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letra de no laters - koshi


i been lookin’ for revenge tonight, i’m dead inside arrival
lows to highs forget the price i might blow
play me if that makes you feel somethin’
on everything i ain’t forget nothin’
this is my goodbye there’s no later
can’t decide i know i can’t save her
play me if that makes you feel somethin’
on everything i ain’t forget nothin’

vlone with the rhinestones, don’t wanna die alone
don’t you hit up my phone, you’ll get the dial tone
i don’t know the unknown, better if i don’t
i can’t find home, heart is on ice
forget those stars that i bought her
i feel like acne ’cause i’m such a bother
pick up my life then i drop it and drop her
she said she had me then told me i lost her
you know i would never sacrifice
my time for more bad times to be with you
’cause why should i
you’re never home like every night
i don’t wanna pop pills i wanna feel your love before it disappears
i know i can’t help it
i can’t seem to see where help is
“stay the night with me” is expected
we live in a world of sheep, so desperate
one day will i be your weapon
i don’t feel the same no more
no tellin’ where this plane’s goin toward but it sure ain’t home
wait until the story unfolds
no sp-ce in my notes but i already lost my phone

i can’t help it