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letra de 09' wave / your mercy - cozjin


a lot of people wanna talk like it’s game time
too focused on mine, can’t get mine
been up on my wave since 09′
got the fort locked down like o-line
i haven’t been the same since my peers died
locked myself in my crib, no sunshine
tomorrow’s not promised, on my
12 hours a day, i’m not lying
i ain’t got no time to waste, i
made a promise to myself, and i
will not let another day go by
where i’m not working towards to my
goal that i know that i can do
if i want i know that i have to
commit my time and avoid you
can’t let you, get in my way too

[verse 1]
people been moving, don’t know where they go
so many nights spent upon the road
i gotta work it out on my own
i can’t let another day go by while i’m home

these days i’m blanking out
i don’t know where to go
my mind it find its way
take me to heaven or home
you know these days are cold
you know i can’t trust no soul
evil it lurks its ways
so i’m better alone


[verse 2]
i know that you have your doubts, i understand
but i’m grown now, i’ve changed girl, i’ve become a man

all of these people wanna talk about me like they know
that’s their opinion, that don’t really mean much to me though
i gotta keep on going, can’t look back, i’ll probably though
i gotta stay on road, we gotta long way to go


[breakdown: arthur mcarthur]

[outro (your mercy)]
i’m on my way
this is all i got, i cannot stop, i cannot stop
i’m on my way
this is all i got and i cannot, i cannot