letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de broken heart (transcend) – ryan cassata, itsokaylove it’s been 17 days 3 hours giving it up to my higher power built a garden, no flowers no bamboo, just food, how are ya? haven’t seen in a while, haven’t heard from ya it’s okay if you moved on, it’s good for ya still think about you, and how you ruled my mind center ... https://letras.top/r/ryan-cassata-itsokaylove/letra-de-broken-heart-transcend-ryan-cassata-itsokaylove/ letra de bomba v.o.y – eg.danik запомни воу-воу-воу ты не готов, дайте мне бит убиваю богов ты не готов, ты не готов запомни воу-воу-воу ты не готов, дайте мне бит убиваю богов ты не готов, ты не готов я налью пол поля, подарю вам боя просто дайте бит, я разъебу тут любого я расставлю много точек чтоб ты проиграл на сердце ... https://letras.top/e/eg-danik/letra-de-bomba-v-o-y-eg-danik/ letra de two things alone – a knife in the dark when i take the clock’s hands and follow will you be able to point out all of our moments? which ones will you remember? will the days we spent be etched in stone or sand? everything i’ve said everything i’ve done everything i am it’s here, but only now and then it goes like the ... https://letras.top/a/a-knife-in-the-dark/letra-de-two-things-alone-a-knife-in-the-dark/ letra de playback – tommy newport i bet you carry your potions don’t forget your payback oh baby i’m feeling this moment you said you love me bet i’ll say it back and ooh lover keep it in this moment don’t have time to play it back ooh baby love the way you hold me i’d go the mile just to say that cause ooh love ... https://letras.top/t/tommy-newport/letra-de-playback-tommy-newport/ letra de no surprises md115.2 – radiohead [verse 1] a heart that’s full up like a landfill a job that slowly k!lls and bruises that won’t heal these things are sent to try us break up the election boxes you don’t, you don’t look so good well i’ll take a quiet life a handshake, a heart attack with [chorus] no alarms and ... https://letras.top/r/radiohead/letra-de-no-surprises-md115-2-radiohead/ letra de joy – santana & chris stapleton something on the inside coming on strong everything wasn’t right now i can do no wrong all i was afraid of bringing me down all the walls around love falling to the ground joy, rolling like the thunder rumbles time to let the teardrops tumble listen to the hatred crumble now that i have joy, ... https://letras.top/s/santana-chris-stapleton/letra-de-joy-santana-chris-stapleton/ letra de σιγουριά (sigouria) – active member κακό πράγμα η σιγουριά τελικά άκου που σου λέω εγώ που πληρώνω ακόμα για όλα εκείνα που δε φταίω δεν άραξα ποτέ να βολευτώ σε όσα είχα κοντά μου δε μοιράστηκα ποτέ τα όνειρά μου με εκείνους και καλά τους βολεμένους εγώ έψαχνα το δάκρυ κάπου αλλού, στους πληγωμένους απ’ όλα εκείνα που μουλιάζουν το ... https://letras.top/a/active-member/letra-de-%cf%83%ce%b9%ce%b3%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%81%ce%b9%ce%ac-sigouria-active-member/ letra de choose your poison – pretty addicted [verse 1] wake up in the street and with your mouth stuck to the pavement taste of all you’ve done, it makes you sick, but you haven’t learned go to get a fix, i’m sure it’s best to be out of it some more fall inside the house and make a scene, commit an assault ... https://letras.top/p/pretty-addicted/letra-de-choose-your-poison-pretty-addicted/ letra de albondirock – los 3 pajeros [letra de “albondirock”] [verso] me he despertado a las doce y media me he tomado unas cuatro galletas de chocolate, yeah he soñado que me he comido [?] ¡[?] dios! después me he comido unas cuatro albóndigas con papas fritas ¡oh, yeah! y luego me he ido a ver un poco la tele la que ... https://letras.top/l/los-3-pajeros/letra-de-albondirock-los-3-pajeros/ letra de sbatti 7/7 – bizzy classico sbatti 7 su 7 vita, fatica scandita dalle lancette divido i risparmi con poca gente o siete importanti o non siete niente guardo più avanti, ho altre idee in mente non posso fermarmi, mi muovo sempre tocca ingegnarsi, non voglio bruciarmi i risparmi sui tasti alle macchinette sbatti 7 su 7 vita, fatica scandita dalle lancette divido i risparmi ... https://letras.top/b/bizzy-classico/letra-de-sbatti-77-bizzy-classico/ letra de now i got it – jeff the motivator & lnoda i dream about a millie now i got it i dream about bentley now i got it i dream about some ice now i got it now i got it now i got it i dream about a millie now i got it i dream about bentley now i got it i dream about some ... https://letras.top/j/jeff-the-motivator-lnoda/letra-de-now-i-got-it-jeff-the-motivator-lnoda/ letra de ​sparks – benji mikel [hook] time will fly sparks will light the fire between us we don’t need to rush destined, we have to trust i’ve never been in love i feel it in my gut [verse] but these days, these days i’ve needed time to myself girl, we both know that life gets complicated the situation that i’m in is always steady changing this to the that ... https://letras.top/b/benji-mikel/letra-de-sparks-benji-mikel/ letra de someone i never wanted – anusha verse 1: did you like it when i danced? the way my body moved to a lyric did you put me in a trance so you could see something explicit? did you like my fingers stroking your ego? did you like my innocence at your mercy reducing my life to nothing? chorus 1: coz i ... https://letras.top/a/anusha/letra-de-someone-i-never-wanted-anusha/ letra de tu recuerdo* – pacho el antifeka & lunay [letra de “tu recuerdo”] ¡la letra completa estará disponible pr-nto! [adelanto] [pre-coro: lunay] en lo que te espero, yo me desespero te buscaría, baby, por el mundo entero mi corazón te pertence a ti (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) [coro: lunay] hoy no estás aquí pero una foto junto a los recuerdos me dice— [coro: lunay] ... https://letras.top/p/pacho-el-antifeka-lunay/letra-de-tu-recuerdo-pacho-el-antifeka-lunay/ letra de don’t blow my high – feliciana don’t blow my, don’t blow my don’t blow my, don’t blow my don’t blow my, don’t blow my high you said ill never go back because tonight im loving me wish you put me on track, ya tonight im loving me i’d never do you like that, don’t need no [?] thats wack yeah tonight ... https://letras.top/f/feliciana/letra-de-dont-blow-my-high-feliciana/ letra de squid game (red light, green light) – daddycation [hook] red light, green light, red light, green light, stop -wow- and you know that i get it i got the motivation to get all the money, drop and you know i will win it i’m on the squid game, call me by nickname been underground before, not on the same train i murder this ... https://letras.top/d/daddycation/letra-de-squid-game-red-light-green-light-daddycation/ letra de blitz (kyle hoss disstrack) – kiotashi [songtext zu “blitz (kyle hoss disstrack)”] [part 1] gestern war ich kurz auf youtube unterwegs und da seh’ ich diesen kyle, der einen disstrack rausbringt seine lines sind echt kacke und er tut, als wär’ er ich seine vlogs erreichen nicht mal annähernd so viel kl!cks! es ist einfach traurig, dass du, selbst mit meinem ... https://letras.top/k/kiotashi/letra-de-blitz-kyle-hoss-disstrack-kiotashi/ letra de morning glory – 竹内まりや (mariya takeuchi) 東に向いているブラインド目がけて射し込んだ光に 瞳を開いたら 昨夜の暗闇を濡らしてた雨音 微かに想い出して表はきっと透き通る様な空の色 あわてて飛び立つ 翼よこんな朝の様な心になれそうな morning glory 輝きを heavenly浴びせかける softly消えゆく悲しみに morning gloryいつの日にも surely君のそばに dearly愛はあるから 昨夜の夢覚めずにまだ寝ぼけている街並さえ 動き出すよほらもうすぐにこんな朝の様な心になれるなら morning gloryいつの日にも surely君のそばに dearly愛はあるから こんな朝のような心になれるならmorning gloryいつもいつも surely 君のそばで dearly愛は見つかるからmorning gloryいつの日にも surely 君のそばに dearly愛はあるからmorning gloryいつの日にも surely 君のそばに dearly愛はあるから... https://letras.top/other/%e7%ab%b9%e5%86%85%e3%81%be%e3%82%8a%e3%82%84-mariya-takeuchi/letra-de-morning-glory-%e7%ab%b9%e5%86%85%e3%81%be%e3%82%8a%e3%82%84-mariya-takeuchi/ letra de break your fall – sultan + shepard & hrrtz [verse] the picture is fractured and i can’t see through the cracks are getting wider ’til i can’t feel you the silence is stirring but you won’t say a word you’re drifting through the skies a million miles from the earth [chorus] i won’t break your fall no, i won’t break your fall i won’t ... https://letras.top/s/sultan-shepard-hrrtz/letra-de-break-your-fall-sultan-shepard-hrrtz/ letra de butterfly – wykax ਬਣ ਕੇ ਤੁਸੀਂ b-tterfly ਕਿੱਥੇ ਨੂੰ ਚੱਲੇ ਆ? ਹੈਗਾ ਕੋਈ boyfriend ਜਾਂ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਵੀ ਕੱਲੇ ਆ? ਮੰਗਣੀ ਤਾਂ ਨਹੀਓਂ ਹੋ ਗਈ? ਮੰਗਣੀ ਤਾਂ ਨਹੀਓਂ ਹੋ ਗਈ? ਹੱਥਾਂ ਵਿੱਚ ਛੱਲੇ ਆ ਹੈਗਾ ਕੋਈ boyfriend ਜਾਂ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਵੀ ਕੱਲੇ ਆ? ਬਣ ਕੇ ਤੁਸੀਂ b-tterfly ਕਿੱਥੇ ਨੂੰ ਚੱਲੇ ਆ? ਹੈਗਾ ਕੋਈ boyfriend ਜਾਂ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਵੀ ਕੱਲੇ ਆ? indian ... https://letras.top/w/wykax/letra-de-butterfly-wykax/ letra de beni bana bırak – lia shine snippet şarkı sözleri [verse: morphia] […] göremem, hangi doğrular gerçek? sanrılar ya da yok oluşlar hangisi seni korkutan gerçek? bulut kadar yumuşaktı hafif hissettiğim kurban edilen gecelerim [?] [?] sana bile zor gelir zor olan hislerim düştüm tanrının tuzağına [?] bi’ dert tam üstüne [?] saf günah, tarafsızlar imkansız kurtulmak tekrarlar sonsuzluk sonsuzluğa [?] ya ... https://letras.top/l/lia-shine/letra-de-beni-bana-birak-lia-shine/ letra de turlington – houston keen slap happy drunk at three am on a cold bicycle by turlington a blue backpack and a bottle of gin with a friend, i used to know i swear i don’t care to catch myself in new dorm rooms, with someone else next to fletcher hall where you spent your last semester polo shirts, and ... https://letras.top/h/houston-keen/letra-de-turlington-houston-keen/ letra de duende war (out of africa) – triclops! scr-ping my t–th along this hide make bow, build hut, k!ll duende we say you got no thumbs that’s because when they catch you they cut ’em off and we throw you back in the forest to die if we don’t k!ll you first you’ll never be human like us we won’t let you be ... https://letras.top/t/triclops/letra-de-duende-war-out-of-africa-triclops/ letra de well, today was disappointing. – lil susser [intro] (pfrr pfrr) (pew) (wha) (ayy) (bada ba paa) [verse 1] you know, one time, i was walking down the street and then out of nowhere, some dude leapt at me and then he had a seizure like… what the f-ck bro!? [verse 2] i’m not gonna lie that was pretty f-cking scary how would yooou feel? if you ... https://letras.top/l/lil-susser/letra-de-well-today-was-disappointing-lil-susser/ letra de oceaan – yade lauren [chorus: yade lauren] kijk me aan, luister naar me stem en zeg me naam jij bent met de baddest b in town i need something deep als een oceaan yeah, you ’bout to swim deep dee-ee-ee-eep dee-ee-ee-eep dee-ee-ee-eep yeah [verse 1: cho] … [chorus: yade lauren] kijk me aan, luister naar me stem en zeg ... https://letras.top/y/yade-lauren/letra-de-oceaan-yade-lauren/ letra de unmatchable hearts – naughty prince [pe-hook: naughty prince] hol’ up freddy you goin’ too hard on em [hook: naughty prince] your shortcomings and tries are taken for granted move on you chose the wrong heart your undivided devotions go unrecognized move on you stuck with the wrong heart you give a hunnid percent it’s still not enough move on you ... https://letras.top/n/naughty-prince/letra-de-unmatchable-hearts-naughty-prince/ letra de in my bed – braaten i can’t feel you here i just feel the sp-ce i won’t worry about it, no cause i know you’re not running around giving up all that you got cause i know you’ll be home won’t leave me here alone no more, no more your s-x plays in my head like dum du du dum ... https://letras.top/b/braaten/letra-de-in-my-bed-braaten/ letra de wish – unika i wish i could fall asleep i wish i could erase the pain and fight all your fears away i am holding my ground motion still away how the f-ck you can make eye contact i bet you still don’t care not ashamed of that so tell me are you sorry wait don’t tell me ... https://letras.top/u/unika/letra-de-wish-unika/ letra de blame it on the edit – rupaul all these shows around the world and everywhere we go you’ll never meet another b-tch as salty as these hoes she wanna blame it on the edit blame it on the edit she wanna blame it on the edit you the one who said it, edit go’on and take the credit b-tch, you the one ... https://letras.top/r/rupaul/letra-de-blame-it-on-the-edit-rupaul/ letra de itsody (intro) – solo ody music trap from this sh-t and profit from this sh-t for my family that’s it they screaming who that be he bumping in the streets like who that be who that be? she say itsody itsody itsody itsody he say itsody itsody itsody itsody know me itsody itsody itsody yeah know me itsody itsody itsody know me itsody itsody itsody ... https://letras.top/s/solo-ody-music/letra-de-itsody-intro-solo-ody-music/ letra de nachtkrapp – gràb [german] draußt werd’s koid, s’ liacht verglimmt bua, làf gschwind, da nachtkrapp kimmt fliegt naus mit dir in d’ nacht und furt bis da deife, da deife umma lurt koa lacha mehr, koa häifad’ hand na irrst auf ewig durch sei neamadsland nur von da weitn leicht no a liacht dei kloane seel’, die im schattn ... https://letras.top/g/grab-german/letra-de-nachtkrapp-grab-german/ letra de sox – moaning lisa [verse 1] you keep your socks on because your feet get cold easily i’ll go as far as long as you want or until i start to feel dizzy ’cause i get overwhelmed and you seem to need so much from me or is it just more than i can offer right now i’m trying ... https://letras.top/m/moaning-lisa/letra-de-sox-moaning-lisa/ letra de covid 19 – le psalmiste [intro] unh uh uh [couplet] frère, je ne sais pas c’que tu penses de l’état et du climat actuel en france moi, je ressens qu’l’atmosphère est dense funèbre et ténébreuse est l’ambiance je refuse que ma paix et ma confiance en dieu dépendent des circonstances le monde rejette sa présence maintenant, ils blâment son absence ... https://letras.top/l/le-psalmiste/letra-de-covid-19-le-psalmiste/ letra de solo – cclaymoree, jilie terms and conditions apply to be my guy so hold tight, you’re in for a ride let’s keep it eye to eye is it all lies? how you never make me cry are you too good to be real and true? am i a fool for fallin’ in love with you? i’m fine alone, i ... https://letras.top/c/cclaymoree-jilie/letra-de-solo-cclaymoree-jilie/ letra de vermiss dich – sebaus​ [songtext zu „vermiss dich“] [intro] jede nacht allein und ich frag’ mich, wo du bist, ey [hook] baby, ich vermiss’ dich jede nacht allein und ich frag’ mich, wo du bist, ey wieder mal nicht da, glaub’, ich werd’ hier noch verrückt, ey, ja ja, baby, ich vermiss’ dich jede nacht allein und ich frag’ ... https://letras.top/s/sebaus/letra-de-vermiss-dich-sebaus/ letra de origami heart – satin (band) sometimes love can be so difficult and the end result hard to understand but i know inside you’re just like papier-mâché that i can manipulate when you’re in my hands oh i can’t escape the joy of being close to your nape feeling the softness of your skin as i’d catch your scent as i’d ... https://letras.top/s/satin-band/letra-de-origami-heart-satin-band/ letra de yeni tat – uzo aladino & b3rk0x [prod tag] b3rk0x drop the beat! [hook] yeni tat yeni tarz lirikal işler hep manitan hasta hepimize at minoset tutuyorsun haset dedikodu kazanı 4 gram cebimde tanımadım aga kralı [verse 1] bana bak gözlerim çok budala aman ha sakın sakın bu tarafa yanaşma çok soğuk çok soğuk iced-out fast flow fried mentos ekip hep tok ... https://letras.top/u/uzo-aladino-b3rk0x/letra-de-yeni-tat-uzo-aladino-b3rk0x/ letra de calathea suicide – universal time cops well, you don’t need any oil, if you push four racks yeah, you don’t need any oil, if you push it four racks yeah, you don’t need any oil, if you push it four d-mn racks yeah, you don’t need any oil, if you push it only four racks, yeah yeah, you don’t need any ... https://letras.top/u/universal-time-cops/letra-de-calathea-suicide-universal-time-cops/ letra de choke – ollie cook (verse 1) pick that boy up don’t let him choke can you shut the f-ck up? your making me fall beneath the crust (verse 2) always feel like sh-t after times like this after times like these i just stop and freeze (chorus) don’t let him choke don’t let him choke i thought i was ... https://letras.top/o/ollie-cook/letra-de-choke-ollie-cook/ letra de hazy – lushroom (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) [intro] [?] i’m crying through thoughts from the screen and everything’s [?] so when does the yearly start? it’s going into my heart “stop overthinkin'” i say as i’m waitin’ lookin’ around, my thoughts are fleetin’ away (away, away, away) [pre-chorus] why’s my body gettin’ all groggy what about my body’s ... https://letras.top/l/lushroom/letra-de-hazy-lushroom/ letra de die4u (acoustic) – bring me the horizon [chorus: oliver sykes & jordan fish] you know that i’d die for, i’d cry for you know that i’d die for you you know that i’d breathe for, i’d bleed for you know that i’d breathe for you let me see my halo, even though it’s painful i’m prepared to lose you know that i’d ... https://letras.top/b/bring-me-the-horizon/letra-de-die4u-acoustic-bring-me-the-horizon/ letra de strade smarrite – bull brigade passano i giorni e non capisce più la strada presa dove finirà quale destino in serbo c’è per lui che cazzo ancora gli succederà ha visto amici scivolare via ha fatto cose immaginate mai certezze diventare una bugia ha visto gioie diventare guai e invece un giorno poi si accorge che ha un’altra faccia questa ... https://letras.top/b/bull-brigade/letra-de-strade-smarrite-bull-brigade/ letra de na galha do cajueiro – wilson simonal [letra de “na galha do cajueiro” com wilson simonal] [verso 1] vou fazer minha queixa quando meu papai chegar mamãe não me deixa subir nesse galho ela disse que eu caio eu vou lhe dar trabalho quando meu papai, quando meu papai quando meu papai chegar corro pra ele e vou lhe contar [refrão] papai, ... https://letras.top/w/wilson-simonal/letra-de-na-galha-do-cajueiro-wilson-simonal/ letra de ぷれあです! (pleiades!) – 大空スバル (oozora subaru) [大空スバル「ぷ・れ・あ・で・す!」歌詞] ちょこっとヤンチャで ニコっと元気な キラッとスマイル ア・イ・ド・ル! 毎日もっと 楽しくしたい ドンヨク with アドベンチャー ひらひらスカートも ちゃんと着こなせるんだよ だから もっともっと 好きになってもいいよ? 一緒に 大空に飛びたとう 光れ starlight どんな輝きの中も 強いキラメキ キミに届いているかな? 1ミリでも 伝われ fight, oh! チャージ!チャレンジ!全力アクセル がんばるキミへ 一番乗りのスマイルを贈る スバル ch everyday night & day みんなで! ブルーな気持ちに ズバッと駆けつけ お助けしちゃう ヒーロー! 弱いハートじゃ いられないから つよつよでいきましょう ハラハラなミズギで ドキドキのトキメキ time…? いつでもおいでよ 一年中パラダイスドカンと曇り空吹き飛ばそう あがれ!スターマイン どんな暗闇の中も 眩しく照らす キミに見つけてもらえた それだけでもう 運命なんだ もっとずーーっと道は続いてく ... https://letras.top/other/%e5%a4%a7%e7%a9%ba%e3%82%b9%e3%83%90%e3%83%ab-oozora-subaru/letra-de-%e3%81%b7%e3%82%8c%e3%81%82%e3%81%a7%e3%81%99%ef%bc%81-pleiades-%e5%a4%a7%e7%a9%ba%e3%82%b9%e3%83%90%e3%83%ab-oozora-subaru/ letra de caffè di notte – the nemigos strofa 1 [egon]: questa è la fine di un’era per noi, anime sole e pensare già che fino a poche settimane fa eravamo solamente due anime al sole abbiamo camminato nel profondo, nell’ignoto io stavo sopra un filo e l’hai tagliato con le forbici per poi di scoprirci tossici, protocollo di kyoto e non capisco perché se sono con ... https://letras.top/t/the-nemigos/letra-de-caffe-di-notte-the-nemigos/ letra de tshidi – sl!m d!zzy (verse 1) sl!m d!zzy yaka bani le gumba fire.. ke itholetse lekgarebe ndofoya.. for better or worse till we die yeahh.. im never feeling down, by you im inspired.. tshidi be the name of your mamazala.. im pretty sure, wena naye ni nga zwana.. ngwana wa m’zulu kio o nyalwa ke motswana..i kgang kgolo ke ... https://letras.top/s/slm-dzzy/letra-de-tshidi-slm-dzzy/ letra de i want a hippopotamus for christmas (hippo the hero) – darren criss [verse 1] i want a hippopotamus for christmas only a hippopotamus will do i don’t want a dog, or tiny tinker-toys i want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy i want a hippopotamus for christmas i don’t think santa claus will mind, do you? he won’t have to use our dirty chimney flue just ... https://letras.top/d/darren-criss/letra-de-i-want-a-hippopotamus-for-christmas-hippo-the-hero-darren-criss/ letra de past tense – corbin adler [verse 1] she only loves me when she’s all alone she only loves me when she’s too far gone she only calls me when he’s out of town out of sight, out of mind yeah [pre chorus] guess you wanted more than maybe just pretend guess you wanted more than maybe no loose ends guess ... https://letras.top/c/corbin-adler/letra-de-past-tense-corbin-adler/ letra de rock-n-roll macdonald – joe scruggs now old macdonald had to sell that farm the pigs and the cows and that big red barn then he moved to town and started looking around just to see what he could see he saw a television and he heard a beat that he would snap his fingers and tap his feet and he ... https://letras.top/j/joe-scruggs/letra-de-rock-n-roll-macdonald-joe-scruggs/ letra de bless your little heart – the velveteers [verse 1] dirty little lies, tell em’ to me nice blow a little kiss so you will never miss me spitting on my face, words are such a waste bless your little heart, i know you can’t resist me i know you can’t resist me [verse 2] you just started a war, it’s knocking on ... https://letras.top/t/the-velveteers/letra-de-bless-your-little-heart-the-velveteers/ letra de ahmadu bello – o blast [intro ] ooh ay heading to the headies blast [verse 1] man is down many time ain’t gon lie down many time i just pull up online cause, i go harder anytime that i’m down i may not be here on time ain’t giving up on dime oluwa loke ni baba o -baba that’s why ... https://letras.top/o/o-blast/letra-de-ahmadu-bello-o-blast/ letra de the truth about love – allie zarazua the truth about love the truth about love the truth about love i never found it in you the truth about love the truth about love the truth about love i never knew it in you knew it in you he once said that he would never feel what he felt with me he told ... https://letras.top/a/allie-zarazua/letra-de-the-truth-about-love-allie-zarazua/ letra de anonymous – lucas agosto [verse 1] said you loved when we’re together now i know that you were lying cause you changed with the weather you just wasted my time just stop putting in the effort guess i should’ve realized soon as things were getting better you up and left what was us behind [pre-chorus] but it’s alright i’m ... https://letras.top/l/lucas-agosto/letra-de-anonymous-lucas-agosto/ letra de switchblade – lyran dasz [hook] [?] andere mit switchblades sie schreibt, dass sie mich fühl’n muss, ich schreib ‘xd’ ich bin am flexen wenn du pills takest ihr seid von microsoft wie bill gates [?] andere mit switchblades sie schreibt, dass sie mich fühl’n muss, ich schreib ‘xd’ ich bin am flexen wenn du pills takest ihr seid von ... https://letras.top/l/lyran-dasz/letra-de-switchblade-lyran-dasz/ letra de tennessee rain – interlude – the shindellas feelin’ the pain like a tennessee rain feelin’ the pain and it won’t go away feelin’ the pain like a tennessee rain feelin’ the pain and it won’t go away feelin’ the pain all day long i’m feelin’ it i can hardly deal with it all day long i’m feelin’ it and it won’t go ... https://letras.top/t/the-shindellas/letra-de-tennessee-rain-interlude-the-shindellas/ letra de carrow – kid cuebas [hook] business is business i hate it so vicious i’m hoping i don’t have to find out clout is a tool clout is a drug this life i’m gonna climb out x2 [verse 1] f-cked up like geppetto i’m slinging an arrow it’s shooting like carrow i’m fly like a sparrow these people are narrow ... https://letras.top/k/kid-cuebas/letra-de-carrow-kid-cuebas/ letra de fo – lil gawk & plant daddy [intro] donnie katana [verse 1: plant daddy] owen’s got ten racks i kiz, i kiz, i cap thrusting in his back his mullet lookin’ wack doin’ his mom, she lacks f-ckin’ his dad inside his ass owen on the beach, he tweets with a peener that is only three feet pull out his mom while ... https://letras.top/l/lil-gawk-plant-daddy/letra-de-fo-lil-gawk-plant-daddy/ letra de rio – katerina stikoudi & dinamiss & mc daddy (yeah,yeah) [dinamiss] (rio) βγάλε τα ρούχα σου εδώ δεν κάνει κρύο (rio) θα υδρόσουμε αλλιώς σου λέμε αντίο (rio) κοίτα πως το κουνάει πάνω κάτω το πάει σαν να είναι βραζιλιάνα από το rio [stikoudi, mc daddy] ναι θέλουνε παπούτσια louboutin θέλουνε και βόλτες με cayenne είμαι grande όταν με κοιτάνε λένε στείλε dm, dm, ... https://letras.top/k/katerina-stikoudi-dinamiss-mc-daddy/letra-de-rio-katerina-stikoudi-dinamiss-mc-daddy/ letra de you should go – drear why you say why you say why you say i don’t know why you say why you say why you say i don’t know why you say why you say why you say i don’t know why you say why you say why you say i don’t know i don’t know why you say why ... https://letras.top/d/drear/letra-de-you-should-go-drear/ letra de 帰っておいでよ (kaette oideyo) – サイダーガール (cidergirl) [サイダーガール「帰っておいでよ」歌詞] こんな夜明け前に 電話くれるなんて 一体どうしたの? 楽しそうな声なのに なんだか少し震えているよ 何があったって 誰に何を言われたって 僕だけは味方だよ 帰っておいでよ 帰っておいでよ おなかがへったら帰っておいでよ 君が笑って「ただいま」って言ったら おいしいごはんを作っておくよ 帰っておいでよ 帰っておいでよ 歩き疲れたら帰っておいでよ 僕が笑って「おかえり」って言うから ふかふかのベッドでぐっすり眠ってよ 風の朝も雨の夜も いつだって僕は此処にいるから おなかがへったら帰っておいでよ... https://letras.top/other/%e3%82%b5%e3%82%a4%e3%83%80%e3%83%bc%e3%82%ac%e3%83%bc%e3%83%ab-cidergirl/letra-de-%e5%b8%b0%e3%81%a3%e3%81%a6%e3%81%8a%e3%81%84%e3%81%a7%e3%82%88-kaette-oideyo-%e3%82%b5%e3%82%a4%e3%83%80%e3%83%bc%e3%82%ac%e3%83%bc%e3%83%ab-cidergirl/ letra de king of land & sea – iconicaliphant [verse 1: iconicaliphant] f-ck these b-tches who wanna be like me copy and paste each letter, couldn’t be me i am the king of land, and you better respect me so bow down to me before i go on a k!lling spree [chorus: iconicaliphant] we’re the king of land and sea (king of land and ... https://letras.top/i/iconicaliphant/letra-de-king-of-land-sea-iconicaliphant/ letra de я умер (i died) – hornix [припев] я умер в твоей душе и никогда больше не вернусь любовь оказалась жестокой поэтому прощай я умер в твоей душе и никогда больше не вернусь любовь оказалась жестокой поэтому прощай [куплет] я умер в твоей душе это чистая правда невинная чистая любовь теперь стала чёрна это всё из-за тебя только из-за тебя чистая любовь ... https://letras.top/h/hornix/letra-de-%d1%8f-%d1%83%d0%bc%d0%b5%d1%80-i-died-hornix/ letra de on a basiz’ – tsavage02 [chorus] it’s a good day (it is) it’s a good day (uh huh, uh huh, yeah) it’s a good day it’s a muf-ckin’ good day, it’s good day it’s a good day (on a basiz is the plan) it’s a good day (i’m showing all that i can) it’s a good day (i’m growing to ... https://letras.top/t/tsavage02/letra-de-on-a-basiz-tsavage02/ letra de más, más, más – miguel ángel jenner, tony cruz & javier pontón ratcliff: ¿botín de cortés? ¿rubíes de pizarro? de aquí a mañana valdrán lo que el barro el oro de aquí los anulará venga, vamos a trabajar sólo habrá que cavar vamos, un simple túnel y venga sin descansar coge un pico, chico hunde la pala, sacad esas piedras que brillan igual que un rubí es oro, y hay más, más, ... https://letras.top/m/miguel-angel-jenner-tony-cruz-javier-ponton/letra-de-mas-mas-mas-miguel-angel-jenner-tony-cruz-javier-ponton/ letra de clamor – 4fro.d meu pai meu pai não consigo mais viver sem ti meu pai meu pai não consigo mais viver de olhos fechados clamo e penso em te encontrar, levanto minhas minhas mãos e espero poder te escutar cansado do mundo eu busco no senhor andar no meu desespero o espírito a me transformar vem senhor de ... https://letras.top/4/4fro-d/letra-de-clamor-4fro-d/ letra de one day at a time – zoan one day at a time they’ll eventually turn to years one day at a time it’s god’s gift to you my dear one day at a time progress is gradual one day at a time might as well make today magical one day of hard work can add up to multiple days and it can ... https://letras.top/z/zoan/letra-de-one-day-at-a-time-zoan/ letra de carseat freestyle – ruindaray verse 1 it’s me m-th-f-cka what’s the d-mn deal so stand down before i put you at a stand still my n-gga ruin hit that man with the d-mn steel so hard that you would think his head was a anvil these rapper n-ggas full of garbage like a landfill but i’m paralyzed to it ... https://letras.top/r/ruindaray/letra-de-carseat-freestyle-ruindaray/ letra de no kidnap today – michael james murphy the deceiver creeps into the night seeing who he’ll steal away has his sights set on the chosen race for a new one to capture as prey he’s ready to do whatever it takes got several tricks up his sleeves nothing would make him happier than to take one who claims to believe but there’ll ... https://letras.top/m/michael-james-murphy/letra-de-no-kidnap-today-michael-james-murphy/ letra de i want you cryin’ (instrumental) – toxiplays [intro: brent faiyaz] (toxi in this beat, beat, beat) (ooh) [chorus: brent faiyaz] darling, i don’t wish you well when you ain’t with me, i want you cryin’ i know it’s wrong, but i-i-i-i just gotta be honest (do it, do it) pick me up don’t know if it’s what i need, but it’s what i want god, look ... https://letras.top/t/toxiplays/letra-de-i-want-you-cryin-instrumental-toxiplays/ letra de mindstate – the neverending mixtape [hook: agee] oh it’s a mindstate been stripped away from these lovely days oh it’s a mindstate can’t see the stain but you feel the pain yeah it’s a mindstate they say you could change but it’s always the same guess it’s a mindstate guess it’s a mindstate [verse 1: sogi yhaman] yeah, let’s go ... https://letras.top/t/the-neverending-mixtape/letra-de-mindstate-the-neverending-mixtape/ letra de show me your moves – lucas [verse 1] dancer, dancer where can you be? you who were born to dance with me i want someone who can dance all night long if she can’t, she must be wrong someone real fast or real slow you can hold themselves back and let themselves go and if need be, let go of me ... https://letras.top/l/lucas/letra-de-show-me-your-moves-lucas/ letra de live a lie – rival viver uma mentira egzod, andreas stone deu um golpe em uma bola de demolição, e eu rezei pela minha queda, quando não encontrei maneira de reconciliar porque no meu coração não vale a pena é um campo de batalha sangrento onde alguns caem, outros curam no final é tudo igual tudo que você pode fazer ... https://letras.top/r/rival/letra-de-live-a-lie-rival/ letra de wicked freestyle – redo [текст песни “wicked freestyle”] вежливый взгляд, я умею ствол за спиной в панамере препараты на фанере 102 нас целит, но метится в зелень 102 хочет знать, кто в тени pull up dis trigga like wirrida wirrida и ты закончишь растением твоя сука на панели ведь ты не можешь достать даже денег взять даже денег семь ... https://letras.top/r/redo/letra-de-wicked-freestyle-redo/ letra de throw it back – lalito [verse 1] i just want to show you how– so in love i’m in now k!lling me softly baby girl i’m sorry i just want to kiss you up and hold you down tell me if there’s sp-ce got me out of place when i see your face you got me holding back you got ... https://letras.top/l/lalito/letra-de-throw-it-back-lalito/ letra de fucked up – daniel blair think i’m living in a world with a prescription life think i’m struggling with addiction, i can’t lie always hoping that i’ll make it out okay think that everyone has made me go insane push my limits, always hanging on my brain how’d you know this but still leave me anyway? it’s got me f-cked ... https://letras.top/d/daniel-blair/letra-de-fucked-up-daniel-blair/ letra de coming up – alexis taylor you want a love that lasts forever one that will never fade away i wanna help you with your problem stick around, i say coming up like a flower coming up coming up like a flower coming up you want a friend you can rely on one who will never fade away i wanna help ... https://letras.top/a/alexis-taylor/letra-de-coming-up-alexis-taylor/ letra de flex – leflossmarv hook look! i be feeling trippy off a perc (30!!!) shawty feeling on me cause i’m next couple n-gga’s b-tches in my text i be shooting movies like apex got a couple movies of my eeeexxx! i ain’t in the gym i’m still gon flex f-cking my b-tch raw don’t do latex call all my ... https://letras.top/l/leflossmarv/letra-de-flex-leflossmarv/ letra de crossfire (out there remix) – mothica [verse 1] she said “don’t worry about what i mean” but i can’t help but wonder ’cause these words go straight into my brain and i’ve never felt this way before [pre-chorus] you got the nerve to get close to me you’ll be the match on the gasoline oh oh oh maybe i’m my own ... https://letras.top/m/mothica/letra-de-crossfire-out-there-remix-mothica/ letra de зима – vitya [verse] так хотелось измениться, стать другим, увы невозможно выйти за пределы головы там темно и, правда, страшно, вместо снега сажа там печаль правит бал а я падкий на уловки своей черепной коробки все, я устал [chorus] зима зима [verse] так хотелось бы напиться крепкого вина чтобы все забыть и никогда не вспоминать размешал в нем ... https://letras.top/v/vitya/letra-de-%d0%b7%d0%b8%d0%bc%d0%b0-vitya/ letra de le martyr – lofofora sais-tu qu’il est revenu je crois bien… c’était un vendredi aucun ne l’a reconnu c’est son frère lui-même qui me l’a dit et même s’il avait des remords rien ne sera plus comme avant autour de lui plane la mort comme le condor poussé par le vent mais où sont passés les enfants? personne ne ... https://letras.top/l/lofofora/letra-de-le-martyr-lofofora/ letra de lies – tervinbeatz you left me to die in this place oh you left me to die in this place love what does it mean to you trust i thought i had it with you lies this is all new to me to me yeah yeah you left me to die you left me to die you left ... https://letras.top/t/tervinbeatz/letra-de-lies-tervinbeatz/ letra de ​eu não gosto de pobre – lord incel [letra de “eu não gosto de pobre” com lord incel] [intro] pobre, ​eu não gosto de pobre (rap do cellbit) quanto pobre (quanto pobre nesse lugar) yo, pobres uh, pobres (pobre nesse lugar) yo, pobres yo, pobres (quanto pobre nesse lugar) [refrão] eu não gosto de pobre (pobre, pobre, pobre) eu não gosto de pobre ... https://letras.top/l/lord-incel/letra-de-eu-nao-gosto-de-pobre-lord-incel/ letra de brawl stars – vaginalnaya zapekanka спиздил у бабки песнию, закинул в brawl stars (еее) думал выпадет леон, а упала с окна мать (а) ебать, тупо нюхнул бебру (ха) мой дед еблан, хуй сосёт за сперму (ахуеть) не встать, не лечь. похуй кто чё лечит если гуль на аве, то хуй в жопу обеспечен (еблан) засверлил пупок, сел за катку в ... https://letras.top/v/vaginalnaya-zapekanka/letra-de-brawl-stars-vaginalnaya-zapekanka/ letra de a starry night in apollo bay – rini [intro] mm-hmm mm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm mm, hmm-hmm mm-hmm mm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm [verse] we finally found our home a place where we both belong somewhere we can be alone and dive into each other’s worlds we’ll fade away out of the blue we can stay it’s up to you watching the stars, they shine [outro] i ... https://letras.top/r/rini/letra-de-a-starry-night-in-apollo-bay-rini/ letra de triangles – los elk oh my mind feels mutilated cause’ the pretty little poet miscalculated the current state inflated my distress clatter like a wind up toy you’re all worked up and paranoid its obvious you’re starting to obsess i can’t focus, i’m glad you noticed girl you must be tired what with all the scheming tryin’ to get ... https://letras.top/l/los-elk/letra-de-triangles-los-elk/ letra de share. [] – ​j^p^n [intro] i know how you feel sometimes when you come in here what i feel from you is like i’m happy i see what it does to you, i know i know how [?] to you and i don’t want your privacy, babe all i wanna do is help you share the way [refrain] ooh, ... https://letras.top/j/jpn/letra-de-share-jpn/ letra de alien – baaldo my mind flies with you the lights are ringing i feel abducted it’s time to party we don’t have more enemies there’s no revenge on this cold plate it is a pleasant silence, it’s like a ray, yay, babe i feel i am not in my place this is not a normal day i see ... https://letras.top/b/baaldo/letra-de-alien-baaldo/ letra de dreaming – al bowlly when i’m alone and i’m dreaming after the long day is done memories of past happy hours bring hope of new joys to come dreaming, dreaming of you in the firelight’s glow sweetheart, i want you to always know each night i dream of you scheming, scheming our plans for the future dear hoping to have and to hold you ... https://letras.top/a/al-bowlly/letra-de-dreaming-al-bowlly/ letra de somebody like – w.h. lung [verse 1] i battle with an ossifying soul for those that i love and those that i don’t not to mention there’s a lot worth fighting for, it’s old as snow i take from the willow the money of the oak i’m so tired of being so tired, can’t keep hiding from my mind i ... https://letras.top/w/w-h-lung/letra-de-somebody-like-w-h-lung/ letra de immunità diplomatica – bizzy classico vuole la bandana messa alla santana fare ballin’, tipo jimmy, ma senza collana questa zia mi k!lla, è un’altra psicopatica ma sta roba non mi tocca, immunità diplomatica p-ssy rosa sembra la pelliccia di k!lla io la lecco tipo un blunt dutch vanilla conta soldi veri ma solo per finta parlano di rissa ma è ... https://letras.top/b/bizzy-classico/letra-de-immunita-diplomatica-bizzy-classico/ letra de the cannibal’s love song – deep femme i’m gonna murder you tonight i’m gonna murder you with a kitchen knife five times in the heart four times in the eyes five times in the stomach hope you like your surprise happy birthday, darling, hope you taste divine at the table, i pour you some wine my lovin’ eyes trace the line of ... https://letras.top/d/deep-femme/letra-de-the-cannibals-love-song-deep-femme/ letra de haghe man bode ya to (feat. edris) – omid parsa harchi aram bod qabl az didane to eshqet soozan ast hmmm… ba ham bodom ke megoft he ashiqi chest? az dorit parishan ast deltang tost hamisha be to in hal khob namesha haghe ma nest in jodaye asheqa jodan az ham hamesha haghe entekhab nadashtim mawoto kenare ham bashem sarnawesht ma ham hami bod ta ... https://letras.top/o/omid-parsa/letra-de-haghe-man-bode-ya-to-feat-edris-omid-parsa/ letra de for those (who doubt) – crucified [verse 1] vividly send ’em misery, mystery, crew sufficiently finishin’ foolish enemy, cripple ’em due to victory rudely awakened energy fuelin’ me, gave epiphany using me to get ready, ink droolin’ up out the pen it bleeds crack ’em like confetti, i bag ’em up for the fetti and i know they feelin’ ready but ... https://letras.top/c/crucified/letra-de-for-those-who-doubt-crucified/ letra de can’t go on – jon young sometimes i feel like i’m strong other times i feel like i’m not most times i feel i can’t go on, can’t go on, yeah sometimes i feel like i’m strong other times i feel like i’m not most times i feel i can’t go on, can’t go on, yeah woke up, wish i didn’t wake up so stuck, in ... https://letras.top/j/jon-young/letra-de-cant-go-on-jon-young/ letra de klage einer sünderin – isolation berlin die sünden vergangener nächte legen sich wie eine schlinge um den hals und ziehen gnadenlos zu, bis die luft wegbleibt unter dem bett liegt ein ungeheuer, das fletscht knurrend die zähne jetzt nur keinen mucks sonst beißt es zu und lässt nie wieder los aus der dunkelheit kommen böse gesichter die mich beschimpfen und anklagend ... https://letras.top/i/isolation-berlin/letra-de-klage-einer-sunderin-isolation-berlin/ letra de l-w-a – arkh zeus [verse 1] f-ck a peaceful entrance they knew i was coming they received the message f-ck is feeling threatened? that’s a weak suggestion i’m not even stressing can you believe these peasants? i was deep in sentences then peeped their rec sh-t and i seen it all comes from a sheep’s direction while they stuck ... https://letras.top/a/arkh-zeus/letra-de-l-w-a-arkh-zeus/ letra de chuvas de bênçãos – afonso augusto te molha na chuva (ó, ó, ó, ó) e enche teu cântaro (ó, ó, ó, ó) são chuvas de bênçãos pra aqueles que almejam o espírito santo te molha na chuva (ó, ó, ó, ó) e enche teu cântaro (ó, ó, ó, ó) são chuvas de bênçãos pra aqueles que almejam o espírito santo numa ... https://letras.top/a/afonso-augusto/letra-de-chuvas-de-bencaos-afonso-augusto/ letra de tro – we are the catalyst [chorus] tro jag vill känna tro jag vill känna morgondagen nalkas här i lugn och ro i en vintervärld, finns det någon tro? jag vill känna önskan om en tid så ljus som friheten känna tro igen [verse 1] drömmarna vi har känns som bleka höstar där har sommaren redan regnat bort det spelar ingen roll hur vi gråter våra ... https://letras.top/w/we-are-the-catalyst/letra-de-tro-we-are-the-catalyst/ letra de door to door – residuals the things said, and the moments shared become the flesh of flesh and the bone of bone fibres in my brain start to tear and it’s making me fragile my skin is paper, bones are glass delicate disaster faster my mind, find an answer move on with my life looking back at it all, it ... https://letras.top/r/residuals/letra-de-door-to-door-residuals/ letra de essa fada, essa mulher – wando durante o dia no trabalho ela é discreta e bem do jeito que eu gosto de noite, ninguém imagina o que é capaz essa doce mulher ela tem nos lábios o veneno do sabor que eu mais gosto e o feitiço do amor sobre o fecho éclair aqueles óculos que ela usa esconde a malícia ... https://letras.top/w/wando/letra-de-essa-fada-essa-mulher-wando/