letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de bisschen major tom – querbeat [songtext zu „bisschen major tom“] [strophe 1] die fetten jahre sind vorbei alle schnall’n den gürtel enger enger, als es geht, aber ich fresse für zwei d-cke hose, nicht mehr hänger, laune, wie der wind sich dreht das alles geht schon vorbei [pre-refrain] alles nervt, alles blockiert meinen kopf alles bricht ein, fängt an im obersten stock (alle reden alles ... https://letras.top/q/querbeat/letra-de-bisschen-major-tom-querbeat/ letra de mit dir – sabrina berger [songtext zu „mit dir“] [strophe 1] himmelblau, rosarot, die ganze welt ist farbenfroh seit du bei mir bist, weil’s die perfekte liebe ist dam-dam wie du lächelst, wie du lachst und mich jeden tag so glücklich machst ich bin so froh das ich dich hab [refrain] mit dir, will ich zu den sternen fliegen mit ... https://letras.top/s/sabrina-berger/letra-de-mit-dir-sabrina-berger/ letra de fyre – some.unique.individual lady girl you got that fyre you’re my souls desire fyre burn until we higher lady girl you got that fyre you’re my souls desire fyre burn until we higher don’t talk about things that we lovers do take care of their heart when they fall for you our love was a tale that was ... https://letras.top/s/some-unique-individual/letra-de-fyre-some-unique-individual/ letra de w drogę – czerwone gitary [tekst piosenki “w drogę”] [zwrotka 1] w drogę! żegnajcie, chłopcy! w drogę! już na mnie czas! dokąd poniosą oczy… w drogę! [zwrotka 2] w drogę! z bagażem zdarzeń chociaż w kieszeni wiatr może wspomnicie czasem może… [refren] do przejścia mam tak wiele lat drogami, które ledwie znam nim wpiszę je po stronie strat swoją prawdę ... https://letras.top/c/czerwone-gitary/letra-de-w-droge-czerwone-gitary/ letra de darker the berry – paul hansen darker the berry darker the berry sweeter the wine you’ve got to choose your path and i’ll choose mine forbidden fruit babe is clutched in your hand you’ve got to take a bite or make a stand darker the berry sweeter the wine right to the edge bitter the rind narrow the path wide is ... https://letras.top/p/paul-hansen/letra-de-darker-the-berry-paul-hansen/ letra de love tone – theoutrightworst [verse 1: theoutrightworst & jellimac] wonder why you feel so different we’ve been lost, for some time, what are we missing? just take my hand, follow me i’ll drag your anchor out to see stop my world, listen, breathe you could know how good it feels [pre-hook: theoutrightworst & jellimac] i’m feeling more connected i’m ... https://letras.top/t/theoutrightworst/letra-de-love-tone-theoutrightworst/ letra de stop – live at fillmore east 1/1/70 [first show] – jimi hendrix [chorus: buddy miles] well, stop (stop) baby, can’t you see that i can’t take it no more? no, no, baby stop baby, i’m ’bout to go right on through the floor? oh yeah, baby never knew what good love could be love is gon’ make a fool of me, yeah everything is hazy (everything is ... https://letras.top/j/jimi-hendrix/letra-de-stop-live-at-fillmore-east-1170-first-show-jimi-hendrix/ letra de silver lining – tokyo machine & end of the world [verse 1] with you, i know i won’t go under you keep my head above the water been swimmin’ in waves, but i’m afraid to drown, drown, drown, yeah like a lighthouse, you guide me around, ’round, ’round, yeah [chorus] i ain’t goin’ under long as i’m here with you even when the sun go ... https://letras.top/t/tokyo-machine-end-of-the-world/letra-de-silver-lining-tokyo-machine-end-of-the-world/ letra de lust – m1v [luvwillow] shot through the heart, tear me apart i need your love, i need your touch i’ll always obey, i’m such a slave i’ll always obey, i’m such a slave switchblade on my wrist and it’s cutting deep k!ll me, murder me, i could really use the sleep i crave your blood, i need your ... https://letras.top/m/m1v/letra-de-lust-m1v/ letra de piloto – lil jeff [intro: lil jeff] lil jeff aka o lixo que você se espelha aquilo que cê vê quando se olha no espelho clama pelo estilo, compra até a mesma peita copie só por fora porque eu tô morto por dentro (ay) [verso 1: lil jeff] quem foi que disse que cê tá flex? cê tá mais pra fake, pagando de ... https://letras.top/l/lil-jeff/letra-de-piloto-lil-jeff/ letra de предчувствие плохого. (bad feelings.) – nedonebo [текст песни «предчувствие плохого.»] [куплет 1] маскот понурой осени амбассадор всех лузеров тот, кого тут все бросили ну, вы должно быть в курсе я принёс плохие новости я вновь занялся музыкой а значит, что серьёзно всё и мне не то, чтоб грустно так, мелочи, жить не хочется я бы сказал, что незачем кроме творчества но это тоже мелочи и щекотится ... https://letras.top/n/nedonebo/letra-de-%d0%bf%d1%80%d0%b5%d0%b4%d1%87%d1%83%d0%b2%d1%81%d1%82%d0%b2%d0%b8%d0%b5-%d0%bf%d0%bb%d0%be%d1%85%d0%be%d0%b3%d0%be-bad-feelings-nedonebo/ letra de ​don’t think – ​mike. fka mike stud [intro] she rock, she roll [pre-chorus] i woke up, i’m on abundance (ayy) my hands too full to hold the grudges and all i’m trying to be is be in the moment (ayy) i got a shorty, come and see me tomorrow (yeah, yeah, yeah) this ain’t one direction dog, i’m going in a different ... https://letras.top/m/mike-fka-mike-stud/letra-de-dont-think-mike-fka-mike-stud/ letra de bandoleros – pa sports & kianush [songtext zu „bandoleros“] […] [part: ki-n-sh] und immer noch dreht sich alles um mula (mula) in der nacht sind alle auf kokain kriminell nur wegen hunger (hunger) in der gegend mit hemd und [?] [pre-hook: ki-n-sh] hier wird die knete gestapelt, wey bis in die nacht und es wird wieder h-ll wir leben im wahnsinn, ... https://letras.top/p/pa-sports-kianush/letra-de-bandoleros-pa-sports-kianush/ letra de tricky ball play – drakeo the ruler [intro: drakeo the ruler] yeah (thank you fizzle) sh-t you know what the f-ck goin’ on (smoov, what’s good, baby?) sh-t, i know the truth [verse 1: drakeo the ruler] let the mud spill, i got a mop, but this a street sweep you get strapped under the rug, you even think somethin’ three hundred, ... https://letras.top/d/drakeo-the-ruler/letra-de-tricky-ball-play-drakeo-the-ruler/ letra de crumb back – mega bog [intro] walk back into my place i wrote you a letter saying to come back into your sp-ce where it takes me in, too [chorus] well, i don’t know you, really but i’m an ear for you would have hoped you’d guessed what my mind held that goblet into the blue [verse] dear companion, how would it feel to ... https://letras.top/m/mega-bog/letra-de-crumb-back-mega-bog/ letra de in my mind a miracle (live) – the zombies [chorus] in my mind a miracle you turned me round and made the colors true in you i found my odyssey and oracle no longer blind, i see because of you [verse 1] when i was young, i didn’t notice much i concentrated on myself but later, i stumbled i tripped, i tumbled suffered such ... https://letras.top/t/the-zombies/letra-de-in-my-mind-a-miracle-live-the-zombies/ letra de promise – devlin carter i promise we gone be the best that ever did it i promise i know it and i feel it in my spirit i promise yeah i know we been through traumas but i promise you this momma this ain’t the end of our sage we gone keep winning i promise we gone be the ... https://letras.top/d/devlin-carter/letra-de-promise-devlin-carter/ letra de tommy gun – lx$tdawnn [chorus] got a little tommy gun, you know i’m really shooting (really shooting) bang, bang, my lil’ shawty on my neck (neck, neck) big watch, big glock, tick-tock (on the clock) i’m just getting a mercedes and cheese aye got a tommy and i’m really ‘bout to blow (go boom) bang, bang, lx$tdawnn, go insane ... https://letras.top/l/lxtdawnn/letra-de-tommy-gun-lxtdawnn/ letra de lord knows – pelly (rapper) [verse 1] so i’ve been thinking bout a better life better times all the thoughts in my head can’t lay em down all those long nights up and reaching out can you hear me can you hear me now two wrongs still can’t get it right move on wasting precious time my own mind works ... https://letras.top/p/pelly-rapper/letra-de-lord-knows-pelly-rapper/ letra de jumping off the bridge – milesdoodles a gorgeous sunset in front of my eyes it’s such a shame that i won’t see it again nice things of life will not be enough to keep me living in this world of despair the singing birds and the barking dogs all of these sounds that i’ll miss a lot but i’ll say “bye” ... https://letras.top/m/milesdoodles/letra-de-jumping-off-the-bridge-milesdoodles/ letra de enemy – nasiimov [chorus] nasiinál a mikrofon felépül a vártorony soha nem fogy el a sauce enemy-k égnek még 100 fokon nekik a sikerem 100 pofon fejemet venné, de rábaszott csörget a hatalom (halo) gyorsabban akarom (halo) vad vízen evezek (halo) maradok szabadon (halo) [verse 1] honnan is kezdjem el? lehet fáznak tőled ezért hozz csak egy kis ... https://letras.top/n/nasiimov/letra-de-enemy-nasiimov/ letra de copine #4 – vdm elle écoute pas les on dit elle écoute que moi c’est vrai tu pourrais partir y’a pas de contrat elle connaît mes sons par cœur fredonne meli sous les draps et s’y je perce je ferai de toi ma princesse et pour le cash j’en ai assez dans la mallette et si on perd, c’est ... https://letras.top/v/vdm/letra-de-copine-4-vdm/ letra de running man – mike zito [verse 1] you hear me coming, won’t see me go every four years, roll out the show visit the people i’ve never seen i go to places that no-ones been i tell you stories of things i’ll do i make a promise, from me to you say that l care with a weary sigh, yeah ... https://letras.top/m/mike-zito/letra-de-running-man-mike-zito/ letra de bigfoot – gr-spark gr-spark: your b-tch got bigfoot x8 uh! foot foot foot foot young dripper: foot foot foot foot gr-spark: got a twin glock drive this whip outta sight ga_ga_ gat a million dollar dream when i sleep at night got a brown skin black skin snake skin suicide door parking lot slide in a coupe young ... https://letras.top/g/gr-spark/letra-de-bigfoot-gr-spark/ letra de 413 – chndtr [verse 1: chin] imposible din siguro na hindi sila mahulog sa’yo nahuhuli ang sarili na nakangiti malayo ka pa lang pero nakakatunaw na sana ako na lang, dahil pa’no mo ba mapapansin? (oooh) sa dami nila na ninanais kang makapiling? [chorus: chin] maghihintay na lang ba ako tuwing tayo’y magkakatagpo? nangungulit, nangungulila pero wala pa ... https://letras.top/c/chndtr/letra-de-413-chndtr/ letra de earth blues (baggy’s rehearsal session) – jimi hendrix [verse 1: jimi hendrix] well, i see hands, and i see tear-stained faces reaching up but not quite touching the promised land well, i taste tears and the precious years wasted saying lord, please, send us a helping hand [chorus: jimi hendrix, (background singers)] (lord, lord, lord) on the mountain stands a woman (lord, lord, ... https://letras.top/j/jimi-hendrix/letra-de-earth-blues-baggys-rehearsal-session-jimi-hendrix/ letra de dear conservative rappers – akeldamaeternal ain’t want to do this ain’t want to do this but now i gotta now i gotta dear conservative rappers y’all are bunch of anti-vaxers come up with a bunch of conspiracy theories and spread them like corona “no mask, no vax” bunch of f-cking idiots i ain’t want to diss you but y’all go ... https://letras.top/a/akeldamaeternal/letra-de-dear-conservative-rappers-akeldamaeternal/ letra de chica – 3 pvnch intro you be on ma mind like daily she be on ma mind like daily hook & chrous u the one that i choose got me actin like a fool really wanna be with you hope gonna keep it cool yeah i like just when just us two reminiscing bout the days now am writing ... https://letras.top/3/3-pvnch/letra-de-chica-3-pvnch/ letra de hey joe – live at olympia theatre – jimi hendrix [instrumental intro] [verse 1] hey joe, where you going with that gun in your hand? hey joe, i said, where you going with that gun in your hand? [verse 2] i’m going down to shoot my old lady you know, i caught her messing around with another man i’m going down to shoot my old ... https://letras.top/j/jimi-hendrix/letra-de-hey-joe-live-at-olympia-theatre-jimi-hendrix/ letra de marte r4 – marte r4 marte r4, nasce a milano il 15 novembre 2002, cresce a rozzano (periferia sud di milano), ha iniziato la sua carriera facendo parte di un gruppo chiamato “the chryde”, continuando nel 2019 da solista e pubblicando il suo primo singolo “top boy” nel periodo natalizio dell’anno corrente.ha pubblicato vari singoli, fino ad oggi, al momento ... https://letras.top/m/marte-r4/letra-de-marte-r4-marte-r4/ letra de üfle de püfle – diyar pala hacı baba ne bu hava, paran var ama bize de mi bu numara, yemem bir daha al gülüm ver gülüm ile geçer günün o zavallı görüşünün hakkıdır sürünüşün internetin fenomeni, zaman ayır ara beni elindeki telefonun ciğerinden kaliteli olmadı lan hiç, alayınız ayrı trip hepiniz bi şekilsiniz, alamadım elektrik üfle de püfle, trip atma trip ... https://letras.top/d/diyar-pala/letra-de-ufle-de-pufle-diyar-pala/ letra de ameleon – mega bog [verse 1] watch me roll an office chair out the door to the balcony see the pink of an old madrid hand off the lid and the lava of the drama smothers it [verse 2] on the verge, healthy body human mind seems to blind me driving open-top and scared to believe that it’s always ... https://letras.top/m/mega-bog/letra-de-ameleon-mega-bog/ letra de egal – de lol egal d’gesiichter déi sinn voller angscht hysterie am ganzen land een infernaleschen feind ass do et ass dem urian säin kand global verbreet an onsiichtbar geplatzten dreem onendlecht leed vum mënsch gezischt wien weess dat schonn et ass egal keen hält hien op op schwaarz oder wäiss op rout oder giel d’faarf ass egal mir ... https://letras.top/d/de-lol/letra-de-egal-de-lol/ letra de великое ничто (the great nothing) – flëur (band) с тех пор, как сумрак настал ты так безмятежно спал и шел в страну своих снов а мой не сложился путь никак не могла уснуть всю ночь смотрела в окно холодный ветер подул и много смёл в пустоту беспомощных спящих тел разрушил мир, разобрал развеял и разметал и делал всё, что хотел холодный ветер стирает ... https://letras.top/f/fleur-band/letra-de-%d0%b2%d0%b5%d0%bb%d0%b8%d0%ba%d0%be%d0%b5-%d0%bd%d0%b8%d1%87%d1%82%d0%be-the-great-nothing-fleur-band/ letra de kosmita – oks ft.vgr (refren) patrzą się na mnie jak na kosmitę jestem zwykły,dla nich to jest nie możliwe oni widzą mnie,ja to czuję ja to widzę ja jestem człowiekiem dla nich to jest nie możliwe patrzą się na mnie jak na kosmitę jestem zwykły,dla nich to jest nie możliwe oni widzą mnie,ja to czuję ja to widzę ja ... https://letras.top/o/oks-ft-vgr/letra-de-kosmita-oks-ft-vgr/ letra de black mirror – curren$y & fuse [intro: curren$y] yeah one of them last minute packs, fuse sent some sh-t through yeah yeah [hook: curren$y] rosary beads in the mirror, said a prayer for a n-gga help me get to them millions she hung rosary beads in the mirror, said a prayer for a n-gga help me get to them millions [bridge: curren$y] in a versace robe with a vision, help ... https://letras.top/c/curreny-fuse/letra-de-black-mirror-curreny-fuse/ letra de nad światem cicha noc – czerwone gitary [tekst piosenki “nad światem cicha noc”] [zwrotka 1] bat nad zgiętym grzbietem zawisł fala się złamała wpół ponad ziemią nagle ucichł wiatr uścisnął człowiek dziś człowieka dłoń [zwrotka 2] to zabłysła pierwsza gwiazda to pokoju wybił dzwon niech się głosy łączą w jedną pieśń tak łatwo objąć świat łańcuchem rąk [refren] nad światem cicha noc ... https://letras.top/c/czerwone-gitary/letra-de-nad-swiatem-cicha-noc-czerwone-gitary/ letra de mr. saxobeat – steve void & dmnds [intro] mr. saxobeat [chorus] you make me dance, bring me up, bring me down play it sweet, make me move like a freak, mr. saxobeat makes me dance, brings me up, brings me down plays it sweet, makes me move like a freak mr. saxo—, mr. saxo—, mr. saxobeat [verse 1] hey, s-xy boy, set ... https://letras.top/s/steve-void-dmnds/letra-de-mr-saxobeat-steve-void-dmnds/ letra de en machaerus – my epic i think i’m ready to go (why am i left in this place?) though i can’t grasp it (of all the miracles known) with all the power you hold (when did my diligence fade?) isn’t this desertion? [instrumental] these prison walls are far from golden streets and it has surpassed where kingdoms preach repentance called, but now you ceased to speak in me the ... https://letras.top/m/my-epic/letra-de-en-machaerus-my-epic/ letra de ossuary exhumed – sepulchral stench buried bodies, left to decompose before being exhumed, and washed with blood to be thrown into the macabre box where they remain until being profaned! such as mass crypts dug for tens of thousands of plagues victims of the fallen soldiers fascinating reminder of our mortality the bones in chambers are collected for storing human ... https://letras.top/s/sepulchral-stench/letra-de-ossuary-exhumed-sepulchral-stench/ letra de hold on till we get there – chiiild [verse 1] sometimes i feel like a mess but i’m a work in progress this heaviness on my chest keep breathing keep breathing [pre-chorus] if i told you the truth would you love it or hate it? or would i confuse? am i risking my youth? keep dreaming keep breathing yeah, yeah [chorus] now that the night is on ... https://letras.top/c/chiiild/letra-de-hold-on-till-we-get-there-chiiild/ letra de ​say something – ​mike. fka mike stud [intro: vory] yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah [chorus: vory] why they always talking? need to say something, yeah and i’d be a fool if i say nothing, yeah [?] say something, yeah, say something, yeah (oh yeah) why they always talking? need to say something, yeah and i’d be a fool if i say nothing, yeah [?] say something, ... https://letras.top/m/mike-fka-mike-stud/letra-de-say-something-mike-fka-mike-stud/ letra de uncle ric – dave east & harry fraud [intro: dave east] this real life change the way you look at sh-t, you know? i promise, uh (la musica de harry fraud) uh [verse 1: dave east] we really took a trip to see what’s goin’ on back and forth with n-ggas when it was goin’ wrong, i’d never put that on song (never) ... https://letras.top/d/dave-east-harry-fraud/letra-de-uncle-ric-dave-east-harry-fraud/ letra de was willst du mehr? – czerwone gitary [songtext zu “was willst du mehr?”] [strophe 1] ich geb dir meine lieder sie gehn hinter dir her so wie meine gedanken sag mir, sag was willst du mehr? [strophe 2] ich geb dir alle blumen pflück den wiesenrain leer schenk dir tage und träume oh, sag mir, sag was willst du mehr? [strophe 3] ... https://letras.top/c/czerwone-gitary/letra-de-was-willst-du-mehr-czerwone-gitary/ letra de heroes are hard to find (single version) – fleetwood mac [verse 1] girls, you know when you’re in the mood (in the mood) you may meet a man can’t do anything good (nothing good) but you’ve got to pity him and try to understand (understand) that a hero, a hero is so hard to find [verse 2] when he takes you for his love (for ... https://letras.top/f/fleetwood-mac/letra-de-heroes-are-hard-to-find-single-version-fleetwood-mac/ letra de fahrstuhl – chrissx yea es is chrissx, ich hab homeschooling, richtige sause aber dafür hab ich jetzt pause (skr) es ist 11 uhr und ich chill immer noch im bett dropp nen neuen part und der wird ein krasses brett (skr) sowas geht nur wenn man zuhause schule hat weil man dann nämlich vom bett aus viel macht ... https://letras.top/c/chrissx/letra-de-fahrstuhl-chrissx/ letra de hot air balloon – tbi & jenny mae i want to take aside 80 days and nights hot air balloon ride see the big city lights i wanna to see the world with you by my side lets take to the skies i wanna kiss you in the clouds at midnight i wanna taste life in adventurous light you take me to heights ... https://letras.top/t/tbi-jenny-mae/letra-de-hot-air-balloon-tbi-jenny-mae/ letra de out of connection – sinheresy [verse 1: cecilia petrini] i don’t know what i thought i would find behind what’s shown on screen hypnotized, glassy-eyed i am sick of all these low and phony scenes empty claims, cheating loves trivial pictures with no reason why demeaned souls, brazen lies laces of a net i’m going to untie [refrain: cecilia petrini] ... https://letras.top/s/sinheresy/letra-de-out-of-connection-sinheresy/ letra de self-incarceration (and i could use a drink) – adam thorton [chorus] when i’m alone in my head lying in bed rolling in dread i ask myself, “am i alone in the world? am i living grey and fading away?” [verse] when the sun is out and my friend is around my feet feel planted on solid ground but when they both have gone away i ... https://letras.top/a/adam-thorton/letra-de-self-incarceration-and-i-could-use-a-drink-adam-thorton/ letra de maintain – muano raps [intro] microphone check 012 cap city! sh-t’s crazy right now, yeah! sh-t’s crazy right now [verse 1] funny how lockdown reminded n-ggas they rap always had the flow, like the liquor connect contained in a flask ready like a robber in a mask i want fresh bank bills and my back against a bucket seat ... https://letras.top/m/muano-raps/letra-de-maintain-muano-raps/ letra de prelúdio pra iluminar o rolê – zé manoel os dias tem sido quentes mas é o frio na barriga que me corta ao saber que tu perambula por aí, por ali, por onde? por ter cor da noite, o véu do suspeito, meu peito acende intranquilo será que acusado? perseguido? não esquece a identidade, no bolso e nos cabelos sou só aperto orações ... https://letras.top/z/ze-manoel/letra-de-preludio-pra-iluminar-o-role-ze-manoel/ letra de nascar – loner baby [припев] быстрая тачка, я кручу wrist у меня gwalla на заднем, я курю трилл мы марафоним порох и газ у нас каждый день гонки и это nascar быстрая тачка, я кручу wrist у меня gwalla на заднем, я курю трилл мы марафоним порох и газ у нас каждый день гонки и это nascar [куплет] удача любит подготовку, складываю налик в ... https://letras.top/l/loner-baby/letra-de-nascar-loner-baby/ letra de dgp – hvad betyder det? – remix – den gale pose [intro] dgp, hvad betyder det [vers 1] jeg’ 22 år men mit sind er ældre end metusalem vi efterlader scenen i ruiner som jerusalem for jeg rocker som pantera og dig man? du’ blød ligesom creme med aloe vera så hey knægt, gør plads, jeg’ i dit fjæs som tåregas hvor jeg henne? det’ os mod rov så du må ... https://letras.top/d/den-gale-pose/letra-de-dgp-hvad-betyder-det-remix-den-gale-pose/ letra de el amor es una flor – hnos ventura el amor es una flor el amor es una flor hay que tratarla con cariño hay que tratarla con cariño por eso chiquilla linda por eso chiquilla linda nunca desprecies el amor nunca desprecies el amor por eso chiquilla linda por eso chiquilla linda nunca desprecies el amor nunca desprecies el amor que bonito es ... https://letras.top/h/hnos-ventura/letra-de-el-amor-es-una-flor-hnos-ventura/ letra de stop! in the name of love – talas stop! in the name of love before you break my heart baby, baby i’m aware of where you go each time you leave my door i watch you walk down the street knowing your other love you’ll meet this time before you run to her leaving me alone and hurt (think it over) after i’ve ... https://letras.top/t/talas/letra-de-stop-in-the-name-of-love-talas/ letra de family – z (of firing squad) [intro: carl goodman (christopher lloyd)] piranha hunt in packs – not for protection, but for overwhelming force. they’re organized, methodical. the first bite draws blood. the blood draws the pack [chorus: z] p-p-p-p-p-p-p-put the body in the coffin for ’em hold the chopper phone fam run up on the iperform better call the doctor for ... https://letras.top/z/z-of-firing-squad/letra-de-family-z-of-firing-squad/ letra de solsticio – ginebra [verso 1] tiempo despierto junto a vos en el silencio me escapo para ver luces de nuevo y vuelvo a comenzar no puedo ya disimular fuego yo siento entre mis venas cuando pienso que el tiempo en que estuvimos quedó lejos y vuelvo a comenzar no puedo ya disimular [verso 2] solsticio que enardece confundes ... https://letras.top/g/ginebra/letra-de-solsticio-ginebra/ letra de porsche – ect7 ect7 na voz e beat yeh, mais tarde vou passar de porsche você sobe se tiver sorte você olhou e já me quis achou que tava na kings curtiu o meu instagram olhou e virou minha fã você me tira do sério só porque quer algo sério tô aqui porque te quero pode liga pra ... https://letras.top/e/ect7/letra-de-porsche-ect7/ letra de kill kill – olexesh, lx & hell yes [songtext zu „k!ll k!ll“] [intro: olexesh] he-eh-eh-eh he-eh-eh-eh [part 1: olexesh] ey, jetzt wird die schlampe gedrillt (yeah) hau’ sie weg, hol’ ihr dann pill’n (ja) kauf’ ihr nur das, was sie will (heh) driller, driller, driller, driller nehm’ die schluha mit zum rennsport (ja) bau’ ein’n, rauch’ ihn, hol’ dann hotel dort ich spiel’ ... https://letras.top/o/olexesh-lx-hell-yes/letra-de-kill-kill-olexesh-lx-hell-yes/ letra de stop – live at fillmore east 12/31/69 [second show] – jimi hendrix [intro: buddy miles, jimi hendrix] you better stop it, baby (stop it, baby) you better stop it, baby (stop it, baby) stop it, baby (stop it, baby) stop your jivin’ ’round (stop your jivin’ around) oh yeah it’s alright hey [chorus: buddy miles] well, stop (stop) baby, can’t you see that i can’t take it ... https://letras.top/j/jimi-hendrix/letra-de-stop-live-at-fillmore-east-123169-second-show-jimi-hendrix/ letra de where is my jacket ? – jacketless [intro: cameron xavier d-ckson, mitch-ll nasdeo] hey, hey come on. dude wake up! what? what’s going on? it’s time! it’s time for what? wait, where’s ethan? it doesn’t matter! just look it’s on, we’ve been waiting all night! [pre-chorus: helmet guy] ahem ahem everyone’s mad you’re mad i’m mad everything is the same nothing is changing but it only ... https://letras.top/j/jacketless/letra-de-where-is-my-jacket-jacketless/ letra de uma noite de amor – gilliard quando nos encontramos numa noite qualquer matamos sempre a saudade e esquecemos de voltar minha fome devora sua sede o desejo se aposta de nós dois o momento toma conta de tudo e nem sei onde vamos depois e você vem se dando sem graça me beijando com tal timidez tiro a roupa me perco ... https://letras.top/g/gilliard/letra-de-uma-noite-de-amor-gilliard/ letra de buena vibra – la obra de marte hoy los problemas dudas y penas se ahogan con alcohol hoy guerras internas y las caídas se ven del retrovisor quiero la mente descargar y quiero el alma recargar sentir la buena vibra llegar hasta la fibra por que quiero dejar todo atras hoy todos los dilemas deudas y treguas se derriten con el sol ... https://letras.top/l/la-obra-de-marte/letra-de-buena-vibra-la-obra-de-marte/ letra de impression – mud  (andy) [chorus:] i feel a lot of love i feel a lot of love god it last an impression up in my mind [verse:] (i feel a lot of love) i don’t know what to say (yuh) i’m impressed by the way you make me feel i’ve been captured by your light (captured by your light) ... https://letras.top/m/mud-andy/letra-de-impression-mud-andy/ letra de helmi ana – cairokee [كلمات حلمي أنا – كايروكي] [المقطع الأول] أنا مش هنحني ولا بنتمي ليك يا زماني أنا مش هتسند ولا هتولد فيك يا زماني حلمي أنا أزرع ورود مكان الحدود بين البشر أمسح دموع طفل موجوع وحاسس بالخطر [اللازمة] حلمي أنا في عيون الناس لكنه تاه وسط الأحداث لكن أنا مش ناسي أنا مش ناسي ومش ... https://letras.top/c/cairokee/letra-de-helmi-ana-cairokee/ letra de cabaré – mc cabelinho [letra de “cabaré” com mc cabelinho & orochi] [intro: mc cabelinho] (oh) little hair [pré-refrão: mc cabelinho] enquanto eles ‘tão pagando, nós come é de graça coro com coça nas tchuca e a tropa se amarra tira essa roupa, mulher, vem dançar pelada tô de pau duro só vendo tu mexendo a raba [refrão: mc cabelinho] putaria que ... https://letras.top/m/mc-cabelinho/letra-de-cabare-mc-cabelinho/ letra de who gives a funk? [freestyle] – keoni lee [intro] yeah, she’s way cuter i could push it to the mall on my scooter oh, shawty from the back she’s a rider [verse 1] i got 24 bands on me shorty, do yo’ dance do yo’ dance on me yeah we do it for the h-ll of it for the f-ck of it these ... https://letras.top/k/keoni-lee/letra-de-who-gives-a-funk-freestyle-keoni-lee/ letra de breakfast at tisiphone’s – lesbian bed death [verse 1] here you come with your poison pen and your forked tongue diggin’ your own grave again fire your tiny arrows into this inferno f-ck you, b-tch! let’s go! [chorus] whoa-oh-oh baby i’ve put a curse on you to the gods of death i have offered you whoa-oh-oh baby i’ve put a curse on ... https://letras.top/l/lesbian-bed-death/letra-de-breakfast-at-tisiphones-lesbian-bed-death/ letra de go viral – chivalery [verse] yeah just had some people dming me like, “i’ve been here since since day 1.” “relapse was glorious.” weird cus i saw your name pop up on the follow list after relapse. (haha) but thanks for the love and the plays but don’t try none of that bull sh-t lying it doesn’t fly high ... https://letras.top/c/chivalery/letra-de-go-viral-chivalery/ letra de without you – grazer [verse 1] in our mind, not alone you have come to mean my all wide awake, 2am thought i’d never see the day [chorus] i wanna be the only one i’ll sleep for days right in your room i’ll k!ll you if you fade you’ll know what it’s like to be without you without you ... https://letras.top/g/grazer/letra-de-without-you-grazer/ letra de sorry i ruined ur favorite song – sotasleep [intro: sotasleep lil xtra] you say it wasn’t love, so where the f-ck you been? when i’m taking shots to the face can’t go all in on a dead man’s hand but i taste the blood in this red wine one day i hope, one day i hope one day i hope you’ll understand [chorus: ... https://letras.top/s/sotasleep/letra-de-sorry-i-ruined-ur-favorite-song-sotasleep/ letra de bifes – bifes (prt) [verso: b.ifes] e quantos se vendem neste merda mas nem são comprados só, andam a passos largos mas de joelhos rasgados sabem contar até dois pois são os dias contados de uma carreira sem depois a virar frangos assados eles têm sonhos mas acordam sempre a cair o alarme corta-lhes as horas que deviam investir ... https://letras.top/b/bifes-prt/letra-de-bifes-bifes-prt/ letra de shadhin – stephen daze [verse 1] onek holo raat bujhechhi aj onekkhani mayar ei deshe tor maya bhishon dami tai aj theke bhule jabo ke ontor jami bhule jabo toke beche thakbo ebar ami [pre-chorus 1] jeebone ei na pawar koshto madokota bhora shob noshto jabo bhule jate achhe tor sporsho [chorus] ami nachbona tor isharaye ami bachbona tor ... https://letras.top/s/stephen-daze/letra-de-shadhin-stephen-daze/ letra de ihr kinderlein kommet – tom angelripper ihr kinderlein, kommet, o kommet doch all’! zur krippe her kommet in bethlehems stall und seht, was in dieser hochheiligen nacht der vater im himmel für freude uns macht o seht in der krippe, im nächtlichen stall seht hier bei des lichtleins h-llglänzendem strahl in reinlichen windeln das himmlische kind viel schöner und holder als ... https://letras.top/t/tom-angelripper/letra-de-ihr-kinderlein-kommet-tom-angelripper/ letra de lights on – jack robins shawty throwing shade in the sunshine baby girl it’s alright throw the shades on why’d i pay for them if the sun ain’t even shining on the kid where’s it been where’ve you been i’ve been asking for you for like four months or more come through i’m bored it’s been a minute i ain’t ... https://letras.top/j/jack-robins/letra-de-lights-on-jack-robins/ letra de dreadmist – purple evich [текст песни «dreadmist» ft. pvrpl\genezi$] [припев: pvrpl\genezi$] будто dreadmist поглощаю тебя, мои ангелы ада тебя исстребят твои жалкие бредни, что вылились в сплетни кидаю в inferno, в огне погребя будто dreadmist поглощаю тебя, мои ангелы ада тебя исстребят если спросишь “зачем?”, я отвечу “не важно” прирезав ту суку сбегаю в туман будто dreadmist поглощаю тебя, ... https://letras.top/p/purple-evich/letra-de-dreadmist-purple-evich/ letra de atemlos durch die nacht – helene fischer & melanie oesch [songtext zu „atemlos durch die nacht“] [strophe 1: helene fischer] wir ziehen durch die straßen und die clubs dieser stadt das ist unsre nacht, wie für uns beide gemacht ich schließe meine augen, lösche jedes tabu küsse auf der haut, so wie ein liebestattoo [pre-refrain: helene fischer] was das zwischen uns auch ist bilder, die ... https://letras.top/h/helene-fischer-melanie-oesch/letra-de-atemlos-durch-die-nacht-helene-fischer-melanie-oesch/ letra de untitled – dj martin jones stay aware, keep it on lock, just like jamaican hair ya brothas looking for your body like malaysia air dont pull up on me or my brothas. cousin, they prepared it’s martin and i’ll make it clear, that we ain’t playin’ fair i ain’t afraid to blast rock a fella. damon dash amazing facts play ... https://letras.top/d/dj-martin-jones/letra-de-untitled-dj-martin-jones/ letra de seven – famouss alb [chorus] hop on the beat, beast mode f-ck on a b-tch, and make her deep throat he talking down ’cause he think it’s a joke my n-ggas ride ’round giving out smoke bro’ let it rain, let it pour we hit him up, and he hitting the floor we circle your block like we doing the chores brodie a ... https://letras.top/f/famouss-alb/letra-de-seven-famouss-alb/ letra de la vie en rose – pat c [couplet 1] des yeux qui font baisser les miens un rire qui se perd sur sa bouche voilà le portrait sans retouche de l’homme auquel j’appartiens [refrain] quand il me prend dans ses bras qu’il me parle tout bas je vois la vie en rose il me dit des mots d’amour des mots de tous les jours et ça ... https://letras.top/p/pat-c/letra-de-la-vie-en-rose-pat-c/ letra de ensaio sobre o amor (ao vivo) – roberta campos [letra de “ensaio sobre o amor (ao vivo)” com roberta campos] [verso 1] a s-m-nte que reguei no momento em que pensei numa flor crescendo do meu lado cor de manhã de sol, cor de manhã de sol [verso 2] tuas mãos sempre a seguir o meu rosto pra sentir nosso beijo doce, apaixonado cor ... https://letras.top/r/roberta-campos/letra-de-ensaio-sobre-o-amor-ao-vivo-roberta-campos/ letra de fly or freeze – paul hansen fly or freeze to all the homeless living on the street to every dog that ever begged at your feet to every baby crying in the night to every monster that ever fed your fright to politicians always telling lies to every billboard blotting out the sky can’t you see who holds the key chains ... https://letras.top/p/paul-hansen/letra-de-fly-or-freeze-paul-hansen/ letra de believe in yourself – sesame street [bob, susan, and gordon] oh, you can be what you want to be see what you want to see believe in yourself, believe in yourself go where you want to go do what you want to do believe in yourself, believe in yourself [bob, -susan-, and –gordon–] some folks try to tell you there are ... https://letras.top/s/sesame-street/letra-de-believe-in-yourself-sesame-street/ letra de don’t know what you got – olskool ice-gre [intro: olskool ice-gre] yeah, you know, we all go through situations i mean, it’s like, sometimes it’s involved with family sometimes, you know, friends, sometimes relationships, you know? but i had my share of problems just like everybody else, you know? but you know, i’m an artist, so i write about it, that’s how it ... https://letras.top/o/olskool-ice-gre/letra-de-dont-know-what-you-got-olskool-ice-gre/ letra de the art of flying – relena-rochelle truth is i don’t really care to be on the radio i got the same 8 to 5 still on the same payroll same routine drive on the way to my job still in my box is this mic on? okay this ain’t for the billboard this ain’t for no grammy gotta couple loose screws ... https://letras.top/r/relena-rochelle/letra-de-the-art-of-flying-relena-rochelle/ letra de kurama – lil addy wake the beast inside of me now ya get to see this other side of me this rage inside of me, wake this entity that’s the recipe for another enemy the beast inside of me the beast inside of me the beast inside of me the beast inside of me why ask an entity that ... https://letras.top/l/lil-addy/letra-de-kurama-lil-addy/ letra de pasatiempo – akaparson dice para mí esto es un pasatiempo y si me lo canto es porque me senta bien aunque a veces falten ganas dentro de la pista no paro de correr la gente va a hablar de ti va a ser pa mal porque a veces pa bien pasa de todos esos tontos todos van de ... https://letras.top/a/akaparson/letra-de-pasatiempo-akaparson/ letra de scared to live (remix)* – the weeknd & kesha [verse 1: the weeknd] when i saw the signs, i shoulda let you go (yeah, yeah) but i kept you beside me and if i held you back, at least i held you close (yeah) should have known you were lonely [pre-chorus: the weeknd] i know things will never be the same time we lost ... https://letras.top/t/the-weeknd-kesha/letra-de-scared-to-live-remix-the-weeknd-kesha/ letra de lack of comprehension (live at showcase theater) – death [verse 1] a condemning fear strikes down things they cannot understand an excuse to cover up weaknesses that lie within lies [verse 2] laying your guilt and pain on people that had no part in the molding of a life that creates its destruction lies [pre-chorus] right before your very eyes a reflection of the ... https://letras.top/d/death/letra-de-lack-of-comprehension-live-at-showcase-theater-death/ letra de love around the world! – kyngmyl vivo en puerto, tengo the best of flows west texan empress sending my dough global where i go, pesos mamacita yellow body mami, da le la tortilla narca dealer, la colombiana pistola hip, para contrabana ak with a clip i made her ride my banana i’m straight off the boat, dope de mexico moving with ... https://letras.top/k/kyngmyl/letra-de-love-around-the-world-kyngmyl/ letra de adahi – danideru [verse 1] what do you do when your heart doesn’t give you the feeling you think it should am i just playing a part how come love doesn’t feel like i thought it would wish i knew of a way around it wish i knew what to say about it dreaming of you in the ... https://letras.top/d/danideru/letra-de-adahi-danideru/ letra de waquisha – tes x lyrics from preview [intro] i love you, cash [chorus] she sippin’ water so i call her waquisha (huh) she sippin’ water so i call her waquisha (yeah) she sippin’ water so i call her waquisha (yeah) she sippin’ water so i call her waquisha (huh) she sippin’ water so i call her waquisha (ah) she ... https://letras.top/t/tes-x/letra-de-waquisha-tes-x/ letra de dark side meditation – the alfee 不安な一日が始まる 言葉は迷路の中で行き場を失う ああ あなたが ここにいて欲しい 誰よりも 側にいて欲しい 誰かが今 陶酔への扉を叩いた crash out 絶望のラビリンス 壊された理性 flash back 記憶の彼方で 消されてゆく知性 dark side meditation 闇に抱かれて 幻惑された都会の蜃気楼 白く燃える太陽に心も疲れ果てて ああ あなたに 今すぐ逢いたい その声を 聞かせてその声を 喪失へのプロローグ 扉を叩いて crash out 逃げ出してみたい今目の前のすべてから flash back 瞑想の彼方に彷徨う遠い記憶 dark side meditation 闇に抱かれて そして何もない一日が終わり やがてため息に夜は導かれてゆく ああ あなたに 抱きしめて欲しい 濡れた夢 激しい優しさで 自己変革 この胸の扉を開いて crash out 絶望のラビリンス壊された理性 flash back 記憶の彼方で消されてゆく知性 ... https://letras.top/t/the-alfee/letra-de-dark-side-meditation-the-alfee/ letra de goodbye (nightcore) – oni inc. (intro from fences (2016)) troy: not cause i like you! cause it’s my duty to take care of you. i owe a responsibility to you! now let’s get this straight right here now, before it go along any further… i ain’t got to like you. mr. rand don’t give me my money come payday ‘cause ... https://letras.top/o/oni-inc/letra-de-goodbye-nightcore-oni-inc/ letra de good bye my lớp – trung tâm băng đĩa lậu hải ngoại goodbye my lớp tạm biệt lớp học thêm yeah i’m gonna miss you who show em tương lai đâu phải ở club hộp đêm goodbye my lớp tạm biệt lớp học thêm yeah i’m gonna remember every lesson with the lớp của người đã hớp hồn em em yêu trường em công nên không tốn ... https://letras.top/t/trung-tam-bang-dia-lau-hai-ngoai/letra-de-good-bye-my-lop-trung-tam-bang-dia-lau-hai-ngoai/ letra de dream ya kutoka kwa block – buruklyn boyz tano nane (chorus) tulikam na dream ya kutoka kwa block yaani to get rich, tuomoke in-short nikilala mi huacha maisha yangu, kwa mikono ya god nadai mk-mbuke when am gone, mwendelee kuplay our songs ajay na m.right duo strong (chorus) tulikam na dream ya kutoka kwa block yaani to get rich, tuomoke in-short nikilala mi ... https://letras.top/b/buruklyn-boyz/letra-de-dream-ya-kutoka-kwa-block-buruklyn-boyz/ letra de die soon – authen [intro] kabhi kabhi i feel like i’ll die soon i feel like i’ll die soon i feel like i’ll die soon, yeah [chorus] i feel like i’ll die soon zindagi low gaano mein high hu i walk on the streets life is like dark moon i feel like i’ll i feel like i’ll die soon i feel like i’ll die ... https://letras.top/a/authen/letra-de-die-soon-authen/ letra de formula slav (rob kubica feat. torpedo blyat and c-rotkin) – sim dane (intro: rob kubica) robert and daniil with sergey sirotkin the slavs at the top of the ma-f.i.a! we fight for the glory, the soviet story our formula one is the formula all! (chorus: torpedo blyat and rob kubica) меня зовут даниил блят! (my name is daniil blyat!) kubica, kurwa – fast as f-ck! я езжу ... https://letras.top/s/sim-dane/letra-de-formula-slav-rob-kubica-feat-torpedo-blyat-and-c-rotkin-sim-dane/ letra de sult i & ii – musketeer oslo was the devil he stole my page shoved it down my stomach i couldn’t write for days so i walked that snow swept city in search of a light to pay for my next morsel, free my body from the night and i danced on steel park benches climbed up high glass lanterns and ... https://letras.top/m/musketeer/letra-de-sult-i-ii-musketeer/ letra de elevator – younotus & lizot [verse 1] picture perfect, call me up ’cause you need someone to hold you like a champagne cup and you know i got you i don’t wanna wait till we’re alone tonight na-na, na-na [chorus] i wanna make love in this elevator with you with n0body else in the room going up, going down i ... https://letras.top/y/younotus-lizot/letra-de-elevator-younotus-lizot/