letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de i need a place i can rest – wicca phase springs eternal [verse 1] (gothboiclique) i was in the back countin’ up for baby ’cause i really want a house for vacation, baby and i really wanna show you i’m forever lately 7 pisces gang, pull up black mercedes and i pull up touchin’ death like n-body save me i been eyein’ up the knife ’cause it ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-i-need-a-place-i-can-rest-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de the new messiah – rotting christ [chorus] neo-messiah neo-messiah neo-messiah neo-messiah neo-messiah neo-messiah neo-messiah neo-messiah [verse 1] hey, god intends to light your way with fire (neo-messiah, neo-messiah) save my sinful soul and show the faith with pyre (neo-messiah, neo-messiah) lord and liar [chorus] neo-messiah neo-messiah neo-messiah neo-messiah [verse 2] pray, fall on your knees and call my name messiah (neo-messiah, ... https://letras.top/r/rotting-christ/letra-de-the-new-messiah-rotting-christ/ letra de polarize – echo park [intro: danny styles] i know you vibe with that and babygirl you know i vibe with that, like whoa i know you vibe with that and babygirl you know i vibe with that, like i know you vibe with that and babygirl you know i vibe with that, like whoa i know you vibe with ... https://letras.top/e/echo-park/letra-de-polarize-echo-park/ letra de ayah – anisa salma ayah ku kirimkan doa semoga engkau tenang di alam syurga ayah kan ku ingat selalu pengorbanan yang telah engkau berikan ayah terlalu cepat kau pergi meninggalkan aku sendiri ayah tak bisa aku ingkari tanpa engkau hidupku terasa sunyi ayah dengarkanlah dan teringat saat kepergianmu ku taburi bunga mawar untukmu dan berdoa untuk melepaskanmu ayah berlinang ... https://letras.top/a/anisa-salma/letra-de-ayah-anisa-salma/ letra de like a lady – chaka khan [intro] can’t forget it can’t forget it i think i’m fallin’ in love can’t forget it can’t forget it i think i’m fallin’ in love, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (can’t forget it) ooh, i think i’m fallin’ in love yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [chorus] ooh, you make me feel like a lady, baby ... https://letras.top/c/chaka-khan/letra-de-like-a-lady-chaka-khan/ letra de nightfall – wicca phase springs eternal [intro] lederrick back before the second time you had me, i was callin’ on you like to ravage me p-ssion in the way i felt you nightly waitin’ for my iphone f-ckin’ with you rightly [hook] i was waitin’ for you in the club in the back hallucinated stares, gothed out in my sect waiting ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-nightfall-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de engeto sedelo – aminah zahra nelongso rasane ati katon riko raino wengi mung biso ngenget ring impi ngelayung campur bingung awak isun iki wes sun jajal ngelalekno magih sing ilang rupan riko jangget ring ati opo tah ndane gedigi selawase hang sun jaluk yo mung siji masio adoh ring kono engeto sedelo, engeto sedelo nyang awak iki hang riko larani ... https://letras.top/a/aminah-zahra/letra-de-engeto-sedelo-aminah-zahra/ letra de deadweather ii – varials i don’t want to have to say it, but you’ve forced my hand i don’t want to be the one to walk the fence let my people go let them live and die for you i don’t want to have to say it, but you’ve forced my hand i don’t want to have to see ... https://letras.top/v/varials/letra-de-deadweather-ii-varials/ letra de lifeless – great american ghost you have f-cking taken from me all my empathy there is nothing you can do i’ll put your bones beneath the ground lifeless you lay my hatred remains i feel the anger in you i feel you hide the lies i feel the tension between us don’t try to run and hide don’t you try ... https://letras.top/g/great-american-ghost/letra-de-lifeless-great-american-ghost/ letra de the water – ry x [verse 1] thumb in ice, i yearn to get undone are you open? are you open? loving like the fire to get it on do you open? do you open? [chorus] leave me by the wake old corner, the mill and get in the water, get in the water leave me by the moon left ... https://letras.top/r/ry-x/letra-de-the-water-ry-x/ letra de 2:14am – salads she woke up at 9 and left for her shift at 8 she said i’m fine i’m always fine and yeah she’s on decline but everybody’s blind but yeah she’s doing fine yeah she’s doing fine [?] she’s got a boyfriend he says he’s fine but have a quick look he knows he’s not alright ... https://letras.top/s/salads/letra-de-214am-salads/ letra de kidnapped (skit) – gary the cool guy [skit] aaaaaaaaa whoa. where am i. help me i have been kidnapped the last thing i remember was being punched in the back of the head and dragged into the back of a van. now i am here in this dark room. oh sh-t there’s a man with a knife. oh god oh f-ck oh ... https://letras.top/g/gary-the-cool-guy/letra-de-kidnapped-skit-gary-the-cool-guy/ letra de the mara effect, pt.3 – spiritbox i am a prisoner here weave the synthetic when wrapping up my wrists i don’t truly dream when you’re near loosen aesthetics remain asphyxiated on the paint peeling back from the door now i can see you for what you are she drew the shape on the floor now i can see the full spectrum ... https://letras.top/s/spiritbox/letra-de-the-mara-effect-pt-3-spiritbox/ letra de allerbeste zeit – badetasche feat. laurenz die nächte sind zu kurz, die tage viel zu lang mit dir an meiner seite fängt das leben jetzt erst an die zeit vergeht zu schnell für die pläne, die wir haben du bist der beste teil von mir, das wollt’ ich dir noch sagen fühlst du den beat genau wie ich? dann mach die ... https://letras.top/b/badetasche-feat-laurenz/letra-de-allerbeste-zeit-badetasche-feat-laurenz/ letra de towers – antcats [verse] towers powers aye [chorus] towers towers towers powers powers powers showers showers showers yeah ay ay powers towers showers lowers people wearing skis people wearing skis dogs have the fleas people yeah [verse] f-ck yeah yeah f-ck haha f-ck sh-t some of the people are wearing f-cking skis... https://letras.top/a/antcats/letra-de-towers-antcats/ letra de tough – quinn xcii [verse 1: quinn xcii] maybe it’s ’cause your mom never kissed you if you ever cried, you’d wipe with muscle tissue you bench pressing more than me’s not the issue i know you’re actually weaker than that let’s open up and get deeper than that [pre-chorus: quinn xcii] like why, why are you only vulnerable ... https://letras.top/q/quinn-xcii/letra-de-tough-quinn-xcii/ letra de push back – one ok rock [intro] gun to our heads they’re tryin’ to tell us what to think we’re stuck on the edge so, go ahead and push us we’ll get up and push back push back [verse 1] they call it revolution, but nothing’s changed they call it medication, we’re still in pain [pre-chorus] now we’re back in the ... https://letras.top/o/one-ok-rock/letra-de-push-back-one-ok-rock/ letra de escape – leaf adventure feat. mona moua one more night with you here does it feel good to see the sun one more vision of fear i wish i could drop it and run i just need a way out a blinding light no need to fight i must find a way to leave a way to be, to be oh i ... https://letras.top/l/leaf-adventure-feat-mona-moua/letra-de-escape-leaf-adventure-feat-mona-moua/ letra de spark – call it a plan -= spark =- i’ve got a story to tell: the way i suffered, i almost thought it was h-ll you’ve claimed your place within this earth which left you nothing but an avid sh-ll i’ve got a story to tell (you) the way i suffered i almost thought it was (h-ll) you’ve claimed your place; ... https://letras.top/c/call-it-a-plan/letra-de-spark-call-it-a-plan/ letra de release – eli. well my baby knows how to treat me well i do not doubt that she’s competent but sometimes i feel like the opposite she removes all of my confidence blabbering over on all of my words that are stirring inside of my head i can’t seem to reject this appearance of you yeah, your visage ... https://letras.top/e/eli/letra-de-release-eli/ letra de don’t give in – campusanis [verse 1] well, they can get me down all the little things anything to take my mind take my mind away why does it seem to me that everyone around will be safer once we’re around once we’re out of sight? (but we don’t play to lose) [chorus] just go and lead the way, so ... https://letras.top/c/campusanis/letra-de-dont-give-in-campusanis/ letra de kawiya – vidula ravishara බොහෝ පෙම් කවි ලියු පසුවද සියුම් කැපුමක් මෙන් රැදී නොලී කවියක් තිබිය නොහැකිද හදේ යම් රිදුමක් දිදී තියුණු රුදු සෙත් ලෙසින් සැමරුම් සෙමෙන් පාරන මුත් ඇණි සිදිනු හැකිවෙද කෙලෙස කිකලෙක එවන් හද පාරන බැමි… ඉතින් එබැවින් නවතිමී… හදින් පිටමන් නොකරමි… නෙතින් ගිනිගත් හදින් තැවෙමින් දරා ඉමිහිරි වේදනාවන් පෙමින් සගවා තබා ගන්නෙමි නොලී ඒ ගීතිකාවන් සදාකාලික ... https://letras.top/v/vidula-ravishara/letra-de-kawiya-vidula-ravishara/ letra de may 16 – earth caller [verse 1] disarray, from only feeling the rust now there’s rust on this heart that can no longer trust i incinerate, everything that i touch why the f-ck did i even get up? well i can’t antic-p-te, what it is people want i hid from the sun until i realized i could alleviate, people drowning ... https://letras.top/e/earth-caller/letra-de-may-16-earth-caller/ letra de all night long – homeshake [verse 1] dressed up like i’m going out, i feel it and i turn empty out my pockets for a tab to soften up the burn so i walk in little circles rung around just like a bell maybe i could feel better with some people that i know so well [chorus] let me be ... https://letras.top/h/homeshake/letra-de-all-night-long-homeshake/ letra de product placement – bober [zwrotka1] chyba tu powoli zaczynam wpadać w jebaną pułapkę bez wyjścia przecież tak bardzo nie nawidzę mediów a bez nich bym dla was nie istniał czy to jest wasza decyzja? czy byś to znalazł bez insta? czy jestem tylko produktem a to, że mnie widzisz to inwestycja nie bądź kurwa głupi to wszystko po to ... https://letras.top/b/bober/letra-de-product-placement-bober/ letra de remember? – jayden winter do u remember the time? we both said our goodbyes don’t forget about them lies and all of the f-cking cries you ditched me real real quick (yuh) i could not see the end of it f-ck, i’ll move on real quick cause, u ain’t worth not of it cause i ain’t accepting a sorry ... https://letras.top/j/jayden-winter/letra-de-remember-jayden-winter/ letra de outside yr window – wicca phase springs eternal [intro] [verse 1] wrapped in heavy arms, yeah, i paid for that comin’ for your heart, but i’m worlds away settle in my ways, buy another pack i’m the icy baby yeah, i’ll drive you crazy see me at the show like i’m so conceited like baby, i deserve more lapse into a phase like ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-outside-yr-window-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de time won’t keep what’s left of us – vesta collide run away from everything sell your soul to bitter kings let me fall in through your poison thoughts but when you breathe, tell me anything so, here we are still k!lling time every walk until we die i’ve lived a day or two away from you so, won’t you lend your eyes? this clock felt ... https://letras.top/v/vesta-collide/letra-de-time-wont-keep-whats-left-of-us-vesta-collide/ letra de my friends – hayes carll [verse 1] i had help from hometown it’s hot mess when you’re held down my old friends look a little rough, dust in the blood pray for the rain, drown in the flood with you, my old friend [chorus 1] my friends pick me up when i try to fall my friends, they make up ... https://letras.top/h/hayes-carll/letra-de-my-friends-hayes-carll/ letra de holding hands – quinn xcii [verse 1: quinn xcii] crazy, stupid love birds cupid struck us, now we’re falling out drove in silence, put on mileage five years wasted, i let you down [chorus: quinn xcii & elohim] ’cause we don’t talk about what we know holding on to our egos ’til we both agree we’ve had enough since we’ve ... https://letras.top/q/quinn-xcii/letra-de-holding-hands-quinn-xcii/ letra de reflect, respond – vacant home our lives consist of cycles when one ends we transition into another until we cease to exist we find strength in the positive ones we are productive, ambitious and nurturing weakness consumes us in the negative ones we are apathetic, self-destructive, and uncompromising these cycles dictate who we are and dictate who we become as ... https://letras.top/v/vacant-home/letra-de-reflect-respond-vacant-home/ letra de pela glória do rei – marco telles soprou em mim eu vim de ti e estou voltando para ti morreu por mim viveu em mim mostrou-me a honra de levar seu nome e eu honrado estou por ter o rei do universo em mim eu pr-nto estou pra lutar pela glória do rei por amor ao rei pela honra do rei pela ... https://letras.top/m/marco-telles/letra-de-pela-gloria-do-rei-marco-telles/ letra de your enemy – earth caller [verse 1: josh collard] no respect, no love i see through your façade i see your coward heart you don’t scare me cop it’s easy to act tough when you outnumber us you think you’re a hero? you sell out your people there’s nothing beneath you to a tyrant, i stand up f-ck a badge, ... https://letras.top/e/earth-caller/letra-de-your-enemy-earth-caller/ letra de sexy sadie – the beatles [verse 1] s-xy sadie, what have you done? you made a fool of everyone you made a fool of everyone s-xy sadie, oh, what have you done? [verse 2] s-xy sadie, you broke the rules you laid it down for all to see you laid it down for all to see s-xy sadie, oh, you ... https://letras.top/t/the-beatles/letra-de-sexy-sadie-the-beatles/ letra de never in never around – earth caller [verse 1] i just need some time, some sp-ce before i look upon your face again but a little time with you is all i get it seems like i forget that every time you leave you leave a f-cking mess and i just wonder where you [? 0:16] you’re around and even though you ... https://letras.top/e/earth-caller/letra-de-never-in-never-around-earth-caller/ letra de usiku wa leo – mr puaz [ chorus ] usiku wa leo masela tupo ndani ya party wote tunaruka tunadance na ma shawty (eeh) (eeh) eeh eeeh wote tumebling (eeh) (eeh) dance kwenye flow and dancing ohhh kata kati (ooh) please weka mikono hewaaani (eeh) (eeeh) [ verse 1. structure p ] usiku wa leo ndani ya party si mchezo pilipili ... https://letras.top/m/mr-puaz/letra-de-usiku-wa-leo-mr-puaz/ letra de grey – jayden winter it’s 2 am and i don’t wanna go outside it’s too grey (it’s to grey) i don’t wanna feel this pain inside just go away and hide away grey, grey, grey grey, grey, grey they say, just be a man but i just wanna do me is that okay ( is that okay) grey, grey, ... https://letras.top/j/jayden-winter/letra-de-grey-jayden-winter/ letra de burn out – left behind tell me what’s the f-cking point of doin sh-t ya hate while i’m f-cking 8 and now you sell yourself inside a casket and no one f-cking asked for it just another stupid mother f-cker when ya know it’s the sh-t you can’t blame dig deep sh-t just for something to say while you’re waiting ... https://letras.top/l/left-behind/letra-de-burn-out-left-behind/ letra de back 2 back – jay brizz i said me personally i peeped alotta n-gg-s fake. alotta n-gg-s fraud. alotta n-gg-s snakes. alotta n-gg-s fu and alotta n-gg-s changed. alotta n-gg-s still charging 50 for an eighth. before i had a job i was busy selling caine. you think ya block hot well my sh-t up in flames. better watch who you ... https://letras.top/j/jay-brizz/letra-de-back-2-back-jay-brizz/ letra de dead star – wicca phase springs eternal i’m a dead star, frozen to the bone it’s best not to be alone a depressed star, bounded to a tone a truth better left unknown in a castle, i collected coal under red stars, i am saturn’s own in a cold night, i’m returning home with my last set, i’m coming home this is ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-dead-star-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de prayer for another day – cass mccombs i want to live in a magic mirror in the real world, full of rain i will, i will i wanna live in a day like today but not today i will, i will when the city is silent and we wake up to the rain alone together in a strange bed when nothing is ... https://letras.top/c/cass-mccombs/letra-de-prayer-for-another-day-cass-mccombs/ letra de feelings – pascal junior i know you can feel me, baby i want you keep it up. we both know that this could be something, but that thing”s enough? cause when i leave, stop falling down! i need to see you, be around! i know you can feel me, baby i want you keep it up. we both know ... https://letras.top/p/pascal-junior/letra-de-feelings-pascal-junior/ letra de my weekend – lil’ mitch [intro: ollie flowerbag$] yeah, yeah, yeah! okay, okay [verse 1: ollie flowerbag$] okay, it’s ollie in the house, and i’ll take your b-tch to town i’m respecting on your hoe, cause i’m the nicest guy around first i send that b-tch a picture over snap, say “how you doing?” when she hit me back, i’ll ... https://letras.top/l/lil-mitch/letra-de-my-weekend-lil-mitch/ letra de horrorscope – ladytron [chorus] ballerina palm reader sitting on the stairs telling you the future you shouldn’t be aware of ballerina palm reader sitting on the stairs telling you the future you shouldn’t be aware of [verse 1] the seven seas i hear as blue eyes disappear you’ll cross the hemispheres and now is always near [refrain] in ... https://letras.top/l/ladytron/letra-de-horrorscope-ladytron/ letra de untameable – rachel varghese i’m like a wolf on a summer night chasing the sky can’t give up the fight living my truth is who i am holding on tight i can’t live alive even though i wanna stay with you i cannot hide i cannot hide i can never give you power to take away mine, take away ... https://letras.top/r/rachel-varghese/letra-de-untameable-rachel-varghese/ letra de amando por 2 e bebendo por 10 – cavaleiros do forró ô dj tira essa música que eu já não tô aguentando a carência tá batendo e o coração quase parando pra acabar de judiar e aumentar o meu sufoco tô ouvindo essa moda que rasga o peito de um lado pro outro e se é pra maltratar, então aumente o volume que eu vou tomar ... https://letras.top/c/cavaleiros-do-forro/letra-de-amando-por-2-e-bebendo-por-10-cavaleiros-do-forro/ letra de the mess we make – benjamin francis leftwich [verse 1] look at the mess we make locking ourselves away on so many beautiful days how can i separate the songs from the mistakes i know forgotten birthdays i didn’t call i am working on my balance as i’m climbing up the walls [chorus] people say to me you’re living in a dream i ... https://letras.top/b/benjamin-francis-leftwich/letra-de-the-mess-we-make-benjamin-francis-leftwich/ letra de return year – wicca phase springs eternal [hook] something takes a hold of me again something tries to take away the time that we have and i wish that i could hold you but i can’t i wish that i could see you everyday but i can’t i don’t wanna wallow but i am i don’t wanna leave my house again, but ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-return-year-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de 7 – lucas stonehouse the way that you swim in my eyes the way that it never surprises me you know that you flood me with throes but i love that you’re honest when you smoke we smoke and you know that for you i swoon but all of this “who can be cooler” is dumb, you know me ... https://letras.top/l/lucas-stonehouse/letra-de-7-lucas-stonehouse/ letra de diamante quebrado – gil liima eu me levantei pela manhã eu posso ver você eu quero caminhar, você sempre me faz cair eu sei que estou vazio mas eu tenho que continuar eu acreditava e você eu quero te beijar eu quero te abraçar que pena eu estou vazio o frio é meu fogo estou ficando sem ar eu não ... https://letras.top/g/gil-liima/letra-de-diamante-quebrado-gil-liima/ letra de headhunter – left behind seems like everyone’s just jealous with no trace of a mind they’re filled with broken morals f-cking feeding off the blind the bitter beg from open minded tongues dancing in deceit seeing h-ll full of regret is the only guarantee left behind mother f-cker as i coast through this f-cked up life no one to ... https://letras.top/l/left-behind/letra-de-headhunter-left-behind/ letra de crystals are in fragments – wicca phase springs eternal [verse] i was waitin’ in the ice so cold when i’m alone misdirection from your body language, you don’t want me, no i like to think of you enough that i start to feel your taste in a darker kind of rhythm, all i had to do was wait a colder separation in the path ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-crystals-are-in-fragments-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de alles – blutengel gib mir dein blut, gib mir dein herz gib mir deine liebe, gib mir auch den schmerz gib mir die angst, gib mir die l-st gib mir deine tränen gib mir den todeskuss gib mir alles es ist noch nicht genug fütter meine gier und entfache meine glut gib mir alles es ist noch nicht ... https://letras.top/b/blutengel/letra-de-alles-blutengel/ letra de early mourning – left behind i’ve begged for pain for so many years praying to god, falling on deaf ears hearing the voices of the dead visions of suffering in my head i am your slave for eternity cut me just to watch me bleed i’m begging you for suffering my only fix is the pain i scream out your ... https://letras.top/l/left-behind/letra-de-early-mourning-left-behind/ letra de hallowed be thy name – rotting christ [verse 1] hallowed be thy name (hallowed be thy name) hallowed be the fire (hallowed be the fire) hallowed be thy name (hallowed be thy name) flames and pyre (flames and pyre) [chorus] hallowed be thy name hallowed be the fire hallowed be thy name flame and pyre [verse 2] hallowed be thy name (hallowed ... https://letras.top/r/rotting-christ/letra-de-hallowed-be-thy-name-rotting-christ/ letra de let’s dream tonight – sonic rade walk up the stairs come to my floor i’ll be waiting knock at my room kick in my groove see me laying where are we heading to? living in denial will you follow me i don’t want to be left alone into the dark let’s dream tonight let’s dream tonight drop off your keys write ... https://letras.top/s/sonic-rade/letra-de-lets-dream-tonight-sonic-rade/ letra de resurrection of the light – blutengel i´m so tired, so tired of waiting, waiting for a change i realize that nothing will ever happen i have to find my own way out i was confined to the side that won´t take a stand i think i was a fool but now i feel stronger and better and ready to fight, for ... https://letras.top/b/blutengel/letra-de-resurrection-of-the-light-blutengel/ letra de hip horror – methyl ethel help me look for a white knight an honest savior, honest savior i’m lookin’ for the right to hide i need the toil, need the bluntness, and i i’ve been thinkin’ ’bout my violent side my design made of starlet you undercover when the shots were fired i was silent, i went silently you were ... https://letras.top/m/methyl-ethel/letra-de-hip-horror-methyl-ethel/ letra de ¿por qué creí en ti? (en vivo) – espinoza paz ya no me dejaré rezar porque me duele que no seas mía como me lo prometiste ¿por qué me escondes? ¿y no dices lo que somos? pero además te molestas cuando te cueste o no ¿por qué mi nombre no aparece? ¿cuándo alguien te hace preguntas? ¿referente a mi persona? ¿qué estoy haciendo yo contigo? ... https://letras.top/e/espinoza-paz/letra-de-por-que-crei-en-ti-en-vivo-espinoza-paz/ letra de u & us – quinn xcii [verse 1] i lie here restless like lines for a guest list waiting for your message, i call out your name but n-body answers, we spiral like dancers i’ll write you these last words to say [pre-chorus] i’m begging, begging, begging you to please don’t go i don’t wanna see you be with someone else ... https://letras.top/q/quinn-xcii/letra-de-u-us-quinn-xcii/ letra de post-blue – methyl ethel [intro] i was alone again, couldn’t see it all it was unfolding forever and the first light so light, i held it inside then i saw it creepin’ up the walls, creepin’ up the walls creeping up the walls again i saw it come creepin’ up the walls, creepin’ up the walls creepin’ up the ... https://letras.top/m/methyl-ethel/letra-de-post-blue-methyl-ethel/ letra de my heart won’t stfu (keyboard kid remix) – wicca phase springs eternal [verse 1] i said i wasn’t goin’ away, but then i came here so clear is the reason that i belong here i hold back ’cause everything is in peace now i’m at ease when everything’s in it’s place here instead of bein’ a part of the conversation who is that makin’ sounds at the ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-my-heart-wont-stfu-keyboard-kid-remix-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de abel & cain – quinn xcii [verse 1] innocent, you’re standing all alone so how do i have the nerve to call you out in front of my friends? smiling wide, but these lies are set in stone relatives rolling in their graves if that’s where our story ends but it’s not my dear ’cause you’re lying here in bed next ... https://letras.top/q/quinn-xcii/letra-de-abel-cain-quinn-xcii/ letra de keep moving on – dear seattle i heard a sound blinded by light splinters in my ears that would drag me to the ground spectres that were floating and dancing around my head i will stay silent as they’re cancelling out clear conscience our stable minds you’ve turned into a sh-ll of what you once were and i hate it i ... https://letras.top/d/dear-seattle/letra-de-keep-moving-on-dear-seattle/ letra de savage – varials you push and you continue to take you can’t make up for the choices you made i gave you what you needed you’re just a disease a god d-mned plague you’re not worth my time i don’t need to give you a reason i don’t need to prove a thing to you you push and ... https://letras.top/v/varials/letra-de-savage-varials/ letra de election day – not that tayo welcome to my nation 3 hours before election e come become hard like erection na him dem tell us say they forget to mention that nepa did not even get them light and their generator is not even working right after many people don come enter flight come exercise their right to vote, mehn no ... https://letras.top/n/not-that-tayo/letra-de-election-day-not-that-tayo/ letra de cemetery bounce – wicca phase springs eternal [hook] first, you call me seven times then you say my name it’s a darker kind of rhythm every time that i’m in pain don’t do this to me because i’m not your kind heart keeps b-mping while the hand keeps time seven bl–dy sigils charged by our collective minds baby, i think i’m in ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-cemetery-bounce-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de sanctuary – crystal lake [chorus 1] innocence it was gone a long time ago ambivalence i have been fighting against i’m tired and lost and there is no one to trust inside my heart it’s digging deep (digging deep) i can’t find the way out of this misery one foot in h-ll, now you can’t deliver me don’t wake ... https://letras.top/c/crystal-lake/letra-de-sanctuary-crystal-lake/ letra de weej viere same de vastelaovend! – niek i en adjudânten stijn en maurits weej viere same de vastelaovend! vastelaovend, vastelaovend weej viere same de vastelaovend! vastelaovend, vastelaovend oh-oh-eh-oh oh-oh-eh-oh weej viere same de vastelaovend! vastelaovend, vastelaovend vastelaovend, vastelaovend weej viere same de vastelaovend! weej zien t trio van de hazekeutel en dat is geweldig moj weej wille ger un fieëstje viere en ut liefste dan mit ow en ... https://letras.top/n/niek-i-en-adjudanten-stijn-en-maurits/letra-de-weej-viere-same-de-vastelaovend-niek-i-en-adjudanten-stijn-en-maurits/ letra de icy waters (i hate myself too) – wicca phase springs eternal [verse 1] will you meet me in the gravity of nothing? threw away back so i can taste the jäger saw your pale white eyes wide i was sitting alright i really hate my life and i can’t wait to die i drank the water but it didn’t stop my shaking and in the burden ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-icy-waters-i-hate-myself-too-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de other than – homeshake [verse 1] walk a little different these days seems like things are going my way i guess still could stand to talk a little less maybe it’s the pain in my chest book is by the side of my bed probably read my phone instead of it stubborn like i’d never admit showing up alone ... https://letras.top/h/homeshake/letra-de-other-than-homeshake/ letra de new t – lil t $auceking [chorus: lil t $auceking] lil t ap is gling no me $auceking new ring new beans new patek new set new flex [verse 1: lil t $auceking] new ap the blue note two you dude you go no clue that bad to sad not glad i’m rad no cash no bag she grab my d-ck ... https://letras.top/l/lil-t-auceking/letra-de-new-t-lil-t-auceking/ letra de into the void – blutengel every day starts with a war every day starts with harmful words you and me are like fire and ice in the shadows of my world i hide from all this violence but you, you are the queen of temptation i want to break the spell i want to live my life but then you ... https://letras.top/b/blutengel/letra-de-into-the-void-blutengel/ letra de stigmata – varials i’m stuck in this rut again i really dug myself deep this time i can’t escape these holes in my hands do it soul crushing there’s a target on my back and life is the firing squad content with a shot to the head no repentance for what i’ve done ergh all of my sins ... https://letras.top/v/varials/letra-de-stigmata-varials/ letra de a long way to go – emotions i’ve got my eyes on the summertime sky traveling a country mile. the time is here for winter rain singing a summer smile. (singing a summer smile) i’ve been possessed, i may have been blessed. if i can’t be found, (if i can’t be found) you’re gonna see the light in me. i’m gonna let ... https://letras.top/e/emotions/letra-de-a-long-way-to-go-emotions/ letra de the end (stars always seem to fade) – the warning i don’t regret, wish i could forget ’cause all the things i’ve done and all the things i’ve said don’t go away, they stay with me like a constant loop inside my mind that’s always on repeat i know it was wrong but there’s nothing to be done anymore, anymore i won’t forgive myself cause ... https://letras.top/t/the-warning/letra-de-the-end-stars-always-seem-to-fade-the-warning/ letra de jesse lacey in mercedes – wicca phase springs eternal there’s a vision of an altar now me and at once i’m p-ssin’ on and out it wasn’t somethin’ that i thought about but knew that you were absolute in doubt try to find the time when i had changed somethin’ tells me that you thought it out had me thinkin’ about when i became ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-jesse-lacey-in-mercedes-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de e.d.a. – varials you learn a lot about darkness staring at the sun you learn a lot about company when the love is gone i don’t see the power, i just hear the call to greatness but you wouldn’t understand, looking at me from the outside this anger, it lives inside of me you can feel it when ... https://letras.top/v/varials/letra-de-e-d-a-varials/ letra de tying up loose ends – cass mccombs tying up loose ends, tying up loose ends tying up loose ends before i’ve gotta go tying up loose ends, tying up loose ends tying up loose ends before i’ve gotta go i found a box of old family photographs who are all these people? i think this one’s aunt dorothy is that her husband? ... https://letras.top/c/cass-mccombs/letra-de-tying-up-loose-ends-cass-mccombs/ letra de abercrombie & me – wicca phase springs eternal [chorus] what you want is on me i miss the way you looked in abercrombie jeans so when the cop calls pull up on me i’m in my new brand, i’ma call it, “abercrombie & me” hand to hand, it’s on me i missed you at my set ’cause i know that you’d be on ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-abercrombie-me-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de le pese a quien le pese – espinoza paz ay amor ¿en dónde andas? no me vas a olvidar solo estarás fingiendo te voy a seducir mientras que estes durmiendo porque vas a soñar que lo estamos haciendo no me vas a olvidar ¿en qué cabeza cabe? yo entré a tu corazón y me tragué la llave después me la bajé con tequila de ... https://letras.top/e/espinoza-paz/letra-de-le-pese-a-quien-le-pese-espinoza-paz/ letra de red hands never fade – the warning tell me what i must do to atone for what i did to your soul tell me to step over fire what is your desire? cause it is done one word and it’ll be done the game you already won invisible, i am bleeding i’m pleading, listen to me i know that it was just ... https://letras.top/t/the-warning/letra-de-red-hands-never-fade-the-warning/ letra de (secret track) – homeshake [verse] if i gotta be awake at night can i skip the heat? a couple lights that’ll let me see anything that, i might need roll it up a bit but keep it light got my little kit i do alright well i wonder if anything that, lets me sleep is gonna make its way ... https://letras.top/h/homeshake/letra-de-secret-track-homeshake/ letra de gaslight – snow tha product [intro] look pum-pumbaa are you nuts? mmm [verse 1] oh you a big money spendin’ man who gets the women big bill droppin’ want it, then you got it rollie face wearin’ if she lookin’, then she starin’ if she starin’, then she carin’ but can’t put a finger on it you a big game ... https://letras.top/s/snow-tha-product/letra-de-gaslight-snow-tha-product/ letra de common enemies – varials what makes you so much better than me? constantly judged for what i’ve grown to be you find a reason to stand on your own feet and turned yourself into a f-cking black sheep i really can not believe it no rhyme or reason no method to fight this ident-ty crisis get a grip, living ... https://letras.top/v/varials/letra-de-common-enemies-varials/ letra de ann arbor (be safe) – great american ghost let this tear me apart the distance in your eyes hangs like a noose as i asphyxiate and die and every time you say you’re proud of me and i know that that’s a lie if you ever really loved me you would know why i have to go all you ever really thought about ... https://letras.top/g/great-american-ghost/letra-de-ann-arbor-be-safe-great-american-ghost/ letra de on the train of aches – silas j. dirge he said ‘you’ll get accustomed to the leaking roof and the cold coasting this train through a winter on hold’ i sensed trouble from the moment he started to stare into the void outside, mumbling ‘bout finding an heir on the train of aches there ain’t much to do, just a lot to take and ... https://letras.top/s/silas-j-dirge/letra-de-on-the-train-of-aches-silas-j-dirge/ letra de trapped – varials breathing the toxins cause it’s all surrounding infectiously plauging my mind, no salvation walls closing in, bury me underneath nowhere to hide no sunlight or chance of survival fate has been written i can’t escape this the devil has a hold of you and he has me too burning forever, eternally take me away from ... https://letras.top/v/varials/letra-de-trapped-varials/ letra de no idols – varials no idols it’s all a lie everything they ever told you there’s a hand behind the curtain pulling the strings for your every move what is this crushing weight of constant debt a thousand pounds off my back still leaves a thousand more live for yourself don’t let them get your best don’t you dare ... https://letras.top/v/varials/letra-de-no-idols-varials/ letra de there was a feeling – wicca phase springs eternal [intro] you know i love you.. some nights.. tell me what you want i’m on my own, i can do more alone, i’m not worried about it alone, let’s go [hook] and i cannot even pretend to feel your love when i’m dyin’ just to see you in my bed and i spoke to you, ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-there-was-a-feeling-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de no control – wicca phase springs eternal [verse 1] it’s 2017, i think i can stop now put me in the game, baby, i think i’m lebron now see me at the tunnel, baby, i think i’m the best out gothboiclique, i own that, springs eternal, thraxxxhouse [chorus] heart attack, baby let me see the plans that you laid for yourself (i ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-no-control-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de betty brown / zip a dee doo dah – the new seekers betty brown was small and round, red hair had she too. from the schoolyard homeward bound as i came p-ssing through. i looked at her and she smiled at me, not so pretty but fine for me. didn’t know just what to say so i p-ssed along my way, betty brown. betty brown was homeward ... https://letras.top/t/the-new-seekers/letra-de-betty-brown-zip-a-dee-doo-dah-the-new-seekers/ letra de 420 – bpndrix [hook] 420 yeah, 420 yeah i got it 420 yeah, 420 in my pocket 420 yeah, 420 yeah i got it 420 yeah, 420 in my pocket [verse 1] smoking weed on my d-mn n-gg-s, acting like we don’t own a thing my crew full of bad b-tches, every crew member got 20 we be ... https://letras.top/b/bpndrix/letra-de-420-bpndrix/ letra de choppa my man… – wicca phase springs eternal [verse] choppa, my man, are you still breathin’? baby’s sweet kissin’ my hand tell me nothin’ choppa, my man, are you still breathin’? kissin’ my hand… do you remember? lyin’ on graves wake my eva silicon phase 18 angels darkest savior wake my eva silicon phase touch your shoulder grab your legs cry my eva ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-choppa-my-man-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de pearls for pretty girls – lamar styles (verse) gooseb-mps in cambridge this feels like euphoria memories they vanish ones that we don’t speak of monarchs in my stomach transformed into moths rips in my skin it’s pain underneath these scars silks that used to hold us now our covers blown shower rains would wash us cleanse our lil souls but now this ... https://letras.top/l/lamar-styles/letra-de-pearls-for-pretty-girls-lamar-styles/ letra de under my skin – heartstreets [verse 1] i struggled with the unknown a bit much i didn’t know that i was not alone and just how to let go it’s like this incessant weight so, so heavythat i felt like i would break i feel goodunder my skin so i kept going in a race against myself godd-mn i wasn’t ... https://letras.top/h/heartstreets/letra-de-under-my-skin-heartstreets/ letra de steer me – wicca phase springs eternal i’m back to where i came from p-ssionate man but i stay in the background let me see all of that tie me by my hands now steer you f-ckin all night let me see you so down see i like that i don’t have to hold yr hand can i offer you another kind ... https://letras.top/w/wicca-phase-springs-eternal/letra-de-steer-me-wicca-phase-springs-eternal/ letra de heb je jonko voor mij – donnie (nl) [intro] ey, lijp ouwe heb je jonko voor mij ouwe? lieve mensies, ja ja ja ja de amsterdamse frans bauer alias de stacksjouwer ‘k heb een lekker liedje voor jullie geschreven om lekker te draaien even die jonko draaien, ouwe d’r worden gepaft, en dat mag, begrijp je? ja man, draai iets man, let’s go ... https://letras.top/d/donnie-nl/letra-de-heb-je-jonko-voor-mij-donnie-nl/ letra de lelah mengalah – essa brillian dulu ku tak tahu kalau cintamu kau bagi dua dulu ku tak tahu kalau kau sudah ada yang punya kini ku mengerti betapa sakitnya hati ini kini ku sadari telah lama ku dikhianati lelah hati ini, lelah hidup denganmu walau ku terlanjur sayang pada dirimu namun ku sesali semuanya ku sesali untung saja aku tak ... https://letras.top/e/essa-brillian/letra-de-lelah-mengalah-essa-brillian/ letra de mona lisa – dark dagger intro: ahem chorus: (x2)i seem out of it the dream of h-ll, who put her in my pain? i can’t seem to forget i seem out of it the dream of h-ll, i’ll take all her pain i can’t seem to forget verse 1: i’ve been through it all i won’t just fall i won’t ... https://letras.top/d/dark-dagger/letra-de-mona-lisa-dark-dagger/