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letra de blank contract - ace troubleshooter


god: here ya go, boy, sign the form
just sign on the dotted line
don’t you worry about petty details
it’ll be alright in time
me: hey wait a sec, this contract’s blank
you know there’s nothing written here
god: that’s ok, i’ll fill it in later
just be sure to lend an ear

all i want is your heart, no promises
trust in me with your heart, mind, and strength
and the rest will follow

me: hey wait a sec, god
how’d you get out of the box i put you in?
you know for a while i’ve been comfortable
living in my sin
god: you know, son, you’ve been living two-faced
you’ve really made it into an art
i’ll give you true love, true peace, true freedom
just give me your heart

me: i love only you, lord
i want more of you, lord