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letra de war of the worlds - don trip


(beat those drums)

real sh-t, n-ggas been too c-cky on the town
and ever since i dropped, you n-ggas’ stock been goin’ down
the numbers ain’t addin’ up, your records ain’t connectin’
n-ggas tired of hearin’ all that bullsh-t you reppin’
pray for our sons, let’s bow our heads
my homie came back from iraq without his legs
the politics never mean sh-t to me
homie was in his feelings when kaepernick took a knee
i told homie i don’t agree or disagree
’cause my enemies live on the next street
and i ain’t duckin’ rpgs and ieds
the drac’ where i come from doesn’t sing r&b, yeah
and n-ggas’ll murder you over greed
there’s a war next door, you ain’t gotta go overseas
you know what’s-his-name lost his lil’ brother just last week
now try tellin’ that same n-gga to turn the other cheek
i bet you he ain’t here for it
homie ’bout to slide like that escalator thing that’s in the middle of the airport
ain’t no voice of reasoning, all he want is get-back
and he don’t care what he gotta do to get his l!ck back
we’re two different soldiers in two different wars
you ain’t never been in mine and i ain’t never been in yours
but nonetheless, i got all respect for it
i ain’t never had to murder n0body on foreign soil
i’ll never know the feeling you get when you get deployed
some n-ggas so f-cked up from it that they enjoy it
it feel more at home when they out in the open field
and they feel out of place when they home with they wife and kids
know a n-gga that woke up one night and choked his wife
he was havin’ nightmares that he was fightin’ for his life
i met him in the trap and every time i used to serve him
i used to tell him, “thank you for your service,” long live pif
(beat those drums)

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