letras.top letras.top RSS Feed https://letras.top letra de all i’ve done – wayside (band) [verse 1] i’ve been distant lately yeah i know but i guess that’s just the way it goes i got a family to feed tryin’ to meet all of my needs ain’t go time in my week for you [verse 2] i’ve been messin’ up been long enough now i’m fessin’ up yeah i wake ... https://letras.top/w/wayside-band/letra-de-all-ive-done-wayside-band/ letra de ​lift (md125) – radiohead this is the place sit down, you’re safe now you’ve been stuck in a lift we’ve been trying to reach you, thom this is the place it won’t hurt ever again the smell of air-conditioning the fish are belly-up empty all your pockets ’cause it’s time to come home this is the place remember me ... https://letras.top/r/radiohead/letra-de-%e2%80%8blift-md125-radiohead/ letra de tekilla (spanish version) – cerberus (band) [verse 1] si triste estás, tomate un trago o tal vez más ven y bebe y con euforia gozarás y seguirá, la noche acaba de empezar disfrutaremos sin parar hasta el fina [pre-chorus] y al llegar un shot todos quieren tomar [chorus] la poción, para el mal del corazón cura el alma tu remedio pa’l ... https://letras.top/c/cerberus-band/letra-de-tekilla-spanish-version-cerberus-band/ letra de things change – dmamba yea i know things change but in the end you gotta know who you is and stick through it you know what i’m sayin yea go shawty it’s ya birthday you gone ride wit me in the mercess ima get you anything cuz you was wit me when i was in the honda and i ... https://letras.top/d/dmamba/letra-de-things-change-dmamba/ letra de juna tampereelle – fork kotoani lähtiessä huomaan että päädyinpä pöntöstö juomaan vettä kiskot ne kahisevat kohisevat rinnan mä juonillani poksumaan saan peltipinnan niin vihdoin ollaan perillä näin pirkanmaalla näin silloin ymmärtää että on aika laulaa mielessäin hee hee tampere pirkanmaa on nimeltään ei oo joulumaa tai keminmaa, vaan pirkan omistama maa asemalta lähtiessä p-ssaan housuun taidanpa päätyä takasin kouluun ... https://letras.top/f/fork/letra-de-juna-tampereelle-fork/ letra de hide and seek – eli (singer) you’re bigger suppose to watch out for me now i’m stumbling blindly listening for the ollie-ollie-oxen free i am weak, you are strong we’ve been playing here since dawn it’s getting dark and the streetlights are on did you forget me, is it over? who’s hiding, who’s free? ’cause you’re bigger you’re suppose to watch ... https://letras.top/e/eli-singer/letra-de-hide-and-seek-eli-singer/ letra de sport – young igi [zwrotka – zeamsone] […] gdzie mój pierdolony blok kiedy wchodzę znowu robię z nimi sport [zwrotka – young igi] wiesz, że wpierdala się igi innych kładziemy na deski nie ma lepszych ode mnie przynajmniej nie w tej profesji nie zakłócaj mi haju kiedy pale małe dzieci jeśli chodzi o sport to goniłem ten pakiecik [bridge ... https://letras.top/y/young-igi/letra-de-sport-young-igi/ letra de lazy love – desmond child and rouge it’s high noon but for us it’s dawn ’cause we’ve been lovin’ all night long nothin’ and no one’s gonna get me up today we’re cozy, baby, and that’s how we’ll stay let’s leave the world outside and let it rest no one will miss us (pull up the covers) lazy, lazy love i’m gonna ... https://letras.top/d/desmond-child-and-rouge/letra-de-lazy-love-desmond-child-and-rouge/ letra de sanamin – bader azem [chorus: bader azem] كله ببكي وانا الصنم هين تخدرت اوجاعي لوصلت للعين بطلت اشوف بطلت اشوف كله مجرد كبوس, صحيني [verse 1: bader azem] كمن مرة اكلت خزوق حياتي مطبات مش عارف اسوق متحير اعيش ولا اموت علحالتين ميت هيك او ميت هيك وكله بإيدي مش قصة جديدة, بس الحالة بتتكرر افكاري عنيدة, كله بإيدي ... https://letras.top/b/bader-azem/letra-de-sanamin-bader-azem/ letra de odam soğuk – ismail yk söyle ben sana daha diyeyim ağladım yalvardım daha ne edeyim buralarda soğuklarda öleceğim dalgalarda yellerde can vereceğim mutluluklar bana küsmüş geri gelmiyor ecel bana kucak açmış beni bekliyor dön meleğim gel birtanem can dayanmıyor odam soğuk kalbim buruk hiç ısınmıyor el değmemiş aşkım hala seni bekliyor gülemedim yapamadım sensiz olmuyor söyle ben sana daha diyeyim ... https://letras.top/i/ismail-yk/letra-de-odam-soguk-ismail-yk/ letra de сан страйк (sun strike) – lida [текст песни “сан страйк”] [интро] мэйби бэйби мэйби, мэйби бэйби маленькая стерва, а я не шлюха (ты шлюха!) чёрт, сука, как же я обожаю доту [куплет] привет, дружок, значит так собрался, сейчас буду потеть, как тварь руну отжимаю, после начинаю лайн держать контролю, фармлю нам но, зачем оно мне надо если моя команда и без ... https://letras.top/l/lida/letra-de-%d1%81%d0%b0%d0%bd-%d1%81%d1%82%d1%80%d0%b0%d0%b9%d0%ba-sun-strike-lida/ letra de boiling point – salientsongs [c-wizzy verse] rante plays, his little g-y games, fortnite and plushies d-mn, that’s really disgusting, your b-tch is real musty i bet abbies p-ssy is dusty you ain’t rapped in a month rante, we know that you’re rusty gage or is it g-y, ay it’s ok, this is the month for you to come out ... https://letras.top/s/salientsongs/letra-de-boiling-point-salientsongs/ letra de leijonii – arttu lindeman ft jake lahest vaikkei oltais tän kaupungin kermaa ei todellakaa olla vaihtamas mestaa vaik oltii pentuina aina niit heikompii nii me kasvettii nyt ollaa leijonii sillon joka ilta tuli rotsii meiän kotibilekutsut hävis postis oltii kahestaa mut silti oli nii helmee me ajeltii ja fanitettii jvg nytto muuttuneit settei ja huurtuneit pleksei me lintsattii reeneis ei tullu meist ... https://letras.top/a/arttu-lindeman-ft-jake-lahest/letra-de-leijonii-arttu-lindeman-ft-jake-lahest/ letra de catching fire – myles green [verse 1] i‘ve been catching fire she‘s been catching rain i‘m still in her pocket, you still wear my chain, be gone, don‘t call i’m out at the weekend you’re stuck in on the weak end i‘m above the water you‘re sinking in the deep end i‘m done, so long [pre-chorus] and from day one ... https://letras.top/m/myles-green/letra-de-catching-fire-myles-green/ letra de the bigger picture – haiku (yea) now from the time that i was born ‘til i’m lying in the morgue i’ma be proving how the pen can be as mighty as the sword while the fans keep rewinding every rhyme that i record some of the illest in the game, you’ll never find them in the stores a lyrical outlaw, ... https://letras.top/h/haiku/letra-de-the-bigger-picture-haiku/ letra de back then – lil gray [intro] back then hoes didn’t want me now i’m hot, hoes all on me back then back then hoes didn’t want me now i’m hot, hoes all on me, i said back then back then hoes didn’t want me now i’m hot, hoes all on me, i said mayo in the mix [verse 1] back ... https://letras.top/l/lil-gray/letra-de-back-then-lil-gray/ letra de good night death – project pitchfork today i was born perhaps for the first time what took you so long to just let me go? today i was born perhaps for nothing what took you so long to give me a ride? it’s time for me to go i take my first breath i come into existence good night death! when ... https://letras.top/p/project-pitchfork/letra-de-good-night-death-project-pitchfork/ letra de powietrze – młody szymek choć nie lubię tych klimatów, to nie mogłem się powstrzymać no bo w sumie sam już nie wiem, to bogini czy dziewczyna w życiu dużo już widziałem, chociaż wiele nie rozumiem ale takiej dobrej dupy, to nie spotkasz w żadnym klubie no i może moje słowa zmienne są, jak kurwa życie ale ja chce siedzieć ... https://letras.top/m/mlody-szymek/letra-de-powietrze-mlody-szymek/ letra de testimony – akira works yeaaaaah can you fel my heart it’s really falling apart don’t feel like i have nothing to restart my heart been so much h-ll you can barely tell you can barely tell are you watching over me? is everything gonna be okay? i really don’t know how to feel my knight my soul you don’t ... https://letras.top/a/akira-works/letra-de-testimony-akira-works/ letra de 1996 – spicegurlpurp [tag: iced out visuals] i-i-i-iced out, iced out, iced out [chorus: spicegurlpurp] came through, lookin so [?] when i [?] hit up based god when i see him i said thank you told these b-tches if you wanna hate i can’t blame you living dead b-tch with a demon, you an angel underground hoe, [?] ... https://letras.top/s/spicegurlpurp/letra-de-1996-spicegurlpurp/ letra de og flacko – polo finesse never quit i’ll admit imovie was the fit that was it we was lit the bars i gotta spit to show my true spirit in the pit make a deal to commit to make some tracks a bit man it’s crazy y’all lazy praying the lord gon’ save me imagine a rapped in the 80’s ... https://letras.top/p/polo-finesse/letra-de-og-flacko-polo-finesse/ letra de ahava ahava! – !אהבה אהבה – hatikva 6 – התקווה 6 היא לא יודעת עד כמה קשה לי להשיג אותה ביום יום היא לא יודעת עד כמה שהיא נמצאת איתי בכל מקום אהבה? אהבה! מאין את? מהו גילך? מה שם המשפחה? תגידי… אהבה? אהבה! חיפשתי אחרייך לא מצאתי מיקומך עדיין אכזבה? אכזבה! אין לי פתרון הולם לא אין לי הגדרה תגידי… אהבה? אהבה! מאין את? מהו ... https://letras.top/h/hatikva-6-%d7%94%d7%aa%d7%a7%d7%95%d7%95%d7%94-6/letra-de-ahava-ahava-%d7%90%d7%94%d7%91%d7%94-%d7%90%d7%94%d7%91%d7%94-hatikva-6-%d7%94%d7%aa%d7%a7%d7%95%d7%95%d7%94-6/ letra de martha kay – aspika spoila intro boss the thing was like this ehh now some guy was a mufere found martha kay like in a club he told martha kay ( nanzoo ) that some goverment official is really interested in her (hahahahahah) aspika spoila music hook ngonyirira baby gal whine fi mi now baby gal show me what you ... https://letras.top/a/aspika-spoila/letra-de-martha-kay-aspika-spoila/ letra de brysje meg – åbb (no) intro: kase [refreng: shaker & kasecash] snuten på min dør, men eg brysje meg staten krever toll, men eg brysje meg så m-sse b-tcher, men eg brysje meg (nei, nei) mine egne moves, eg tar mine steg [vers 1: shaker & kasecash] får klubben til å hoppe som kris kross (opp) hustler hele dagen kall ... https://letras.top/a/abb-no/letra-de-brysje-meg-abb-no/ letra de yeet – tynal (hook) beatin my d-ck yeah i’m beatin my meat (what) you wanna hate but you cannot compete (no) look at the way that i’m blowin look at the way tynal flowin (b-tch) (b-tch) (verse) beatin my d-ck yeah i’m beatin my meat (huh) you wanna hate but you cannot compete (yuh) look at the way ... https://letras.top/t/tynal/letra-de-yeet-tynal/ letra de if i were anything – deej cooper if i were a whistle you could play a little tune if i were a candle you could light up the room if i were anything i’d be yours to use if i were a doormat you could step on me anytime if i were a story you could read my every line if i ... https://letras.top/d/deej-cooper/letra-de-if-i-were-anything-deej-cooper/ letra de tik tok – anna zak [אינטרו] פיקרה פי פאם פאם -יההה slide slide jump clap clap פיקרה פי פאם פאם -tik tok tik tok tik tok up and down [בית 1] ביטים עולים לי לראש ריקוד אחד רק לא לחשוש הכנתי ת’קצב מראש יה היא זורמת בי המנגינה מזמזמת לי נהנהנה קראתי לכל השכונה [פזמון] זמן עובר בטיק טוק אין ... https://letras.top/a/anna-zak/letra-de-tik-tok-anna-zak/ letra de shoot – sipo [songtext zu „shoot“] [part 1] ich hab’ den koffer voller steine (guck doch) und den kopf nur voller scheine (euros) cops fehlen die beweise (ey) zeugen sind am schweigen du bist ein p-sser wie ali g (puh) frag dich mal, mit wem du grade spielst ich habe immer ein alibi (immer) exe den whiskey wie ... https://letras.top/s/sipo/letra-de-shoot-sipo/ letra de sweet thing – gorgeous george [verse 1] let me hear all you men ’bout your women now yeah, yeah-yeah let me tell you they’re nothin’, nothin’ but a sweet thing (sweet thing) a woman (sweet thing) ain’t nothin’ but a sweet thing (sweet thing) anywhere she goes (sweet thing) she’s gonna find herself a man (sweet thing) because mama ain’t ... https://letras.top/g/gorgeous-george/letra-de-sweet-thing-gorgeous-george/ letra de damn – žakila x spejs noksi x yan dusk [verse 1: žakila] (oo oo) opravio bitić, ai u odelu kao gaga pitić (?), ai na svadbi zujim spaljen kao fitilj, ai večeras bato čeka me aritmija bleja, železnička, vozovi, grafiti, ai svaki izlazak ko s-x and city, ai ovih dana nešto radi me na sixty nine samo kubikaža posle rejva detoks snažan ništa klopa, ... https://letras.top/z/zakila-x-spejs-noksi-x-yan-dusk/letra-de-damn-zakila-x-spejs-noksi-x-yan-dusk/ letra de la mia festa – t-make [intro] na na, na na nanananana nanana nanana nana… [strofa 1] sto studiando un piano per cambiare tutto corro corro corro anche se sto distrutto vuoi sapere qual è il trucco? tu resta positivo anche se il mondo è così brutto ho deciso che farò una festa ho deciso che non ci sarai tengo solo ... https://letras.top/t/t-make/letra-de-la-mia-festa-t-make/ letra de i ragazzi della senna (il tulipano nero) – cristina d’avena [strofa 1] spade lucenti, cavalli al galoppo carri stridenti, qua e là qualche schioppo lungo la senna, c’è ormai chi combatte il re tentenna, ma la gente si batte [ritornello] colpi di qua, colpi di là cos’accadrà, cos’accadrà? colpi di qua, colpi di là cos’accadrà, cos’accadrà? [strofa 2] alla bastiglia la gran folla si scaglia ... https://letras.top/c/cristina-davena/letra-de-i-ragazzi-della-senna-il-tulipano-nero-cristina-davena/ letra de cin cin – deforme [ritornello] cin cin, cin cin, cin cin, cin cin cin cin, cin cin, cin cin cin cin, cin cin, cin cin [strofa 1] tu sei un basilisco pietrifichi con gli occhi non riesco a stare zitto se bevo sette cocci mi siedo sul naviglio un po’ come gesù cristo se ho sete mi dai aceto ... https://letras.top/d/deforme/letra-de-cin-cin-deforme/ letra de sin reproches – juan roldan (intro) eh  y ehh juan  roldán (verse 1) yo no quiero dedicarte canciones tampoco  quiero hablarte de amor te  diré cuáles son mis intenciones pero sin mezclar el corazón yo  no quiero palabras bonitas no hay amor si es lo que necesitas solamente tengo una propuesta si lo quieres intentar (chorus) sólo  quiero que te ... https://letras.top/j/juan-roldan/letra-de-sin-reproches-juan-roldan/ letra de teenage love – noicat [intro] icey x we got this romance in skin and veins ye-a-ah we got this romance we got this romance ye-a-a-ah [chorus] we got this romance in skin and veins just let me know if we gonna to stay loosing control we are going insane teenage love with teenage pain we got this romance in ... https://letras.top/n/noicat/letra-de-teenage-love-noicat/ letra de dia geis i trist – fora des sembrat vull deixar de somiar vull deixar de recordar sentir-me lliure i volar lluny records d’un cor que ja he perdut complicitat de terra i mar van fer possible aquella unió la terra unida es va quedar deixant la mar extasiada d’estimar som testimoni del p-ssat aquella història que he viscut la mar i la terra ... https://letras.top/f/fora-des-sembrat/letra-de-dia-geis-i-trist-fora-des-sembrat/ letra de she was made in heaven – mink deville [verse 1] i might not be the kind of guy who will amount to much but i don’t mind i let it p-ss me by because i have someone to love and she has eyes as black as night and tears look like silver i kiss away those tears and i hold her near until ... https://letras.top/m/mink-deville/letra-de-she-was-made-in-heaven-mink-deville/ letra de corazones alesianos – sähkil valysse {letra de “corazones alesianos”} [verso 1] ya poco nos queda de la inocencia por lo que antes luchábamos, y hoy poco interesa barreras, has construido alrededor de ti para esconder, por temerle a ser feliz hoy las almas agonizan, sentimientos echos ruinas el sitio auto-impuesto en el juego de conquista la dicha se evapora, corazón ... https://letras.top/s/sahkil-valysse/letra-de-corazones-alesianos-sahkil-valysse/ letra de panorama – luke rv [verse 1: luke rv] i’m, tired of carrying everything that can burden me i looked around the outside of my house and i saw purgatory i don’t know myself no more, somebody murdered me deservedly, i’m sitting in my yard and it occurred to me summer’s not, ever coming back we grew up too quick, ... https://letras.top/l/luke-rv/letra-de-panorama-luke-rv/ letra de loyalty – caim [hook] n-gg-s will cross you, stomp you, and leave you in the dust b-tches say they want you, flaunt you, and leave with no trust i just wanna ball out, floss out, these dreams ain’t enough these n-gg-s want call outs, fall outs, and heated discussions [verse] they some hoes, acting like they friends, these ... https://letras.top/c/caim/letra-de-loyalty-caim/ letra de where i belong – dancing on fire i’ve been standing here so long asking who the h-ll i am wondering why i don’t belong in a world where everything’s toxic feeling like a fish out of water or a bird that cannot fly holding back from living is slowly dying, how will i survive? i must find a place where i belong ... https://letras.top/d/dancing-on-fire/letra-de-where-i-belong-dancing-on-fire/ letra de péta – pins & dimeh [couplet 1] gros nuage de haschich enfumé dans l’coffee le soir, je rêve de thunes, le soir, j’rêve de cofio eh mon pote, tu le sais qu’c’est très rare j’me confie débrouillard pas bandit, il faut pas qu’tu confondes y’a l’poto qui vient d’rentrer au hebs laisse pas tes paluches traîner dans la caisse j’ai ... https://letras.top/p/pins-dimeh/letra-de-peta-pins-dimeh/ letra de titânes – project pitchfork endless time, on these rocks a wonderful drowning of life we spread our arms to protect you’ve got the privilege to die emotion had no tongue a whisper is lightning and the sun without these there is nothing and indifference causes pain see how infinite i am from midnight to midnight i unfold but then ... https://letras.top/p/project-pitchfork/letra-de-titanes-project-pitchfork/ letra de ice wave – dusi eu to tranquilão dando grau de banditi se eu colo no role elas perguntam do outifit cultura de rua insana tamo de uzi na mão meus manos com kit foda tão portando dois oitão chama aquelas duas bih que vai ter festa na mansão meu lean e meu xan transbordam no meu copão (yah yah ... https://letras.top/d/dusi/letra-de-ice-wave-dusi/ letra de beaucoup trop – guizmo [intro] oh ziguidi check, biguidi bang, guizi ouzou j’ai pas fait que du rap grâce à dieu, j’m’en suis sorti y&w c’est comme ça qu’on fait les choses, écoute-moi boy [couplet 1] 91, mon poto, j’suis né à la pitié’ ils n’en n’auront aucune pour lamine diakité je serai pas leur esclave à la kunta ... https://letras.top/g/guizmo/letra-de-beaucoup-trop-guizmo/ letra de 신선놀음 (fresh play) – dj mad (korea) 감각은 머리속에서 맴돌지 내 똘끼 내외모완 안어울리지 호의가 권리 i don’t f-ck with you with you, d-mn, i look pretty good 쌓고 제쳐놔 내 랩의 마일리지 난 지연 학연을 접어 곱게 날리지 난 새로운 걸 쫓아 probably 난 날개를 펴 하늘을 달리지 허각 sh-t 난 안놀아 사실 난 놀아 이게 내 놀이요 보소 아이씨 아지매 ... https://letras.top/d/dj-mad-korea/letra-de-%ec%8b%a0%ec%84%a0%eb%86%80%ec%9d%8c-fresh-play-dj-mad-korea/ letra de tie dye dinosaur – andrew neil tie dye dinosaur i know what your thinkin i know what your thinkin i know what your thinkin nice guys final last d-mn right i’ve been drinkin staring at the empty gl-ss bartender bartender fill it up once more i’m a tie dye dinosaur a tie dye dinosaur i could use a hug i could ... https://letras.top/a/andrew-neil/letra-de-tie-dye-dinosaur-andrew-neil/ letra de awesome! – cxrpse [verse 1: cxrpse] being a shooter don’t make you a rapper n-gg-s just lie to they fans they a capper send me the addy i cause a disaster that n-gg- jaw is what i’m gonna shatter you n-gg-s all talk you know you don’t matter im finna cook you up like you a platter i’m ... https://letras.top/c/cxrpse/letra-de-awesome-cxrpse/ letra de the seeds of enmity – mirthless prowling surrept-tiously through a dismal domain marooned in miasma and friendly fire possessed by a compulsion to defend this realm a deluge of faces bombard our bounds fluorescent flares obscure our vision we pluck our targets from the flock we see new eyes we surmise engraved on the faces of the dead the reflections of ... https://letras.top/m/mirthless/letra-de-the-seeds-of-enmity-mirthless/ letra de blue red room – sisyfuss call me when you get out of your car i wanna hear you, i wanna know how you are oh lovely don’t travel too far when you get back you will hold me in your arm all things will end and i cannot wait all things will end and i cannot wait all things will ... https://letras.top/s/sisyfuss/letra-de-blue-red-room-sisyfuss/ letra de i’m here – kyle beats [intro & producer tag] perfect! [hook] yeah, running back, it’s time (yeah) running back don’t really have time, take your money back i don’t really need this sh-t if it’s less than a hundred racks (yeah) double down now im livin’ up, sh-t is work you gon’ give it up (no) almost work but it ... https://letras.top/k/kyle-beats/letra-de-im-here-kyle-beats/ letra de go! – tba (band) question everything but don’t trust yourself for answers when the answer’s always “no” when you think yourself so worthless, shut up! let others have a go! they might see what you cannot things you never even thought they might turn out to be true all of them are about you! take it all into account, ... https://letras.top/t/tba-band/letra-de-go-tba-band/ letra de faust – andrea mirò per fuggire il destino ed avere di più ho racchiuso sottovetro l’anima la mia mano fremeva invocando la notte trascinato dalle correnti vedo riva e mi allontano e ho mangiato le ore affamato come mai consumando senza amore tutto il meglio di me e ho risposto col ghiaccio ad calore bruciante delle lacrime dell’inferno sorridente ... https://letras.top/a/andrea-miro/letra-de-faust-andrea-miro/ letra de 666reasonsÿ – crona (rapper) [intro] i got enemies in my head i’m not right dancin’ in my bed when i cry [pre-chorus] i got enemies in my head i’m not right dancin’ in my bed when i cry everything seems red in my eyes might as well be dead yeah, f-ck life [chorus] ay, do you remember me? do ... https://letras.top/c/crona-rapper/letra-de-666reasonsy-crona-rapper/ letra de ils parlent de moi – marwa loud [refrain] il sait qu’j’m’en tape mais il parle de moi après il revient s’te plait pardonne moi mais j’peux pas, peux pas, peux pas non j’peux pas, peux pas, peux pas elle sait que je m’en tape mais elle parle de moi après elle revient s’te plait pardonne moi mais j’peux pas, peux pas, peux ... https://letras.top/m/marwa-loud/letra-de-ils-parlent-de-moi-marwa-loud/ letra de be alright (with ayon mukherji and max graf) – kalou [intro: ayon mukherji] chilling with the boys in the evening i don’t even know what she feeling hope she alright i’ll catch her in the morn see how she feeling [hook: max graf] on her instagram low key creeping said she would be busy for the weekend i be alright thought she was the one ... https://letras.top/k/kalou/letra-de-be-alright-with-ayon-mukherji-and-max-graf-kalou/ letra de weck mich wenn wir stars sind – montéz hook (2x) ich will keine zeit verlieren, weck mich wenn wir da sind alle wollen nen hype kreieren, treibt mich in den wahnsinn immer nur das gleiche spiel, bis wir endlich charten es ist nicht mehr weit von hier, weck mich wenn wir stars sind 1. verse haben keinen cent hier in der tasche dennoch ... https://letras.top/m/montez/letra-de-weck-mich-wenn-wir-stars-sind-montez/ letra de kill – ‌upc bluii [chorus] i can’t even tell you how i feel man, sometimes i forget what’s even f-cking real mama and daddy tell me stop popping all these pills and i know i need to chill before this sh-t get me k!lled, uh [verse 1] getting used too many times, that’s f-cked up now i’m used to ... https://letras.top/other/%e2%80%8cupc-bluii/letra-de-kill-%e2%80%8cupc-bluii/ letra de erasure – swordplay i spend time with time spinning around me and only recently have i come to see where you are treading water the panic is so real to the point you cannot breathe you are drowning quick your hands are tied they’re out of my reach back home you listened and learned you were always older ... https://letras.top/s/swordplay/letra-de-erasure-swordplay/ letra de think – two door cinema club [intro] parece que fueron muy felices [verse 1] i flew too low i got the blue smoke breathe in, break out elevate the cloud the rain is coming i did my time, i did it happily but that’s enough enough is enough count one to ten, start again, repeat [chorus] think what you’re doing to ... https://letras.top/t/two-door-cinema-club/letra-de-think-two-door-cinema-club/ letra de ca-n abis – satra b.e.n.z [chorus: super ed] cannabis, cannabis, mai rulează cannabis vrei sa mai bagam un bis? să survolez vis-a-vis de abis! cannabis, cannabis, mai rulează cannabis vrei să mai băgăm un bis? vrei să mai… cannabis, cannabis, mai rulează cannabis vrei sa mai bagam un bis? să survolez vis-a-vis de abis! cannabis, cannabis, mai rulează cannabis vrei ... https://letras.top/s/satra-b-e-n-z/letra-de-ca-n-abis-satra-b-e-n-z/ letra de red – inda midland you know i tried to stay away but something ’bout you wearing red makes me lose my head, lose my head those eyes look like a threat seems like now i’m your prey show me your way, show me your way take me down to your path flick your cigarette then hold me tight i ... https://letras.top/i/inda-midland/letra-de-red-inda-midland/ letra de ajaccio – tino rossi [pont] la-la-la-la-la-lère la-la-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la-lère la-la-la-la-la-la [couplet 1] dans une vieille ruelle tout près de la citadelle d’ajaccio dans la nuit toujours si belle, on entend des ritournelles, des bravos les touristes en balade écoutent les sérénades du pays et plus rien n’a d’importance quand une ancienne romance vous séduit [refrain] ajaccio, ajaccio, aux sons des ... https://letras.top/t/tino-rossi/letra-de-ajaccio-tino-rossi/ letra de what about paris? – the navettes [verse 1] what about, paris babe? you were looking at me like nothing could ever change, now look at where we are long nights, not seeing eye to eye you tell me that you don’t know how to make this right i guess this is goodbye [chorus] but what about paris? [verse 2] talk to ... https://letras.top/t/the-navettes/letra-de-what-about-paris-the-navettes/ letra de flooded out wrist – jaydre [intro]: yeah uh uh [hook]: flooded out wrist, man you know how we do it flooded out b-tch, look like you f-ckboys, you be losin’ keep on talkin’ that sh-t, and my bro might have to shoot it know i’m gonna be rich, man i was goin’ through it flooded out wrist, man you know ... https://letras.top/j/jaydre/letra-de-flooded-out-wrist-jaydre/ letra de the world revolving – argentenuem isn’t it lovely to be free? now you can play with me! remember when we used to play? on every lonely day… life is like a carnival the games are rigged, but hey that’s ok! you still get to play ’cause that’s all you used to do! kids, i can do anything! it’s just a ... https://letras.top/a/argentenuem/letra-de-the-world-revolving-argentenuem/ letra de for mel – india sweeney i’ve got you under my skin can you hear the melodies of all those old love songs i’m trying to summon them for you you know i hate these songs they sound so full of pain so i hope you realise how much i love you to sound this f-cking lame when things are going ... https://letras.top/i/india-sweeney/letra-de-for-mel-india-sweeney/ letra de workange – dietriaf warnkson soy servido en la peluda mesa maniquí de las perras lechosas y  la ley y el orden se derraman del vaso del mundo por  todos mis látigos de carcajadas a la vieja ultra violencia ¿qué predice esa enorme y amplia sonrisa? el amor es una joven pesadilla la  violencia engendra violencia amo  cómo canto coro ... https://letras.top/d/dietriaf-warnkson/letra-de-workange-dietriaf-warnkson/ letra de secrets of the ancestors – visionatica [verse 1] they came from a country, fled from destruction all the gold they left behind, life was more valuable then a new story has begun, the tree has not fallen the roots are always anch-r-d the compound flows through the blood [refrain] spirits whisper tell the story [chorus] this is the story tell me ... https://letras.top/v/visionatica/letra-de-secrets-of-the-ancestors-visionatica/ letra de life of crime – tec [chorus] forever thuggin’, live a life of crime done seen a lot of sh-t up in this life of mine impatient baby, i been waitin’ my whole life to shine so try to take it and i’m slangin’ all type of iron told my mama like, “baby, wipe your eyes” stressin’ and i know you ... https://letras.top/t/tec/letra-de-life-of-crime-tec/ letra de kiedy pytasz – dj remo [zwrotka 1: filip lato] kiedy pytasz, ja odpowiem, wiesz kiedy płaczesz, to nic złego jest kiedy błądzisz, droga znajdzie się bo odpowiedź zawsze ważna jest nawet kiedy nie brakuje łez nie bój się, one nie zranią cię [refren: filip lato] teraz w końcu wiem, że ja poza sobą mam też was zawsze będę tam gdzie ... https://letras.top/d/dj-remo/letra-de-kiedy-pytasz-dj-remo/ letra de triste titan – gnr se a maré te dá um beijo mergulhamos a espuma da cerveja e do mar enganos e a sereia no topo do bolo lá caiu nada melhor no nosso amor se não nadamos ó t-tan de leça vais a sagres vais a banhos segue a dieta mediterrânea ou nós enjoamos e a sereia no topo ... https://letras.top/g/gnr/letra-de-triste-titan-gnr/ letra de üzücü bir şarkı – şişman fuego hadi bana bi üzücü şarkı çal dostum  yalnızlık kadeh koy benle kal yarım  kalmışım sadece kadeh tam nefes alamam gökyüzü bile dar mutlu gözükür, gülümseyen insan içine  kusar zehirli koyu kan anlatamam  ki içimdeki hissi unutma seni özleyen biri var i  dont wanna end this game just ‘fore the fame feelin like an old man ... https://letras.top/s/sisman-fuego/letra-de-uzucu-bir-sarki-sisman-fuego/ letra de everybody’s dead – nervous young men dead everybody’s dead everbody’s dead except for me everyone’s dead everybody’s dead everyone but me i k!lled them all everyone’s dead everybody’s dead everyone is dead except for me everybody’s dead everybody’s dead except me i k!lled them all dead everybody’s dead dead everyone is dead dead everybody’s dead everybody’s dead except for me everyone ... https://letras.top/n/nervous-young-men/letra-de-everybodys-dead-nervous-young-men/ letra de loca – mili [intro] mili! [verse 1] ti si tako loca bebo radiš me k’o koka (koka) hoće da je naučim da mota (woo) izgleda kao riba iz spota (brra) ona će da me dovede do bankrota polu-gola, ali je nije sramota (woo) iskulira svakog idiota da ne udarim tu guzu bila bi greota (pljas) [pre-chorus] izašla je, ... https://letras.top/m/mili/letra-de-loca-mili/ letra de lost – snowz wieso ist kein weib normal wieso sind alle sl-ts als gäb es keine wahl denke nur an sie, sie weiß es nicht merkt nicht wie mein herz zerbricht ich geb es auf, ich will nicht mehr leben, scheiß da drauf bleibe immer allein, glaub mir bis zum tod ich werd’ sie nicht finden, meine sicht ... https://letras.top/s/snowz/letra-de-lost-snowz/ letra de no h8 – sleepyocean [verse] i don’t care what you do you should mind your business too talking sh-t about me like you ain’t got sh-t to do eyes on me like my tee? got it free from your b-tch mouth so big full of sh-t your fat t-tties be looking so big i don’t care what you do ... https://letras.top/s/sleepyocean/letra-de-no-h8-sleepyocean/ letra de mob justice – vulvodynia the stench of rubber and burning flesh has anointed us as our own successors we take justice into our own hands even if it means burning us alive m-ss hysteria fills the air as the victims are dragged to the centre of the town feeding off each others hate destined to your fate mob justice ... https://letras.top/v/vulvodynia/letra-de-mob-justice-vulvodynia/ letra de who i am – leif bent verse 1: i’ve been around for a long time my little brother by my side and i’ve been searching for a moment alone to find the real me i’ve never roamed the streets alone always a friend where i could hide but who am i to never reach for an answer so here i am ... https://letras.top/l/leif-bent/letra-de-who-i-am-leif-bent/ letra de hetjan – huginn [hook: herra hnetusmjör] ég bið til guðs þegar ég vakna að hann p-ssi mig læt á mig gull og fæ mér svo fleiri skartgripi sólgleraugu sem kosta mikið á andlitið allir að bulla um mig þar til ég labba inn, hey mig fer að vanta peningahvelfingu komum fyrir löngu og ég sé enga lendingu geri ... https://letras.top/h/huginn/letra-de-hetjan-huginn/ letra de ciągle sam – wczasy ciągle sam, w mieście, w którym nie ma szans ciągle sam, w mieście, w którym nie ma szans ciągle sam, w mieście, w którym nie ma szans ciągle sam, sam w wyścigach z chłopcami nie biorę udziału w konkursach różnych nie biorę udziału w piłkę nie gram wcale nie jestem championem i wcale się nie ... https://letras.top/w/wczasy/letra-de-ciagle-sam-wczasy/ letra de el poder de tu alma – de bruces a mí [verse 1] tus ojos brillan, lo infinitos que son tu alegría ahora se ve como un gran resplandor te levantaste temprano a mirar directo al sol su luz no te hace daño, ahora no sientes temor, hey no [verse 2] la magnitud, de la esclavitud dejó profundas heridas en tu juventud la libertad que ahora ... https://letras.top/d/de-bruces-a-mi/letra-de-el-poder-de-tu-alma-de-bruces-a-mi/ letra de nightcrawlers – bravo maine [intro] bravo maine babombi ja [verse 1] jeg er en grov mann med en grov stil jeg vipper rundt i en dyr bil kom til meg for en grov deal den gjengen her, den er drit vill nightcrawlers big ballers big spenders det regner dollars fakker trynet ditt med one two ja og skal du, ... https://letras.top/b/bravo-maine/letra-de-nightcrawlers-bravo-maine/ letra de masami iwasawa – la mique [rose] distracted by love, huh? of course you did not listen i gave you simple instructions in which you did not follow it has been approximately 4 years since you have crash landed and i finally managed to reboot your system but time is running out you must finish the task, or else there is ... https://letras.top/l/la-mique/letra-de-masami-iwasawa-la-mique/ letra de marzenia na smyczy – larsky słoneczny dzień, wychodzę sobie na sp-cer dzisiaj wyjątkowo wstałem jak poranny ptaszek zapętlam dobry vibe, nie chodzi o kaszel nie łykam acodinu bo sam go sprowokowałem ja na trzeźwo mam fazę, na zakaz wyjebane dalej palę ganje, jak się żegnamy mówimy ‘z fartem’ baku mój target, ja z nim chodziłem na parkiet potem stretching głosu ... https://letras.top/l/larsky/letra-de-marzenia-na-smyczy-larsky/ letra de heartbreaker’s heart – aysee i don’t deserve you i’m just an immature kid i break hearts just for fun and i told myself i’d understand it if you moved on oh-whoa but then you did and now the heartbreaker’s heart is broken and now the heartbreaker’s heart is broken, my love i shouldn’t have gotten attached i shoulda just ... https://letras.top/a/aysee/letra-de-heartbreakers-heart-aysee/ letra de southside – farao (the rapper) [intro] yeah, yeah, yeaahh yeah, hahaha ohn i’m a latino boy ohn [hook] (x2) don’t you understand why girl, i’m from the southside (yeah, ohn) don’t you understand why i tell her girl, i’m from the southside i’m a latino boy [verse 1] los temperament ja dat is wie ik ben (wie ik ben) ga ... https://letras.top/f/farao-the-rapper/letra-de-southside-farao-the-rapper/ letra de how can i be a witness – r.b. hudmon [chorus] can i be a witness? can i be a witness? how can i be a witness? how can i be a witness? for love, for love [verse 1] no body knows the trouble i had tryna keep the girl i love she won’t see or speak to me so how can i be a ... https://letras.top/r/r-b-hudmon/letra-de-how-can-i-be-a-witness-r-b-hudmon/ letra de наркотрафик (drug-traffic) – buddha kush [припев] куришь эту шишку, чуешь вкус банана где то на другом конце страны явила мама ведь не только твоя кис [?] держала до того [?] сплошного мало это трафик, наркотрафик наркотрафик, наркотрафик это трафик, наркотрафик наркотрафик, наркотрафик это трафик, наркотрафик наркотрафик, наркотрафик это трафик, наркотрафик наркотрафик, наркотрафик [куплет 2] фургоны с газелями, набитые зеленью взяли ... https://letras.top/b/buddha-kush/letra-de-%d0%bd%d0%b0%d1%80%d0%ba%d0%be%d1%82%d1%80%d0%b0%d1%84%d0%b8%d0%ba-drug-traffic-buddha-kush/ letra de seafoam islands – peaness [verse 1] he invited me to see the water and now the sand is under my nails when i place my hand in my pocket [verse 2] [?] my fingers [?] my mind to wander how this could feel now i am wanting for all this to be real [pre-chorus] did you want to? cause ... https://letras.top/p/peaness/letra-de-seafoam-islands-peaness/ letra de robím čo chcem – h16 [intro: majk spirit] mám v piči jak sa na to pozerajú druhí keď viem čo chcem nemusím sa predsa pýtať ľudí tak nech si hovorí kto chce, každý hovorí čo chce ja si robím čo chcem a zvykol som si mať… [chorus: majk spirit] …v piči jak sa na to pozerajú druhí keď viem čo ... https://letras.top/h/h16/letra-de-robim-co-chcem-h16/ letra de l’uomo del faro – andrea mirò forse farà paura l’intermittenza che dà sopra a quell’acqua torbida la luce accesa da me ma la paura è un limite e l’orizzonte è un’idea oltre la mia vertigine e l’immagin-z-one che scruta la notte sale un rosario di scale che portano là dove vive con me quel profondo e lontano piacere che soltanto io ... https://letras.top/a/andrea-miro/letra-de-luomo-del-faro-andrea-miro/ letra de señorita – noisyboy x chicoboyah [intro] eh-eh-eh-eh-oh-oh-eh-eh eh-eh-eh-eh-oh-oh señorita señorita señorita señorita [strofa 1: noisyboy] scrivo alle altre per dimenticarti non ce la faccio non voglio scordarti giochiamo a parlarci era un gioco di sguardi benvenuti bugiardi con gli occhi bendati era un ti odio era un ti amo fanculo a noi ciò che eravamo ti faccio male non avvicinarti ... https://letras.top/n/noisyboy-x-chicoboyah/letra-de-senorita-noisyboy-x-chicoboyah/ letra de liza – fatur sei rimasta qui tutta la notte hai lasciato qui i tuoi sogni mi hai detto che ami ancora me mi hai detto che ami ancora me ah, liza! sei rimasta qui anche stanotte hai lasciato qui i tuoi profumi mi hai detto che credi ancora in me mi hai detto che ami ancora me ah, ... https://letras.top/f/fatur/letra-de-liza-fatur/ letra de down bad – lrn nola g*nius: down bad [intro] nah nah nah nah yeah nah nah nah nah yeah nah nah no yeah yeah nah nah nah nah nah [pre-chorus] i been moving on i just been getting in my bag i want a whole lot of cash race to the money like flash adding up numbers do math don’t ... https://letras.top/l/lrn-nola/letra-de-down-bad-lrn-nola/ letra de si como camina cocina – naldo ella con su mirada hipnotiza fácilmente me domina tanto que me comería yo hasta el pegao’ si como camina cocina si como camina cocina me como hasta el pegao’ si como camina cocina me como hasta el pegao’ si como camina cocina es que a mí ganas me dan de besarle la boca quitarle la ... https://letras.top/n/naldo/letra-de-si-como-camina-cocina-naldo/ letra de air max 97’s (no cap) – jalen mcmillan dj plae (intro) we don’t got time for none of the f-ck sh-t all that cappin sh-t is dead now yeah! you little n-gg-s better come correct (jalen) verse 1 i tell your girl stop hitting my line i can not give her the focus or energy i can not give her the time semi-automatic ... https://letras.top/j/jalen-mcmillan/letra-de-air-max-97s-no-cap-jalen-mcmillan/ letra de headstrong – krafty [verse 1] don’t get it twisted, anybody can be a hater being in a team of players don’t mean you’re safer they wanna see us lower than them they wanna stunt our growth, don’t want us growing again your girl could pick any man to blow in the ends your man could make a hoe ... https://letras.top/k/krafty/letra-de-headstrong-krafty/ letra de threshold – starkill locked within a nightmare unparalleled control wicked empire dominates as far as one can see accept the perfect darkness as it shadows overhead the blood that’s spilled will catalyze the mutilating wave wrath blinding light bloodshed screaming in the night slaughter all their kind a legion of destruction none will be allowed to survive malevolent ... https://letras.top/s/starkill/letra-de-threshold-starkill/ letra de temporary – jhart [verse 1] didn’t say a word driving home in the cab at night suddenly the world turned from color into black and white said i’ll see you later never thinking it would mean goodbye i thought it was just another fight no one said it’s supposed to be easy [chorus] but i’m trying to be ... https://letras.top/j/jhart/letra-de-temporary-jhart/