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whatever it takes - zoan


sensitive to the things
that causes your heart to ache
want to be approved by you
ima do whatever it takes

honored lips
that get to speak thy message
formulate cohesiveness
with a holy essence
you know the only one i’m messing
to script
i know
to the rich
i won’t
let the temporary and trivial
become intermedial
to the things that are worthy
of the fees
that you never charge
i just want to be faithful and do my part
cloud of witness
godly business
you inspire in me all the art
so i’m never switching
from the promise given from the ark
i feel like a shark
but this ain’t no shark tale
it’s about finding nemo
and i feel if the imagery of an eagle
soaring is what is soothing
you know your decrees won’t be what i’m booting

40 lashes minus one
must be 1,000 slammed doors for chun
scandal might be f-cking a nun
that looks like a fusion ha between dillon harper and jessica pyun
i’m having fun
but i know i need discipline
whistling a tune
that says i’m satisfied
when i can improve
on my focus and my drive
when i can lay off the burgers and the fries
i got an appet-te
for justice, and the lord’s glory
a s-x drive fiending for that of 이효리
and getting told by maury
that i am not the father
cause i don’t bother
to make love happen
with those yapping
negative things about god
i pause, only to the shocking
clocking in daily cause i want to improve upon
the foundation laid by the boss, the cross, and the don