letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de let her go – 6lack [intro] ayy are you? [verse 1] are you tryna get back at me? you can’t let ’em win, all they really wanna do is distract me she like, “who you foolin’? you been out here tryna make a movie, ayy” she like, “boy, it’s a two way, groupies only followin’ what you say” (ayy, ayy) ... https://letras.top/letra-de-let-her-go-6lack/ letra de picket fences – myles cameron [hook] picket fences black boy up against those picket fences against the world (we on n-gg-) picket fences i feel the most black ‘gainst those picket fences in the suburbs (uh uh n-gg-) [verse] and it’s the- suburban blackboy check me out stay in the books but i got style t shirt from that thrift ... https://letras.top/letra-de-picket-fences-myles-cameron/ letra de tick tack (genius) – yohio (oh, yeah) isn’t it time we thought of ways (oh baby) ’cause there is no time for us to waste (oh yeah oh) so stop tryna wake me up when all i want to do is to dream (yeah yeah) baby i don’t got no time (no time) tick tack gotta hurry up now get ... https://letras.top/letra-de-tick-tack-genius-yohio/ letra de get light – zola blood get light as two attract get light for the slow dance i watch the hourgl-ss one minute at a time until it’s p-ssed say your so longs let it dissolve us and p-ss the time just keep it light no weight to make it heavy or keep us in the fight arm in arm for ... https://letras.top/letra-de-get-light-zola-blood/ letra de hiyhiy – lostboycrow [verse] can you feel the fall don’t tell me whats wrong when you don’t care at all i could scale your walls but you could never know the home i saw the silence is driving me mad and i don’t believe you know what you hold in your hand no i don’t believe you know ... https://letras.top/letra-de-hiyhiy-lostboycrow/ letra de battle lines – bob moses don’t lie you’re always saying your hands are tied and when we cry you only have yourself in mind whatever we do seems like nothing is getting through you’re out of touch you know that’s not enough for us when the bullets fly you turn your eyes like there’s nothing left to lose now the ... https://letras.top/letra-de-battle-lines-bob-moses/ letra de do it – trapped under ice i see no action, but everyone talks about what they would do with their backs to the wall do it show me just how far you’ll go, now do it show me just how far you’ll go every time you look the other way your silence is deafening now we got to know just how ... https://letras.top/letra-de-do-it-trapped-under-ice/ letra de intro – skinnyman [intro: made in britain] superintendent at least you can spell harry parker, your social worker – i know harry very well – he says you’re bright, he says you’re worth a bit of bother trevor wouldn’t take the time if i were you superintendent don’t be clever, don’t be smart, we’ve no time to waste, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-intro-skinnyman/ letra de affet – nahide babashli eğer seni kırdıysam darıl bana ama bir gün beni ararsan bak ruhuna birden gecem tutarsa güneşi çevir bana sevgilim bağışla biraz zor olsa da affet beni akşamüstü gölgem uzarken öğleden sonra affet ne zaman istersen affet beni gece vakti ay doğmuş süzülürken sabaha kalmadan affet tam ayrılık derken çünkü sen çölüme yağmur oldun sen geceme ... https://letras.top/letra-de-affet-nahide-babashli/ letra de あんた飛ばしすぎ – momoiro clover z ちょっとあんた飛ばしすぎ ちょっとあんた飛ばしすぎ ちょっと百田飛ばしすぎ ちょっと百田飛ばしすぎ スーパー 「百田夏菜子」 いい加減 「百田夏菜子」 適当天然とんでもリーダー 計画性ナシ それでもいいんだ? 考えなしの出たとこ勝負 結果炸裂スーパープレイ yo! 響く みんなのコール 己見せろ ド根性! yo! 響く みんなのコール 己見せろ ド根性! woo! 前進中 勉強中 反省中 ちょっと玉井こなしすぎ ちょっと玉井こなしすぎ 常に 「玉井詩織」 安定の 「玉井詩織」 泣き虫 妹 食いしん坊 今じゃあすっかりバランサー たまに頂戴 わがまま放題 今日も安定スーパーサブ yo! 響く みんなのコール 己見せろ ド根性 yo! 響く みんなのコール 己見せろ ド根性 woo! 前進中 進行中 反省中 ちょっと佐々木タチ悪すぎ ... https://letras.top/letra-de-%e3%81%82%e3%82%93%e3%81%9f%e9%a3%9b%e3%81%b0%e3%81%97%e3%81%99%e3%81%8e-momoiro-clover-z/ letra de tanto – felipe peláez nunca más vimos el sol de la misma manera asi como la vez aquella, cuando planeabamos los sueños no me detuve a pensar como andaba tu vida pero un dia terminó la gira y vi tristeza en tu mirada siempre estabas aqui tan cerquita de mí compartimos el mismo colchon tú pensabas en mi yo ... https://letras.top/letra-de-tanto-felipe-pelaez/ letra de spaceghostpussy – denzel curry (feat. xxxtentacion, ski mask the slump god & lofty305) [intro] ronny j listen up [verse 1: lofty305] this that zu sh-t suwoo maroon sh-t n-gg-s talkin’ all that sh-t but they ain’t really doin’ it n-gg-s say that he a goon he ain’t tryna prove it cspg be the movement, free ruben [verse 2: denzel ... https://letras.top/letra-de-spaceghostpussy-denzel-curry/ letra de seasons – 6lack [verse 1: 6lack] it’s been a little cold and not outside switch out the wardrobe gotta be dressed for the ride got hit with a winter breeze and oh, we like to act tough, what we do it for? be careful with energy no need to be so cold, i wanna be more [chorus: 6lack] ... https://letras.top/letra-de-seasons-6lack/ letra de livin’ in a dream – the neighbourhood [intro: jesse rutherford] dream, where everybody loves me living in a dream world, how’d i get so lucky? so tell me how you feel (tell me, tell me, tell me) ooh, baby, is anything real? (tell me, tell me, tell me) ooh, darling, ha—i got nothing to lose (tell me, tell me, tell me) nothing ... https://letras.top/letra-de-livin-in-a-dream-the-neighbourhood/ letra de chosen ones – crystal lake too many words were left unspoken but we can’t always do it right the rules are meant to be broken we will never go down without a fight never a promise that we can’t keep we’ll never rest, we’ll never sleep hold tight, stick to your guns ’cause we are the chosen ones life goes ... https://letras.top/letra-de-chosen-ones-crystal-lake/ letra de castaway – yung pinch [intro] the atomix, the atomix she said i’ll never be enough said i’ll never be enough yeah, yeah [chorus] cause to you i’m just another f-cking castaway party every sat-rday never nothing good bout’ me always something bad to say guess this is how it had to be came up out of tragedy no heart ... https://letras.top/letra-de-castaway-yung-pinch/ letra de green unicorn – blow (france) [refrain] ooooh ooooh oohohooh oohoooho ooooh ooooh oohohooh oohoooho [verse 1] do i needed to be barren on ? do i mess with my mind ? do i needed to pray to the gods to be on the right side ? if in its all has the pleasure to be among the leading blaze you ... https://letras.top/letra-de-green-unicorn-blow-france/ letra de praça de guerra – saulo duarte os limites da cidade até quando o corpo aguenta não vai caber outra cidade nem um corpo mais aguenta às vezes eu me perco nessas ruas não sei quem sou e sou nada como o frio que matou o indivíduo na madrugada feito aquele outro homem que atravessou a calçada quando me viu se aproximar ... https://letras.top/letra-de-praca-de-guerra-saulo-duarte/ letra de lady blue – wild nothing wonderland of holy water another drink another dollar hand in hand a sleeping skin the man with no face i bit my tongue now can you tell me if my cup is full? will i find a way to make sense of the way that you love me? will i find a way to repay ... https://letras.top/letra-de-lady-blue-wild-nothing/ letra de disengage/evacuate – skyharbor if time could mend my heart i’d find a way out from the dark decaying, betraying where will i place the blame? should i lose my way? relenting, lamenting? hurled outside myself watching my whole world break questioning reality if i can find a way to escape the rain and leave us forsaken floating away ... https://letras.top/letra-de-disengageevacuate-skyharbor/ letra de up late – kodak black that money don’t sleep, you know what i’m sayin’? so why you gonna be sleepin’ on the money? i’mma keep that sh-t 1k if you want this sh-t, you gotta be up late i don’t want it now, i want it everyday pull up drop top, fully loaded wraith let the glock pop, it don’t ... https://letras.top/letra-de-up-late-kodak-black/ letra de reap – basecamp i know you think you can’t trust me and i know that maybe you’re right cuz i came and went i left you again with a wound you cannot hide you caught me out in the open you drew a bead on my heart but you come and go you reap what you sew never ... https://letras.top/letra-de-reap-basecamp/ letra de aguita de remanso verde – yalo cuellar ¡adentrito! agüita de remanso verde verde como una esperanza tus aguas cruzan los mares y dejan verdes mis sueños tus aguas cruzan los mares y dejan verdes mis sueños y dejan verdes mis sueños por un amor que se ha ido por eso tu también tienes el color de una esperanza por eso tu también ... https://letras.top/letra-de-aguita-de-remanso-verde-yalo-cuellar/ letra de viimeinen matka – turmion kätilöt tee sitä taas tee tätä taas pelasta meidät kello käy jatkuva vääntö selänkääntö loppua ei koskaan näy oiko rintakehää hakkaa peitä minut viimeiseen matkaan revin rinnasta kellon koska pian minun kaunein aikani koittaa siinä sykkeessä vellon suutelen, kuristun, huokaisen ja lopulta valmistun rinnasta kellon ja pian viimeinen aikani koittaa sydämen tahdissa vellon suutelen, kuristun, lopulta ... https://letras.top/letra-de-viimeinen-matka-turmion-katilot/ letra de saliva salina – la leuca vou provar sua saliva com doce gosto amanhã já não repito o alvoroço p-ssear pelas salinas dum novo rosto pela manhã um novo amigo em outro topo senão eu posso até gostar não vou deixar me acostumar eu vou voar daqui vou deixar uma ferida com todo gosto só fechar com a saliva num outro ... https://letras.top/letra-de-saliva-salina-la-leuca/ letra de yowes – ndx a.k.a ra pernah terbayang ning uripku kowe tego ninggalke awakku janji janjimu mung palsu kowe ngelarani atiku lungo karo lanangan pilihanmu rono rene kesandung kenangan seprene aku iseh kelingan kowe sing tak sayang malah ilang akhire aku ra nyanding ning pelaminan sak tenane ati iki loro tapi ku wes ikhlas kowe ro wong liyo ditinggal lungo ... https://letras.top/letra-de-yowes-ndx-a-k-a/ letra de greater than – basecamp [verse 1] spend your dollars spend your pounds we sleep it off and make our rounds i followed you around the world through every city, every town [bridge 1] but how much longer? [chorus 1] see there’s aiming the gun and there’s pulling the trigger you can say what you want but you know that ... https://letras.top/letra-de-greater-than-basecamp/ letra de tu peux partir si tu le veux – johnny hallyday ce n’est pas la peine de se dã©chirer de se battre et de se pardonner comme ã chaque fois on se fait du mal pour rien et puis on se recherche ou bien on se fuit tu peux partir si tu le veux mais je te suivrai oui je te suivrai tu peux partir si ... https://letras.top/letra-de-tu-peux-partir-si-tu-le-veux-johnny-hallyday/ letra de je dors sur mes 2 oreilles – grand corps malade j’ai constatã© que la douleur ã©tait une bonne source d’inspiration et que les zones d’ombre du p-ssã© montrent au stylo la direction la colã¨re et la galã¨re sont des sentiments productifs qui donnent des thã¨mes puissants, quoi qu’un peu trop rã©pã©t-tifs a croire qu’il est plus facile de livrer nos peines et nos cris et ... https://letras.top/letra-de-je-dors-sur-mes-2-oreilles-grand-corps-malade/ letra de grass and dirt – luke christopher so why do we hide? and why do we fight? if in the end we’re just gr-ss and dirt gr-ss and dirt why do we hide? and why do we fight? if in the end we’re just gr-ss and dirt, hey ooh, you are so drop your pride, child ’cause we all gon’ be stepped ... https://letras.top/letra-de-grass-and-dirt-luke-christopher/ letra de banderas blancas – arnau griso qué marrón ser un joven rojo y terminar como un viejo verde si lo ves negro, plata o plomo si das en el blanco no habrá sido suerte colores son prejuicios sin palabras ojalá solo se izaran banderas blancas el amor es ciego y el odio platónico pa’ gustos los colores, no me gustan los ... https://letras.top/letra-de-banderas-blancas-arnau-griso/ letra de yessir! – malachi the prophet [tag] “azure, azure, azure, azure” [verse one: malachi] god talk to me like yessir, yeah rappin’ applyin’ the pressure, what who are you with i say “azure”, huh she come my room i undress her, what gettin’ that brain like professor, what lay your b-tch down and i stretch her, what your b-tch is mine ... https://letras.top/letra-de-yessir-malachi-the-prophet/ letra de come around – cape cub [verse 1] open the gates behind the hills your grew up on you’ve no fault to hide this life it will unfold with a graceful ease of which you choose to ride hoping you’ll be fine when your bones are not your own when your bones are not your own [chorus] i need you to ... https://letras.top/letra-de-come-around-cape-cub/ letra de meseeks – ayceeonethirty i.q. 150 but i failed all my cl-sses ain’t seen a thing in years, can’t afford a pair of gl-sses can’t drive a forklift, barely read, can’t sort sh-t blew enough slow k!ll funds to buy a porsche with i ain’t bout to yell out my name seventy times like i would when i was ... https://letras.top/letra-de-meseeks-ayceeonethirty/ letra de calendar days – knuckle puck think back on every word you said these days are good as gold so i will never let go can’t remember the time it took to get here or the sudden change that turns the spring to fall i’ve been missing out for so long this learnt suburban tension’s left me dry and the illuminations ... https://letras.top/letra-de-calendar-days-knuckle-puck/ letra de macdo – vald tout c’que j’aime dans la vie, c’est baiser et fumer du sh-t fumer du sh-t, fumer du sh-t, fumer du sh-t (hey, hey) tout c’que, tout c’que j’aime dans la vie, c’est baiser et fumer du sh-t fumer du sh-t, fumer du sh-t, fumer du sh-t (haaan, hey, hey) tout c’que j’aime dans la vie, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-macdo-vald/ letra de special – newwave e [intro] you know i was thinking [hook] i say you special i say you special i say you special [verse] but we fuss and fight so i might as well call you the devil when i say you need me put the petal to the metal but i can’t fall in love babygirl cuz i’m ... https://letras.top/letra-de-special-newwave-e/ letra de vin cu tarafu’ – matol [outlaw] tambal si toba piesa de proba nu e la moda da suna bomba multi se cred mari artisti sa vad daca rezisti timpu e tarfa ce te fute am fost si eu pe aici oh da da am scris ceva o strofa tare am plecat las muzi astia ne mint eu fac ceea ce ... https://letras.top/letra-de-vin-cu-tarafu-matol/ letra de 지켜줄게 (save you) (romanization) – got7 daeche mwoga neol buran hage hae wae buranhae buranhae wae piryohal ttaemyeon naega isseul tende sesangi neol moreun cheokhandaedo don’t give up nan ne gyeote isseo tteonaji anha never never, oh yet sir eonjedeunji call me i’ll be there jeoldae eopsji bulganeungeun naegen i’m the first aid kit angyeo nae pume i gotta say nan ... https://letras.top/letra-de-%ec%a7%80%ec%bc%9c%ec%a4%84%ea%b2%8c-save-you-romanization-got7/ letra de these boots are made for walking – barry adamson you keep saying you got something for me something you call love but confess you’ve been a’messin’ where you shouldn’t ‘ve been a’messin’ and now someone else is getting all your best well, these boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do one of these days these boots are gonna walk all ... https://letras.top/letra-de-these-boots-are-made-for-walking-barry-adamson/ letra de loyal – r i t u a l [verse 1: katie taylor, gerard o’connell & katie taylor] are you all mine? or am i an imposition to your night life? no emotion equidistant it don’t feel right, it don’t feel right, it ain’t alright would you go there? and censor every piece of us like we weren’t there? existing in the moment till ... https://letras.top/letra-de-loyal-r-i-t-u-a-l/ letra de lullaby (romanization) – got7 hannaje kkuneun kk-m mitgiji anheul ppun yeojeonhi nan geoj-smal gata nun tteobomyeon neoui pum andoui hansum girl nega bureuneun nae ireum mwodeun neol geochimyeon areumdawojyeo saero pieona i bloom ploom nollawo neon mwol jom ara galsurok deo deo fallin’ dugeungeorimeun meomchuji anha maeil deo hae girl soksagineun modeun eoneodeul gammiropge nal pagodeureo mageul su eopseo ... https://letras.top/letra-de-lullaby-romanization-got7/ letra de message to michael – burt bacharach spread your wings for new orleans kentucky bluebird, fly away and take a message to michael, message to michael he sings each night in some cafe in his search to find wealth and fame i hear michael has gone and changed his name it’s a year since he was here kentucky bluebird, fly away and ... https://letras.top/letra-de-message-to-michael-burt-bacharach/ letra de no problem – marc e. bassy [verse 1: marc e. b-ssy] against the backdrop of a perfect winter day it’s twenty in ny, eighty in la the old me, in the past, got a new bay when you got a broken heart you got to medicate i got a-i got a regiment for gettin’ over it includes never sober, always looking ... https://letras.top/letra-de-no-problem-marc-e-bassy/ letra de bulb1s* – woebegone id let out my emotion but my mommas in the other room if she found out that i rapped my life would screw up i can’t chew through why she relates that all to thugs ion get why u hating on 2pac this is a new wap of new stuff tryna lemme listen i think ... https://letras.top/letra-de-bulb1s-woebegone/ letra de cuxillo – porter ¿cuántos años han pasado? ¿cuántas vidas quedan? ¿cuántas muertes? (¿cuántas más?) ¿cuántas muertes? (¿cuántas más?) ¿cuántas muertes? (¿cuántas más?) ¿cuántas muertes? (¿cuántas más?) solíamos ser el mar ahora gotas quedan ¿cuántas muertes? (¿cuántas más?) ¿cuántas muertes? (¿cuántas más?) ¿cuántas muertes? (¿cuántas más?) ¿cuántas muertes? (¿cuántas más?) así no era aquí en mi tierra sabe la ... https://letras.top/letra-de-cuxillo-porter/ letra de adding up – 3xtantsy [intro] hasn’t been adding up hasn’t been adding up hasn’t been adding up sh-t you were saying.. hasn’t been adding up hasn’t been adding up hasn’t been adding up sh-t you were saying.. hasn’t been adding up hasn’t been adding up hasn’t been adding up [chorus] now i be on them drugs way too much ... https://letras.top/letra-de-adding-up-3xtantsy/ letra de devious – my diligent future why so devious devious oh ohoho why so devious devious i am a rising thunder so don’t you stand in my way unveil your darkest fears to me only the truth shall prevail open your eyes to see the light before you uncover yourself guiding you through the darkest hour i was born to defy ... https://letras.top/letra-de-devious-my-diligent-future/ letra de low season – r i t u a l [verse 1] my grip could get lighter and yeah money’s so tight i’ve found not much of a survivor fairground ain’t stopping in this town if you’re slipping i’m sliding never heard of solid ground ever light on the horizon getting blocked out by the crowds [chorus] must mean it’s the low season but there’s ... https://letras.top/letra-de-low-season-r-i-t-u-a-l/ letra de unfair – 6lack [verse 1] hope my mistakes don’t make me less of a man but lately it feel like them sh-ts really can i’m prayin’ i don’t wake up all alone it’s hard to say it, so i write a song but that ain’t equal to me, righting wrongs stuck between a rock and a hard place ... https://letras.top/letra-de-unfair-6lack/