letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de i kill people* – trippie redd lyrics from snippet [chorus: trippie redd] shawty know i k!ll people, real people from the trenches where it’s real lethal, tote real regals big body, where’s yo billboard, ew boy n-gg- need to find his chill boy, yeah shawty know i k!ll people, real people from the trenches where it’s real lethal, tote real regals ... https://letras.top/letra-de-i-kill-people-trippie-redd/ letra de город не спит – честный этот город не спит, люди любят искать вдохновение ночами этот город не спит, а я опять где-то завис с пацанами темнота обнимет и станет нам теплее вновь в темноте не греет солнце – греет любовь этот город не спит и мы любим эти бессонные ночи город заберет или подарит – хочешь? а я накуренный в ... https://letras.top/letra-de-%d0%b3%d0%be%d1%80%d0%be%d0%b4-%d0%bd%d0%b5-%d1%81%d0%bf%d0%b8%d1%82-%d1%87%d0%b5%d1%81%d1%82%d0%bd%d1%8b%d0%b9/ letra de i’d rather have jesus – jimmy swaggart i’d rather have jesus than silver or gold i’d rather have jesus than have riches untold; i would rather have jesus than houses or land yes, i would rather be led by his nail-scarred hand than to be the king of a vast domain and be held in sin’s dread sway oh i’d rather have ... https://letras.top/letra-de-id-rather-have-jesus-jimmy-swaggart/ letra de some sell their souls – beastwars in this town city to city in the land of religion in the land of many hear the voices sing there songs and they talk about angels decisions demons and wrongs it ain’t me there talking too it ain’t us not in this old town to be free to learn to how fly to find ... https://letras.top/letra-de-some-sell-their-souls-beastwars/ letra de end of time – elektrik gypsies gonna be the end of time gonna be the end of time gonna be the end of time before you fool me gonna be the end of time gonna be the end of time gonna be the end of time before you rule me ’cause i’m tellin’ you you wont tell me what to do ... https://letras.top/letra-de-end-of-time-elektrik-gypsies/ letra de i like tuh – carnage (feat. ilovemakonnen) [hook: ilovemakonnen] i like to make money, get turnt i like to make money, get turnt i like to make money, get turnt got the white girl twerkin’ like the work i like to make money, get turnt i like to make money, get turnt i like to make money, get turnt got ... https://letras.top/letra-de-i-like-tuh-carnage/ letra de サンサーラ – 宮田悟志 生きてる 生きている その現だけが ここにある 生きることは サンサーラ 川の流れは 時を超えてゆく 時は流れゆき 人を超えてく 遥か昔に 誰かが見た夢 僕たちに宿り 明日へ向かう 彷徨う昼と夜のストーリー 命つないで 朝もやに煙る ほとりに佇みながら 耳をすまし 聴くのは 生きてる 生きている その現だけが ここにある 生きることは サンサーラ つかの間の世に なぜ人は嘆き 涙流すのか 繰り返すのか? 永遠を信じて 歩みを止めずに なぜ別れるため 人は出会う 戸惑う 生と死のストーリー 愛を紡いで 夕映えに光る 川面を見つめながら 耳をすまし 聴くのは 生きてる 生きている その現だけが ここにある 生きることは サンサーラ... https://letras.top/letra-de-%e3%82%b5%e3%83%b3%e3%82%b5%e3%83%bc%e3%83%a9-%e5%ae%ae%e7%94%b0%e6%82%9f%e5%bf%97/ letra de no shame – future [intro: future] ain’t no shame in my game i found a new high, yeah [chorus: partynextdoor & future] there’s no shame in my game there’s no shame in my pain i found new propane i found new cocaine (i found) there’s no shame in my game (ain’t no) there’s no shame in my pain i ... https://letras.top/letra-de-no-shame-future/ letra de stuck in my ways – five finger death punch all the shades of gray that loom inside me no one’s ever home and there’s no one around me such a perfect waste this soul behind me no one really knows what truly drive me i know what i’ve done wrong i knew it all along i can’t let it go, let it go, let ... https://letras.top/letra-de-stuck-in-my-ways-five-finger-death-punch/ letra de lost in the woods – the grand who am i oh no, i’ve lost my way, in the woods, in the woods, oh so lost. oh no, it’s so dark, it’s so cold and i’m so full of hunger. oh no, where am i now? there is no map and the sky is black. oh no, the trees are closing in, i hear the wolves ... https://letras.top/letra-de-lost-in-the-woods-the-grand-who-am-i/ letra de stel ngopi (feat. lelly whatam) – cornelius & junior di bukak matane sing mesti jembar dalane dibukak atine ben rodo sudo larane dibukak nalare ojo dhisike dalane dibagi hasile mugo lancar rejekine uler srengenge mrambat ning kali bakule yen disaw-ng ginuk ginuk sekali lalekno masalah mbok digawe happy santai wae ora popo alias don’t worry eh lho eh digoleki kok ilang, jaremu ra diundang ... https://letras.top/letra-de-stel-ngopi-feat-lelly-whatam-cornelius-junior/ letra de mantra – carmen boza ay! llegó la reina, con buena mierda, que la necesitas y luego si os quejáis que la vida es una condena, que no merece la pena. no sé lo que le pasa a la gente de mi edad, será que nos hemos quedao’ fuera de la maná’. será, será… quiero que todo lo que tengo ... https://letras.top/letra-de-mantra-carmen-boza/ letra de unstoppable – fiyablasta verse 1: extra extra! it’s fiyablasta the dark knight never stopped at 3 strikes because, i found i was about to get paid and the fans do rewind what the little boy made became confident that i do stun since the party don’t stop when i rhyme on drums when i rock the mic, i ... https://letras.top/letra-de-unstoppable-fiyablasta/ letra de soledad – walls alma y cuerpo, cuerpo y alma tan unidas y tan separadas al mismo tiempo actuamos por miedo al karma lo único capaz de hacernos pagar sin antes negociar el precio cuerpo y alma, alma y cuerpo ambas cosas afectadas por el tacto una por el impacto de tus palabras y otra por el dolor de ... https://letras.top/letra-de-soledad-walls/ letra de take yu best shot – reh dogg (intro) now hear meh yall want come test well all right here that (verse) been around longer than you and my brains it ah smarter than you yall may be younger but meh wiser actions meh will back up with meh words (chorus) all you ah talk uno better than me take yu best shot ... https://letras.top/letra-de-take-yu-best-shot-reh-dogg/ letra de outro: tear – bts hangul 이별은 내게 티어 나도 모르게 내 눈가 위에 피어 채 내뱉지 못한 얘기들이 흐르고 미련이 나의 얼굴 위를 기어 내게 넌 한때는 나의 dear 하지만 이젠 쓰기만 한 beer 때늦은 자기혐오로 얼룩진 심장은 스치는 저 바람에도 비어 이별은 거짓뿐이던 나의 연극 끝에 오고야 말았던 나의 댓가 누군가 시간을 되돌려준다면 어쩜 내가 좀 더 솔직할 ... https://letras.top/letra-de-outro-tear-bts/ letra de blessed – sophia black [intro: sophia black] hm, i’m so blessed, blessed, blessed hm, i’m so blessed, blessed, blessed i’m blessed [verse 1: sophia black] food on the table, blessed checks paid the cable, yes my baby loves me, best got every reason to be blessed if i ain’t good at math, no stress i’m counting every time i’m ... https://letras.top/letra-de-blessed-sophia-black/ letra de bu hayatta – berkant ali insan ne yapar, ne yaşar bu hayatta? aşık olduğunda, korktuğunda ne yapar? insan ne arar, ne bulur bu hayatta? güneş battığında kaldığında tek başına. sormam bir daha, bir daha kanayamam. aklım aldığınca, yol boyunca, duramam. kırmam bir daha, bir daha kırılamam. eksik duygularla, taşan sularda boğulamam. insan ne yapar, ne yaşar bu hayatta? aşık olduğunda, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-bu-hayatta-berkant-ali/ letra de si un día vuelves – beatriz luengo feat. abel pintos las hoja rotas no pueden ir muy lejos se arrastran solas, llevadas por el viento en tu memoria escribiré los restos de mi alma rota de esta alma rota fuiste el agua para sanar mi vida hoy eres lluvia que escuece en cada herida no tengo nada a cambio de que vuelvas sólo las ganas ... https://letras.top/letra-de-si-un-dia-vuelves-beatriz-luengo-feat-abel-pintos/ letra de xxxikkonxxx – spark master tape i ain’t been the trusting type never gave a f-ck about a b-tch or a wife creep through the streets psycho b-tch take her life back with a mask with a task to re-life darken my tats then we blast then ignite fire from they body, bring the flash to the night tierd but im ... https://letras.top/letra-de-xxxikkonxxx-spark-master-tape/ letra de baye baya – marius billgobenson verse i: baye baya baye baya baye baya oh oh oh oh baba yã©ni ku ngoulou likana a ba yi bã© oh oh ah ah mindzele tata we kuna yeni ngo chorus: baye baya oh oh oh oh baye baya oh oh oh oh oh verse 2: ah we ye we ya we ye weya ... https://letras.top/letra-de-baye-baya-marius-billgobenson/ letra de szájhoz a száj – vad fruttik amikor bámulom, valahogy nincs bajom. belemerülni jó, belemerülni jó. a szemed bámulom, valahogy nincs bajom. belemerülni jó, belemerülni jó. tapadjon szájhoz a száj, bőrhöz a bőr, és megszűnik minden határ. együtt zuhanunk a mag-sságba, és együtt szállunk alá. és ami én vagyok, szemedbe foglalod. szemedbe foglalod azt, ami én vagyok. ahogy ott bámulok szemedbe foglalod. ... https://letras.top/letra-de-szajhoz-a-szaj-vad-fruttik/ letra de universo – nvsv lei lo sa, lei lo sa, sono un alienato, e lo sa, e lo sa già dal primo bacio come va? come va? sai sto un po’ alienato ho perso un fra, l’altro fra se n’è appena andato ho 10 g, 100 g sto moltiplicato soldi a, fiha b, tutto collegato, sangue sui miei sogni ... https://letras.top/letra-de-universo-nvsv/ letra de te cuento – nathalie hazim (estrofa no. 1) te cuento, que he perdido la vergüenza para hablar pa’ contarte todo lo que me ha hecho mal a pesar de que veo su reflejo en este bar (estrofa no. 2) te cuento, hace un par de libros que ya soy mas sabia y que no me hace falta su llamada o ... https://letras.top/letra-de-te-cuento-nathalie-hazim/ letra de salla – hüseyin türkmen falımda çıkar peri göğüsleri düğmeli yaktı kavurdu beni salla yüreyim salla kıvrak belli maşallah şarışının cilvesi esmerinin dellisi elli değil bellisi salla yüreği’m salla kıvrak beli maşallah kırmızı bir kurdele takar gelin beline kıare düğünü var yine salla yüreği’m salla kıvrak beli maşallah sallıyor dar eteklim aşağıdan petekli içiyor iki tekli salla yüreği’m salla kıvrak ... https://letras.top/letra-de-salla-huseyin-turkmen/ letra de stop – original broadway cast of mean girls [damian] ironically, i need to scare you straight because this should not be how we roll we get these ideas and we just can wait but there is a price you want to do slash have it all because you have no impulse control so before you snap, tag, like, or god forbid call here ... https://letras.top/letra-de-stop-original-broadway-cast-of-mean-girls/ letra de lagrimas – amery rey tuesta tu! que estas haciendo aquã­? tu! no ves lo que pasa despuã©s? acciones tiene una tremenda significalidad aquã­ son tus putas manos responsables por lo que te pasa crece y acã©ptalo por que ello te guiara en la vida que esta llena de sorpresas ahora que estamos aquã­ mira y -n-liza lo cual puede ser ... https://letras.top/letra-de-lagrimas-amery-rey-tuesta/ letra de this is our home – anthony anthem i’m telling you this is our home, and no one invited you! your floating downstream, slow and cold. we’re shaken up, your goal is fear. just taking lives, terrorizing knives, beheading souls, then disappear. these are our stomping grounds, one step, you’re out of bounds. this isn’t over, till the fat lady sings. we will ... https://letras.top/letra-de-this-is-our-home-anthony-anthem/ letra de you’re the only one – love connection yea yea yea, woo woo woo, yea yea yea, you’re the only one, yea yea yea, woo woo woo… 季節が変わりはじめたら 風の匂い感じたよ 夏が似合う小麦色の 肌が街にあふれている 久しぶりの君はs-xy 銀色プールサイドで 手招きして呼んでるけど 少しも動けない 飛び込んだ瞬間に 光る水しぶき空へ 泳いでる君の姿 綺麗ね とまどう私 気づかれそうで 冗談言ってごまかしたの 走る背中を追いかけながら 好きだと思った you’re the only one 君を探してる i just want your heart 君を見つめてる looking for your love 君を信じてる いつも いつまでも 最近少し痩せたね ... https://letras.top/letra-de-youre-the-only-one-love-connection/ letra de yes indeed – lil baby (feat. drake) [intro: drake & future] yeah wheezy out of here [verse 1: drake] the dash, it’s digi’, the schedule busy my head in a hoodie, my shorty a goodie my cousins are crazy, my cousins like boogie life is amazin’, it is what it should be been here for ten but i feel like ... https://letras.top/letra-de-yes-indeed-lil-baby/ letra de candylicious – phillimak walk down the runway. i’d be lookin’ fierce. so take your pictures now. i’m in love with the camera. love the way i look cause i am eye candy. when i walk downtown, i’d be getting the look. baby i look so fly. i could blind oncoming traffic. when i see you on advertis-m-nts, you ... https://letras.top/letra-de-candylicious-phillimak/ letra de i’m goofy – bladee [verse 1] put a pill in a mcflurry, i’m goofy shoot me, i can feel the cameras, it’s a movie i can see you’re gloomy, ’cause i’m too t’d i’m a dog on the roof like snoopy sue me, hate me ’cause you’re not me i’m a white boy, 30 in my khakis in the ... https://letras.top/letra-de-im-goofy-bladee/ letra de sea you – sidiki close your eyes and jump in the… sea saw lifts you up and… downtown, it’s no use hanging a… round and round… on this merry go round i need this and i need that, till i’m drowning in a pile of cr-p keep on shopping on the net, to feed tyrannosaurus debt keep on buying ... https://letras.top/letra-de-sea-you-sidiki/ letra de bad boy (english translation) – red velvet who dat who dat who dat boy i see your nonchalant expression among countless people i like that it makes me curious oh your edgy style is a bonus looking like you threw on some clothes how you talk uninterestly i like that i try to ignore you but i’m drawn to you you’re different, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-bad-boy-english-translation-red-velvet/ letra de titulaire – revolution tu es ma t-tulaire (t-tulaire) ne regarde pas les autres, à côté, elles sont dans le vestiaire (t-tulaire) le banc de touche est rempli, mais tu es la seule sur le terrain yeah baby, tu es ma t-tulaire! (t-tulaire) ne regarde pas les autres, à côté, elles sont dans le vestiaire, eh (t-tulaire) le banc ... https://letras.top/letra-de-titulaire-revolution/ letra de the brotherhood of people (hymn) (spanish translation) – 4n0th3r world la hermandad de la gente (himno) mira alrededor, ¿te gusta lo que ves? bueno, a mi me tiene enamorado: ¡es la vida! a veces es divertida otros puede ser triste pero cada dia es asombroso sólo tienes que mirar alrededor y darte cuenta de que todo lo que ves está ahí para ti, ¿pero qué ... https://letras.top/letra-de-the-brotherhood-of-people-hymn-spanish-translation-4n0th3r-world/ letra de noćima sanjam – bajaga & instruktori noćima sanjam pogled sa brda sve stare kuće rodnoga kraja noćima sanjam zelena polja i plavo nebo mog zavičaja noćima sanjam trešnju u cvetu sva je u belom kao nevesta noćima sanjam da udaje se ta moja trešnja za princa bresta noćima sanjam, mlad sam k’o nekad kraj stare kuće nasmejan stojim noćima sanjam kako ... https://letras.top/letra-de-nocima-sanjam-bajaga-instruktori/ letra de not ya main – city girls youngzoe beats look, aye i’m that b-tch, but i am not your b-tch don’t get in your feelings when i call sh-t quits go and run to the internet and talk your sh-t you will never find another b-tch like this boy i’m not a lame (period!) i’m not a game (period!) i’m not your ... https://letras.top/letra-de-not-ya-main-city-girls/ letra de nuggets (feat. bonzai) – mura masa [intro] “romantic love has been distilled into algorithms of data where love is reduced to nothing more than the neurotransmitter ‘dopamine,’ biochemically no different than addiction to cocaine imagine that, right?” [verse 1] bam, instantly face the injection kickin’ in, feel the effects in a second pace, it’s not like the rest one more drop, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-nuggets-feat-bonzai-mura-masa/ letra de don’t wanna – calenraps [chorus] and i’m so tired of being lonely but i don’t wanna be in love i feel like no one really knows me but i don’t wanna be in love and i just need someone to talk to but i don’t wanna be in love baby ever since i lost you i don’t wanna be ... https://letras.top/letra-de-dont-wanna-calenraps/ letra de sanam – janob rasul https://lyricstranslate.com/ru/jan-b-rasul-sanam-lyrics.html#ixzz5fynlnre5 so’rama uz holinga qo’yshimni so’rama jonimi so’ra lek shunu so’rama tashlab ketaman deb mani aldama sen aldama so’rama uz holinga qo’yshimni so’rama jonimi so’ra lek shunu so’rama tashlab ketaman deb mani aldama sen qiynama eyy sanam boshqalarga qarama san eyy sanam sababini so’rama san eyy sanam buncha mani qiynama san eyy sanam jonim sanam ... https://letras.top/letra-de-sanam-janob-rasul/ letra de have to warn you now – joe “pops” bredow have to warn you now words and music by joe bredow verse: 1 i have to warn you now, before we get started i’m not new to this game ’cause i’ve been burned before, and left with the scars that remind me of the pain chorus: so if you’re gonna start, making promises that you ... https://letras.top/letra-de-have-to-warn-you-now-joe-pops-bredow/ letra de headlock – carnage (feat. k!lly) [chorus] ten toes touch road win the war, came home blowing out smoke like a saw molly, it made her unfold people, they come and they go familiar faces won’t show (yeah) when they see you got places to go (yeah) independent, selling out all of my shows ten toes touch road (what) ... https://letras.top/letra-de-headlock-carnage/ letra de kehu naina na milawe – lyric translation – ainu nigam singer: ainu nigam alb-m: naina lyricist: ainu nigam pyaar ke rog baate bahute purana the love addiction is very old dekh ke bhail ba jeke dil ee deewna this heart is being crazy to see this pyar mein na mile kata-hoon dil ke thikana heart doesn’t get shelter in love kehu naina na milawe dil ... https://letras.top/letra-de-kehu-naina-na-milawe-lyric-translation-ainu-nigam/ letra de thr boss – km 80 boss, kapan boss thr turun aku sudah rindu mau pulang kampung boss, kapan boss thr cair jangan bikin hati dag dig dug khawatir berdoa, berdoa kepada allah meminta, meminta kepada allah boss, kapan boss thr cair aku jadi pusing sampai males mikir bos pernah katakan di depan karyawan thr dibagi sebelum lebaran tinggal menghitung hari ... https://letras.top/letra-de-thr-boss-km-80/ letra de down 2 make it work – tracy [ chorus : yung rhubarb ] im down to make it work im down to put in work the way we goin now there’s now doubt its gonna work [ x 4 ] [ verse : yung bruh ] gonna make it work right now used to walk round lil tracy fly now gems fall ... https://letras.top/letra-de-down-2-make-it-work-tracy/ letra de faith – nav feat. quavo faith in me, yeah have some faith in me, yeah some faith in me, yeah have some faith in me, yeah some faith in me, yeah i wish that i could have the money without fame i would trade all my diamond rings and all my chains just so just so me and you could ... https://letras.top/letra-de-faith-nav-feat-quavo/ letra de mirror mirror – foe spektor mirror mirror what’s on your mind? deluded my perception comes untied, twist and shake, time to manipulate, left me laughing at your front gate. the truth was told, no lies were sold, it’s never gonna be, oh be this way. i won’t, i can’t, i won’t say no i can’t wait whats… on my mind, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-mirror-mirror-foe-spektor/ letra de champion – nav [intro: travis scott] ballin’ like i’m in the nba no, these racks cannot see tsa they found me, now i have to relocate [chorus: travis scott & nav] finna take off on sp-ceship (sp-ceship) dodgin’ these hoes like matrix (matrix) ain’t f-ckin’ her unless she nameless ’cause the last two was too famous (famous) we ... https://letras.top/letra-de-champion-nav/ letra de the kingdom for love – marius billgobenson verse i fallin’ in love with you honey, i’ve got a truly call in love gonna be with you lover, i’ve got attractive pearls in gold feeling your tenderness my gee, the brighten love is spitting blood in my deepen heart honey, i’ve seized the golden pearls in mood chorus it’s time to say that ... https://letras.top/letra-de-the-kingdom-for-love-marius-billgobenson/