letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de wab – damiyoncé i said (hold up), certified freak seven days a week wet ass bussy make that pull-out game weak yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, you f-cking with some wet ass bussy bring a bucket and a mop for this wet ass bussy give me everything you got for this wet ass bussy beat it up, n-gga, ... https://letras.top/d/damiyonce/letra-de-wab-damiyonce/ letra de lonesome just like you – gillian welch [verse 1] go on and leave me anytime you please you can leave me weeping in the willow trees but little darling, you know it’s true i’ll be lonesome just like you [verse 2] go on and find you another love i’m gonna get me a turtle dove and when they both have fallen through ... https://letras.top/g/gillian-welch/letra-de-lonesome-just-like-you-gillian-welch/ letra de softstyle – wuh oh one, two, three get me, ’cause you know that i flaunt it four, five, six get this, ’cause you know that you want it [x2] don’t mess with me when i’m working my recipe cooking with gasoline the best you see best believe i’m making my masterpiece [x2] one, two, three get me, ’cause you ... https://letras.top/w/wuh-oh/letra-de-softstyle-wuh-oh/ letra de ambush – dazione [verse 1] no you don’t know nothing about how i feel no you don’t know nothing about how it’s real no you don’t know, cause you don’t have and it’s ok, cause n0body can no i can’t control it no i cannot solve it no i cannot forget about it and just go and hold you its eating me away i don’t know what ... https://letras.top/d/dazione/letra-de-ambush-dazione/ letra de inner demons – until we die since i was born i have been plagued by my inner demons n0body could ever understand what was happening even though i never wanted to be evil i could not resist carrying out horrible deeds the mark of the devil lies deep inside of me i let them suffer every day for each thought they ... https://letras.top/u/until-we-die/letra-de-inner-demons-until-we-die/ letra de welkom in de landsuper – rwina ruut ik ben ruut, je kent mij niet, is je moeder, hè ewa, knock knock hé, k!ll, ik val met de deur in je osso je ziet me rollen in m’n blacka scirocco, ik stuur m’n troepen aan, ze zijn loco spend money in m’n supermarkt, die money brokko focus gappies, verse stappies, alles onder controle en voor m’n wietfreaks en ... https://letras.top/r/rwina-ruut/letra-de-welkom-in-de-landsuper-rwina-ruut/ letra de southbound train – roger alan wade [verse 1] singing old gospel songs stoned on blue ribbon beer people don’t get me wrong god knows i’m stoned sincere let the neighbors talk ask the preacher man to pray when i die just gather my family and sing amazing grace [chorus] but when i die lay my soul on a southbound train dont’cha ... https://letras.top/r/roger-alan-wade/letra-de-southbound-train-roger-alan-wade/ letra de hämärästä pimeyteen – klamydia on jo tiedossa se mitä pahuus on ja raskas haju siitä miltä tuntuu olla onneton on tuttuja sydänsurut ja yö pitkä uneton mut oppirahat maksetaan ja aikaa jäljellä on enää ei väärää tietä sitten olekaan voi näyttää saarnaajille persettä kun matka jatkuu vaan eun totuus hakkaa turpaan ihan omiksi tarpeiksi ei tarvii enää pyytää eikä ... https://letras.top/k/klamydia/letra-de-hamarasta-pimeyteen-klamydia/ letra de heroin (e) – eva under fire [intro] i’m not your heroine [verse 1] i’m not the person you knew yesterday i’ve been used, abused along the way this is the side of me you pierced with pain these are the hands that couldn’t hold your shame [pre-chorus 1] i tried to hold ’til i realized… [chorus] i can’t save you, no ... https://letras.top/e/eva-under-fire/letra-de-heroin-e-eva-under-fire/ letra de unhappy – yung freik no soy feliz, juro que me quiero morir, pero no tengo una razon para morir asi que mejor decido vivir no soy feliz, juro que me quiero morir, pero no tengo una razon para morir asi que mejor decido vivir no soy feliz, juro que me quiero morir, pero no tengo una razon para morir ... https://letras.top/y/yung-freik/letra-de-unhappy-yung-freik/ letra de minute – justwarrenpeace (chorus) pull her to the side, i need a minute tell me how you feel, i need a minute how quick i get those digits in a minute the way our vibes connected in a minute the promises created in this instant how quick we are to break em in this minute where’s the love you gave me in ... https://letras.top/j/justwarrenpeace/letra-de-minute-justwarrenpeace/ letra de go on back to him – solomon burke go on back to him if you really miss his touch i won’t try to stop you i love you too much i’ll try to act brave and hold my head high but you better go on back to him i don’t want you to see me cry go on back to him i know ... https://letras.top/s/solomon-burke/letra-de-go-on-back-to-him-solomon-burke/ letra de une voix – marija naumova une voix qui pleut une voix qui pleure parfois une voix qui accompagne mes jours sombres une voix qui pleut une voix qui pleure parfois elle me poursuit partout comme une ombre une voix qui berce une voix qui blesse parfois une voix qui chante comme un violon de verlaine une voix qui berce une ... https://letras.top/m/marija-naumova/letra-de-une-voix-marija-naumova/ letra de sose múljon el – ágnes vanilla körbe táncol a fényed gyöngyöző arcomon a dalt itt a szívemben most is dúdolgatom tudod arra gondolok megint álmodtam veled körbe táncol a pillanat mikor a fülembe súgod a titkodat gyere érints meg újra érints meg újra még hogy minden amit érzel sose múljon el nem tudom merre vagy de ha a felhők fölé nézek ... https://letras.top/a/agnes-vanilla/letra-de-sose-muljon-el-agnes-vanilla/ letra de amar hiyer majhe – hemanta mukherjee আমার হিয়ার মাঝে লুকিয়ে ছিলে দেখতে আমি পাইনি তোমায় দেখতে আমি পাইনি আমার হিয়ার মাঝে লুকিয়ে ছিলে দেখতে আমি পাইনি তোমায় দেখতে আমি পাইনি বাহির পানে চোখ মেলেছি, বাহির পানে… আমি হৃদয় পানে চাইনি আমার হিয়ার মাঝে লুকিয়ে ছিলে দেখতে আমি পাইনি তোমায় দেখতে আমি পাইনি আমার সকল ভালোবাসায় সকল আঘাত, সকল আশায় আমার সকল ... https://letras.top/h/hemanta-mukherjee/letra-de-amar-hiyer-majhe-hemanta-mukherjee/ letra de i was made to love her – jackie wilson i was born in lil’ rock had a childhood sweetheart we were always hand in hand i was high top shoes and shirt tails suzy was in pigtails i know i loved her even then you know my papa disapproved it my mama boo hooed it but i told them time and time again “don’t ... https://letras.top/j/jackie-wilson/letra-de-i-was-made-to-love-her-jackie-wilson/ letra de psycho – elcamino [intro] yo yo yo yo, uh [verse 1] who that young n-gga posted up at the store? balenciaga kicks, chains, rockin valor sent me on the [?], nothin’ fazed the law b-tches on my d-ck, i can’t save the sword before i walked on water n-ggas praised the lord and on the block nailed to the cross, can’t save ... https://letras.top/e/elcamino/letra-de-psycho-elcamino/ letra de little bit of rain – piper madison there’s a message in a bottle i wrote when i was younger and set it off to sea now i write my thoughts in bubbles and speak my words in numbers sincerity it’s enough to make me crack when everything you give makes up for what i lack i could have all the money, all ... https://letras.top/p/piper-madison/letra-de-little-bit-of-rain-piper-madison/ letra de damien’s turkse pizza – heavy metal marco [verse] en nou, ik denk dat damian gek is geworden is dat niet zo triest? en wat jammer dat je turkse pizza bent kwijtgeraakt dat je nooit hebt gekocht oh, mama, controleer de auto, hij kan niet ver zijn gegaan ik moet het in de trein hebben achtergelaten of verloren zijn gegaan op school waarschijnlijk ... https://letras.top/h/heavy-metal-marco/letra-de-damiens-turkse-pizza-heavy-metal-marco/ letra de all the way – codi j [intro: codi j] yeah like oooh [chorus: codi j] i just got a hundred in the brief case rolex watch on blue face i just trap a new way oooh pop you in your workplace face up on the staircase counting green like earth day yeah n-gga stop your talking fussing leave you red like ... https://letras.top/c/codi-j/letra-de-all-the-way-codi-j/ letra de lazy – winnie wanders oh, oh, oh oh, hmm oh, hmm i thought that i could hold this down i feel a little guilty now i guess i’m just a lazy girl i thought you wouldn’t let me go i thought that was a good excuse to get a little more comfortable oh, it’s true, i save the words ... https://letras.top/w/winnie-wanders/letra-de-lazy-winnie-wanders/ letra de here’s to you and me – jane’s party woke up this afternoon, i should have worked i thought of you i didn’t mean to but oh darling its true i sneak inside your dreams, you said you miss me when you sleep oh darling don’t you know i haven’t slept in weeks me and my baby we know this special lady gon’ give ... https://letras.top/j/janes-party/letra-de-heres-to-you-and-me-janes-party/ letra de smoke – faye (fra) [paroles de “smoke”] [intro] t’entend le violoncelle, ouais j’entend mon voisin serrer dans cette vie tout ce qu’on sème c’est des produits magique pour que tout ce conserve les rappeurs qui t’invite a leurs 12 concerts j’ai beaucoup de seum pour une seule pensée (on le surnome faye c’est tout ce qu’on sait) survie dans la cage on est tous coincé [couplet 1] j’veux ... https://letras.top/f/faye-fra/letra-de-smoke-faye-fra/ letra de baloje – solo ansamblis dangoraižiai stovi šaltame debesyje (dangoraižiai stovi pilki šaltame debesyje) jie nuo mūsų lūšnynų pasislėpę rūke (jie nuo mūsų lūšnynų tūno pasislėpę rūke) atsitvėrę lietumi nuo įkyrių mūsų žvilgsnių (lietum atsitvėrę nuo kančių ir smalsių mūsų akių) padūmavusioj blausoj matos mano ranka (padūmavusioj blausoj matos tik mano ranka) baloje atsispindintis aukštis (baloje) baloje atsispindintis aukštis traukia ... https://letras.top/s/solo-ansamblis/letra-de-baloje-solo-ansamblis/ letra de eyeliner – gone sugar die i can’t spare a minute i am waiting for a dime and she’s got me stuck in a rut our legs are intertwined can you pick me up at 7? ’cause i have nowhere to go i’m paying back my debt to life and feeling pretty low i’m taking my last breath she’s spitting in ... https://letras.top/g/gone-sugar-die/letra-de-eyeliner-gone-sugar-die/ letra de bra idé – edvin greneskog du och jag var en bara idé allt såg så bra ut pappret problemet är väl att man vill se hela p-sslet innan man lagt det är jag för svag för att vara ensam? är jag för svag för att ge mig själv till någon? är jag för svag överlag? vad ska man göra när ... https://letras.top/e/edvin-greneskog/letra-de-bra-ide-edvin-greneskog/ letra de pior que é – marcos valle pior que é pior que é o jeito que ela mexe com o corpo me deixa louco pior que é pior que é o jeito que ela mexe com o corpo me deixa louco quando ela passa é um perigo quero falar não consigo o que se passa comigo fico parado, tarado, arrepiado eu tô ... https://letras.top/m/marcos-valle/letra-de-pior-que-e-marcos-valle/ letra de too close for comfort – cosmo thundercat [verse 1] they’re too close for comfort these days are slipping right through my backyard parade and it’s you that i’m thinking of time, and time again [verse 2] it’s too close for comfort all the time i’d never thought i’d see it in this life and it’s strange to be thinking of you all ... https://letras.top/c/cosmo-thundercat/letra-de-too-close-for-comfort-cosmo-thundercat/ letra de 決戦スピリット (kessen spirit) – chico with honeyworks chico with honeyworks「決戦スピリット」の歌詞 プレッシャーそれがどうした 神様の助けはいらない エゴイストそれがどうした 勝ちたいに理由などない break out 挑まずにはいられない break out 影さえも振り切ってけ break out 現状の限界 乗り越えろ チャンス we are 全力をかけた we are 怯えることない winner 確信へ変われ 高く高く高く 舞い上がれ 味わった敗北のキズは 涙やって花を咲かせる “諦めろ”と笑えばいいさ そんな言葉 僕は知らない 背負うもの それも楽しめ 同情に付き合う気はない リアリスト勝手にしろよ 番狂わせ壊してしまえ break out このまま燃え尽きたって break out 恥じることない生き様 break out 感情の高鳴り 力に変えてけ we are 勇敢な心 we are 前進あるのみ winner 満身創痍で 足掻け足掻け足掻け 掴み取れ ぶつかって転けては立って 膝の傷 勲章になる “粋がってろ”馬鹿にされても 勝利掲げ 僕は生きたい 臆することない wow 強き風が背中押す wow 宿れ青い炎 wow 時代を作れ風雲児 wow 頂上へいざなう道 break out 挑まずにはいられない break ... https://letras.top/c/chico-with-honeyworks/letra-de-%e6%b1%ba%e6%88%a6%e3%82%b9%e3%83%94%e3%83%aa%e3%83%83%e3%83%88-kessen-spirit-chico-with-honeyworks/ letra de mojada tierra – manuel huerta hoy después de ver que lloviera vino el sol a encender sus luces y el olor a mojada tierra me atrapo la vida, me ahuyentó miserias y el olor a mojada tierra me atrapo la vida, me ahuyentó miserias mi guitarra que me vio callando tuvo urgencia de hacerme un encanto su soñar me enseño figuras me enseño la música ... https://letras.top/m/manuel-huerta/letra-de-mojada-tierra-manuel-huerta/ letra de lioc – scuro & vento [couplet 1 : vento] j’sais qu’tu t’attendais pas à ça, revirement d’prod, tu voulais balancer ton blabla mais ça à r de s’défouler sur twitter, gardes tes meilleures phases et écris un banger maintenant qu’t’as compris, grattes tes lyrics, moi j’vais en profiter pour t’abasourdir ne dîtes pas qu’ils sont bons si leurs sons n’sont ... https://letras.top/s/scuro-vento/letra-de-lioc-scuro-vento/ letra de wou! – petit singe [intro] wou, yeah (et même s’il y a des échecs on est là tout le monde se déchaîne on a plus rien à protéger, rien à sauver) [chorus] on a composé nos tracks on s’est noyé dans la trap on s’est noyé dans une ob on a la main sur le flash on a les ... https://letras.top/p/petit-singe/letra-de-wou-petit-singe/ letra de pegada que desgrama – naiara azevedo não quero mais tô vendo que a gente não tá dando certo fala demais e ainda joga na cara que eu nunca presto até que eu tento não ser trouxa mas o problema é que cê tem, tem um beijo gostoso que prende seu jeito na cama me rende um olhar safado que chama e ... https://letras.top/n/naiara-azevedo/letra-de-pegada-que-desgrama-naiara-azevedo/ letra de orange ave. – 408 [verse 1] she cut my throat with her eyes closed i don’t wanna see this anymore just put me back on the road and let me sell my soul (f-ck cruise control) i wanna leave and come home after all the girls i used to date are gone maybe then my life would change all ... https://letras.top/4/408/letra-de-orange-ave-408/ letra de le chant de l’alouette (version de 2010) – gérard presgurvic [roméo] juliette, juliette j’entends le chant de l’alouette je serai fort mais sois prête juliette, je dois partir [juliette] roméo, roméo non c’est celui du rossignol je sens que je vais devenir folle roméo, si tu pars je ne veux pas je ne peux pas vivre sans toi t’aimer, t’aimer jusqu’au bout de la nuit dormir dans tes bras mourir avec toi [roméo] t’aimer, ... https://letras.top/g/gerard-presgurvic/letra-de-le-chant-de-lalouette-version-de-2010-gerard-presgurvic/ letra de i’m so tired – school shooter [verse 1] i’m so tired, i haven’t slept a wink i’m so tired, my mind is on the blink i wonder should i get up and fix myself a drink no, no, no [verse 2] i’m so tired, i don’t know what to do i’m so tired, my mind is set on you i wonder should i call you but i know what you ... https://letras.top/s/school-shooter/letra-de-im-so-tired-school-shooter/ letra de my way – jackie wilson and now the end is near and so i face the final curtain my friend, i’ll say it clear i’ll state my case of which i’m certain i’ve lived a life that’s full and oh, i traveled each and every highway and more, much more than this i did it my way, i did it ... https://letras.top/j/jackie-wilson/letra-de-my-way-jackie-wilson/ letra de child’s play – l4p jeremy [intro] : on a 2d piscina production [chorus] : i swear that these n-ggas is green that n-gga a punk he can’t rock with the team already know that lil jeremy a fiend don’t need me a scope when i got me a beam i swear that these n-ggas is green that n-gga a punk ... https://letras.top/l/l4p-jeremy/letra-de-childs-play-l4p-jeremy/ letra de one day – rameses b & veela here’s nothing wrong with you it’s okay, cry, it will release you and you’ll feel how you’re meant to ready set and cast out who do you want to be? try, try don’t give up there’s a look in your eye that could evolve into love anew and i will trust that the way to ... https://letras.top/r/rameses-b-veela/letra-de-one-day-rameses-b-veela/ letra de będę z tobą – katarzyna groniec ze swojej drogi zejdę będę z tobą dokądkolwiek pójdziesz, cokolwiek zrobisz będę z tobą gdziekolwiek się zwrócisz, cokolwiek powiesz będę z tobą ze swojej drogi zejdę będę z tobą i w najlepszej z chwil, i w najgorszej też będę z tobą jak i w pierwszym, tak i w ostatnim dniu będę z tobą z tobą ... https://letras.top/k/katarzyna-groniec/letra-de-bede-z-toba-katarzyna-groniec/ letra de ave – masoe les hommes s’agenouillent les mains liées pour croire d’autre s’empiffrent le nez dans les chiottes du bar la foi dans le slibar souillée jusqu’a plus soif ils reviennent à genoux quand l’karma se déboîte l’énigme reste la même j’sais même plus quoi penser les croyances s’estompent à peine le doigt levé au risque d’vous faire ... https://letras.top/m/masoe/letra-de-ave-masoe/ letra de brownies for breakfast – a judgmental swarm of bees brownies for breakfast and a round of laughs for lunch don’t know what we’ll have tonight, but for the first time in my life i am happy to be not eating alone we may not have chairs to sit on but we’re happy on the floor a red-bull for breakfast just to get us through ... https://letras.top/a/a-judgmental-swarm-of-bees/letra-de-brownies-for-breakfast-a-judgmental-swarm-of-bees/ letra de my lips – juniel (주니엘) 나 지금 어떡해요 내 마음 어떡해요 그대가 고백해요 kiss kiss daring 눈앞이 하얘지고 온몸이 얼음처럼 그대만 바라보면 그래요 난 나도 그댈 사랑하니까 그대 너무 서두르지 말아요 여자의 맘을 이해해요 oh wait for me 제발 이러지 말아줘요 oh oh oh 아직 그댄 사랑을 잘 몰라요 몰라요 boy 제발 오늘만 참아줘요 정말 날 아껴준다면 이해해줘요 my lips ... https://letras.top/j/juniel-%ec%a3%bc%eb%8b%88%ec%97%98/letra-de-my-lips-juniel-%ec%a3%bc%eb%8b%88%ec%97%98/ letra de nuketown (stokeley vinyl version) – ski mask the slump god [intro: ski mask the slump god] round one, fight yeah, yeah the pharmacy uh-uh [verse 1: ski mask the slump god] like a tongue, b-tch, i’m looking like a l!ck, uh-uh think i’m thanos, rock diamond my fist, uh-uh entertainment with your b-tch at night like nick drake and josh how we team your b-tch, ... https://letras.top/s/ski-mask-the-slump-god/letra-de-nuketown-stokeley-vinyl-version-ski-mask-the-slump-god/ letra de gullspunnin – eivør pálsdóttir tá eg sá teg reka burt í kyrruni misti eg meg sjálva inst í kvirruni fest í mítt kjøt er tráanin fløkt í mín huga væntanin gullspunnin øll mín døkka sál glitrandi aleina um tú aftur kemur heim hygg inn til mín víðopin mín hjartahurð eitt pláss til tín fest í mítt kjøt er tráanin ... https://letras.top/e/eivor-palsdottir/letra-de-gullspunnin-eivor-palsdottir/ letra de konac nam je pretanak – kralj čačka konac nam je pretanak kanap debeo i dug prodavcu nije bitno da l’ si gospodin iii drug kol’ko košta čekić stari šraf, konopac i pečati ma daj mi sve za banki pet nepotrebne smešne stvari proći će kroz mozak mali u kanti sam ih našao a ti sad vidi šta ćeš s tim konac nam ... https://letras.top/k/kralj-cacka/letra-de-konac-nam-je-pretanak-kralj-cacka/ letra de nada impedirá (part. gabriel guedes) – soraya moraes tua misericórdia se renova a cada manhã ventos se acalmam ao levantar das suas mãos tua voz ordena e o mar se abrirá em teu controlo está o meu amanhã do teu trono vem a justiça, força e poder tudo foi criado ao som da tua voz os teus olhos estão em todo lugar tua ... https://letras.top/s/soraya-moraes/letra-de-nada-impedira-part-gabriel-guedes-soraya-moraes/ letra de per i mari vagabondare – angelo baiguera ti ricordi la vita di un tempo per i mari a vagabondare? niente preda niente paga eravamo i nuovi pirati del mare seguivamo le stesse stagioni delle vecchie genti del mare finito l’inverno salutavamo chi per mesi ci doveva aspettare è stata sempre molto dura ma cosa vuoi che ti dica? vino a sufficienza e ... https://letras.top/a/angelo-baiguera/letra-de-per-i-mari-vagabondare-angelo-baiguera/ letra de mere mehboob qayamat hogi – kishore kumar [part 1] [chorus] mere mehab00ba qayamata hogi aaja rusavaa teri galiyon main mohabbata hogi naama nikelegaa tera hi laaba se jaana jab ise, dil-e-naakaam se ruksata hogi mere mehab00b… [verse 1] mere sanam ke, daar se agaar baad-e-saba ho, tera guzar kehana sitamgar, kuch hai kabar tera naam ke liya, jaba taka bhi jiya aye ... https://letras.top/k/kishore-kumar/letra-de-mere-mehboob-qayamat-hogi-kishore-kumar/ letra de bells of st. mary’s – clyde mcphatter the bells of st. mary’s ah! hear they are calling the young loves, the true loves who come from the sea and so, my beloved when red leaves are falling the love bells shall ring out ring out for you and me the bells of st. mary’s at sweet even time shall call me, beloved to come to your ... https://letras.top/c/clyde-mcphatter/letra-de-bells-of-st-marys-clyde-mcphatter/ letra de i don’t want to hurt u anymore – kaxi just let me sleep tonight ’cause this pain will just multiply it doesn’t matter if i say i’m honest ’cause you think i’m wrong just wanna be there for you make you feel like you wanna do it doesn’t matter ’cause you just keep hurtin’ and it’s all my fault i just wanna leave tonight, ... https://letras.top/k/kaxi/letra-de-i-dont-want-to-hurt-u-anymore-kaxi/ letra de be savage – svbueno eu tô com um fuzil de pente alongado racks ok racks, vou ter que empilhar eu vou abrir sua cabeça com uma smg tô fazendo dinheiro e você ficando pobre meu plug não mosca ele sempre anda armado pistola mocada de baixo do banco do carro meus manos são dog’s, farejam seu medo tu sacou ... https://letras.top/s/svbueno/letra-de-be-savage-svbueno/ letra de em bé – amee [verse 1]: bae bae, em tự dưng muốn đi gym hằng ngày bae bae, em từ nay sẽ chăm skincare bae bae, em thề em sẽ chăm ăn healthy bae-bae-bae-bae-bae cuz muốn nước da em da em da em mãi luôn trắng tươi hồng hào muốn có eo thon và gầy ôm trong vòng tay ... https://letras.top/a/amee/letra-de-em-be-amee/ letra de guerrera de jesús – flopi martínez yo nací pobre y sigo siendo pobre llegué aquí sin que nadie me de nada yo crecí agarrando pico y pala ningún ministro me compartió nada jesucristo me sacó de la nada cuando nadie me apoya jesús es mi apoyo cuando todos me critican dios me ministra soy guerrera de jesús mi voz es mi ... https://letras.top/f/flopi-martinez/letra-de-guerrera-de-jesus-flopi-martinez/ letra de way she do it – ash dablunt and i just love the way she do it way she do it x2 and i just love the way she move it way she move it; x2 and i just love the way she do it way she do it x2 say she love me & she prove it & she prove it x2 ... https://letras.top/a/ash-dablunt/letra-de-way-she-do-it-ash-dablunt/ letra de life is a highway (remastered) – tom cochrane life’s like a road that you travel on when there’s one day here and the next day gone sometimes you bend sometimes you stand sometimes you turn your back to the wind there’s a world outside every darkened door where blues won’t haunt you anymore where the brave are free and lovers soar come ride ... https://letras.top/t/tom-cochrane/letra-de-life-is-a-highway-remastered-tom-cochrane/ letra de sopor slime is cool – broadway karkat this isnt even a song i just wanna see how long i can go with this follow me on pa and tell me ur from here i might draw you smth im sopor-slime follow inkytoonz and entitywashere because theyre homestuck gods yeah thats it im just gonna put karkalicious here [intro] four, three, two, f-ck ... https://letras.top/b/broadway-karkat/letra-de-sopor-slime-is-cool-broadway-karkat/ letra de cue! – saunjay yuh yuh skrt skrt skrttt whewwww in that drop top know my brother see through smokin on gas this that ew you was a jock thought u so cool future crystals i’m a baby jewel i got the drip like i walked out the pool unknown who the f-ck is you got coogi on like ... https://letras.top/s/saunjay/letra-de-cue-saunjay/ letra de i almost lost my mind – solomon burke when i lost my baby i almost lost my mind when i lost my baby i almost lost my mind ah, my head is in a spin since she left me behind i went to see the gypsy (yes, i went to see the gypsy) and had my fortune read (i had, i had to ... https://letras.top/s/solomon-burke/letra-de-i-almost-lost-my-mind-solomon-burke/ letra de nightmare in dream land – saunjay that lil bit bad ima hit that sh-t just like super smash blowing on dro in the whip going fast cashed out at the thrift i don’t even f-ck with saks i don’t want these hoes yeah they need to take a bath ain’t never had sh-t but i still never brag when my bro ... https://letras.top/s/saunjay/letra-de-nightmare-in-dream-land-saunjay/ letra de madzilla – uanteik – lil supa’ ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎ [intro] (es que yo, yo no hago un vivo, uno de estos cara de, uno de estos tipos que se creen que rapean y tienen jugo, hablando mierda en discos como si ellos matan gente, nunca quieren beefear conmigo) yeah, es madzilla (nunca quieren beefear conmigo) check it out ... https://letras.top/l/lil-supa/letra-de-madzilla-uanteik-lil-supa/ letra de adam&eve – rayzy текст песни: “adam&eve” [куплет: рейзи] любовь моя наносит раны делая тебе больно ты веришь в чудеса но люди их не видели долго адам и ева не помогут пусть ответят за грехи которые мы сотворяли под затмением луны мне снова грустно стало ночью закурил сигарету я наблюдал как звезды падают быстро с неба пишу тебе мемуары ... https://letras.top/r/rayzy/letra-de-adameve-rayzy/ letra de me – gab riss coro si trato suicidarme, ¿realmente me salvarías? si trato de matarme, nunca nadie lo comprendería demonios en mi mente, probablemente en esos que estás tú demonios en mi mente, probablemente en esos que estás tú mis padres no me quieren, ¿por qué tendrías que quererme tú? ganas de morirme, chico gótico chico imprescindible, soy exótico ... https://letras.top/g/gab-riss/letra-de-me-gab-riss/ letra de release the sound (live) – tasha cobbs leonard [intro] hey! woo! yeah, yeah, yeah [verse 1] david faced a giant that mocked the living god by faith he stood in power and that giant had to fall the israelite people rivaled by a wall but when the people shouted that wall it had to fall [chorus] ’cause there is a sound (woo!) that makes walls fall down, ... https://letras.top/t/tasha-cobbs-leonard/letra-de-release-the-sound-live-tasha-cobbs-leonard/ letra de something stupid – luke top [verse 1] i know i stand in line until you think you have the time to spend an evening with me and if we go someplace to dance, i know that there’s a chance you won’t be leaving with me and afterwards we drop into a quiet little place and have a drink or two and then i go and ... https://letras.top/l/luke-top/letra-de-something-stupid-luke-top/ letra de in the night (intro) – don 45 [pre-hook] oooh b-tch we coming outside oooh you can’t come outside [hook] i’m on the block til’ the mornin’ like ooh b-tch you’ll never catch me in the mornin’ like ooh b-tch i’m only bleedin’ in the night like ooh b-tch i’m only eatin’ in the night like ooh lurkin’ in the night pour that ... https://letras.top/d/don-45/letra-de-in-the-night-intro-don-45/ letra de send me some loving – solomon burke please, send me some loving send it, send it i pray so i can love you every night and every day my days are so lonely my lonely nights are so blue i’m here and i’m lonely, lonely baby, i’m waitin’, waitin’ for you won’t you send me your picture it would mean so much ... https://letras.top/s/solomon-burke/letra-de-send-me-some-loving-solomon-burke/ letra de monsters – kirkland jaxon i was scared of the monsters in the bas-m-nt but now i’m buying from the ones out the vacant working long nights, this the grave shift i don’t know if i’m gon’ make it i was scared of the monsters in the bas-m-nt but now i’m buying from the ones out the vacant working long ... https://letras.top/k/kirkland-jaxon/letra-de-monsters-kirkland-jaxon/ letra de real ps – reek & sage [verse 1: reek] a lot of n-ggas claim to be down, would rather be clown instead of up on game and getting paid from doing it what the f-ck is wrong with these n-ggas need a diagnosis talking sh-t with bad rep, tryna get free promotion see if i hated i would do it for ... https://letras.top/r/reek-sage/letra-de-real-ps-reek-sage/ letra de wixa – malxk [zwrotka] strzelam heady pizda ogień nazywaj mnie kurwo bogiem jebać disa skurwysyna ojebała cię dziewczyna do reszty mnie pojebało idę zrobić se kakao dobra elo kończę zwrotę na stoliku liczę flotę [refren] walę konia palę baty jebać atencyjne szmaty robię flipa jem parowca twój stary czeka na browca jesteś downem cóż big szkoda twoja stara ... https://letras.top/m/malxk/letra-de-wixa-malxk/ letra de tityboi – 10kdunkin & atl smook [intro: atl smook] yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah [chorus: atl smook] two chains on my neck like i’m tity boi pull up, take over your city, boy play for keeps, don’t show no pity, boy try to [?] pull the stick and i air that b-tch out oh, that’s your b-tch? well, i’m ... https://letras.top/1/10kdunkin-atl-smook/letra-de-tityboi-10kdunkin-atl-smook/ letra de dark spirit – undead ronin [verse 1] yuh aye i’mma spit on yo grave when you die before me you b-tches think that you are better better bow before me i’m repping solo for myself ain’t got no f-ckin homies nah they just stabbed me in the back and steady riding phony you got a problem come and step it ... https://letras.top/u/undead-ronin/letra-de-dark-spirit-undead-ronin/ letra de nuh carry news – quada [verse 1] yuh v-g-n- a mi target she love when mi call har b-tch diamond dem pon mi neck a drip, drip big money inna mi account, mi pack eh tek eh tour police deh pon di d-mn farrey december 25 a suh yuh gyal merry gray goose, hennessy and cranberry change gear inna car ... https://letras.top/q/quada/letra-de-nuh-carry-news-quada/ letra de on my way to bamako – eric bibb & habib koité well, i’m on my way to bamako a place i always wanted to go i’m on my way to bamako to see what i can see got a good friend there, habib koité a great musician, by the way got a good friend there, habib koité gonna meet his family it’s my first trip to ... https://letras.top/e/eric-bibb-habib-koite/letra-de-on-my-way-to-bamako-eric-bibb-habib-koite/ letra de just a letter (rod wave remix) – toosii [intro] your eyes staring back at me (back at me) my heart starts to skip a beat i pray that you will never know (never know) i fall and then you look in my eyes (pipe that sh-t up tnt) (tahj money) mama’s yes, baby what you doing? nothing much you smart you miss me? of course [verse] girl, ... https://letras.top/t/toosii/letra-de-just-a-letter-rod-wave-remix-toosii/ letra de örök nyár – ágnes vanilla itt élek, veled ébredek amíg élek, és énekelhetek neked írom minden dalom csak a te füledbe dúdolhatom úgy szeretlek, ahogy te nem tudod elűzöm minden bánatod akár 100.000 csókot küldök érted bárhová ahová kéred elmegyek, csak engedd, hogy szeresselek örök nyár van a szívemben legyen a tied és végtelen csak rólad szól ez a pillanat ... https://letras.top/a/agnes-vanilla/letra-de-orok-nyar-agnes-vanilla/ letra de countdown – armani caesar [intro: armani caesar] yo, yo [verse 1: armani caesar] n-ggas think they can do a b-tch dirty in warsaw (what?) that’ll get you done dirty with the sawed off (brrra) this sh-t a game, take your dame, cut your b-lls off (uh huh) now you tryna apologize, n-gga, it’s a lost cause (i ain’t hearin’ ... https://letras.top/a/armani-caesar/letra-de-countdown-armani-caesar/ letra de work that – oya noire [chorus 1] let me see you work that let me see you work that popping them bottles we’re up in the club it’s raining honeys no one’s in the spot let me see you work that let me see you work that [verse 1] checking on a sunday moves with you body come on let ... https://letras.top/o/oya-noire/letra-de-work-that-oya-noire/ letra de take it to the limit – bbc radio 1 live lounge – miley cyrus [verse 1] all alone at the end of the evening and the bright lights have faded to blue i was thinking ’bout a woman who might have loved me but i never knew you know i’ve always been a dreamer i’ve spent my life running ’round and it’s so hard to change and i can’t seem to settle down ... https://letras.top/m/miley-cyrus/letra-de-take-it-to-the-limit-bbc-radio-1-live-lounge-miley-cyrus/ letra de maailman vittumaisin dj – klamydia heavymiehille mambaa punkeille tekn-biittii jos h0m-stelet valkoviinin kaa mä tarjoon guinesii räppäreille blackistä rockareille kone-sh-ttii ja rastabileissä aivan täpöllä veivaan natsipunkkii on mielipitees paskaa siitä lähetään jos pyydät rammsteinia niin soi jartsa sillanpää maailman vittumaisin dj mä inhoon musiikkii ja leipääntyneenä soitan jotain paskaa slaagerii maailman vittumaisin dj mä vihaan ihmisii ja teidän turhille toiveille ... https://letras.top/k/klamydia/letra-de-maailman-vittumaisin-dj-klamydia/ letra de yabba-dabba-doo! – hoagy carmichael [verse 1] boy do we know how to bust monte carlo and to never be blue it’s a lot like prayin’ just keep a-sayin’ yabba-dabba-dabba-dabba-doo! [verse 2] if your think your sweetie’s left for tahiti we can give you a clue there’s no need for cryin’ roar like a lion yabba-dabba-dabba-dabba-doo! [bridge] b-a-d-d-a means bad d-a-b-b-a means good oh ... https://letras.top/h/hoagy-carmichael/letra-de-yabba-dabba-doo-hoagy-carmichael/ letra de on m’a dit – kaaly_cds kaaly [intro] ouai, ouai, ouai ouai, ouai, ouai [refrain 1] on m’a dit quand tu rappes ne fais pas comme les autres ne t’inventes pas une vie et rends fiers les nôtres on m’a dit quand tu rappes ne fais pas comme les autres ne t’inventes pas une vie et rends fiers les nôtres on ... https://letras.top/k/kaaly_cds/letra-de-on-ma-dit-kaaly_cds/ letra de única – dionaykell acm [precoro: theo] no puedo soportar no mirarte cada vez que te tengo a mi lado baby, sólo quiero abrazarte sólo quiero brazarte [coro: theo] ella es única en su clase, como ella no hay dos quizás ella no lo sabe pero me enamoró mi corazón conquistó y no busqué una razón sólo sé que con ... https://letras.top/d/dionaykell-acm/letra-de-unica-dionaykell-acm/ letra de smile – bastian hohnke i wanna see your smile i want you laughing holdin’ my breath everytime you say my name cause you’re my life you’re my confession the one exeption of things i could deny i wanna see your smile smile for me i wanna be your romeo cause you’re my julia yeah, i’m a looser and you make me feel alive and ... https://letras.top/b/bastian-hohnke/letra-de-smile-bastian-hohnke/ letra de take your time – piper madison i packed my bags, i forgot my mind but i didn’t dare go back i drew myself into a corner trying to erase you from my past i got used to the sounds, the voices in my head, they used to push me around i’m not afraid to curse anymore when someone is breaking down my d-mn front door ... https://letras.top/p/piper-madison/letra-de-take-your-time-piper-madison/ letra de dichtbij – cor (nld) [songtekst van “dichtbij”] [intro] hack, madaf-ck hack, madaf-ck [verse 1: cor] allemaal anders dan eerst (eerst) survived, dus dank de heer (lord) flashbacks van hitters, jaren in prison me scars die spreken voor zich (zich) lang gezocht naar het licht (light) maar zag alleen vuur in me eyes (fire) gebeden voor safety, met gun van ... https://letras.top/c/cor-nld/letra-de-dichtbij-cor-nld/ letra de sound für die strasse – erabi [songtext zu „sound für die strasse“ ft. nu51] [intro: erabi] sound für die straße, taub ist die nase blaulicht, sirenen, lauf, brudi, schlafe (ah, jaja) denn wenn sie uns kriegen, mmh, dann sitzen wir jahre also renn um dein leben, du hast keine andere wahl, bra (no, no, no) [part 1: erabi] wir kenn’n es nicht anders, so war es schon immer criminal, yani, ... https://letras.top/e/erabi/letra-de-sound-fur-die-strasse-erabi/ letra de escalade – амаль (amal’) [интро] обычный человек, из мяса и из костей тоже хочет вкусный завтрак прямо в постель и твои вопросы “почему?” и “зачем?” просто брату нужен cadillac escalade обычный человек, из мяса и из костей тоже хочет вкусный завтрак прямо в постель и твои вопросы “почему?” и “зачем?” просто брату нужен cadillac escalade [куплет 1] “как мне успеть?” – это вечный вопрос ... https://letras.top/other/%d0%b0%d0%bc%d0%b0%d0%bb%d1%8c-amal/letra-de-escalade-%d0%b0%d0%bc%d0%b0%d0%bb%d1%8c-amal/ letra de faleminderit – cricket & numen [teksti i “faleminderit” ft. dj dagz & dj pm] [chorus] faleminderit qe me le sot mos qaj se ike dje dhe jo, neser kur nata ne udhekryqe te ze mos u kthe, mos u kthe arsye s’ke faleminderit qe me le sot mos qaj se ike dje dhe jo, neser kur nata ne udhekryqe te ... https://letras.top/c/cricket-numen/letra-de-faleminderit-cricket-numen/ letra de swoo on her mind – swaghollywood [verse 1: swaghollywood] uh, she gon’ f-ck, b-tch gon’ slide (it’s swoo gang, baby) been on her mind, yeah, been on her mind i keep a pot, i’m in the drank and the fire these n-ggas, they plot, they p-ssy, these n-ggas can’t fight i’m in her mind, i’m in her mind, i’m in her motherf-cking spine big bank, ... https://letras.top/s/swaghollywood/letra-de-swoo-on-her-mind-swaghollywood/ letra de sober (demo) – tool [verse 1] there’s a shadow just behind me shrouding every step i take making every promise empty pointing every finger at me waiting like a stalking butler who upon the finger rests murder now the pattern, must we just because the son has come [pre-chorus] jesus, won’t you f-cking whistle something but the past and ... https://letras.top/t/tool/letra-de-sober-demo-tool/ letra de oreo – tohji [chorus] i know i gotta go, she don’t wanna know i just やる oreo やる oreo i just 浜辺でやる oreo, oreo のむチェリオ いよいよ やるoreo then we f-ckin’ like a oreo oreo oreo oreo yeah oreo oreo oreo oreo yeah oreo oreo oreo oreo yeah oreo oreo oreo oreo yeah oreo oreo oreo oreo yeah oreo ... https://letras.top/t/tohji/letra-de-oreo-tohji/ letra de burza stulecia – suzia wybuchł maj prosto w twarz zapachami dzikich bzów powietrze drży ciężkie od deszczowych dni nad miastem burza stulecia a ja stoję na papierosie myślę o tym jak zmienić wszystko żeby nie zmieniać nic sp-cerują naszymi ulicami obcy ludzie z innych stron pośród nich jak turysta anonimowa postać przemyka się półcień nad miastem burza stulecia a ... https://letras.top/s/suzia/letra-de-burza-stulecia-suzia/ letra de 7 câu vọng cổ chúc tết – ngọc giàu xuân đến đây rồi anh biết không ngàn hoa tươi nở má xuân hồng đầu năm hái lộc thay anh đó một nửa riêng em, một nửa chồng mùa xuân năm nay theo mẹ lên chùa dâng lễ, thắp nén nhan thơm ngào ngạt khói huơng… thề cho kẻ đi xa mau chóng quay về ... https://letras.top/n/ngoc-giau/letra-de-7-cau-vong-co-chuc-tet-ngoc-giau/ letra de lost – droza (hook) i was lost, now im found know its crazy how that sound ain’t n0body body like me thats around just some clowns i been smokin out the pound rollin up that loud thats the only way i know how to keep the voices out (verse) we got different energies , must be why you ... https://letras.top/d/droza/letra-de-lost-droza/ letra de sections freestyle 2 – n15 [intro] ghosty ay mobz, that sound wavy you know ghosty [verse 1: lil s15] i ain’t from homerton but opps can’t f-ck with a tug get ’round the 2s with my loaded gun and my f-ck-off shank that’ll take out your lungs f-cking punks lampz got bun in his head rip, mum lost her son ... https://letras.top/n/n15/letra-de-sections-freestyle-2-n15/ letra de perfecta – luis fonsi feat. farruko ay otra vez sentado aquí en la esquina donde no me ves ¿será que otro tequila ayudará esta vez? ¿será que voy a hablarte o pasará otra vez la misma estupidez? bailando frente a mí en cámara lenta, ey sonando una canción de los noventa y antes de que me arrepienta quiero decírtelo en secreto ... https://letras.top/l/luis-fonsi-feat-farruko/letra-de-perfecta-luis-fonsi-feat-farruko/ letra de dear god (the voicemail interlude) – testimony edokpa [intro] h-llo,we are not available now please leave your name and phone number the beep we will return your call [verse : testimony edokpa] head to the sky talking on and on sometimes when i pray i don’t feel i response look at the stars and the night time keeps glistening and when i pray i don’t feel anyone is ... https://letras.top/t/testimony-edokpa/letra-de-dear-god-the-voicemail-interlude-testimony-edokpa/ letra de mr. robinson & lock joint – mighty sparrow [verse 1] port of spain got sewerage scheme well it’s now here clean port of spain got sewerage scheme well it’s now here clean lock joint are picking up all the waste from your place and that’s the case i think it’s a job of class the only dirty place now is the la basse ... https://letras.top/m/mighty-sparrow/letra-de-mr-robinson-lock-joint-mighty-sparrow/ letra de rockstar – sad bøy zxch (intro: zxch) lets go okay (hook: zxch) mix the ricky with garcons im a rockstar go to the mall buy it all margielas and the go yard whole lotta whole lotta hoes (uh) whole lotta whole lotta cars (ye) make a movie with yo girl (uh) turn her to a p-rnstar (ye) you say you ... https://letras.top/s/sad-boy-zxch/letra-de-rockstar-sad-boy-zxch/