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letra de late night thoughts - trustie


(anden on the track)

[verse 1]
one year in the making and i’m only going up
nineteen but the people that i see say i’m grown up
i done seen a lot of things make my peers start throwing up
prayers to the most high still going up

sick to my ribs homie died at sixteen
body went down but i hope his soul was going up
there ain’t nothing you could do about it
so i just write a little song and talk to you about it
i was eighteen when he saved me
sitting on the couch smoking on sum tryna get faded
he hated the fact i hated myself
was draining my health
i needed to heal
so he came to seal

stole me back from the devil
showed me life isn’t all bass you can add you some treble even the level like salt and pepper
i used feel worthless now you can
peep that heart my heart is in it
i seeked and i found forgiveness

late night and i had a vision
i was reading scripture and i felt god tell me take a minute
told me he was gonna use me for the long run
this ain’t 100 meter really talking bout the long run

life long head strong like a gun
we’re not close to perfect but he still chose his son
sacrificed on the cross devil thought it’s done
nope i done heard hundred million times where he fought and won

he saved my life, he’s jesus christ, he paid the price, came back to life he’s sitting on the throne
the second time, he’ll take his side, up like flight, the afterlife, forever call it home
yeah i’m going to heaven, i’m a sinner but forgiven by the throne of heaven
i own the blessing, i’m gon be dressed in
all white like a pure soul
no stain no pain no blame and there won’t be stressing

i’m undeserving like anyone else
i’m guilty of every sin i got on my belt but i
got a father and his mercy is greater than anything i could ever do so i put my trust in you

trust him

[verse 2]
i said
what life was lived without sin
and your kids could go outside and play without fear
could have been
our reality if people weren’t so down for wicked
society twisted and people are proud to be sick

peoples health thrown aside into the abyss
corruption in the government destroying us from within
we need a change in our life, gotta change direction
depression affecting our people like it’s an infection

god really be my medicine cause he heal everything that i ever struggled with i’m telling you bro
do for it me he’ll do it for you just take the tools and use ‘em like you got something to prove
he’ll changed your life, give you insight, to your assignment
obey his word, receive the light
he’ll take the fight, ignite the fire, it’s his desire, and you’ll be wired to do what’s right

and use you to do what you couldn’t do alone
it’s nothing new for a servant to bow to the throne
he’ll take you where you are it doesn’t matter what you been on
looking on he’ll put on a path carved for you

it’s a straight line and it’s been marked with truth
you’re assigned to a life you’ve been called to do
people mess up, it’ll be hard when you’re new
or been through as long as you knew the message-

it’s a blessing that we can read the words of god
it’s his message that inspired the words to this song
it’s through him that i get the hope of being revived
when i die it’s not done, afterlife’s spent worshiping the son

the spirit, my abba father
i got baptized and changed by holy water
now in his name i preach the written gospel
used to be lukewarm living like an imposter

you gotta change your ways to finish and win the race
surrendering your pace and god will set your place
don’t let it be a phase the devil tryna get you no breaks
so pray and treat his message like it’s your final day