letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de c sick – hoodrich pablo juan [chorus] i’m sick of myself, got seasick four burners on the stove like i got three wrists these n-gg-s thought i wouldn’t be sh-t cabbage and carrots, all i eat is vegan shawty rock givenchy with the jesus i don’t want nothing but head like i’m beavis quarterbacking packages and receiving f-ck that little b-tch ... https://letras.top/letra-de-c-sick-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de promise – adekunle gold feat. simi if i lose it all will you still be there for me? if i no get money o will you still be loving me? if you knew my weakness will you stand by me? ti wan banba mi je o sho ma shey kpe leyin mi? (will you be my baby? i will be your ... https://letras.top/letra-de-promise-adekunle-gold-feat-simi/ letra de #1 fan – hoodrich pablo juan [chorus: dc white] she’s my number one fan little mama always sold the bands she’s my number one fan took a trip to the island just to tan she’s my number one fan she’s my number one fan she’s my number one fan she’s my number one fan [verse 1: hoodrich pablo juan] trapping by ... https://letras.top/letra-de-1-fan-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de pablo kravitz – hoodrich pablo juan [intro: tk kravitz] yeah, yeah tk kravitz, yeah yeah, yeah [hook: tk kravitz] i said kravitz and pablo need my money pr-nto, yeah i said it’s kravitz and pablo i need my money pr-nto [verse 1: tk kravitz] i smell like bond no. 9 if you don’t see this pimpin’, baby you blind turn around, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-pablo-kravitz-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de only guy – furco hook: i don’t do no lies i hate it when you cry i just wanna be your only guy i’m lost in your eyes angel in disguise i just wanna be your only guy only guy only guy yeah i just wanna be your only guy verse 1: lets just take off our clothes lets ... https://letras.top/letra-de-only-guy-furco/ letra de my niggaz – hoodrich pablo juan [chorus] i hang with the k!llers and rob with my n-gg-s neighborhood, just slide, my n-gg- hang with the trappers and dealers, my n-gg- hang with the plug, i just went out to dinner hang with the shooters and k!llers, my n-gg- hang with the robbers, attacking the gorillas my n-gg-s, hang with the hood ... https://letras.top/letra-de-my-niggaz-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de call the coroner – future [intro] he always has been the largest drug kingpin, you know, out there (say f-ck the drug test, gon’ p-ss my gas mask) i think he’s responsible for, for hundreds of quant-ties of drugs moving it into the united states (flat screen, i back back, i see my racks stacked) [chorus] i wanna live like ... https://letras.top/letra-de-call-the-coroner-future/ letra de лотос – the limba текст песни the limba — лотос сколько мы б не были с тобой. я еще не считал, мне было все равно. знаю то, что мне не нужно будет больше другой. давай все объясним, нам нужно все решить. детка, я тебе не верю, что ты будешь молчать. о том, что рассказал, что было для меня. самым ... https://letras.top/letra-de-%d0%bb%d0%be%d1%82%d0%be%d1%81-the-limba/ letra de the 9 + z6ne – hoodrich pablo juan [chorus: marlo & hoodrich pablo juan] hoodrich pablo, yeah and lil marlo, yeah we ran up a sack, yeah got rich off crack, yeah in the back of maybach, yeah we sippin’ on act, yeah we gettin’ them packs, yeah and that’s a fact, yeah my neck full of water, that gon’ get your b-tch ... https://letras.top/letra-de-the-9-z6ne-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de wisdom teeth song – julie byrne thank you for letting us stay sometimes i lose my mind but you know me i always manage to keep what n-body needs like when you’d rest your tanned hides against the door frame and the black walnut trees and the sumac and starlings were lost in the swell of the creek and i leaned ... https://letras.top/letra-de-wisdom-teeth-song-julie-byrne/ letra de aman of – barabar aman of of of of gidiyom gidemiyom az doldur içemiyom ben yandım aman yanasın aman sen benden geçtin amma ben senden geçemiyom anasına kızına duvardaki sazına sandıktaki bezine yandım ela gözüne aman ey oy oy oy oyna sevdiğim oyna bu dünya kalmaz böyle (aman) ben yandım aman (aman), yanasın aman sen bana varacaksan gel yârim ... https://letras.top/letra-de-aman-of-barabar/ letra de hobby hobby – mero hm-hm, jajaja (qdh) jajajajaja (mero, brrr) bam, den scheiß, den ich hier bringe, ist mein hobby, hobby (hobby, hobby) seit tag eins war’s schon immer nur mein hobby, hobby (hobby, hobby) heut ist es mein beruf, doch bleibt mein hobby, hobby (hobby, hobby) ich bin da, wie gesagt fick’ ich alles bruder, bam! (qdh, brrra) ... https://letras.top/letra-de-hobby-hobby-mero/ letra de torrential love – stairway music feat. ally dowling there’s a river of living water a stream that never runs out flowing from the gate of heaven pouring right on through this house and these walls cannot contain it and we’re in over our heads we will never comprehend it we’re just gonna dive right in here in this place is overflow heaven rush ... https://letras.top/letra-de-torrential-love-stairway-music-feat-ally-dowling/ letra de no where (intro) – duckwrth [verse] exchange all gods, for celebrities and dead presidents, is the new dieties said we don’t read scriptures, we read tmz so burn all your books, and buy an lcd exchange a good deed, for brutality i heard dog eat dog, is the new mentality you see the flames getting higher, blinded by the blur ... https://letras.top/letra-de-no-where-intro-duckwrth/ letra de fifa – basskid fifa, fifa fifa, fifa fifa, fifa fifa, fifa bože dík za rap bože dík za rap bože dík za rap bože dík za rap bože dík za deň bože dík za deň bože dík za deň, (aah) odkedy nám jebe z rapu nechcem nič viac iba ten rap volaj to ako chceš autotune, vocoder, flex ... https://letras.top/letra-de-fifa-basskid/ letra de first off – future [intro: future] back on the forbes, sh-t crazy (yeah) i make more than dwyane wade, baby (atl jacob) i’m a street n-gg- and i stay faded (pluto) never worked in a gym, but i weighed it (travis) [chorus: future & travis scott] first off, you get the ammo, then you c-ck it (ooh) first off, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-first-off-future/ letra de send your location (feat. yung stutt) – sus [sus. quietyly speaking] “where’s tobias?” [yung stutt – chorus] f-ck all the praying i’ll give you to satan i won’t f-cking sleep until your body’s laying under the floor underneath the foundations don’t care where you do it just send the location… [sus. – verse] i firmly believe that i’mma live forever hoe glad that ... https://letras.top/letra-de-send-your-location-feat-yung-stutt-sus/ letra de kelambi lawas – fery atiku iseh tansah kelingan sliramu kelambi lawasku senajan wes ra ono hubungan nyatane ra luntur tresnoku kowe mantanku kekasih hatiku maafkanlah aku lukai hatimu ninggal kowe lungo golek papan roso nyatane rapodo ambek seng tak tompo jareku kepenak pacarku sak cikrak pikiranku cekak ning ora tepak nyaw-ng karo duit sembarange duwit nyatane uripku tambah morat ... https://letras.top/letra-de-kelambi-lawas-fery/ letra de a good man’s light – angelo de augustine not once but twice walked into my life and left to find what you want back with your man who dresses up like john lennon and sings in a beatles cover band he’s drunk you’re too he’ll pull back and hurt you fears just like a nightmare to me all the conti’s far down the ... https://letras.top/letra-de-a-good-mans-light-angelo-de-augustine/ letra de мазерати – kai feat. kassi я для суки b-tterfly улетит со мной в дубай принял фото в телеграм забрал свой chocopie отсосет мне за balmain она шарит за мой flame я ввожу ее в нирвану ты врубаешь, курт кобейн кину я ксана за память, ya! суки блестят, как на празник. ya! дым меня снова дурманит. ya! сбежал я в центр ... https://letras.top/letra-de-%d0%bc%d0%b0%d0%b7%d0%b5%d1%80%d0%b0%d1%82%d0%b8-kai-feat-kassi/ letra de wait up – thutmose hook (x2) lemme tell you this is special running through my mind won’t u wait up wait up wait up if it’s meant to i will let you tear my heart apart baby wait up wait up wait up verse 1 got me on ice there’s no need to lie the more that i think ... https://letras.top/letra-de-wait-up-thutmose/ letra de look at me now – hoodrich pablo juan [chorus] still the same young n-gg- from zone 6 i ain’t used to have sh-t, n-gg-, look at me now used to have to wear the hand-me-downs now i’m designer everything, look at me now same dopeman that i used to look up to, n-gg- now they look at me now couple of little b-tches ... https://letras.top/letra-de-look-at-me-now-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de bullitical – hoodrich pablo juan [chorus: drugrixh hect] i got a stick and it’s digital pull up on you in a big body i’m drugrixh, these n-gg-s is pitiful scared of these snitches, i trap individual scared of these snitches, i trap individual pull up on your block and go bullitical pull up on your block and go bullitical you ... https://letras.top/letra-de-bullitical-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de trivial – take us alive dirty feeling on my mind so you better run and hide ain’t getting sleep tonight my conscience goes away let’s go out and play i don’t care what you say, hey! i don’t care what you say in the middle of the night i’m gonna call you babe, no way you can ignore me in ... https://letras.top/letra-de-trivial-take-us-alive/ letra de all to the wind – angelo de augustine [verse 1] when the light revealed the dream opened the door hoping to lean and i gave my own life and i gave it all to the wind [verse 2] all for love gave that a try head on the floor most of the time and i gave my own life and i gave it ... https://letras.top/letra-de-all-to-the-wind-angelo-de-augustine/ letra de ora masalah – laddy wijaya kowe pernah ono ning atiku janji ora bakal ninggalke aku saiki kowe lungo mblenjani janjimu ninggalne loro ning njero dodo, ora masalah lambemu sing lamis gawe atiku keiris ra bakal aku nangis mergo kuwi wis digaris tresnomu koyo telo, anane mung nyereti isone gawe loro, lorone ning njero ati urip rasah spaneng, raono kowe aku ... https://letras.top/letra-de-ora-masalah-laddy-wijaya/ letra de need you – mike dreams (chorus) (vocal sample – jamecia bennett) love me, you need me and you will never… you need me and you will… love me, you need me and you will never… you need me… (unintelligible baby talk) (verse 1) heart beating fast walking through the hallway just yesterday, we were waiting for you like all day ... https://letras.top/letra-de-need-you-mike-dreams/ letra de so long – justice crew at the end of the day, some you win, some you don’t so i’m glad that i’m here with some friends that i know always there with a smile saying “you’re not alone” singing la, la la la, que sera… oh! here we go, y’all yesterday is history, oh! you gotta get through it tomorrow ... https://letras.top/letra-de-so-long-justice-crew/ letra de 728 – pim i wouldn’t be me if i didn’t have you if i didn’t get to call you my brother if only you knew how much i loved you and it’s all because you taught me how to love you taught me that there is beauty in pain gave me hope when hurt was all i felt ... https://letras.top/letra-de-728-pim/ letra de belaian kasihmu – katrine belaian kasihmu menghangatkan jiwa ragaku sejukkan hatiku getarkan jantungku semakin aku rasakan besarnya arti dirimu dalam kehidupanku semua yang ku dambakan hanya ada padamu hingga hatiku berkata tak salah bila ku memilih dirimu ingin selalu bersamamu, kasih walau sedetik tak sanggup jauh darimu ingin selalu bahagia denganmu tiada henti diriku memohon kepadanya semoga cinta kita ... https://letras.top/letra-de-belaian-kasihmu-katrine/ letra de alone – atris [chorus] i’m everyday alone but if you love me just only tell me that everyday alone but if you hate me you can even k!ll me i’m everyday alone but if you love me just only tell me that everyday alone but if you hate me you can even k!ll me [verse 1] our dreams… ... https://letras.top/letra-de-alone-atris/ letra de pup – earthboy i dream of you as i sleep thoughts of us instead of counting sheep and when i tie my ugly shoes i f-ck up because i think of you i walk around my laces dragging before you came my heart was lagging flower of my eye bloom before i die promise i am nice remember ... https://letras.top/letra-de-pup-earthboy/ letra de sukumari my sukumari – vijay prakash feat. sanjana kalmanje ಸುಕುಮಾರಿ ಮೈ ಸುಕುಮಾರಿ ಏನಾಯ್ತು ನನ್ನ ನಿನ್ನ ಲವ್ ಸ್ಟೋರಿ? ಸುಕುಮಾರಿ ಮೈ ಸುಕುಮಾರಿ ಏನಾಯ್ತು ನನ್ನ ನಿನ್ನ ಲವ್ ಸ್ಟೋರಿ? ಸ್ಟಾರು ನೀನು ಗೋಲ್ಡನ್ ಸ್ಟಾರು ಕಣೋ ಗೆದ್ದೆ ನನ್ನ ಹಾರ್ಟು ಗೆದ್ದೆ ಕಣೋ ಸ್ಟಾರು ನೀನು ಗೋಲ್ಡನ್ ಸ್ಟಾರು ಕಣೋ ಗೆದ್ದೆ ನನ್ನ ಹಾರ್ಟು ಗೆದ್ದೆ ಕಣೋ ಕತ್ರಿನ ಬೇಡ ದೀಪಿಕಾನು ಬೇಡ ಕನ್ಫ್ಯೂಷನು ಬೇಡ ನಿನ್ನ ಬಿಟ್ರೆ ಬೇರೆ ಬೇಡ ಕಾಲೇಜು ಬೇಡ ಶಾಪಿಂಗು ಬೇಡ ಸೆಲ್ಫಿನು ಬೇಡ ನಿನ್ ಬಿಟ್ರೆ ಬೇರೆ ... https://letras.top/letra-de-sukumari-my-sukumari-vijay-prakash-feat-sanjana-kalmanje/ letra de pussy nigga – hoodrich pablo juan [chorus: hoodrich pablo juan] f-ck that n-gg-, cuz, rob his -ss, blood f-ck that n-gg-, cuz, rob his -ss, blood f-ck that n-gg-, cuz, rob his -ss, blood rob his -ss, blood, f-ck that n-gg-, cuz he a p-ssy anyway, he a p-ssy n-gg- you a p-ssy anyway, you a p-ssy n-gg- f-ck that n-gg-, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-pussy-nigga-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de times in life – lil nuke (chorus: shiloh dynasty) i’ll keep you safe in these arms of mine hold on to me pretty baby (verse: lil nuke) yeah lil nuke up on the beat aye life is a quiz filled with some d-cks throwing the sticks and then punching with kicks i might be crazy or maybe lazy i can’t just ... https://letras.top/letra-de-times-in-life-lil-nuke/ letra de bummer / 2bucks – duckwrth summer just begins summer then it ends there he goes again have you seen my friend? we just start to then he departs again i be wondering if we hardly friends summer just begins summer then it ends bought my swimming trunks i just wanna swim poolside with my girl before i got in a ... https://letras.top/letra-de-bummer-2bucks-duckwrth/ letra de givenchy me – hoodrich pablo juan [hook: hoodrich pablo juan & offset] fifty bricks, sipping pedro from mexico plus i got a hundred gas bags on the runway i’ma front half to longway ’cause he got a blue trap house and get it all gone in one day i got young n-gg-s ready for the gunplay while i’m on the stove, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-givenchy-me-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de dope on my margielas – hoodrich pablo juan [hook: hoodrich pablo juan & quavo] whole brick, only spent a zip of dope on my margiela whipping the dope too hard, dropped the pack (whipping it) got dope on my margiela get the stove rocking, oooh, i got dope on my margielas just left the trap spot, still got that dope on my margielas ... https://letras.top/letra-de-dope-on-my-margielas-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de 18k – hoodrich pablo juan [chorus] rollie eighteen karat gold like my cartiers got a whip, i got a chain, i guess i’m still a slave drinking lean, i got addicted, now i’m pouring drank i can’t never stop grinding, that’s just how i’m made i got two b-tches trading places bossed up, got a team full of aces yeah, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-18k-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de promise u that – future [intro: future & lil juice] it ain’t no talk on this you a bad lil’ b-tch, don’t worry, ah yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah (tay keith, f-ck these n-gg-s up) yeah [pre-chorus: future] cartier diamonds, my mascot tell your main n-gg- he your ex now finna push up, bring your -ss out where you come from? where you ... https://letras.top/letra-de-promise-u-that-future/ letra de hustlers – ivory (producer) [intro] f-ck the beat up (come on) f-ck the beat up come on [buildup] f-ck the beat up, f-ck the beat up, f-ck the f-ck the beat up, f-ck the beat up f-ck the beat up [drop] i hit ’em like f-ck the beat up f-ck the beat up f-ck the beat up [bridge] come ... https://letras.top/letra-de-hustlers-ivory-producer/ letra de take down – hoodrich pablo juan [intro: goonew] sh-t goonrixh, n-gg- mony powr rspt [verse 1: goonew] homicide sh-t, coming through with the draco fort knox, n-gg- hit the front and the back door i’m beating my wrist and i’m still in the dope hole pour a four of wop, ’cause you know that i walk slow walk to the bank ... https://letras.top/letra-de-take-down-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de джулия – alone во мне все твои правила помню, что дарит пламя, и от чего бы растаяла влюбляйся без памяти и твой маленький мир со мной, качнётся как маятник всё, подруга, бой окончен и я еду, но не к тебе, взлетаю, но не с тобой я знаю, ты там не спишь, и возможно ловишь разгон это пальба, где ... https://letras.top/letra-de-%d0%b4%d0%b6%d1%83%d0%bb%d0%b8%d1%8f-alone/ letra de tirowiec – nocny kochanek brzuch podtrzymuje kierownicę radyjko cb cicho gra z imieniem “andrzej” mam tablice choć nie wiem jak na imię mam mówił mi szef, że diesel drogi więc do podłogi dociskam gaz guma mi pękła pod radomiem musiałem oddać cały hajs dziewczynom z pomocy drogowej co poświeciły mi swój czas mówił mi szef, że diesel drogi więc ... https://letras.top/letra-de-tirowiec-nocny-kochanek/ letra de vinegar – windvent rebuild the house you put your life in the sand moves so quickly it moves, it moves what do you think will remain? get up, get on your feet, this won’t be easy don’t be afraid about this, when you see how your blood spills enjoy your last breath if you follow me, if you ... https://letras.top/letra-de-vinegar-windvent/ letra de nadie – farruko letra de nadie [intro] yeah-eh (yeah-eh, yeah-eh) yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah (yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah) yeah-yeah (yeah-yeah ) yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah) eh-yeah (eh-yeah) [coro] bebé, no esperes por nadie (eeh) tú no necesitas a nadie (squiribombim) y disfruta que la vida es corta y a nadie le importa lo que tú hagas con ella, bebé (yeah-yeah) bebé, no esperes por ... https://letras.top/letra-de-nadie-farruko/ letra de i kumm – manuel ortega wir san wie bonny und clide i bin dei mister right des hot ma immer gsogt immer wieder livin’ la vida niemand der ständing frogt i hob di vermisst i mog wia du bist die die olles hot wie du die bewegst wie du mit andere redst is afoch cl-ssicoooo oh ra pa pa pa ... https://letras.top/letra-de-i-kumm-manuel-ortega/ letra de gita – reka putri kau adalah cinta dalam hatiku kau adalah harta terindahku hanya dirimu yang ku sayang genggamlah selalu hatiku tak akan pernah habis rinduku kan selalu bersemi untuk dirimu tunggulah aku, sayang untuk kita bertemu terima kasih cintaku tuk setia menunggu kan ku beri hati ini hanya untukmu kau indah dalam hatiku, kan ku jaga selalu hanya ... https://letras.top/letra-de-gita-reka-putri/ letra de 1017 ways – hoodrich pablo juan [chorus: yung mal] big house with the lake, hit the booth, one take beat the trap, earthquake, good lawyer, beat the case me and pablo in the wraith, we got bands, extra cake hit the gas, meditate, we done came a long way now we got racks the long way we send them packs the ... https://letras.top/letra-de-1017-ways-hoodrich-pablo-juan/ letra de 決心 – cherish あなたと初めて会ったのは 品川どまりの山手線 他には誰もいなくて 過ぎてく駅だけ数えてた 恥ずかしかったわ あの夜は あなたも少し酔ってたみたい とても似合うわ私たち とても似合うわ私たち ママに電話をかけてくるわ 「結婚します この人と」 「結婚します この人と」 二人が心を決めたのは お好み焼き屋の二階でした ソースの匂いの隙間から 元気なあなた見つめます 不愛想な電話 怒りんぼ スープを頬コケて飲む癖見つけ きっと直すと言いました きっと直すと言いました 我慢できるわ 何でもないわ あなたが好きよ 大好きよ あなたが好きよ 大好きよ 我慢できるわ 何でもないわ あなたが好きよ 大好きよ あなたが好きよ 大好きよ... https://letras.top/letra-de-%e6%b1%ba%e5%bf%83-cherish/