago you went and dissed me i bet right now you wanna up and kiss me hold up, back up, watch me now [chorus] i guess you left your girl in the city got mad and told her “don’t miss me” ... https://letras.top/s/samzen/letra-de-over-bite-samzen/ letra de go go go – life (uk) i knew i was a sap when i didn’t get the part but game of thrones is back so i called for green and dark i knew i was a wreck when i grew my daddy’s knuckles but miley’s on the box so i hang out with my pickle so i say “oh no i ... https://letras.top/l/life-uk/letra-de-go-go-go-life-uk/ letra de comme j’ai toujours envie d’aimer – marc hamilton comme j’ai toujours envie d’aimer j’ai toujours envie de toi oh toi que j’aime comme j’ai toujours envie de toi je te cherche où que tu sois oh toi que j’aime comme tu es femme dans la nuit mes mains tremblent sur tes hanches j’ai envie de tes lèvres, mon amour comme j’ai toujours envie ... https://letras.top/m/marc-hamilton/letra-de-comme-jai-toujours-envie-daimer-marc-hamilton/ letra de mil disculpas – a cámara lenta perdón si vuelvo a molestar después de tanto tiempo después de tanto tiempo sin hablar y ahora vuelvo con eso no es mi intención molestar, lo que digo es cierto compramos un lugar para guardar los sentimientos después del tremendo huracán que arrasó con lo nuestro me aleje sin más, ya apague el incendio no ... https://letras.top/a/a-camara-lenta/letra-de-mil-disculpas-a-camara-lenta/ letra de motivation – canon [verse 1: canon] quiet, from midnight to morning i’m burning my oil the track is t-tanium, i make it bend like aluminum foil i’m looking to sell every someone i feature my features ain’t c-cky been feeling like jordan when going i’m thinking that no one can stop me my canvas is copping in drama ... https://letras.top/c/canon/letra-de-motivation-canon/ letra de in avernus – aborted standing in front of avernus the gates of old, a plummeting death the illusions that haunt me, control me denigrating apocrypha, a slithering rot seeps into my sanity wreaking vengeance upon a lucid ordure clarity, a monstrosity, take me from this mental travesty leaning over the precipice of my deluded self as i fear in ... https://letras.top/a/aborted/letra-de-in-avernus-aborted/ letra de dreams don’t live here anymore – great skies [verse 1] i want least the resistance most reward i’m sat indoors plotting slowly how to get some pay back from my vocal cords how can i be optimistic? i’m still scribbling notes in my phone on the district line seeing other people’s success and i’m getting p-ssing that i’m left behind sit behind your ... https://letras.top/g/great-skies/letra-de-dreams-dont-live-here-anymore-great-skies/ letra de bukačina – džej džej okoča (rendominacija) poserem ti se na teren ka geri lineker u indiji je bolivud, a u delti cineplexx nisam neki reper, al sam za tebe dmx ti piješ becks, pušiš slims i briješ legs sve procitaš prije no klikneš next po bini se krećeš ka igrači na pes usta otvaraš ka igračka za pez ćelav si ... https://letras.top/d/dzej-dzej-okoca/letra-de-bukacina-dzej-dzej-okoca/ letra de alchemist – nessyou [paroles de nessyou “alchemist (freestyle)”] [couplet unique] foug had lbeat d alchemist, 7alf tandir missa f3ayl ministre, m3emmer lpiste b lyrics w 3ati lmix l elys la bit t capter les lignes, ay khssek satellite 3arfkoum 3atilin, rapkoum 3ati l3in machi b7alkoum, faytkoum, ana bl-ssti lheh mdép-ssi lhit, 3ndi fr-ssi l3ilm nkteb facile? 3ib, kanmzek ... https://letras.top/n/nessyou/letra-de-alchemist-nessyou/ letra de oh seigneur écoute ma prière [the answer to my prayer] – anne kern aujourd’hui je tends les mains vers toi mais je ne demande rien pour moi car tu sais bien que mon coeur maintenant connaît enfin le bonheur oh seigneur écoute ma prière oh seigneur écoute ma prière car chacun tu donne un jour comme à moi la chance de trouver l’amour un prétendu jour désespéré une ... https://letras.top/a/anne-kern/letra-de-oh-seigneur-ecoute-ma-priere-the-answer-to-my-prayer-anne-kern/ letra de liryczny wpierdol – jakości kontrolerzy [refren] x2 nawijając tutaj w głowie mam tylko jedno chciałbym przekazem trafić w samo sedno i choć życie odbija stale w nas piętno zwolnij tempo, żeby osiągnąć cel wcale nie musisz biegnąć [zwrotka 1] to techniczna; moja pętla, prędkość piętnaście węzłów odpowiadam: “jest.” jeśli szukasz tutaj sensu brakuje ci tu odwagi, mam fasolki senzu pierwszych ... https://letras.top/j/jakosci-kontrolerzy/letra-de-liryczny-wpierdol-jakosci-kontrolerzy/ letra de remember me – keith jacobs whoa whoa whoa whoa i’m in my fresh clothes m-th- f-ck the club ain’t thinking bout no dress code oh and it’s all about finesse though i’m keith j just in case i haven’t let you know got amnesia on the brain drunk and high ain’t the same i’m like jordan to the game i’m ... https://letras.top/k/keith-jacobs/letra-de-remember-me-keith-jacobs/ letra de bass…can u hear me? – beat dominator b-ss, b-ss, b-ss o.o sick b-ss o.o feel the b-ss, fee-feel the b-ss feel the b-ss, fee-feel the b-ss feel the b-ss, fee-feel the b-ss feel the b-ss, fee-feel the b-ss feel the b-ss, fee-feel the b-ss feel the b-ss, fee-feel the b-ss feel the b-ss, fee-feel the b-ss feel the b-ss, fee-feel the b-ss: ... https://letras.top/b/beat-dominator/letra-de-bass-can-u-hear-me-beat-dominator/ letra de te quiero tanto tanto – masizzo tengo aquí en mis labios el sabor de aquellos besos que me diste al partir guardo aquí en mis manos las caricias que he inventando solamente para ti y en mi lecho soledad tu perfume aún esta porque no puedo olvidarte nadie ocupa tu lugar es que yo te quiero tanto, tanto como nunca pude ... https://letras.top/m/masizzo/letra-de-te-quiero-tanto-tanto-masizzo/ letra de fuego – coyote jo bastard [couplet 1] j’ai d’la putain d’beuh sa mère tu veux le feat mais faut qu’tu paye tout tes [?] veulent s’faire ken plus véridique que tous tes kheys combien d’teilles dans la bre combien d’billets dans l’diesel toi askip t’as le bras long rentre le bien dans l’cul d’ta mère rien n’a changé, [?] une ... https://letras.top/c/coyote-jo-bastard/letra-de-fuego-coyote-jo-bastard/ letra de boşla oltayı al voltayı – farazi v kayra [sample: sadri alışık] dünya dar geldi şehirde, baktım gece gündüz karıştı her şey böyle bulandı, rakı rengi oldu şarap rengi oldu ölüyorum anam dedim zor attım kendimi gemilere. bir ara kendimi denize atayım dedim, bir arap vardı o kurtardı sonra deliliğe vurdum abi. işte sonra senlen tanıştım. sen, sen canım arkadaşım. şimdi öğrendin hikayemi abi ... https://letras.top/f/farazi-v-kayra/letra-de-bosla-oltayi-al-voltayi-farazi-v-kayra/ letra de telephone line – alternate vocal – electric light orchestra h-llo, how are you? have you been alright? through all those lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely nights that’s what i’d say, i’d tell you everything if you’d pick up that telephone, yeah yeah yeah hey, how you feelin’? are you still the same? don’t you realize the things we did, we did were all for ... https://letras.top/e/electric-light-orchestra/letra-de-telephone-line-alternate-vocal-electric-light-orchestra/ letra de bring back – keren ann [verse 1] bring back my eldest before my heart is withered he’s a fighter and a winner a falling legend in the mirror he will spoil the hungry beast till the flag is raised and the fire is ceased he’ll sway and sway until he’s creased and saved before the senior priest like a rebel ... https://letras.top/k/keren-ann/letra-de-bring-back-keren-ann/ letra de say it all – great good fine ok [verse 1] it’s summer, but no one’s calling ’cause somewhere there’s something new and you wait for someone special sit around gonna think this whole thing through i wonder if someone would get me forced and refuse to cry why settle for something less than say it all or get out of my life say ... https://letras.top/g/great-good-fine-ok/letra-de-say-it-all-great-good-fine-ok/