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letra de 2006 - zepplerdmaverick


i was born in atlanta, georgia!
i was born in 2006!
my mother was a lover and my dad was a d-ck!
all my life i thought my dad was waleed
but then in september, 2019
i found out that my dad was turik indeed!
my mother had a boyfriend before i was born
but then after i was born their relationship was torn!
the reason why their relationship was torn…
is because my dad: turik left me after i was born!
from 2006-2020… my stepdad: waleed was taking care of me!
now my mom is the only one that’s taking care of me…
because i revealed to her some of my secrecy!
my life was nеver the same еver since…
and it started way back in… 2006!