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letra de overflow - dive


just to get a grip of things
i grew my hands bigger
so they could satisfy
now they’re so huge that all
the things slips to my hngers
i’ii never learn will i?
what do i love most
materia or the ghost?
once i knew
it all seems so tar away
what about the time
had everything in mind
is it true that everything
fades to grey?
i’m a thin and weightless cloud
trying to move mountains
swimming against the stream
got a bag too big to bare
stuffed with lies ‘n
stupid fears
what if we’re stuck down here?
what do i admire
independence or desire?
for the liar truth
simply overflows
what if i am right?
what if i am wrong?
one more lie and i will
die of an overdose
i’m so fed up with images
that i’m prepared to
crark the mirror
just to get the real thing
.give me something that