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letra de john riley - rainy day (band)


[verse 1]
fair young maid all in her garden
strange young man, he came riding by
saying, “fair young maid, will you marry me?”
this then, sir, was her reply

“oh no, kind sir, i cannot marry thee
for i’ve a love who sails all on the sea
he’s been gone for seven years
still no man shall marry me”

[verse 2]
what if he’s in some battle slain?
or drowned in the deep salt sea?
what if he’s found another love
and he and his love both married be?

[chorus 2]
“if he’s in some battle slain
i will die when the moon doth wane
and if he’s drowned in the deep salt sea
i’ll be true to his memory”

[verse 3]
and did she wait for seven years
or did she wait for more?
and did she die of a broken heart?
no, she never gave up her hope
[chorus 3]
for she walked the town and she walked the field
and she walked the meadows, both wide and narrow
till she came to the deep salt sea
where she espied his own true marrow

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