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letra de can you be on my side - zoan


the world seems to hate me
cause i don’t like the way it operates things
the world seems to hate me
cause i proclaim that jesus is king
they say f-ck you god
cause you don’t agree with me
i think that’s the greatest tragedy
i want someone who sees
the weight and the seriousness of eternity

i’m not asking for too much
just someone who loves jesus
as much i do
the world is always f-cking lying
sporting a disguise
and i want something that’s true

can you be on my side
not tell me the same lies
that they be telling me
the falsehood they be selling me
can you be on my side
even if it means you’ll be ostracized
it’ll mean the world to me
if you are on my side
can you be on my side

i don’t hold no grudge
i just show them love
cause they know not what they do
i don’t feel no ill will
i know that malice k!lls
jesus is what i hold onto
they say f-ck you chun
ima live the way i want
continue to do me wrong
i want someone who’ll be
not joining their company
fulfill my wish on this song

i’m not asking for too much
just someone who truly trusts
in the things of the holy
the world rejoices and mocks
find pleasure in hating god
and i’m feeling awfully lonely