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letra de high times - mafro


yo, yo, w-ssup, w-ssup, w-ssup, w-ssup

[verse 1]
just a n-gg- out’a high school
smoking weed was a thing and we right tool
sitting front seat-
getting all the fool-
f-ckin’ b-tches and [inaudible murmuring] in the kitten pool
in-in goo lagoon we swim and dip in the hula-hoop
smokin’ dip that what we do-a-new
injectin’ weed, that’s the shoe-a-new

[intermission 1]
tha’s w-ssup

[verse 2]
own a taco shop
never laco shop
ate a taco and a pussy in the bado shop

[intermission 2]
w-ss w-ssup
rob schaef
‘his to you, boy

[verse 3]
outer space
came a thang
n-body had ever heard of such a thang
it was a thang that never nothin’ talked
looked weird
never really talked – but
he’s g-y
every word he say
he’s robert schaeffer i mean that’s his okay
named alan
that’s the krallen