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letra de crazy - busta rhymes




ayy! [4x]

i know you love the way i come and i scorch this
ain’t nothin changed, n-gg-z know i’m holdin the torch b-tch
excessive with the heat, see how i’m holdin the fort sick
i twist a n-gg-‘s sh-t just like a f-ckin contortionist
it’s bang bully bust’ rhymes, i’m comin to squash sh-t
demolish every hood, disintegratin the moshpit
spaz animal rap, they love when the god spit
i know you wish you could the way i bang ’em regardless
hehe, it’s been conglomerate in case i ain’t mention
it’s b-tches in this building and they all in this section
to dominate this sh-t has been my every intention
these n-gg-z think they sick, i come to kill the infection!
and when i come through you know i’m blowin the top off
the building and the club, n-gg-z know how i pop off
and if you violate you’ll probably get your sh-t chopped off
the way i got police, barricadin the block off!

sometimes i act like i do
cause of this voice in my head (voice in my head)
they tell me just what to do
let’s spend a chunk of this bread (chunk of this bread)
you make them n-gg-z wanna say {them n-gg-z crazy than a motherf-cker}
them n-gg-z psycho how they ball {them n-gg-z crazy than a motherf-cker}
they buyin all the alcohol {them n-gg-z crazy than a motherf-cker}
like they was buyin out the mall {them n-gg-z crazy than a motherf-cker}

before i finish countin this bundle
so kindly as i welcome n-gg-z (back to the jungle!)
i’m back to run this b-tch, i strive on keepin it humble
i’m here to shake the building ’til it crackle and crumble!
so back out b-tch!! see how we knockin the most odd!
’bout to split the ocean, get to callin the coast guard!
better call the ambulance, i’m comin to choke y’all
i’m smashin every country b-tch, i’ll send you a postcard
hehe, see now they actin like they ain’t knowin
but i know you see exactly where them bottles is goin
a couple box loads, see all the money we spendin?
we drinkin ’til we stupid and the party is endin
now peep the way we comin in, we pickin sh-t back up!
the tunnel 2012 the way the sh-t packed up
we full throttle in this b-tch and never will slack up
while i feed you the heat watch how my n-gg-z’ll act up!


ayy! [4x]
ohh! [3x]

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