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letra de swindley's maracas - spooks


enemigos se rein en tu cara
swindley’s maracas
enemigos se rein en tu cara
a siren song of beautiful sound when swindley’s maracas play they play to knock down
enemigos se rein en tu cara

[panting] i can’t breathe, i’m outta breath from chasing all these d-mn theives
and it’s slimy, i know you’re thinkin’… man they ain’t gonna find me
just like bros just see one, but there’s a thousand behind me
ready to get jail time, for throwing swindley off the com rail line
stands the fine, pay the bill plus the fine
say yo got, are you stealing my pot? (they hit the black guy)
they hit one at me like, bad guy, that’s the bad guy
now even as you witness, the beauty of this creation
tu [spanish]
the price i pay for inspiration
i used to do this for the love and the positivity
till swindley ask me for a double said “you doing this for free? ”
you could be livin’ off these rhymes, instead of squeezing your dreams into your spare time
he got a point
at first this music was a stepping stone in my goals
but swindley won’t leave me alone, until he owns my soul
and what’s worse
i’ve seen former friends fall under the curse
d-mn, i can’t believe you
re-creating the same evil
we used to see through illusion, but cash breeds confusion
the same game attracts you, is the same game you’re using
attraction with shackles, hand shakes and fake thank you’s,
get on, you better get a firm grip on your ankles
cause there’s no music anymore
just the noise of money making
that’s the sound of swindley maracas shaking


double speak the language they use
morse code in their expression
hijacking truth with their deceptions to you
and if you’re in a crew they’ll try to divide you
g-ssing you with yeast in your ear
making it hard for you to really hear what’s going on
mi mama siempre me dice mija cuidado
ellos son mentirosos
y cuando esten hablando con tigo
oye con tus ojos y no con tu oidos


yo, yo swindley’s maracas
all about a knocka, tryin’ to knock ya
all up in your pockets, sorta locka-locka (gotcha)
blacks better watch it, instead of laughing with ya, laughing at ya
recollect a sec, sn-tch a cat from africa to sell ’em
(get your hands outta my pocket)
swindle us, in a friendly way the’re scandalous
[spanish] black and puerto rican spies
being kind like vietnam rhyme with lebanon
i gotta get a record exec, snapping his neck
they steal like a fore-fathering fact, with fraudulent acts
you and the reservation connect, poor jeramino slept
the anvil us points, and publish your checks (launch sound)
there goes the picture once it plays on mtv, chicks be like
“wonder twin powers activate… for mom, a gold digger”
boy, i smack you ’till your face curl up like a cashew
walking by ya’ll full of smiles and (hi ya’lls)
but if we look close, there’s dotted signs in the eyeb-lls
before you sell em, cause i know the half, and i know the math
and when these joints is lying, i know the laugh (he-he)
it’s all too common in this dirty world
before water, water, man they used to call me dirty ger.
but it simple, as soon as they swindle
listen for the “oooooooohhh”
cause they out the window!