letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de fire marengo – the dreadnoughts lift him up and carry him along fire marengo, fire away put him down where he belongs fire marengo, fire away ease him down and let him lay fire marengo, fire away screw him in and there he’ll stay fire marengo, fire away now stow him in his hole below fire marengo, fire away stay he must but then ... https://letras.top/t/the-dreadnoughts/letra-de-fire-marengo-the-dreadnoughts/ letra de cercasi paradiso – riccardo cocciante cercasi una partenza facile per cieli liberi un grande aereo bianco che ci porti via da quì una scenografia di sole e di magia cercasi colore per dipingere questa nostra vita normale sorriso per illuminare ogni storia b-n-le come in pubblicità appure al cinema cercasi un paradiso qui all’ultimo paino con la musica e l’allegria ... https://letras.top/r/riccardo-cocciante/letra-de-cercasi-paradiso-riccardo-cocciante/ letra de day in hell – exilia another day another day dear president and plastic wife i fell wrong and nothin’s right i never was a princess i never had a lucky star no f-cking fairytale life no more angels, no more chances gotta fight for my dream gotta think about me ready or not? ready or not? ready or not? it’s ... https://letras.top/e/exilia/letra-de-day-in-hell-exilia/ letra de reach – jo-kim i had to reach inside of me so pardon me if its hard to see i had to reach inside of me so pardon me if its hard to see i had to reach inside of me so pardon me if its hard to see i had to reach inside of me so pardon me if its hard to ... https://letras.top/j/jo-kim/letra-de-reach-jo-kim/ letra de könig von preußen – hannes wader o könig von preußen, du großer potentat wie sind wir deines dienstes so überdrüssig satt! was fangen wir nun an in diesem jammertal allwo ist nichts zu finden als not und lauter qual! und kommt das frühjahr an, da ist die große hitz’ da heißt es exerzieren, d-ss ei’m der buckel schwitzt da heißt es ... https://letras.top/h/hannes-wader/letra-de-konig-von-preusen-hannes-wader/ letra de tu fais ton âge – la grande sophie tu fais ton âge malgré tous les détours malgré ceux qui t’entourent malgré les confusions tu fais ton âge et quand tu fais la gueule ça crève les pupilles ça brûle les tympans tu fais ton âge j’entends au bout du fil quand toi tu te défiles ta voix prend les devants tu fais ton ... https://letras.top/l/la-grande-sophie/letra-de-tu-fais-ton-age-la-grande-sophie/ letra de siesta key – a loss for words it’s christmas eve and we’re in cleveland we’ll make it back if there’s no snow just like 4 years ago in philly when we barely made it home to all those nights spent on the road with 8 hours left hours left to go with the highway as a home i spent my 25th in ... https://letras.top/a/a-loss-for-words/letra-de-siesta-key-a-loss-for-words/ letra de jah no dead – burning spear they tried to fool the black population by telling them that jah jah dead and they tried to fool the black population by telling them that jah jah dead.. i & i knows jah – jah no dead – jah no dead jah no dead (5x) oooh nooo – jah no dead my knowledge increase ... https://letras.top/b/burning-spear/letra-de-jah-no-dead-burning-spear/ letra de play my game – enca [chorus] hey you come and show me what you can do i’m gon’ give it to ya all i got, everyday and night everyday and night-night hey you come and show me what you can do i’m gon’ give it to ya all i got, everyday and night everyday and night-night [verse 1] callin, callin my name i know ... https://letras.top/e/enca/letra-de-play-my-game-enca/ letra de crazy about her (just a crazy sure! mix) – rod stewart i walk the streets at night until the morning light comes shining through can’t get a good night’s sleep ain’t been to work in weeks what am i gonna do help me can’t get her off my mind i’m drinking too much wine i’m burning up inside if i could touch her face or take ... https://letras.top/r/rod-stewart/letra-de-crazy-about-her-just-a-crazy-sure-mix-rod-stewart/ letra de soitellaan – aarne tenkanen pakko kilauttaa on kai tiinalle vaikka viimeksi se haisi viinalle se on aina sama juttu kun on naisten kanssa mä kilautan niille kaik!lle mä kilautan ihan joka ikiselle nyt soittaa voisin vaikka seijalle ja sen jälkeen isosisko eijalle se on aina sama juttu kun on naisten kanssa mä kilautan niille kaik!lle mä kilautan ihan joka ... https://letras.top/a/aarne-tenkanen/letra-de-soitellaan-aarne-tenkanen/ letra de greetings from the gutter – dave stewart that’s what you’ve gotta do when it’s all over that’s what you’ve gotta do that’s what you’ve gotta do when it’s all over that’s what you’ve gotta do greetings from the gutter i’ve been here since yesterday sweet dreams in the gutter all the skeletons come out to play at times i feel so logical ... https://letras.top/d/dave-stewart/letra-de-greetings-from-the-gutter-dave-stewart/ letra de ella – lucas beguerie [letra de “ella”] [coro: frankfasce] ella, me mira y me descongela el alma sus labios lo utiliza como un arma cada beso que me da siento que sólo se va adueñando de mi cama es ella, es fina y bella pero no una dama si llama sólo es pa’ tocar mi cama me despierto y no está, en mis ... https://letras.top/l/lucas-beguerie/letra-de-ella-lucas-beguerie/ letra de princess of the night – modern talking oh i’m waitin’ in the darkness hesitatin’ in the darkness follow on your shadows in the night i’m feelin’ it’s burnin’ the point of no return babe easy for two baby it’s so hard for one princess of the night (of the night) i’m drownin’ in the light (in the light) princess of my dream ... https://letras.top/m/modern-talking/letra-de-princess-of-the-night-modern-talking/ letra de stress – white punk [текст песни “stress” ft. ramirez] [припев: white punk] да, я надел маску и забрал этот кейс я плохой ребёнок, но для них я отец в своём городе был яркий, вокруг стая овец я курю этот стресс, лучше сюда не лезь [куплет 1: white punk] [?] вы думали я их нарушаю? я могу всё проебать и заработать всё обратно выхожу ... https://letras.top/w/white-punk/letra-de-stress-white-punk/ letra de inside out-upside down – the archies lovin’ you has got me upside down lovin’ you has got me inside out upside down inside out dill-lil-lil-lily-lay-oh dill-lil-lil-lily-lay-oh dill-lil-lil-lily-lay-oh dill-lil-lil-lily-lay-oh every time i see you i feel so weak every time we kiss it’s the same my tongue gets tied and i just can’t speak i can only whisper your name hey, hey, hey lovin’ you has ... https://letras.top/t/the-archies/letra-de-inside-out-upside-down-the-archies/ letra de the watcher – rory gallagher is there a car straight under a light that’s burning? prepared by your soul for all the secrets you’re holding step back in time machine for a mind that’s frozen this is a mind that will challenge the full moon capture on acid a man whose mind is exploding this is a life from the ... https://letras.top/r/rory-gallagher/letra-de-the-watcher-rory-gallagher/ letra de the human map says we’re fucked – street smart cyclist i have been shaking since the moment i realized that you might want me hey… and now, we’re alone and i’m on fire and i’m trying to kiss you the squinting eyes, the darkish light the humming glow is kind of, like, romantic the squinting eyes, the darkish light the humming glow is kind of, ... https://letras.top/s/street-smart-cyclist/letra-de-the-human-map-says-were-fucked-street-smart-cyclist/ letra de will to power – face down “i hate all the f-cking human race. i get a kick out of murdering people.” …many believe that serial k!llers are insane but the most chilling fact is that they are invariably rational and calculating they know what they are doing is wrong but they simply do not care they are essentially without conscience… …multiple ... https://letras.top/f/face-down/letra-de-will-to-power-face-down/ letra de don’t think twice, it’s all right – steve young well, it ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe even you don’t know by now and it ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe it’ll never do somehow when your rooster crows at the break of dawn look out your window, and i’ll be gone you’re the reason i’m a-traveling on ... https://letras.top/s/steve-young/letra-de-dont-think-twice-its-all-right-steve-young/ letra de worth it – i’ll get by was it all worth it to you all the time and all the effort we put into creating things now when we look back all has fallen apart and faded away meaningless memories you can barely remember you pretend to care only when we cross roads all the days we spend now just seem in vain all the days ... https://letras.top/i/ill-get-by/letra-de-worth-it-ill-get-by/ letra de the castle – roby rossini rit the king is in the castle the queen is in the castle all in the castle of mind the prince is in the castle the joker’s in the castle all in the castle of mind (x2) there’s a castle in me in the land of nowhere and i’m searching the way but i’m losing ... https://letras.top/r/roby-rossini/letra-de-the-castle-roby-rossini/ letra de nyt skarppina – cheek välil pysähtyy miettii miten nopee aika kulkee koitan pitää huolta siit et ei ainakaa mul mee mitään huomaamat ohi vaa siks et aika sulkee duunaan muuvssei ennen ku ne päälle laittaa turpeen ei sais jättää tekemät mitää mit pystys ja haluis mä pystysi, ni kaiken läpi pää pystyssä kaluis ku ois ruutii ku kranuis, ei ... https://letras.top/c/cheek/letra-de-nyt-skarppina-cheek/ letra de massakermusik – nasty place a la garce hazzz eclates enfonces la cr-sse jalousie folie la grenad se degoupie pan tean place a la garce hazzz eclates enfonces la cr-sse jalousie folie la grenade se degoupie pan tean un coup de kick de cheval dans les dents und wir wissen genau was wir tun gerade so als wären wir ... https://letras.top/n/nasty/letra-de-massakermusik-nasty/ letra de there/gone – tenacity (band) [intro] ah-ah, ah-ah-ah ah-ah, ah-ah-ah (da-da-da-da-do, da-da-do-da-da) ah-ah, ah-ah-ah ah-ah, ah-ah-ah {verse 1} i still have time, have time i’ve got all morning to believe you’re someone else from the refined goodnight ’til the golden dawning time’s been crumbling into mess {refrain} maybe i’m too scared that someone cares mm-mm someone cares [instrumental] (still have time) (emit evah llits) ... https://letras.top/t/tenacity-band/letra-de-theregone-tenacity-band/ letra de dans l’au-delà – catherine major dans l’au-delà, on s’ennuie on r’garde le bout de la botte d’italie nuages au pieds, on veut botter le cul tout gros des journées de pluie dans l’au-delà, dieu fait sa loi y’a ni whisky ni bière ni crédit y’a morrison, qui chante à l’eau un gigolo sans rhum ça détonne refrain: des hauts de ... https://letras.top/c/catherine-major/letra-de-dans-lau-dela-catherine-major/ letra de supernature – massive ego once upon a time science opened up the door we would feed the hungry fields till they couldn’t eat no more but the potions that we made touched the creatures down below and they grew up in the way that we’d never seen before [chorus] supernature supernature supernature supernature they were angry with the man ’cause he changed their ... https://letras.top/m/massive-ego/letra-de-supernature-massive-ego/ letra de 02 (благовещенск) – lumen можешь сколько угодно махать кулаками поливаться грязью, плеваться нам вслед это принесет тебе какое-то счастье может быть так, но скорей всего нет мы можем спокойно жить и любить для этого достаточно нас просто не злить но ты привык верить только в грубую силу и думаешь, что я для тебя слишком хилый вдребезги стекла… вдребезги ставни… ... https://letras.top/l/lumen/letra-de-02-%d0%b1%d0%bb%d0%b0%d0%b3%d0%be%d0%b2%d0%b5%d1%89%d0%b5%d0%bd%d1%81%d0%ba-lumen/ letra de i’m the boogeyman – rory webley why do you keep telling your parents to check under your bed don’t you know i only wanna be your friend so what i got a bad rap don’t pretend that no body’s ever talked behind your back i’m under every kids bed i’ve heard every mean thing they’ve ever said about you they talk about me too let ... https://letras.top/r/rory-webley/letra-de-im-the-boogeyman-rory-webley/ letra de 모래시계 (sandglass) – uncoolclub [verse 1] 내가 지금 이렇게 살고 있는 게 맞는가라는 생각이 들 때 하던 일을 멈추고 잠시 돌아봐 많은 일거리들은 연기와 함께 멀리 흘려보내 무감각해진 내 삶 색깔이 사라져가네 점차 아버지가 겪은 감정이 무엇이었는가에 대한 생각 모래시계처럼 쌓여가 한 번에 모든 걸 얻을 순 없고 쫓는 건 내 발걸음에 맞춰 또 멀어지는 걸 알면서도 무언가에 쫓기듯 살고 있는 모습을 보며 ... https://letras.top/u/uncoolclub/letra-de-%eb%aa%a8%eb%9e%98%ec%8b%9c%ea%b3%84-sandglass-uncoolclub/ letra de no time – bracket (nigeria) [verse 1] no time hey. na bracket ley ape planet dey come dey ley peter and paul dey don kolo hey na, na no time hey that’s why i say make i yarn you story hey the thing, the thing wey dey vex me you hey for this world, the good dey die and for ... https://letras.top/b/bracket-nigeria/letra-de-no-time-bracket-nigeria/ letra de devil don’t care – di-rect (band) songtekst van di-rect – “devil don’t care“ [verse 1] fix my make-up on the way in the rearview-mirror of my daddies car i’m a bad boy rebel, baby born to lose and i kinda like it i kinda like it [verse 2] tears are running down my face burn that rubber like my memories i’m a daredevil, don’t blink, ... https://letras.top/d/di-rect-band/letra-de-devil-dont-care-di-rect-band/ letra de mojezeh – babak jahanbakhsh کنار من که راه میری به دنیام اعتبار میدی با لبخندت به زیبایی یه بعد تازه بخشیدی کنار من که راه میری غم کهنم کنار میره بدون اینو که این احساس قبل از من نمیمیره پیش تو غم این دنیا غمی نیست میخوامت , این خواستن حرف کمی نیست هواتو دارمو همه جا میگم وقتی ... https://letras.top/b/babak-jahanbakhsh/letra-de-mojezeh-babak-jahanbakhsh/ letra de every thrash of me – highlord stranded, outcast, misplaced and so f-cked up we are the new toys for the neighbors to play with forgotten, abandoned to ourselves we are the lethe to wash your conscience in within your mind the answer lies untold you’re looking for the truth where no truth’s ever to be found modern prophets, self-righteous gurus no ... https://letras.top/h/highlord/letra-de-every-thrash-of-me-highlord/ letra de a crime – anggun [verse 1] do you remember when you broke into my heart? when i surrendered, i let you turn me inside out we were better then, nothing could ever break our dreams ’cause our love was bolder than a million thoughts of fear [chorus] it’s a crime you have no right to pretend that we still ... https://letras.top/a/anggun/letra-de-a-crime-anggun/ letra de be a human – polysics be a human, be a human 情報で暴走するマシーン be a human, be a human すぐ影響受けるな be a human, be a human いつまで続くか気合い論 be a human, be a human, be a human 何が何だか言われるがままに これを食べてると身体良くなるらしい 発見! 意外! 面白い! 一日一度で健康に ブーム過ぎ去りもお構いなし 持ち上げられてハイ ハイ 何はなくとも寝起きに水を一杯 食事取らずとも健やかに 斬新! すごい! それだけ!? あなたの心にミネラルを 飲む飲まないはキミ次第 つい乗せられてハイ ハイ 食べきる 飲み干す 信じる あれあれあれあれ…? be a human, be a human 妄想やり過ぎリブート be a human, be ... https://letras.top/p/polysics/letra-de-be-a-human-polysics/ letra de rebound – сергей лазарев (sergey lazarev) verse 1 i know that you’re not windowshopping not even in the neighbourhood i couldn’t help but overhear you talking that the way it felt was just no good i didn’t even know your name but i’ve already got your number nothing but a picture frame it’s all so black and white maybe thinking it’s too soon maybe if ... https://letras.top/other/%d1%81%d0%b5%d1%80%d0%b3%d0%b5%d0%b9-%d0%bb%d0%b0%d0%b7%d0%b0%d1%80%d0%b5%d0%b2-sergey-lazarev/letra-de-rebound-%d1%81%d0%b5%d1%80%d0%b3%d0%b5%d0%b9-%d0%bb%d0%b0%d0%b7%d0%b0%d1%80%d0%b5%d0%b2-sergey-lazarev/ letra de bad mommy – soliana [songtext zu „bad mommy“] [intro] ahh (ahh) ey, ey, ey ahh (ahh) [part 1] genieße das weed mit cola feeling wie in barcelona fünf riesen im monat geb’ ich aus, mama fällt in ohnmacht yeah, ich geb’ den ton an lightskin, so wie coman guck mich bloß nicht dumm an geb’ dir ein cut, ein schlag wie zohan mann, ... https://letras.top/s/soliana/letra-de-bad-mommy-soliana/ letra de evil intent – allagash screeching through the darkness like a banshee in the night waves of radiation k!lling everything in sight is this vision just a dream or an ancient prophecy can we truly be alone or are they already here with.. evil intent strangers in the night i see them when i close my eyes a time will come when nothing will ... https://letras.top/a/allagash/letra-de-evil-intent-allagash/ letra de anesthesia – salemmoon heart stops beating blood-curdled screaming nothing wrong with running from your innocence she is vicious keep your distance it takes patience to relive through that incident night is climbing up your spine and you can’t change the past if you can’t handle it no surprise you choke on her lies you scream in colours only she can understand no, ... https://letras.top/s/salemmoon/letra-de-anesthesia-salemmoon/ letra de igual – jamz oficial se a gente não tá bem não precisa nem me perguntar como que eu tô quem gosta menos se dá bem e é por isso que essa noite eu vou me permitir você vai dizer que eu sou um exagerado, um louco um sentimental eu não vou nem me defender mas a verdade é que a gente não se ... https://letras.top/j/jamz-oficial/letra-de-igual-jamz-oficial/ letra de dance with me – margot polo oh, i’m in love but, girl, i never seen you before, till tonight (and now you got me thinking) yeah, i’m in love and seems to me you’re looking for more, is that right? (i can’t stop looking at you) i wanna do something with you and i think you’re gonna like it why don’t you let me make ... https://letras.top/m/margot-polo/letra-de-dance-with-me-margot-polo/ letra de the golden vanity – susan reed oh, i know a ship in the old country and it goes by the name of the golden vanity i’m afraid she will be taken by the turkish roveree as she sails upon the lowland lowland, lowland she sails upon the lowland sea then up startedur little cabin boy saying, “what will you give me, if the galley i ... https://letras.top/s/susan-reed/letra-de-the-golden-vanity-susan-reed/ letra de levels – big smoke [instrumental: big smoke, cj] (ayy, ayy! big smoke! it’s me, carl! chill, chill!) (cj?) oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh, ... https://letras.top/b/big-smoke/letra-de-levels-big-smoke/ letra de future past / eldest things – agressor ancient pictographs remind me my quest mystic smells & other signs awake my sense older than time itself made by the old ones force of the eldest things the guardian of the crypt tell me to come asking me some enigmatic questions what can read the non-writing tongue? who creates all by the force of ... https://letras.top/a/agressor/letra-de-future-past-eldest-things-agressor/ letra de mélangez-vous – pierre perret femme pleine de grâce quand l’étranger à l’entour de ta maison p-sse noir, blanc, juif ou berbère laisse ton cœur désigner celui qu’il préfère mélangez-vous, mélangez-vous quand toutes les peaux finiront par se ressembler mélangez-vous, mélangez-vous un jour les hommes sauront même plus sur qui taper femmes pleines de grâce ouvrez vos bras aux hommes ... https://letras.top/p/pierre-perret/letra-de-melangez-vous-pierre-perret/ letra de i can’t sleep – steve goodman last night i stayed up late to watch the sunrise it afforded a wonderful view count the sheep ’til i cry count the times you said goodbye and i can’t sleep when i can’t sleep with you there’s no need to think you’d remember a love like some forgotten i.o.u i’ve been watchin’ the dawn ... https://letras.top/s/steve-goodman/letra-de-i-cant-sleep-steve-goodman/ letra de give the women what they want – the isley brothers girls will be girls, boys will be boys one day they’re lovers and you know the next day they’re fighting one another they’ll work it out between them two they’ll kiss and make up oh, you know lovers always do now they’re in a problem they can’t solve now oh, don’t you get yourself involved, ... https://letras.top/t/the-isley-brothers/letra-de-give-the-women-what-they-want-the-isley-brothers/ letra de music is my girlfriend – planlos music is my girlfriend ein leben auf der autobahn von rechts nach links von links nach rechts wir haben deutschlandweit jedes katzenklo gespielt nein, es war nicht immer schön doch es macht doch immer spaß und wir freu’n uns auf die nächsten zehn denn zehn jahre sind geschafft na, wer hätte das gedacht music is ... https://letras.top/p/planlos/letra-de-music-is-my-girlfriend-planlos/ letra de hoje quem? – nuno prata hoje quem acordou na minha cama hoje quem é que eu sou? já é manhã mas esta noite ainda não p-ssou que força tenho quando me tenho só a mim de quem mais eu preciso para respirar? a minha cara faz-me sempre lembrar alguém… e os meus olhos são de quem? eu queria ser como ... https://letras.top/n/nuno-prata/letra-de-hoje-quem-nuno-prata/ letra de same to you – phantom planet [verse 1] i don’t mind it if you spend the day with him just as long as you you spend the night with me i’ve been wondering you don’t clean up your act it gets so bad that i that i just have to laugh [chorus] and every time you go away will you be ... https://letras.top/p/phantom-planet/letra-de-same-to-you-phantom-planet/ letra de un po’ di più – claudio baglioni sirene di navi urlavano al vento la radio p-ssava le pubblicità le labbra accostate ancora una volta ed una carezza ancora un filo do sole entrò nella stanza sulla poltrona i nostri paltò parole inghiott-te e sguardi bambini e come poterti dire che tu eri più del vino più del pane più della pelle delle ... https://letras.top/c/claudio-baglioni/letra-de-un-po-di-piu-claudio-baglioni/ letra de tempo galantuomo – enrico bini vorrei avere il tempo e gli occhi buoni per guardare avanti i tarocchi di marsiglia per vedere nel futuro vorrei avere il tempo di non temere il tempo e le braccia forti e grandi per fermarlo in questo istante vorrei avere il tempo e la voce bella per cantare le parole giuste e il tono per potermi raccontare vorrei ... https://letras.top/e/enrico-bini/letra-de-tempo-galantuomo-enrico-bini/ letra de immagini 77 – al bano & romina power è tanto tempo, ma mi ricordo ancora che io cantavo di quello che sognavo e i miei compagni cercavano l’amore in quella sere di luce chiara poi mi fermò quell’autunno che sul mio giornale piangeva in nero lei e in quel momento la musica finì e da silenzio si arriva qui miss italia, ciao caldo agosto, ciao madre mia, ... https://letras.top/a/al-bano-romina-power/letra-de-immagini-77-al-bano-romina-power/ letra de tokyo – selyk hey we knew that we should take it slow never knowing where this thing would go take me back take me back to tokyo when your eyes they met mine and a flame sparked inside it won’t fade it won’t die for the rest of our lives no more on and off and on agains im so glad that ... https://letras.top/s/selyk/letra-de-tokyo-selyk/ letra de fuego – color del sol [letra de “fuego”] soy princesa pero piola no quiero nada dame bola conmigo podes relajar soy buena portándome mal estoy jodida y radiante con ganas de más no me importa qué hiciste antes o si mañana no estás aunque acá haya fuego no te va a quemar esto solo es un juego no termina mal baby no tengas miedo ... https://letras.top/c/color-del-sol/letra-de-fuego-color-del-sol/ letra de skinny-dipping in the rain. – zach tolman skinny-dipping in the rain we went down to the levy grove a little buzzed but i still drove in just our skivvies you know it’s true feeling it’s just the right thing to do up under that old cottonwood yeah we were up to no good sipping tall cans by the fire kicking that buzz up a little higher ... https://letras.top/z/zach-tolman/letra-de-skinny-dipping-in-the-rain-zach-tolman/ letra de fireman hurley – mike watt unit man hey, that’s you, man happenin’ the way you make it spin said you had to poke and stoke your own hope poke and stoke your own hope poke and stoke stoke and poke poke and stoke your own hope fireman hurley fireman hurley rope trick man i’m your left-hand man swing that stick ... https://letras.top/m/mike-watt/letra-de-fireman-hurley-mike-watt/ letra de headlines – the dignity of labour there’s been a primitive contribution by some people in this world are they littering our dreamscape? affecting the minds of boys and girls? treasure the memories, forget the times they are the ones committing the crimes read all their words, compete in their game believe when they tell you, ‘life is not the same’ and ... https://letras.top/t/the-dignity-of-labour/letra-de-headlines-the-dignity-of-labour/ letra de verheißung – schneewittchen immer werd ich nun in deiner nähe gehen werde unsichtbar an deiner seite sein als sanfter wind dir durch die haare wehen schleich mich als ein duft durch deine nase ein immer werd ich mich zu deinen füßen winden dir als brise oder warmer sand wenn du dich verloren glaubst, ich werde dich finden immer ... https://letras.top/s/schneewittchen/letra-de-verheisung-schneewittchen/ letra de over – farewell flight i’ve got a way to win you over just do it over until you see things my way i’ve half a mind to screw you over just pull the wool over you never see things my way i see the darkness in your eyes running out of reasons running out of time your hands are ... https://letras.top/f/farewell-flight/letra-de-over-farewell-flight/ letra de mirror of dreams – ayreon 3 months ago the girl has not seen the prodigy since she told him to leave. she reaches out to his mother for comfort, wondering if there wasn’t more she could have done [girl] i feel his shadow looming over me leaving me defeated and confused his eyes still haunt me, if only i’d done ... https://letras.top/a/ayreon/letra-de-mirror-of-dreams-ayreon/ letra de mon évidence – m. pokora j’veux être là quand tu dors j’veux être là quand tu rêves te donner tout c’que je reçois et te connaître du bout des lèvres j’veux tout savoir de ton corps j’veux tout savoir qui s’avoue j’veux même savoir c’qui n’se dit pas et que ça reste entre nous comme pour te faire oublier celui ... https://letras.top/m/m-pokora/letra-de-mon-evidence-m-pokora/ letra de you don’t wanna call – the donnas hey howie, where ya been? i’ve been waitin’ since half past ten and you know i got nowhere to go unless you take me to that midnight show you showed up but it’s way too late walter’s barbeque is hardly a date i wanna take you up to my room but you always have to ... https://letras.top/t/the-donnas/letra-de-you-dont-wanna-call-the-donnas/ letra de 50/50 – izeke you say it’s fifty-fifty like you want to miss me you say it’s fifty-fifty like you want to miss me and you never had no good guy so you think that it could be risky cuz all these boys the same i don’t know what to say but our futures bright and i’ll treat you right don’t throw it ... https://letras.top/i/izeke/letra-de-5050-izeke/ letra de intro – raavn revenge [sample] …most intensely is a chronic feeling of emptiness the feeling is not exactly just emptiness, which implies a nothingness or void where something is supposed to be, rather there is an element of something missing inside of me i think a better term than emptiness might be longing, the feeling that the emptiness should be filled with love, ... https://letras.top/r/raavn-revenge/letra-de-intro-raavn-revenge/ letra de nature – walla in los angeles there’s a sign of my final ties i gave it up for my dreams of grandeur unmarried life, this life and then i heard again the preaching voice of reason and fear saying “what you did, my dear was try to make it out here alive, alive” oh, so hard, just let ... https://letras.top/w/walla/letra-de-nature-walla/ letra de paris – captaine roshi [intro] paris, pa, pa, pa, paris pa, pa, pa landy on the track [refrain] paris et la nuit, j’me perds dans tes yeux au [?] (j’sais très bien) j’rejoins mes p’t-ts bandits pour m’ressourcer (pour m’ressourcer) tard le soir, j’suis avec mes djinns, tu peux m’trouver (tu peux m’trouver) j’suis flex sur paname (j’suis flex sur paname), depuis macadam ... https://letras.top/c/captaine-roshi/letra-de-paris-captaine-roshi/ letra de i’ve been trying – the heptones i’ve been trying lord knows that i’ve been trying to understand why (understand why) can i be your lonely man you said you love me so sincere that i believed you loved me yet i can’t understand why (understand why) can i be your lonely man day after day you treat me any old way ... https://letras.top/t/the-heptones/letra-de-ive-been-trying-the-heptones/ letra de yet never – torture garden you come strolling through sunbeams or striding through rain drops that flow downstream following necessity on a date with destiny you dance through my veins cascading rivers of blood in chemical flux mixing your scent with the breeze affecting b-tterflies and yet never… the darkness of your eyes drowns the darkness of your hair ensnares ... https://letras.top/t/torture-garden/letra-de-yet-never-torture-garden/ letra de et si… – celluloide tout a commencé par un mensonge et la peur du temps qui me ronge je cherche mes mots puis je songe et si c’était la dernière fois et si je ne reviens plus vers toi est-ce que tu te souviendras de moi? j’essaie de faire durer les choses en te parlant encore si je l’ose ... https://letras.top/c/celluloide/letra-de-et-si-celluloide/ letra de it tek – tyc132 ye e ea ah ah yeah yeah ye ea ah produced by l. david so look out with it im not moody or complex but ive grown bored of basic sh-t the yorke went and chased the doberman into a fit then finished him f-ck your feeling dont listen cut your wrist if u dont listen dont trust a ... https://letras.top/t/tyc132/letra-de-it-tek-tyc132/ letra de leven als een ster – jacin trill [verse: jacin trill] ik heb weer geld, leven als een ster, met zij in mn mind ik sip mn lean, ga naar de maan, ik voel me alright nieuwe sp-ceship, laag in de car, zie niks als ik rij shawty is boos, vertrouwt me niet, she wanna fight ik heb weer geld, leven als een ster, met zij in ... https://letras.top/j/jacin-trill/letra-de-leven-als-een-ster-jacin-trill/ letra de willy wonka – relikia tlk [intro] hola mi sr. manekke dímelo loompa vengo a decirle, que todos estos niños se están portando mal ¿si? dele chocolate para que se calmen ay, coño e´su madre gracias loompa, gracias es el mismo tlk [relikia tlk] dime quien me confronta, lo soban y se montan no tengo a nadie en contra, ¿te gusta dulce? compra basta de ... https://letras.top/r/relikia-tlk/letra-de-willy-wonka-relikia-tlk/ letra de fine pena: mai – enrico bini da un po’ ogni giorno mi sveglio più presto come il cuscino fosse fatto di spine ed ogni giorno mi levo più stanco come se il letto fosse croce di legno perché ogni mattina fanno male le ossa come se il sonno fosse mille fatiche è il peso del sogno che torna ogni ora è il peso del sogno ... https://letras.top/e/enrico-bini/letra-de-fine-pena-mai-enrico-bini/ letra de the walrus hunt – the residents (chanting) [liner notes] walrus hunting in kayaks among the floating ice must sometime proceed in the winter darkness or in a condition known as “whiteout” when atmospheric conditions turn the sky into a virtual mirror of the snow and ice below and orientation becomes difficult. at these times, women on sh0r- blow a large h-rn ... https://letras.top/t/the-residents/letra-de-the-walrus-hunt-the-residents/ letra de basementbanditz – bigomuziq take it back to basics penmanship for the kids in bas-m-nts rep this sh-t for the kids with makeshift effects and sh-t when you clip the b-ss kicks stay with faith live patient don’t you quit and make sh-t make with aches can’t fake in matrix please guys felines keep eyes ears by these lines sweet fly i was ... https://letras.top/b/bigomuziq/letra-de-basementbanditz-bigomuziq/ letra de the legend of dayytona – dayytona fox [chorus] you mean the world to me why a f-ck n-gga wanna be in my lane you mean the world to me you ain’t gotta go, girl, you can stay i’ma go save that girl like zelda we goin’ up and i tell ya she want me to be her link i said, “okay, lil’ girl, i’ll tell ya” ... https://letras.top/d/dayytona-fox/letra-de-the-legend-of-dayytona-dayytona-fox/ letra de greazy – krept & konan [intro: krept & konan] yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah [chorus: krept & konan] dem n-ggas ain’t bad (nah) dem n-ggas ain’t greazy and i’m with akh, check a man’s cv (check it, check it) look at her hips (look at it, look at it), that gyallie look freaky can’t trust that b-tch (nope, nope), gyal are too sneaky dem ... https://letras.top/k/krept-konan/letra-de-greazy-krept-konan/ letra de leave you alone – chasen hey, would you change your mind today? if i told you love, things would never be the same hey, he can take your pain away despite your many scars, he’ll meet you where you are i don’t want to see you fall away i can hear you say you’re searching for a healing for these ... https://letras.top/c/chasen/letra-de-leave-you-alone-chasen/ letra de me 4 me – koyotie [verse 1] d-mn i’m feeling free like the dolphin in the sea rolling in waves floating with the breeze got my sunny shades on play my favorite song thankful for the charmed life rocking in my thong [pre-chorus] i ain’t looking for attention i don’t need that extra tension cause i’m in the 4th dimension trapeze high in suspension ... https://letras.top/k/koyotie/letra-de-me-4-me-koyotie/ letra de when we’re dry – the broken family band it’s nearly the end of the day and we’re still hung over we’re in love so we split the rest and share a love for smog when it goes wrong someone leaves and we have to start over but each time we improve on before and a smugness sets in oh, where do we go ... https://letras.top/t/the-broken-family-band/letra-de-when-were-dry-the-broken-family-band/ letra de the ancient wells – iona let us climb this hill let us climb this hill in the footsteps of patrick let us fall to our knees and worship with your angels let us call out to you and declare your holy word let us prophesy in every direction that the ancient wells will be opened again that your river will ... https://letras.top/i/iona/letra-de-the-ancient-wells-iona/ letra de shed a tear (for the lonesome) – green on red rudy heard stories from a woman she met in nogales about dreams that came true like the movies she loved as a child she worked night and day slaved for her pay sewing dresses to buy her ticket to get her away down the mile chorus i never knew what a woman could do when ... https://letras.top/g/green-on-red/letra-de-shed-a-tear-for-the-lonesome-green-on-red/ letra de feelings hurt – rockie fresh [chorus] okay, we fresh up off vacation, i’m back to work, ayy i’ma get these bills just like it’s the first, yeah i was in diors walkin’ through the dirt in that foreign comin’ loud, i’ma make it skrrt yeah, you’re playin’ with my time, get your feelings hurt, yeah playin’ with my grind, get your feelings hurt okay, ... https://letras.top/r/rockie-fresh/letra-de-feelings-hurt-rockie-fresh/ letra de elita – buldog za stołem zebrali się ci ludzie co na świecie chcą by triumf odniosło zło w tem celu skonstruują największą z bomb pieniędzy na ten cel nie żałują bo ci ludzie zamknięci w pałacach i twierdzach a świata konstrukcja ich tylko utwierdza w tem to przekonaniu, że czynią co wiedzą nikomu, nikomu o tem nie powiedzą ... https://letras.top/b/buldog/letra-de-elita-buldog/ letra de spiders (kidsmoke) – twin peaks [verse 1] spiders are singing in the salty breeze spiders are filling out tax returns spinning out webs of deductions and melodies on a private beach in michigan [verse 2] why can’t we wish their kisses good why do they miss when their kisses should fly like winging birds fighting for the keys on a private beach in michigan ... https://letras.top/t/twin-peaks/letra-de-spiders-kidsmoke-twin-peaks/ letra de neil armstrong (n.a.) – june bunch this could get me into trouble found i was seeing double thought of him when i was with the other on the denim chair, thought of him coming out the shower spring cleaning, old meat, it’s one quick disaster can’t help but dream about somebody our sheets mock me alone so when your double calls, i’m shoe laced, awake, ... https://letras.top/j/june-bunch/letra-de-neil-armstrong-n-a-june-bunch/ letra de tell me – aj108 blue skies, grey clouds is it gonna end i don’t wanna know your name cuz i know you play a broken bottle top, somebody’s broken heart i know you like to play but tell me whats it gonna take smoking cigarettes, die in my bed no one loves me till they found out that i’m dead lay me down, ... https://letras.top/a/aj108/letra-de-tell-me-aj108/ letra de te amo – gian & giovani foi -ssim que de repente estávamos ali sentados frente a frente não faltava nem mesmo a lua falávamos de tudo um pouco por qualquer coisa a gente ria como dois bobos e eu que já não via a hora de te ter em meus braços e poder te dizer: te amo desde a primeira vez ... https://letras.top/g/gian-giovani/letra-de-te-amo-gian-giovani/ letra de luna – grant “stemage” henry fortified in a central heart one stare will tear mine apart it’s not the kind of feeling when you’re all numb from this i can’t feel the pen but i don’t need the pen refined but not and even more luna can’t compare to my own piece of moon luna ain’t got sh-t on my ... https://letras.top/g/grant-stemage-henry/letra-de-luna-grant-stemage-henry/ letra de a miracle – al bano & romina power are we still young enough for a miracle? young enough for the first time in our lives? after years of hiding all those fears inside me wondring if our dreams had p-ssed us by always believing i was used to the pain now that i found you nothing could be the same are we still young enough for a ... https://letras.top/a/al-bano-romina-power/letra-de-a-miracle-al-bano-romina-power/ letra de stigma – terranova holding my head up dead on my feet watching the earth crumble piece by piece feeling the breeze wash across my face waiting for the crack in the wall to break i want your stigma burnt on my skin please won’t you be my evil twin pick up the pieces of what went wrong turn ... https://letras.top/t/terranova/letra-de-stigma-terranova/ letra de sunshine – montevideo i’ll never be the same again ’cause my world has changed again i have no rules left to break since i left your pillow time’s raining on my face stormy clouds in my head let’s go on holiday with all our friends i’ll never be the same again sunshine… i’ll be walking night and day ... https://letras.top/m/montevideo/letra-de-sunshine-montevideo/ letra de so glad i’m coming home – langhorne slim i’m so glad that i’m coming home well i changed my ways. i don’t lie or get stoned i’m sweet as the sweet things i know that you like i no longer argue, and i don’t care to fight oh now that i’m as dry as a bone well i’m so glad that i’m coming ... https://letras.top/l/langhorne-slim/letra-de-so-glad-im-coming-home-langhorne-slim/ letra de i’m your doctor – the doors headache strike you, baby you begin to feel so glun ain’t nothin’ you need but a double dose of love woman, i’m your doctor and oh yes, i know just what you need let me see your credentials i got my doctor’s certificate phd or md or rx? i got it right here in my ... https://letras.top/t/the-doors/letra-de-im-your-doctor-the-doors/ letra de mind reflection – lunar motel [verse: raka adhitama, pradhaneswara vikramandaru] oh night has come the stars are falling no more no wish to be told well, i’m still searching while i’m still breathing one day i’ll find my own [chorus: raka adhitama, pradhaneswara vikramandaru] at times its hard cause i don’t understand my head’s in the clouds looking for the deep end if only ... https://letras.top/l/lunar-motel/letra-de-mind-reflection-lunar-motel/ letra de cold november – shannon stephens cold november’s covered me with her dark and dripping wings carried me from cheer and light— out of mind and out of sight cold november’s buried me under heaps of rotting leaves soaked through with rain and choked by grief. oh november, honestly she came upon me in the park, chased me homeward through the ... https://letras.top/s/shannon-stephens/letra-de-cold-november-shannon-stephens/ letra de i love beijing tiananmen – unknown artist wo ai beijing tiananmen tiananmen shang taiyang sheng weida lingxiu mao zhuxi zhiyin women xiangqian jin wo ai beijing tiananmen tiananmen shang taiyang sheng weida lingxiu mao zhuxi zhiyin women xiangqian jin wo ai beijing tiananmen tiananmen shang taiyang sheng weida lingxiu mao zhuxi zhiyin women xiangqian jin wo ai beijing tiananmen tiananmen shang taiyang sheng weida lingxiu mao ... https://letras.top/u/unknown-artist/letra-de-i-love-beijing-tiananmen-unknown-artist/ letra de here today (highlights from tracking date) – the beach boys it starts with just a little glance now right away you’re thinkin’ ’bout romance now you know you ought to take it slower but you just can’t wait to get to know her a brand new love affair is such a beautiful thing but if you’re not careful think about the pain it can bring ... https://letras.top/t/the-beach-boys/letra-de-here-today-highlights-from-tracking-date-the-beach-boys/