letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de if you give enough – the lemon twigs [verse 1] i move so quickly i thought i knew nothing but what i had known all along to be true in this place [verse 2] i was a baby boy bound to wall emmiter children’s whose blindness is taken for some all the same [chorus 1] you really think they can hold you? don’t ... https://letras.top/letra-de-if-you-give-enough-the-lemon-twigs/ letra de jhirmir jhirmir meha barse (part 2) – shaan ho aashaadh ke pehale baadal, kar mujhpar upkaar meghdut ban mera sandesa le ja usake paar meri bhul woh mann mein laaye na, aur mujhase aankh churaaye na gaati huyi jhilon ke nagar mein woh tujhko milegi khadi ho o o ni re ni, sa ma sa, re pa re ma ni ma pa ho ... https://letras.top/letra-de-jhirmir-jhirmir-meha-barse-part-2-shaan/ letra de i don’t care – snoop dogg (feat. lunchmoney lewis) [intro: lunchmoney lewis] i don’t care i don’t care i don’t care yeah [chorus: lunchmoney lewis] you got weave in yo’ hair, i don’t care, i don’t care yeah, you say you got a man, i don’t care, i don’t care you got shots in yo’ b-tt, i don’t care, i don’t ... https://letras.top/letra-de-i-dont-care-snoop-dogg/ letra de graffitis-ska – adriana calcanhotto por meus p-ssos velozes vapores, suores, sotaques antenas, antunes, stones por meus p-ssos ligeiros graffitis, mau cheiro não fosse por você eu não notava essa cidade o meu amor pelas misérias, me leva me trouxe, roça o que interessa e fez de mim alguém que eu sou hoje em meus p-ssos, sapatos poeiras, postes, postos, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-graffitis-ska-adriana-calcanhotto/ letra de ultra soul – b’z どれだけがんばりゃいい 誰かのためなの? 分かっているのに決意は揺らぐ 結末ばかりに気を取られ この瞬間を楽しめないメマイ 夢じゃないあれもこれも その手でドアを開けましょう 祝福が欲しいのなら 悲しみを知り独りで泣きましょう そして輝くウルトラソウル おのれの限界に気づいたつもりかい かすり傷さえも無いまま終わりそう 一番大事な人がホラ いつでもあなたを見てる i can tell 夢じゃないあれもこれも 今こそ胸をはりましょう 祝福が欲しいのなら 底無しのペイン迎えてあげましょう そして戦うウルトラソウル 希望と失望に遊ばれて鍛え抜かれる do it do it do it do it 夢じゃないあれもこれも 今こそ胸をはりましょう 祝福が欲しいのなら 歓びを知りパーっとばらまけ ホントだらけあれもこれも その真っただ中暴れてやりましょう そして羽ばたくウルトラソウル ウルトラソウル... https://letras.top/letra-de-ultra-soul-bz/ letra de bis zur sonne – sido sie sollen kommen und dir helfen denn so ein erlebnis wie heute haste ganz bestimmt nur selten yeah das gefällt mir! zack, zack ich steck es ein zack, zack ich steck es ein – wir stecken ein das sieht gut aus zack, zack ich steck es ein zack, zack ein stecken, rein zecken bald sind ... https://letras.top/letra-de-bis-zur-sonne-sido/ letra de breakfast – end (star) [verse: end-] n-gg-s on the run huh; chase them n-gg-s wit a hummer soundcloud rappers on the come up 50 celcius we living in the summer trap hi hats, who the f-ck is this drummer flow smooth as b-tter y’all sh-t is utter trash y’all n-gg-s ain’t got cash y’all n-gg-s dine and dash, forreal ... https://letras.top/letra-de-breakfast-end-star/ letra de 다른 사람 품에 안겨서 someone else (with gain) – jin young park 다른 사람 품에 안겨 있는데 나는 깨달았어 너의 얼굴이 자꾸 떠올라 왜 그래서 이렇게 이렇게 돌아왔어 또 너에게 나를 받아줘 제발 can you take me back again again 너무 사랑했지만 너무 힘들었어 힘드니까 사랑도 약해져만 갔어 결국 사랑이 다 말라버렸어 나는 너를 떠났던 거야 다른 사람 품에 안겨 있는데 나는 깨달았어 너의 얼굴이 자꾸 떠올라 ... https://letras.top/letra-de-%eb%8b%a4%eb%a5%b8-%ec%82%ac%eb%9e%8c-%ed%92%88%ec%97%90-%ec%95%88%ea%b2%a8%ec%84%9c-someone-else-with-gain-jin-young-/ letra de ek diwani ladki – shaan ek deewani ladki ne ishara kar diya ek baar karke phir dobara kar diya ek deewani ladki ne ishara kar diya ek baar karke phir dobara kar diya dekhate hi usko mujhko jaane kyu laga maine pehle pehle pyar ka najara kar liya ek deewane ladke ne ishara kar diya ek baar karke phir dobara ... https://letras.top/letra-de-ek-diwani-ladki-shaan/ letra de surfin’ 3000gtr – b’z 真夜中のtv 汗ばんだボディ まとわりつかないでよtシャツ 久しぶりの休み 朝日が昇っても カビが生えそうでなんだかサムい この部屋を出よう おまえを迎えにいこう いいから乗れよ つかまってろ 渋滞ぬってゆこう とっても今日のオマエカワイイ 背中が燃えるようだ いってみましょか この世の端まで 砂浜の酔っ払い 眠りにおちて 涙がこぼれるくらい 大ヤケド 踊れなくてsorry 泳げなくてsorry 帰りたそうなオマエ 大アクビ 今 始めよう 一人きりでもやろう 波に乗れよ ハダカになれ 醜態みせてやろう まわりのヤツに怯むなbaby このまま帰らないよ しょっぱい海がせせら笑ってる 汗にまみれ ひっくりかえれ 真っ青な空 飲み込め 1000年先にゃクールなサーファー 生まれ変わってみせろ 波に乗れよ ハダカになれ いいモノみせてやろう まわりのヤツに怯むなbaby このまま帰らないよ 波に挑め からっぽになれ 明日が来なくてもいい 笑いたいヤツは笑えよbaby 一生忘れないよ 落ちてゆく陽が 世界を染める 迷い続ける男よさよなら... https://letras.top/letra-de-surfin-3000gtr-bz/ letra de up in the air – the revivalists joanie packed her bags made sure to bring her mate told her mom and dad that she never met n-body else quite like lee he moved down from oregon in the rain established a connection with an underground king they’ll have it all, in the blink of an eye and i’m the only one who ... https://letras.top/letra-de-up-in-the-air-the-revivalists/ letra de dropout – york cpt [intro] [chorus] smart boy but i dropped out of college you got a problem we can solve it yo, i made it this far with empty pockets b-tterflies fl-flying out my pockets [x2] teacher’s used to say that i was lazy i thought that they were crazy all the squares and naysayers never phase me ... https://letras.top/letra-de-dropout-york-cpt/ letra de the train (an inspiration) – shaan zindagi train hai waqt ke track pe lamho ke coach me hum musafir yaha (zindagi train hai waqt ke track pe) – (2) (lamho ke coach me hum musafir yaha) – (2) (chalte hi ja rahe hai yaha se waha har ghadi har phel roj shamo subah) – (2) isme din hai kahi to kahi ... https://letras.top/letra-de-the-train-an-inspiration-shaan/ letra de school bolta hai sab ke liye apna darwaza kholta hai – shaan naye raaste aate hain, laate hain naye mod naye raaste aate hain, laate hain naye mod soch le phir bhi tujhko chalna hai roz soch le phir bhi tujhko chalna hai roz school bolta hai, school bolta hai school bolta hai, school bolta hai sabke liye apna darwaza kholta hai school bolta hai, school bolta ... https://letras.top/letra-de-school-bolta-hai-sab-ke-liye-apna-darwaza-kholta-hai-shaan/ letra de intermission – xavier sorrow [movie] you’re worth waiting for i’m so happy to know you as my best friend count on me girl ’til the end oh we’ll be singing we’ll be thugging we be laughing you’re the one i love and if i had one wish i’d wish it all on you i wish youd feel the way ... https://letras.top/letra-de-intermission-xavier-sorrow/ letra de bheega aasman – shaan bhiga aasman, shehdaye dil mera, sune raho pe kya dhunde bhala dhuva he dhuva baho ke darmiya, sune raho pe kya dhunde bhala han muhabbat me dil gane laga, chahato kaa maja aane laga o o o o…. naa naa naa naa naa naa………. dhunde ishk ishk ye arman hai jage jage, jaise jine ke ... https://letras.top/letra-de-bheega-aasman-shaan/ letra de pink salt lake – james vincent mcmorrow as long as i’m enough for you please say it or i’m lost some way doubt a constant theme for me remain here like a. pink salt lake oh, to question everything then wait while the warmth, it drifts through so so many false alarms that breathe moves in tighter grip if time is inevitable ... https://letras.top/letra-de-pink-salt-lake-james-vincent-mcmorrow/ letra de settle – arlo [verse 1] i’m at home talking myself to sleep there’s something wrong with me i did everything right, i laughed at your jokes and still nothing for me [pre-chorus] it’s obvious to me i don’t mean much to you and i’m scared of living lonely and alive with no view oblivious, free; its easy for ... https://letras.top/letra-de-settle-arlo/ letra de own boss – k camp she bad, she mine, she know, she know, she get money d-mn right, she know it’s alright she know she the baddest of them all she know she the baddest of them all she knows she the baddest of them all she knows she the baddest of them all you know you my baby, even ... https://letras.top/letra-de-own-boss-k-camp/ letra de razor blades and steak knives – jarren benton yeah, razor blades and steak knives i’ve been tweaking off of this meth, been up for eight nights my producer is asian so he ate rice and practice kung fu and meditate in the daylight you a b-tch, you probably picket for g-y rights i crack your f-cking jaw with a spinning kick in a ... https://letras.top/letra-de-razor-blades-and-steak-knives-jarren-benton/ letra de shunya – bartika eam rai शहर छ चिसो झिलिमिली झिलिमिली हो भिड छ लाखौको तारा कोलाहल म एक्लो तिमि हो लियौ आफैले फैसला सकी नसकी सकी नसकी पचिस शाल पोका पार्यौ दुइटा झोला म हो थापाकै लतर्यौ आफै सहाश सकी नसकी सकी नसकी झुतयौ गल्तिहरु टुटायौ सम्बन्ध हुदैछ खोक्रो संसार संगै कस्तो मजाक यो दिनौनु दिन अरु नै अनुहारमा आफुलाई ... https://letras.top/letra-de-shunya-bartika-eam-rai/ letra de with you – tyler shaw running late on a wednesday shortcut by the freeway locked eyes as you p-ssed me two hearts on a cold street looking back at the same time i feel your warmth, did you feel mine? i get the urge, but i can’t speak two hearts on a cold street i know this sounds crazy but ... https://letras.top/letra-de-with-you-tyler-shaw/ letra de fantasies – shinigami [chorus: shrimp] red diamons dripping of my wrist i keep your picture on me good for nothing i’m a bullet never seen it coming i can’t breathe nothing is what it seems oh stay in bed it’s all make believe but it feels so real im having trouble getting any better under preasure lost my ... https://letras.top/letra-de-fantasies-shinigami/ letra de rintik malam – biru tamaela apa yang bisa kulakukan selain menyentuh mu dengan diam aku bersuara dalam renungan memanggil mu dari belakang seperti bulan menegur siang aku hitam dalam kelam merengkuh lah sayang aku sedang melayang merenung perhatian tangismu menyakitkan hidup membatasi harapan memanggil jiwa yang lama menjemput jiwa yang baru kita berbeda ruang kau cukup merasakan tetes air mataku ... https://letras.top/letra-de-rintik-malam-biru-tamaela/ letra de スターフィッシュ – ellegarden おとぎ話の続きを見たくて すぐ側のものは見えなかった 平気になった媚びた笑いも まとめて全部剥がれ落ちるような 綺麗なものを見つけたから また見えなくなる前に こんな星の夜は 全てを投げ出したって どうしても 君に会いたいと思った こんな星の夜は 君がいてくれたなら 何を話そうとか ほどけかけてた靴のひもを いじりまわして気を紛らわす あと2駅がバカに遠い 諦めないなら焦る事もないさ 綺麗なものをみつけたから また見えなくなる前に こんな星の夜は 全てを投げ出したって どうしても 君に会いたいと思った こんな星の夜は 君がいてくれたなら 何を話そう i thought there is no such thing as unchanging over a thousand years i wonder how i could miss it my friends i thought there is no such thing ... https://letras.top/letra-de-%e3%82%b9%e3%82%bf%e3%83%bc%e3%83%95%e3%82%a3%e3%83%83%e3%82%b7%e3%83%a5-ellegarden/ letra de zu wahr – sido kannst du mir sagen d-ss das alles schon in ordnung ist das die welt ok ist so wie sie geworden ist? kannst du mir sagen d-ss die zeiten hier gerecht sind? wenn vor deinem auge dein zuhause einfach wegschwimmt? wenn man vor lauter hunger lang schon nicht mehr hunger sagt kein tropfen w-sser und kein ... https://letras.top/letra-de-zu-wahr-sido/ letra de 24 – caros jag har 24 timmar och alla är för dig, come my way jag har 24 hours och alla är för dig, babe come my way 21 floor and 21 street, pull up i know what you need jag har 24 timmar och alla är för dig, come my way du kan sitta på min lap, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-24-caros/ letra de loversku – mala agatha meski diciptakan berbeda kita adalah saudara satukan rasa antara kita singsingkanlah lengan bajumu marilah kita bersatu bersatu dalam nada dan cinta ayo goyang kau yang di sana ayo goyang kau yang di sini, loversku buanglah segala egomu marilah bergabung denganku, loversku wahai loversku mari kita bersatu genggamlah tanganku, bergoyanglah denganku ikuti irama laguku janganlah sampai ... https://letras.top/letra-de-loversku-mala-agatha/ letra de found the one – charlie musselwhite i found hay in a stack of needles four-leaf clover in a mile of weeds (found the one) understands my downs (found the one) puts up with my needs of everybody under the sun i found the one if you’re gonna gamble may as well be on love (found the one) may have had some ... https://letras.top/letra-de-found-the-one-charlie-musselwhite/ letra de três – adriana calcanhotto um foi grande o meu amor não sei o que me deu quem me inventou fui eu fiz de você o sol da noite primordial e o mundo fora nós se resumia a tédio e pó quando em você tudo se complicou dois se você quer amar não basta um só amor não sei como ... https://letras.top/letra-de-tres-adriana-calcanhotto/ letra de wifi lit – future zaytoven woah, woah, woah gone in the sky, over 20,000 i keep my wifi lit i spend over 5,000, that’s just on one fit i’m not going back no more when i ain’t have sh-t pray i get a new connect, pray i get a brick i leave a b-tch in the cold, oh i ... https://letras.top/letra-de-wifi-lit-future/ letra de der himmel soll warten – sido okay, warte kurz, guckt mich an, siehst du das? ich bin cool, dies und das, ich freu’ mir ‘nen riesen ast ich mache das hier für die leute, die das hier lieben, l-sst mich einfach in frieden, wenn ihr sido h-sst, punkt, aus ich bin ein gemachter mann, guckt, was ich erreicht hab’ eigentlich könnte ... https://letras.top/letra-de-der-himmel-soll-warten-sido/ letra de the man upstairs – kevin stokley i’ve always been a sinner never been a saint i can’t be something that i ain’t i’ve done my best, i’ve done my worst lookin’ in the mirror sometimes just hurts but jesus loves me, this i know though i just don’t understand why i keep on walking down these roads takin’ one step forward ... https://letras.top/letra-de-the-man-upstairs-kevin-stokley/ letra de black mass – travi$ scott always used to pull up pop trunk at chancellors yeah, growing hard falling hard, like a cancer yeah, always in the city always keep a dancer yeah, she playing in my hair she gotta keep me handsome yeah, she just in the shower s-she not with the cameras never asking questions never giving answers that’s ... https://letras.top/letra-de-black-mass-travi-scott/ letra de warui yume – b’z 12時すぎてひとりで ムリヤリ見る話題作 場面がだらだら流れて これ以上飲みこめません おまえはどこに ワルイユメでも見てるようで 思わずクスリ箱あさる 戻ってくると思ってたんだ 冗談だよって赤いベロ見せて 悪いことしなくても それは起きてしまう なぜ? 好きなものなんかない方が 楽な道を歩ける なくしたって笑っていられる マガイモノに囲まれたい カーテンを閉めよう 平和な関係を築いても 誰かにとっちゃ退屈らしい スリルの消えたこの部屋は どんな居心地だったの教えて 忘れかけたころ 悲しみは空から 降る また朝が来そう ワルイユメからまだ覚めない いっそ金しばりの方がいいよ そういや虫歯も痛くない 体は全てを拒んでる 肝をひやすスリルが欲しい そういうこと言ってるやつはみんな その先にある平和が欲しい 毛布のような平和が欲しいだけだ なんだかんだほざいたって くやしがるやつの 負け... https://letras.top/letra-de-warui-yume-bz/ letra de change of heart – james vincent mcmorrow give me the note hand it to me i like the weight how sorrow feels i’m on the team make me a king live underwater surfacing rarely raising other sons ink on a wall each time i see you real love is harm nags at your feet conquers the beach conquers the season conquers belief ... https://letras.top/letra-de-change-of-heart-james-vincent-mcmorrow/ letra de pretty boys – kasai pretty boys stop plying my girl listen, listen, listen, stop plying my girls pretty boys stop plying my girl listen, listen, listen, stop plying my girls she’s working until 5, you are wasting time doin’ up the tea in cups, her way to survive you love the (?), what do wanna be then go lick ... https://letras.top/letra-de-pretty-boys-kasai/ letra de プリティー☆チャンネル – wasuta ちゃんちゃんぷうー ちゃんちゃんぷぅー プリ☆チャン! ちゃんちゃんぷうー ちゃんちゃんぷうー 始まる! スクリーン越し ドキドキmax (キラメキ、いっぱい! 宝石みたい!) 笑い 泣き 喜び なんでも (伝えていける 魔法だよ!) ほ ら、キミも目指したいでしょ? (それなら教えてあげるね!) 勇気ちょっとポーチに入れたら (今すぐプリ☆チャン!) ライバルなんていない yume見る人はみんな kawaiiねっ! めちゃスキっ! let’s be friends! 夢へのチャンネルで 誰もがみんな ぴっかんぴっかんぴー 今すぐほら キミもボクも にゃわアイドルです☆ ぴこんタップタップ ちょっとスワイプ ぴっかんぴっかんぴー おっきな愛 世界中に届けてねっ!(一緒に !) ちゃんちゃんぷうー ちゃんちゃんぷうー プリ☆チャン! ちゃんちゃんぷうー ちゃんちゃんぷうー 始まる! 今日もloveみんなに配信! (増えてく増えて いいね☆いいね☆) コスメ 最新のファッションして (研究しながら自分磨き) もっと人気者に、にゃりたいっ! (人に囲まれて歩けないぃ~!) でもね、それだけじゃないんだよぉ。 ... https://letras.top/letra-de-%e3%83%97%e3%83%aa%e3%83%86%e3%82%a3%e3%83%bc%e2%98%86%e3%83%81%e3%83%a3%e3%83%b3%e3%83%8d%e3%83%ab-wasuta/ letra de vibe – amco další mý kroky, vody další dva loky ruce na její boky, vůně a její lokny můj vibe, můj life prokletí můj dar jing jang, můj chleba nikdy nejsi sám moje duše má show, zavřený oči stále jsou píšu, co mám ve svým srdci, klidně budu low můj vibe, můj life prokletí můj dar jing jang, ... https://letras.top/letra-de-vibe-amco/ letra de tulalit – mala agatha tak takoni blegak bleguk jawabanmu manthuk manthuk sakjane kowe wingi lungo ning endi metumu yo karo sopo kok ono wong wadon liyo nganti kowe ora keno dihubungi aku nelfon lha kok malah mbok pateni tulalit tulalit suoro telponmu tulalit tulalit suoro telponmu celekat celekit rasane atiku celekat celekit rasane atiku sliramu ojo gawe mangkelku tulalit ... https://letras.top/letra-de-tulalit-mala-agatha/ letra de priceless – tory lanez [intro] this one umbrella mob is nothin’ to f–k with [verse 1] ay b-tch, i’m back in here to show you i’m the n-gg- all in the vip, them b-tches know you as the n-gg- from the corner sellin’ dope and buyin’ swishers every night i pray to god for my intentions lord, lights and ... https://letras.top/letra-de-priceless-tory-lanez/ letra de do u wanna partner – shaan do u wana partner o partner do u wana partner love me love me say… do u wana partner o partner do u wana partner do u wana partner o partner do u wana partner love me love me say do u wana partner o partner do u wana partner love me love me say ... https://letras.top/letra-de-do-u-wanna-partner-shaan/ letra de wish i knew you – the revivalists you shine like a star you know who you are you’re everything beautiful she’s hot, hot like the sun the loneliest one still everything beautiful well i’ll be god d-mned you’re standing at my door we stayed up in the city until the stars lost the war so friday night, holy ghost take me to ... https://letras.top/letra-de-wish-i-knew-you-the-revivalists/ letra de quella scatola – postino i jeans da stirare ed i lenzuoli sporchi la sveglia che fa l’eco con i suoi rintocchi e nell’angolo quella scatola il cartone di pizza sulla scrivania l’armadio aperto che mi spia e nell’angolo quella scatola non è più un buongiorno senza di te ritiro sopra di me le coperte e provo di nuovo a ... https://letras.top/letra-de-quella-scatola-postino/ letra de d.r.a.g.o.n.s. – st. levi [hook] fighting dragons inside my head (inside my head) trynna k!ll me, they want me dead, yeah they want me dead fighting dragons inside my head (inside my head) trynna k!ll me, they want me dead (they want me dead), yeah they want me dead [verse 1] they try to k!ll me but i can’t ... https://letras.top/letra-de-d-r-a-g-o-n-s-st-levi/ letra de d drive/love – aya hirano あるいて あるいて 疲れたころ あなたが アイテムくれたあの日 属性も よさげ 魔法に つよい 万能タイプ パーティーを組んで わかったことは フォローも できるひと …さあ時間だ! バイトに行こ。 ダンジョンで待っててよねw データぴっとセーブしたから はっぴーww こんやも こんやも会えたんだし よしきめた ウェディングベル 鳴らしちゃおか ぼくのヨメ じつは 男で わたし 女だよ モンスター倒せ 金貨をうばえ 野蛮な ハネムーン …もう眠いよ? 今日はおわり。 じゃあね、落ちるからね dドライヴ/ラヴしてますがw リアルよりイベントいっぱい 次はいつ入ろうか テストもあるからまあね しゃっとだうん;; 「あーあ、 一体いまやってることは、 おとなになって役に立つのかねえ。 しかしなー。 たまには宿題やらにゃー ゲームもやらにゃー! 宿題やらにゃー ゲームもやらにゃー! 宿題宿題やらにゃー ゲームもやらにゃー! 宿題 …宿題やらにゃー 宿題 …宿題やらにゃー ... https://letras.top/letra-de-d-drivelove-aya-hirano/ letra de move over – kozmic blues band you say that it’s over baby, lord you say that it’s over now but still you hang around me, come on won’t you move over you know that i need a man, honey lord you know that i need a man but when i ask you to you just tell me that maybe you can ... https://letras.top/letra-de-move-over-kozmic-blues-band/ letra de intro (chixtape 4) – tory lanez [cam’ron’s “hey ma” playing in the background] [skit] girl 1: so are you f–kin’ with him or what? girl 2: f–kin’ with who? girl 1: b-tch, don’t play dumb. tory girl 2: i mean, yeah girl 1: you know what i mean. did you… girl 2: did i f–k him? girl 1: wait, yeah girl ... https://letras.top/letra-de-intro-chixtape-4-tory-lanez/ letra de chain khuli ki main khuli – shaan mastee… mastee mastee mastee.. hey mastee oy hey.. mastee mastee mastee ha ha! chain khulee ke main khulee, main khulee ke chain khulee chain khulee ke main khulee kee chain dil ka panchhee kare dhamal, pinjare me na isako daal lad jaane de ladate hai jo nain mauj manaaye, dhum machaaye, mastee me kate din ... https://letras.top/letra-de-chain-khuli-ki-main-khuli-shaan/ letra de 48 floors – tory lanez (feat. mansa) [verse 1: tory lanez] i can’t make no dinner, but a n-gg- with the breakfast we can smoke, we can f–k, what’s your preference? wrote to santa just to put you on my s-x list you got that million dollar on at the craigslist aw yeah, and you know who i am all ... https://letras.top/letra-de-48-floors-tory-lanez/