letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de voicemail – the lonely man orchestra oh, h-llo it’s me again for you how have you been? well, i just wanted to say hi see what you’ve been up to just chat to distract our minds since you said goodbye, i have been through a tough time so i see that you’re not home right now but i hope you get ... https://letras.top/t/the-lonely-man-orchestra/letra-de-voicemail-the-lonely-man-orchestra/ letra de get rich – soul basement go b-tch x8 ooh get rich x8 ooh she just wanna touch the chain she just wanna touch the chain fall in love with diamond rangs i just wanna touch the safe swervin in the coupe call it candy cane ooh go and do your thang bring the drought i bring the rain tidal wave ... https://letras.top/s/soul-basement/letra-de-get-rich-soul-basement/ letra de hey lover 21 – jcm lando it’s your boy lando bringing the new vibes mixed with the old vibes for the one time from the five one seven (hey miss lover) i’ve been watching you from afar but i’m sick of wondering who you are (hey miss lover) so i got in my mind that it’s time for us to coincide ... https://letras.top/j/jcm-lando/letra-de-hey-lover-21-jcm-lando/ letra de towards black pest – hacavitz to death and darkness for deceit of all life earths ablaze and succumb towards black pest. erupt feast in darkness so black besieging and exploring this darknight as these efumes of the obscure everlast no longer in the light set me free pest of midnight gather me so down, deep and below forever into darkness ... https://letras.top/h/hacavitz/letra-de-towards-black-pest-hacavitz/ letra de doin it – priceless scott verse 1: ma ion want cha n-gga i just want the head on em and the d-ck good i be playing dead on em treat his face just like bread how i spread on em you tryna f-ck well you gon have to spend some bread on it i’ll have my homegirl beat cha outcha ... https://letras.top/p/priceless-scott/letra-de-doin-it-priceless-scott/ letra de te va bien* – kevvo, arcángel & becky g [letra de “te va bien” ft. darell] la letra completa estará disponible cuando salga la cancion! adelanto [verso: kevvo] la diosa con to’ lo’ podere’ (puh, puh, puh; wow) [estribillo: kevvo] que bueno que ya te va bien (va bien) a mi me va bien también (también) y no te pienso llamar (yah, wow) fin ... https://letras.top/k/kevvo-arcangel-becky-g/letra-de-te-va-bien-kevvo-arcangel-becky-g/ letra de precarity rules – worriers i didn’t take you for the gambling type i thought precarity was neither of our styles the ones i lean towards have got passions for days but when life hits you hard they are the ones to run away i wasn’t obligated, i wasn’t tied i was my navigator eyes opened wide some things you ... https://letras.top/w/worriers/letra-de-precarity-rules-worriers/ letra de no seas asi – j tones & geetu darling, darling don’t be mean to me (to me) you left me on read (on read) whenever i write you baby, baby no seas así (no seas así) yo si te quería (si te quería) pero me dejaste me despertaba cada mañana esperándote y tu pensabas en la otra toda la noche esperaba tus mensajes ... https://letras.top/j/j-tones-geetu/letra-de-no-seas-asi-j-tones-geetu/ letra de tera saath – sdr [verse]: dekha tha jab tujhe maine pheli bar teri nazro ne kiya mujhpe aisa var ki milne ka dil karta har ek din ek sanivar se leke agle sanivar milte milte humari baate hai bari tune aake badaldi meri zindagi netflix pe dekhte movie pure din ke baad horror movie dekhke tu na chore mera haath tujhe khush rakhne ... https://letras.top/s/sdr/letra-de-tera-saath-sdr/ letra de shawty – slattyboi [текст песни «shawty»] [intro] b-tch! slattyboi! pow-pow-pow [припев] выбираю любовь я выбираю любовь (whoah) shawty играет большую роль (большую роль) shawty принимает соль (соль) выбираю любовь я выбираю любовь выбираю любовь я выбираю любовь (выбираю любовь) я не чувствую боль (боль) girl, show me your love (love) выбираю любовь я выбираю любовь [куплет 1] покажи любовь, girl покажи ... https://letras.top/s/slattyboi/letra-de-shawty-slattyboi/ letra de atmosphere – mc cubed (chorus) you are my atmosphere i cannot be without you for long you are my atmosphere i cannot breathe without you for long you’re the reason i have life you’re the reason i haven’t died you are the oxygen i let inside without you i can’t be alive (verse 1) when i reach the spotlight, ... https://letras.top/m/mc-cubed/letra-de-atmosphere-mc-cubed/ letra de amour fou – emma bale mon fou c’était le mieux tout seul juste nous deux c’était doux dans nôtre abris nuageux heureux ou malheureux je me souviens de tes yeux des petites tempêtes brunes fonces et nerveuses territoire interdit mon fou mon ami pourquoi ne m’as-tu jamais blessé dis moi la vérité tout ce que j’tai donné c’est tout ce ... https://letras.top/e/emma-bale/letra-de-amour-fou-emma-bale/ letra de the replacement – professor elemental [well, its been a while, hasn’t it?] back when i was an english gent too far to ever mention rebel without applause starts an indifference engine stop for more tea recharge my ascension invited everybody to the father of invention the party carried on through the giddy limit comics, teas, cartoons and games and several silly gimmicks but wait, ... https://letras.top/p/professor-elemental/letra-de-the-replacement-professor-elemental/ letra de feel the sunshine – kolohe kai every time i come back home i always seem to fill up my fire there’s no place i’d rather go that could take me any higher the sun is arriving the palm trees, are smilin’ with me i love this, island so come on girl let’s go beach cause i feel the sunshine heat in the air i feel ... https://letras.top/k/kolohe-kai/letra-de-feel-the-sunshine-kolohe-kai/ letra de don’t do drugs – baby e the prince yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh yeah they wonder if i stay high i don’t wanna stay high wanna stay high drugs drugs i don’t wanna love don’t love it’s take a part of me part of my me i don’t want it part of me i start in jeez i don’t want it calling ... https://letras.top/b/baby-e-the-prince/letra-de-dont-do-drugs-baby-e-the-prince/ letra de no! no! no! – robbie schaefer trees grow, grass grows, all living things must grow but my little brother goes no, no, no i won’t grow, i won’t grow no, no, no i won’t grow mama says, gotta grow all living things must grow but my little brother goes no, no, no i won’t grow, i won’t grow no, no, no ... https://letras.top/r/robbie-schaefer/letra-de-no-no-no-robbie-schaefer/ letra de slap it – a92 [intro: ksav & kebz] yo kebz, where’re you? i’m kinda busy you know rah, link me in 5, i got the drop ah, swear, say nothin’, let’s slide aye [chorus: kebz] let’s-let’s let’s get it, let’s go, slap it go shawty, go shawty, go bad b with the bruck and clap it i’m in love ... https://letras.top/a/a92/letra-de-slap-it-a92/ letra de roma – emosadboyofficial2 splende come le stelle mi rinchiudo con la serpe fa freddo in queste sere ma mi basti tu per riscaldarmi in ste sere gelide aspiravo in un bicchiere di birra quel fumo denso tipo siga la chiudo con le dita questa è la situa paranoia grigia ma ci sei tu in questo sabato sera a ... https://letras.top/e/emosadboyofficial2/letra-de-roma-emosadboyofficial2/ letra de reunion (live from the london palladium) – bon jovi [verse 1] this isn’t how the story ends, my friends it’s just a fork along the road don’t say your prayers, save your amens you’ve come this far, but you’re still far from home don’t say goodbye, just say farewell write every line you’ll live to tell hold your head high, like harry, give ’em ... https://letras.top/b/bon-jovi/letra-de-reunion-live-from-the-london-palladium-bon-jovi/ letra de taxi driver – c.h.i.(64) delving into the depths of masculinity scorching whilst i complicate simplicity whilst the traffic lights red i’ll be fusing my toxicity inexcusably marking my salinity luna landing i take a first step for man cause i’m a man so i ran always hurrying and worrying ruined my first flower before we blossomed so i missed ... https://letras.top/c/c-h-i-64/letra-de-taxi-driver-c-h-i-64/ letra de lowlow! – repea work and i work on the low low public figure to a no show went from wanting all the big interviews to only showing up on no. show live in the dark i glow glow changing the style when i drop drop no attention to the gram though i ain’t no preacher i drop thoughts ... https://letras.top/r/repea/letra-de-lowlow-repea/ letra de – lokwoods (intro) 27.07.0 ouais marginal belmondo (refrain) v’la le combo j’suis solo comme rambo, allumé qui débarque de porto marginal à la belmondo, toc toc finito, ouais mytho captif à dakar, sors par les carreaux, vendredi 13 il est tôt (couplet 1) dans ma zone, il se la pète plus que sur paname peut toujours ... https://letras.top/l/lokwoods/letra-de-2-7-0-7-0-lokwoods/ letra de never were – worriers used to spend my days as a kid reading books that put wild thoughts in my head parents wouldn’t let me work so i could get good grades make a life for myself, and move away we could give our bodies for social protest and not give a d-mn about the future consequences speak for ... https://letras.top/w/worriers/letra-de-never-were-worriers/ letra de mara tha usko – yeshu ke geet ministries [chorus] mara tha usko peeta tha usko kya tha masih ka gunah kya tha masih ka gunah mara tha usko peeta tha usko kya tha masih ka gunah kya tha masih ka gunah hamare hi paapo ki khatir gawa di hamare hi paapo ki khatir gawa di sooli par yeshu ne jaan sooli par yeshu ... https://letras.top/y/yeshu-ke-geet-ministries/letra-de-mara-tha-usko-yeshu-ke-geet-ministries/ letra de hope it hurts you – daisy clark don’t blame me, for why we can’t talk it’s been a week, your apologies are lost you tell the world, what are you trying to say oh it’s not me, who wanted it this way hope you tell your friends the truth when they ask what did you do tell them that i won’t see ... https://letras.top/d/daisy-clark/letra-de-hope-it-hurts-you-daisy-clark/ letra de tookit (robin foster hammer house of horrors remix) – birdpen [verse 1] have you seen me, seen me, seen me when i’m talking, talking, talking? i got the money, the money, the money i got the fame, the fame, the fame you all know me, know me, know me it’s all a game, a game, a game [chorus] it’s not my fault i’m beautiful but ... https://letras.top/b/birdpen/letra-de-tookit-robin-foster-hammer-house-of-horrors-remix-birdpen/ letra de bu dünya – payam turk [giriş] bu dünya gözəldir, amma aldadır bu dünya gözəldir, amma aldadır [bənd 1] bu dünya fırladır bəzən adamı aldadır elə başımızı bu özünə qalladır ki çalıb oynayır özünə amma bizdə qəm-kədərdir hal dadır bizimlə qalmayır bəzən ürək sevgilimiz bir-birimizin yerini tez tuturuq, qoymuruq çıxa ilimiz var uzun çox dilimiz, dindirmə ki biz hələ də məcnunuq, ... https://letras.top/p/payam-turk/letra-de-bu-dunya-payam-turk/ letra de darkness – the kevin bennett [verse 1: the kevin bennett] bang, so what’s a human to a ghost? tell me, what’s the difference, from the living and deceased, we’ll never know i’m as dead as i’m alive so, homie i relate to both whenever i’m around, they say it’s cold what’s a lost soul, to one that knows their way, ... https://letras.top/t/the-kevin-bennett/letra-de-darkness-the-kevin-bennett/ letra de colisão – altermauz & kafé [verso 1] e a gente colidiu forte demais e tudo confundiu, não soube amar pedaços jogados pelo espaço oh-ho, ê-ye [verso 2] e não é tão fácil, eu sei mas o que eu tenho eu te dei eu sinto tudo também oh-ho, eu sei eu sinto também vai ficar bem, é, umhum [refrão] (mas não ... https://letras.top/a/altermauz-kafe/letra-de-colisao-altermauz-kafe/ letra de сколько лет прошло (skolko let proshlo) – al solo [текст песни «сколько лет прошло» п.у. кармен] [интро: al solo] сколько лет прошло? al solo да, я буду вспоминать [припев: al solo, кармен] я буду вспоминать те ночи, ага, те дни сколько лет прошло? то, что было очень глубоко во времени [куплет 1: al solo] сколько лет прошло с тех пор, как бегали мы детьми? ... https://letras.top/a/al-solo/letra-de-%d1%81%d0%ba%d0%be%d0%bb%d1%8c%d0%ba%d0%be-%d0%bb%d0%b5%d1%82-%d0%bf%d1%80%d0%be%d1%88%d0%bb%d0%be-skolko-let-proshlo-al-solo/ letra de knockin the boots – sia amun verse imagination full of vibes i’m out of patience but lets take our time i want you like you want me too i can feel your truth let’s do what do best forget about the rest ready for whatever’s next fingertips full of lovin’ putting all your trust in (i want you to) take me ... https://letras.top/s/sia-amun/letra-de-knockin-the-boots-sia-amun/ letra de malam terakhir (feat. chevra papinka) – via vallen malam ini malam terakhir bagi kita untuk mencurahkan rasa rindu di dada esok aku akan pergi lama kembali ku harapkan agar engkau sabar menanti esok aku akan pergi lama kembali ku harapkan agar engkau sabar menanti aku akan sabar menantimu kembali selamat jalan dan sampai berjumpa lagi esok kita akan berpisah tentu hari-hari kan jadi ... https://letras.top/v/via-vallen/letra-de-malam-terakhir-feat-chevra-papinka-via-vallen/ letra de tragedy now strikes hard… – fairport convention (tragedy now strikes hard. the world’s imagination is caught by the brutal senseless[ness] of the apparent criminal who slays his kind old mistress) “the customary quiet of babbacombe, a residential suburb of torquay, was greatly disturbed early on sat-rday morning and the peaceful inhabitants were aroused to a state of intense alarm and terror by ... https://letras.top/f/fairport-convention/letra-de-tragedy-now-strikes-hard-fairport-convention/ letra de 사랑이 공평할 순 없을까 (can love be fair) – g. soul 언제나 너에게 주기만 하는 나 고마운 마음이 이미 지겨워지는 너 왜 이렇게 난 나를 전부 잃어가면서 어쩌자고 너를 대책 없는 감정을 사랑이라고 나를 설득시켜가며 믿어보려고 다시 돌아 올 거라며 사랑이 공평 할 수는 없을까 우리가 같은 마음 일 순 없을까 오해 하고 지치고 이해 하려 애쓰다 또 멀어져 가는 너 사랑이 공평 할 순 없을까 ... https://letras.top/g/g-soul/letra-de-%ec%82%ac%eb%9e%91%ec%9d%b4-%ea%b3%b5%ed%8f%89%ed%95%a0-%ec%88%9c-%ec%97%86%ec%9d%84%ea%b9%8c-can-love-be-fair-g-soul/ letra de hazy – ivan lorenzo i haven’t been myself lately and no its not your fault i just can’t think at all my head feels blurry thing feels unworthy no its not your fault, i just can’t think at all cut the connection and try to move on you said this is the best option and i dont believe a ... https://letras.top/i/ivan-lorenzo/letra-de-hazy-ivan-lorenzo/ letra de i just wanna be with you – cxngqoy hook : huuuu… baby i just wannabe with you i just wanna say i love you need you in my life i need you in my heart yeeaah huuuu… baby i just wannabe with you i just wanna say i love you need you in my life i need you in my heart yeeaah cxngqoy ... https://letras.top/c/cxngqoy/letra-de-i-just-wanna-be-with-you-cxngqoy/ letra de life goes on -chinese version- – a’a (jpn) [intro] i remember i, i, i remember ah, ah [verse 1] 某天這世界停止了 毫無任何預警 春天不懂得等待 完全一分鐘都沒晚到
被抹去足跡的街道 在這裡跌倒的我 時間默默的流逝 卻連句抱歉都沒有, yeah [verse 2] 看起來今天又要下雨了 雨讓我渾身濕透 至今大雨尚未停歇 我必須要比烏雲跑得更快 還以為自己能做到,但我不過是個凡人 it hurts so bad 這個世界給了我寒冷 讓我按下塵封已久的倒帶鏈 用跌倒的姿態跳著錯的舞蹈 冬天來的時候讓我們更加溫暖地呼吸 [pre-chorus] 現在看不見盡頭 請問有任何出路? 無法挪動的腳步 不會動 閉上眼睛一會兒 抓住我的手,我們 朝著那未來逃跑, oh [chorus] like an echo in the forest 一天過了又是一天 好似什麼都沒發生 yeah, life goes ... https://letras.top/a/aa-jpn/letra-de-life-goes-on-chinese-version-aa-jpn/ letra de 48 bars of genesis – tribert (verse 1) first of all i wanna say thanks for doubting me y’all made me this great i’m the best, let’s agree to disagree like a portrait photo been ahead (a-head) where everyone pictured me now it’s back basics back to business scoot over i’m taking over i’m a syllabic monster paranoia will make me ... https://letras.top/t/tribert/letra-de-48-bars-of-genesis-tribert/ letra de summernights – ultravioletenvy [ verse 1] these summer nights, i think these summer nights, i still don’t blink these summer nights, i’m weak laugh at these n-ggas when they diss on me these summer nights i speak straight from the heart now want fame, want money, want cars now want chain, want woman, can’t calm down (yeah) hol’ ... https://letras.top/u/ultravioletenvy/letra-de-summernights-ultravioletenvy/ letra de bad things – the lottery winners [verse 1] i still remember the great december that i found her the stars had fallen all around her at her feet, now where they belong she said, “i’m lonely and i need somebody here to hold me but you should know, my heart beats coldly and in the morning, i’ll be gone” [chorus] then ... https://letras.top/t/the-lottery-winners/letra-de-bad-things-the-lottery-winners/ letra de six day wonder – acidman [acidman「six day wonder」歌詞] six day wander i saw a monochrome rainbow six day wonder everything lost its true color 透き通った眼の奥に映した世界の終わりを six day wander i tried to reach for you six day wonder melodic storm went around the world 偽りのない心を壊した欠片は砂になって 風が運んで 新しい朝にやがて降り積もるだろう when the green river has frozen over i’ll cross the river and follow your footmarks when the wind brings ... https://letras.top/a/acidman/letra-de-six-day-wonder-acidman/ letra de miss mirage – spartan seahorse i’m lying i’m lying i’m lying here come spying come spying come spying dear you’ll love me you’ll love me you’ll love me, hey but you’ll leave me you’ll leave me you’ll leave me anyway ’cause i miss the girl i never met i hate this void here in my bed i’m all alone, i need you here is ... https://letras.top/s/spartan-seahorse/letra-de-miss-mirage-spartan-seahorse/ letra de demonslayrr – heartbreak university {intro: headass u} five five five okay did you ever hear the tale of motherf-ckin’ heartbreak u a bunch of motherf-ckers joined the group and then they sh-t on you and all your goons i’m off some motherf-ckin’ goop i came right up n’ i sh-t all on you [chorus: futhills] locked up, demon slayer ... https://letras.top/h/heartbreak-university/letra-de-demonslayrr-heartbreak-university/ letra de brighter days – jam young (jam young) (verse one) everyday i wake up, ake a deep breath exhale my devils out, inhale success yes, i gotta be the best life’s a gamble and i gotta invest never know what’s next, life’s finite clocking in the hours for the when the time’s right jam’s a son of god’s son, made to ... https://letras.top/j/jam-young/letra-de-brighter-days-jam-young/ letra de 5tandby – 5tan [strofa] se vuoi l’odore delle piccole cose puoi trovarle qua dentro ma non b-ttarti se pensi sia prato e invece poi è cemento io che purtroppo è più di anno che giuro non mento e tu che mi hai sputato in faccia cazzo era un confetto se vado da un dottore mi chiede come mi ... https://letras.top/5/5tan/letra-de-5tandby-5tan/ letra de move – ultravioletenvy [verse 1] i get a bag for my n-ggas i can not cut her a check i’m passing her by i triple my figure i’m in the vehicle though, bro counting these hoes i got a dot all on his head he on the floor i got a thot all on my legs she doing ... https://letras.top/u/ultravioletenvy/letra-de-move-ultravioletenvy/ letra de дворец (palace) – horoshiyagni [текст песни «дворец»] [припев] я уехал из россия, не принял твой заказ и стражи скинули орудия, чем невинность ты докажешь? я уехал из россия, не принял твой заказ и стражи скинули орудия, чем невинность ты докажешь? [куплет] люблю я сук в россии, но я не люблю царей зачем же нам нужен царь? это страна королей ... https://letras.top/h/horoshiyagni/letra-de-%d0%b4%d0%b2%d0%be%d1%80%d0%b5%d1%86-palace-horoshiyagni/ letra de 36 – f.o.d. (be) well, it’s been 36 years since they threw me on this planet set me off on a doubtful start i never tried that hard to fit in or be different i just went along and tried to follow heart they seemed absolutely certain that i would amount to nothing these tests that i would never ... https://letras.top/f/f-o-d-be/letra-de-36-f-o-d-be/ letra de climb – arthur koldomasov we’re falling down, into our broken bodies, broken hopes, and dreams the stars are shining brighter in our eyes we’re moving on to our goals, forgetting who we are, but we believe that the meaning of our lives is only a fight and we are tired and we are looking for the hopes and magic, but it is not ... https://letras.top/a/arthur-koldomasov/letra-de-climb-arthur-koldomasov/ letra de j+o – vannda bro!!! why you so joo? (why?) i heard your b-tch she want my d-ck okay now i let them know f–king bro!!! why you so joo? put your b-tch on my d-ck watch her moan bro, why you so f-cking jo? i heard your b-tch she want my d-ck okay now i let them know ... https://letras.top/v/vannda/letra-de-jo-vannda/ letra de ​eccentric ghost channel as poltergeist – ​cybermiso let yourself be free wanna see you goin’ crazy better come with me when your world is getting crazy let yourself be free wanna see you goin’ crazy better come with me drop the bass drop the bass let yourself be free wanna see you goin’ crazy (wanna see you, wanna see you) wanna see ... https://letras.top/c/cybermiso/letra-de-eccentric-ghost-channel-as-poltergeist-cybermiso/ letra de einsamer wolf – waldgeist-kartell einsamer wolf was zum teufel mach ich hier? im grauen dunst der stadt wo ich mich nur selbst verlier´ und nur leb in der nacht ich weiß nicht mal wer ich bin und auch nicht wo du schläfst ich weiß auch nicht mehr wohin mein kopf sich heute dreht leben dreht sich um den kick ... https://letras.top/w/waldgeist-kartell/letra-de-einsamer-wolf-waldgeist-kartell/ letra de television zombies – arthur koldomasov we are there standing in a front of our mirror lane have been looking for an hour how we are the same with our pain and play their games we just move we just want to hide but they are like some fools but what i want to do is not by their rules and it’s so cruel i ... https://letras.top/a/arthur-koldomasov/letra-de-television-zombies-arthur-koldomasov/ letra de liberal – roupa nova [letra de “liberal”] estou de saco cheio desse caso de amor eu não levo fé nesse love affair você é uma frente fria no meu coração você está sempre cheia de razão você só sabe dizer não, não falando asneira e dizendo besteira você não manda em mim não, não eu sou assim do princípio ao fim liberal, liberal, ... https://letras.top/r/roupa-nova/letra-de-liberal-roupa-nova/ letra de hey joonam – vahid hamed وحید حامد – هی جونم حس خوبی بهم می ده نگاهت تصویر عشقمه صورت ماهت کی گفته که دل دادن اشتباهه عاشقتم آخه مگه گناهه از وقتی که دیدمت سر به هوام دیدی که به تو خیره میشه چشمام اون موقع انگار تو اوج رویام آره با تو رویایی شده دنیام تو اوج رویام تو ... https://letras.top/v/vahid-hamed/letra-de-hey-joonam-vahid-hamed/ letra de outro – ck the rapper i’m coming up and i’m stepping about the rest, cause i’m using the latter they call success, you say 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, you say you rap like h-ll but sound like heaven well i say you are as fresh as h-ll but i’m as fresh as heaven, it’s the outro but i’m not stopping so just be ... https://letras.top/c/ck-the-rapper/letra-de-outro-ck-the-rapper/ letra de they don’t tell you – bright guardian akira [verse 1] no escaping time everything is fine, for only just a moment no escaping fate anything’s that great, will never change this omen [pre-chorus 1] he makes me feel guilty, for having a heart right from the start, we fall apart he makes me feel worthless; it eats me inside to always be set aside [chorus] when you’re young ... https://letras.top/b/bright-guardian-akira/letra-de-they-dont-tell-you-bright-guardian-akira/ letra de hace tiempo – bardo josé qué es lo que tu haces por aquí ? estoy soñando, hace mucho calor aquí no tenía pensado verte hace mucho que no pasas por mi mente solo vivo mi momento qué es lo que haces por mi ? no hay nada que no haga yo por ti dejarlo todo atrás tu te esfumas con ... https://letras.top/b/bardo-jose/letra-de-hace-tiempo-bardo-jose/ letra de masses – bulk requiem br verse 1 : you don’t need to be an artist to live a creative life, you’re inventive, you’re innovative in the way you think about life express yourself you have a spiritual blessing in self-expression life is one great creative manifestation as the heavenly system gets with you in personal communication this is the ... https://letras.top/b/bulk-requiem/letra-de-masses-bulk-requiem/ letra de penitencia* – los no tan tristes [letra de “penitencia”] [ … adelanto … ] [gera mx] voy a pagar toda la penitencia no hay adivino para saber qué piensas para dejarme no tuvo conciencia ahora tengo el corazón dentro de una sala de urgencias salgo temprano pero vuelvo tarde mejor no esperes mis ganas de amarte vivo muy loco para enamorarte ... https://letras.top/l/los-no-tan-tristes/letra-de-penitencia-los-no-tan-tristes/ letra de same things – kayar everything i’ve been holding inside of my melanin has made me who i am aye, made me who i am insecurities all up inside of my head i went from being focused on the wrong things to focused on my own wings there’s a billion others like me but i feel like i am legend ... https://letras.top/k/kayar/letra-de-same-things-kayar/ letra de la marche funèbre: roots of grief – marche funèbre feet stumbling, sweat running i breathe dust and walk on until the end of the world to this broken life’s end one way dead end road i sense, darkness and death i guess, this must be h-ll and i know i have to go while my spine chills unendingly, i live! my hands search for ... https://letras.top/m/marche-funebre/letra-de-la-marche-funebre-roots-of-grief-marche-funebre/ letra de 애월(愛月) (love month) – yukika 사랑이란 걸 믿지 않았어 바보 같고 상처만 주는지 알았어 어떤 약도 듣지 않는 poison 그게 사랑이라고 배워서 근데 널 만나고선 시간은 그 순간 얼어붙어 멈춰버린 계절 속에 너와 갇힌 것만 같아 오늘 내일 모레까지도 따뜻할 것만 같은걸 꽉 찬 달 아래서 눈 맞추고 싶어 떠다니는 꽃잎들 따라서 너만 바라보며 왔어 너와 있다면 이 모든 게 ... https://letras.top/y/yukika/letra-de-%ec%95%a0%ec%9b%94%e6%84%9b%e6%9c%88-love-month-yukika/ letra de eclipse – romeo thorn [intro] hold my blunt/ yuh, yuh, yuh, aye/ yuh, yuh, yuh, aye/ yuh, yuh, yuh, aye/ yuh, yuh, yuh/ [chorus] rolling up dope with your godd-mn hoe/ then she wrestles me into bed like sumo/ flying through sp-ce in a f-cking ufo/ we’re smoking indo until we land on pluto/ rolling up dope with your ... https://letras.top/r/romeo-thorn/letra-de-eclipse-romeo-thorn/ letra de phase ii – blanck mass part i: 00:00 – 00:51 [instrumental] part ii: 00:51 – 04:35 [monologue] no, i’m happy to see you, uh. i’m interested in, um, longterm [inspections?]. you guys, you don’t, i don’t, i don’t even know you, but lemme tell you somethin’, i’m gonna talk to you. i think your destiny has been very hard and ... https://letras.top/b/blanck-mass/letra-de-phase-ii-blanck-mass/ letra de das leben ist nicht fair (80s remix) – freakso [songtext zu „das leben ist nicht fair (80s remix)“] [part 1] uh, b-tch, hast du mich auf’n kieker? (sag) kann es sein, dass du irgendwie alle anderen lieber magst? bin ich so’n mieser arsch? ich war doch immer lieb und nett komm ich dir entgegen, trete ich nur in ein minenfeld man sagt, du würdest ... https://letras.top/f/freakso/letra-de-das-leben-ist-nicht-fair-80s-remix-freakso/ letra de passe à l’épice #8 (capri-sun) – triple z (fra) [paroles de “passe à l’épice #8 (capri-sun)”] [intro] nanananana nanananana nananana nananana et j’écris l’délire il est 4 du mat’ ceux qui veulent pas qu’tu montes ils t’feront jamais la sse-pa pour pas qu’tu marques et j’écris l’délire il est 4 du mat’ et j’démarre ce texte il est 4 du mat maman l’parlu jvoulais ... https://letras.top/t/triple-z-fra/letra-de-passe-a-lepice-8-capri-sun-triple-z-fra/ letra de serial experimental lain – garçon og uoh uoh uoh uoh dentro la matrix, no hay cosas gratis quiero tenerte no se hace fácil todo este ambiente me hace mal tomo pastillas para olvidar uoh uoh experimental lain me siento mojado no me siento bien he visto sangrando corte en mi piel cargo en la mochila el pasado and mis friends cargo en la mochila el ... https://letras.top/g/garcon-og/letra-de-serial-experimental-lain-garcon-og/ letra de aphrodisia – pg valentina [intro] all when dem say we nah mek it inna life baby yow a lie dat cah when yo whine up yo body baby mi keep telling yo mi like dat duh no badda gi weh di p-ssy baby cah yo know mi ago fight fah and when mi tell you seh nuh text off ... https://letras.top/p/pg-valentina/letra-de-aphrodisia-pg-valentina/ letra de bir gece vakti (ararım seni) – haluk levent [1. bölüm] sancı dolu gecelerde bulmuştum seni sımsıcak ellerin eritti beni annemin öyküleri gibi masum ve sessiz kaybettim seni bir gece vakti masallarda, romanlarda aradım bulamadım kaybettim seni bir gece vakti [2. bölüm] bilemezdim şarkıların yakınlığını koklamazdım bir çiçeği bir çocuk gibi yaşamazdım kaldırımları yorulana dek kaybettim seni bir gece vakti göremezdim karıncayı bir şahin ... https://letras.top/h/haluk-levent/letra-de-bir-gece-vakti-ararim-seni-haluk-levent/ letra de n.g.s. – asian kung-fu generation [asian kung-fu generation 「n.g.s」歌詞] [ヴァース 1] また途絶えた記憶 辿り着けば無常 それは感情論のsos 現在、回答先延ばし [ヴァース 2] 君の声がして 響きあえば無情 それが感情論のsos 存在、回答先延ばし [コーラス] つまりそうだよ 続く曖昧、劣等、感情論 往々にして繋ぐ緩衝剤、妄想インターネット [リフレイン] 仮想現実を 仮想現実を 仮想現実を say [コーラス] つまりそうだよ 続く現状、感傷、感情論 往々にして繋ぐ緩衝剤、妄想インターネット [リフレイン] 仮想現実を 仮想現実を 仮想現実 妄想 回答先延ばし... https://letras.top/a/asian-kung-fu-generation/letra-de-n-g-s-asian-kung-fu-generation/ letra de toz – yağız akıl ayakkabılarımın üzeri toz yürüyorum rüzgara karşı bu soğukta yüreğimde korku yok çünkü biliyorum arkada dostlar ayakta kalmak zor çektiğimiz çileyi sorma başka şansım yok biliyon pes etmek olmaz hatalarım ve ben buradayım isterseniz siz adımı karalayın bırakın fırsat kovalamayı çünkü yıkılmıyorum hep ayaktayım sıradan olabilirdim siz gibi kalabilirdim çizgimi bozabilirdim ama çalışıp buna didindim özgür ... https://letras.top/y/yagiz-akil/letra-de-toz-yagiz-akil/ letra de 20.000 – anders nilsen popp martini astien for nå er det fest har tatt inn alle sparepengene og kjøpt meg en hest ser en gypsy fight i parken mens eg spise en daim det e liksom det du jørr når du får tjuetusen følgere på (vine) (jæger og bacardi razz, monster energidrikk jæger og bacardi razz, monster energidrikk jæger ... https://letras.top/a/anders-nilsen/letra-de-20-000-anders-nilsen/ letra de next spot – vilão [letra de “next spot”] [verso 1] desculpa não falar de zonas népia não vou espigar caras mobilia eu já sei que xonas então acorda ou vê se paras assumi a responsa, caguei nessas aves raras fakes amigos da onça e essa gente com quem paras já vi de várias dentro ou fora das áreas nas rotinas diárias quando o graff me dava pica roupa ... https://letras.top/v/vilao/letra-de-next-spot-vilao/ letra de tαξιδευώ mε τoν στίχo – vita peis άσαρκος: εγώ μπορώ να σε στηρίξω κοπιάζω να σ’ ανεβάσω άμα σε ρίξω, κρίμα του λόγου το σχήμα είναι κάθετο σε κάθε βήμα ενώ το γράφω, ακούω πολέμου σειρήνα με κυνηγετικό μπουφάν και καραμπίνα ή μπροστά σ’ ένα μικρόφωνο ζωντανά στην αθήνα βάζω φωτιά και με καπνό την πόλη μου σκεπάζω βήμα βήμα προτού σπάσω ... https://letras.top/v/vita-peis/letra-de-t%ce%b1%ce%be%ce%b9%ce%b4%ce%b5%cf%85%cf%8e-m%ce%b5-%cf%84o%ce%bd-%cf%83%cf%84%ce%af%cf%87o-vita-peis/ letra de калитка открыта (the gate is open) – бхима (bhima) [текст песни «калитка открыта»] [припев] я летаю высоко над твоей землей где стаи звёзд мы нашли любовь где беззакатный день мы не под контролем я летаю высоко над твоей землей где стаи звёзд мы нашли любовь где беззакатный день мы не под контролем [куплет] калитка открыта в божий сад нараспашку где осень пришла, обронив все ... https://letras.top/other/%d0%b1%d1%85%d0%b8%d0%bc%d0%b0-bhima/letra-de-%d0%ba%d0%b0%d0%bb%d0%b8%d1%82%d0%ba%d0%b0-%d0%be%d1%82%d0%ba%d1%80%d1%8b%d1%82%d0%b0-the-gate-is-open-%d0%b1%d1%85%d0%b8%d0%bc%d0%b0-bhima/ letra de the glory of – fruit bats babies in the backyard and made up languages ooh, the glory of leap like a lemur hurrying back to you ooh, the glory of my love for you comes rushing back to me as i’m rushing back to you to you, ooh ooh, the glory of babies in the backyard and made up languages ooh, ... https://letras.top/f/fruit-bats/letra-de-the-glory-of-fruit-bats/ letra de in between – 32stitches hit my line say it’s fine know how to make me believe it always give you one more try make me cry, thousand times but i keep fallin’ back into your beautiful web of lies i hate the way your sweater takes me to seventeen i hate that i feel better when you talk that ... https://letras.top/3/32stitches/letra-de-in-between-32stitches/ letra de your blood – i am oak [chorus] with your blood in your heart with your blood so near [verse 1] i might have asked earlier is this what i’ve learnt or is this is what i want is this what i felt earlier [pre-chorus] in my heart or with my hand [chorus] with your blood so near with your blood so near [instrumental] [verse 2] ... https://letras.top/i/i-am-oak/letra-de-your-blood-i-am-oak/ letra de froid – white migz [refrain : white migz] j’m’en vais à l’épicerie 150$ de fanta 150 milligrammes c’est f-cké parce tu l’vois pas j’ai mis d’la glace, parce qu’mes démons z’aiment pas l’froid non mes démons z’aiment pas l’froid j’m’en vais à l’épicerie 150$ de fanta 150 milligrammes c’est f-cké parce tu l’vois pas j’ai mis d’la glace, parce ... https://letras.top/w/white-migz/letra-de-froid-white-migz/ letra de fairytale – dj shicago [intro] livin’ in a fairytale i feel like this isn’t real livin’ in a fairytale i feel like this isn’t real livin’ in a fairytale i feel like this isn’t real livin’ in a fairytale i feel like this isn’t real livin’ in a fairytale i feel like this isn’t real livin’ in a fairytale ... https://letras.top/d/dj-shicago/letra-de-fairytale-dj-shicago/ letra de cattiveria – dalaixv terremoto poi la terra trema vuoi la guerra io voglio stasera mi ha sognato senza cattiveria ti ho cresciuto senza cattiveria noo terremoto poi la terra cede quella notte la luna non c’era vuoi la guerra io voglio stasera ti ho cresciuto senza cattiveria fammi una foto e tienitela per te dormici bene sotto le coperte cosí poi un giorno ... https://letras.top/d/dalaixv/letra-de-cattiveria-dalaixv/ letra de vagalume – mariana fagundes dá licença pra contar uma história pra você sigo os passos percorridos por meus pais e meus avós a riqueza que herdei é a coragem pra vencer chuva e sol, o meu destino eu vou percorrer sou um homem solitário em uma grande multidão uma gota esquecida nesse mar de ilusão as batidas do martelo ... https://letras.top/m/mariana-fagundes/letra-de-vagalume-mariana-fagundes/ letra de sistersong 2018 – rachael sage [verse 1] everybody’s looking over your shoulder seems they can’t wait to hear what’s next everybody’s saying she’s lookin’ older could it be there is a cruel subtext to [pre-chorus] all this endless adulation all this reckless infatuation and [chorus] i will stay with you tonight in case this corset gets too tight and i ... https://letras.top/r/rachael-sage/letra-de-sistersong-2018-rachael-sage/ letra de oh! – exlo [vers 1] here we stand in the line of fire the fire between you and i the bright lights from the city of ours are reaching for your inner darkness the fire is dark, like the fire in your eyes [chorus] oh! you’ve gotta stay on track and oh! you’ve gotta stay on the right side of the fence and ... https://letras.top/e/exlo/letra-de-oh-exlo/ letra de soundwave – blage ride this ride this f-cking soundwave ride this ride this f-cking soundwave ride this, ride this ride this, ride this ride this f-cking soundwave (uh) ride this, ride this, ride this (uh) ride this, ride this, ride this (uh) ride this, ride this, ride this (uh) ride this, ride this, ride this we’re blowing people’s ... https://letras.top/b/blage/letra-de-soundwave-blage/ letra de ути путишка (ooty way) – konfuz [текст песни “ути путишка’] [припев] самая красивая ути путишка я в тебя влюблён сильно и даже слишком обнимаешь меня, будто плюшевый я мишка ты горишь вся, ну что же ты горишь вся? самая красивая ути путишка я в тебя влюблён сильно и даже слишком обнимаешь меня, будто плюшевый я мишка ты горишь вся, ну что ... https://letras.top/k/konfuz/letra-de-%d1%83%d1%82%d0%b8-%d0%bf%d1%83%d1%82%d0%b8%d1%88%d0%ba%d0%b0-ooty-way-konfuz/ letra de can’t say goodbye – emily james [verse 1] that couch right there where we first kissed can’t sit there anymore without thinking ’bout your lips and my hands running through your hair it haunts me without warning, i can still feel you there [pre-chorus] where the long nights fade into yesterdays breaking us all the way down ooh, well i’ll just ... https://letras.top/e/emily-james/letra-de-cant-say-goodbye-emily-james/ letra de mediterranea – cortellino [testo di “mediterranea”] in una notte mediterranea in una notte assai mediterranea vedi come cambia il vento sembra un lontano lamento ritornerai a casa e ci troverai le cose scombussolate dentro non ritroverai più quello che ormai hai perduto per sempre in una notte mediterranea in una notte assai mediterranea ho perduto gli occhi ed ... https://letras.top/c/cortellino/letra-de-mediterranea-cortellino/ letra de 愛し(かなし) (aishi (kanashi)) – radwimps [radwimps「愛し(かなし)」歌詞] 誰かを愛せたあの時の気持ちでいつもいれたら 誰かを傷つける言葉もこの世にはなかっただろうなあ 満ちていて 枯れていて 心はいつも誰かを つきはなして また求めて いつも時のせいにして 傷つけてきた人の顔にだけモザイクをかけて また心は愛を探す 愛されるそのためだけに優しさはあると 恥ずかしがることもなくそれを人と呼んだ 愛しているという声が 泣いているように聞こえた 心がいつか嘘をつくのを 僕はどこかで知っていたの もっと自分を好きになれ ってくらい人に優しい君へ 自分のために使う心 残ってるの? 僕はダメなの 僕の心 僕だけのために使うものなの こんな僕をなぜ愛しく 思えるの? (湛えて こらえて あふれて) 君のまぶたは 僕が自分のために いつも嘘をつくたび ただ涙こぼすの (生まれて くる前からわかっていた) 神様は知ってた 全てこうなることを そして君の瞳 大きく作ったの そこから見ていたの 知ってたの いつでも僕は僕のことを 誰より何より 一番好きなのを それなのに それなのに 君の言葉は言う こんな僕に 誰より何より 僕が愛しいと言う 君はそれを優しさと 呼ぶことさえ知らずに 君の いつだって誰かのためにあった心はいつも どれだけの自分を愛せただろう ... https://letras.top/r/radwimps/letra-de-%e6%84%9b%e3%81%97%ef%bc%88%e3%81%8b%e3%81%aa%e3%81%97%ef%bc%89-aishi-kanashi-radwimps/ letra de i gotta go – cutthroat mode [juice boi] i gotta go this road there ain’t no sleep, i gotta go know they been waitin on me, i gotta go can’t go back i can’t retreat, i gotta go get out my way just let me be, i gotta go (yeah yeah) tell ’em bring it on i want it all, yeah ... https://letras.top/c/cutthroat-mode/letra-de-i-gotta-go-cutthroat-mode/ letra de 絶対的 (zettaiteki; absolute) – ヒトリエ (hitorie) [ヒトリエ「絶対的」歌詞] 如何してだい? もしかして君は 僕を意のままに操りたいの? 興味のない 戯言になんて 耳を傾ける暇は無いんだ 起死回生 項垂れた顔も 君を出し抜くための助走さ 愛してなんて 言わなくてもわかるよ ハナからそのつもりなど 無いんでしょう? この世界の果てにまで 連れて行ってあげるから このリズムエンビートにだけ あたしを委ねんだ 意味もなく 理由もなく 心蹴飛ばすあたしを嫌えれば いつまでも どこまでも 僕に取り憑く君を奪えるのかな つまりはこうかい? 相変わらず君は 僕を好き勝手に弄り廻すの? 何てこったい 立ち止まる方が 光が射すなんてのたまいますか アップサイダウン 逆さまの顔が 君を見上げて泣き喚く今日 愛してなんて 言えるはずもないよ 心に棲みつく神様、違うし。 この世界は誰のもの 独りきりのアブソリュート 真の像に従えば あたしは征けるんだ 間違いなく 間違いなく 心遊ばす音が正しいと 疑わない 疑わない 僕を僕を歩ませておくれ 意味もなく 理由もなく 心震わすあたしを唄えれば いつまでも どこまでも 僕に取り憑く僕を消し去れるのかな... https://letras.top/other/%e3%83%92%e3%83%88%e3%83%aa%e3%82%a8-hitorie/letra-de-%e7%b5%b6%e5%af%be%e7%9a%84-zettaiteki-absolute-%e3%83%92%e3%83%88%e3%83%aa%e3%82%a8-hitorie/ letra de blue – alex blue you drove off in a blue subaru hand in sky like a happy balloon you sang along to the trees and flowers as they bloomed a rainbow sheet never quite understood you are poetry, inventing the world there’s no monochrome in ya, you’re the brightest hue if you only knew what i do to show ... https://letras.top/a/alex-blue/letra-de-blue-alex-blue/ letra de wasting time – krikitz put my hand into the flame yet i still feel nothing cant breathe now its like i’m choking wasting time as my life’s passing not young anymore like a twenty something losing your patience is irritating am i gonna die it’s k!lling me waiting am i too late is my heart crumbling can see my ... https://letras.top/k/krikitz/letra-de-wasting-time-krikitz/ letra de angelina – efe oh no … oh no… where you dey since yesterday, i find you go angelina place she say u dey with another babe i see say you don start again carry one girl and i let it go carry two girls i say okay you won dey carry am go no be so am gonna ... https://letras.top/e/efe/letra-de-angelina-efe/ letra de heaven to satin – gabriel vlogs i thought you were heaven but you turned into satan i don’t know why you just turned on my back. i was crying for a day you left me i thought you were heaven but no you, not you just turned to satan i thought we were together i will be shouting for your name ... https://letras.top/g/gabriel-vlogs/letra-de-heaven-to-satin-gabriel-vlogs/ letra de bad love – baby e the prince yeah, uh-uh-uh yeah [hook] i’ve been in a way with the bad way i’ve been in a way with the bad way i’ve been in a way with the bad way i don’t wanna go away, runaway because i think i need a love doctor yeah, i need a love doctor [verse 1] well, they ... https://letras.top/b/baby-e-the-prince/letra-de-bad-love-baby-e-the-prince/ letra de bir sevgim var – könül kərimova [bənd 1] yenə yazıb-pozmalar, yenə yuxu yozmalar açılan sübhə mən, edirəm şübhə mən varsa ümid edən, o da mən, yenə mən [keçid] görüşmürük neçə gün, çətin çıxa gecə gün görüm səni, açılsın dilimə düşən düyün hanı mənim günəşim? onun gəlişi mümkün deyil, alınmaz ki, təbiəti dəyişsin gəlmədi bir kəlmə ki, alım qələmə qəlpə dolub qəlbə, budurmu qələbə? hardan alım ... https://letras.top/k/konul-k%c9%99rimova/letra-de-bir-sevgim-var-konul-k%c9%99rimova/ letra de el fuego encendio – ekipo inicial y así tan hermosa tus ojos me fascinan mas chula y eso me gusta tus vibras me encantan igual verás que te voy a tener aquí conmigo tus curvas y tu cuerpo me gustan tu caminar y tu mirar no se pueden comparar tan derepente me flechaste la mirada me robaste cada ves que te ... https://letras.top/e/ekipo-inicial/letra-de-el-fuego-encendio-ekipo-inicial/ letra de being selfish – jason is i want [?] i am selfish i want happiness, can’t help it i want fame and recognition, look at me don’t want cars, want to make movies pretty girl with great big [?] i want a house, with [?] walls i want it all i want success for my hard work i want to glow ... https://letras.top/j/jason-is/letra-de-being-selfish-jason-is/