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letra de sun's out - zekeultra



i check my bank statements when i wake up
p-ssed off
stressing on some ways to get my cake up, then get gone
cause n-ggas with you till you on your way up, but they not
i peep the vision when i’m all sedated
and reap the benefits of living with some patience
but f-ck if i’m right, i’m the n-gga in his parents crib who f-cked up his life
drunk every night, if i can’t be with friends i can’t stand me
deer in headlights, little feeling like f-cking bambi
trapped inside a bad dream, quiet but i’m antsy
i let the sun get me black as it want me to
you tell me jump when i’m plastered
i’ll probably do it, just know that it’s not for you
i was thinking about it anyway
humbling my spirit but my vision clouded everyday
i rumble with my fears, till i hit the indica
enough to come to grips with this life that i’m living
hit the road, i’m with my fools like i’m pimping
spliff hit my soul now i’m chilling
i kept my head down, and took off from the block when the gun sound
i find peace in my thoughts before i come down
find me in the cut with my dogs round
you try me when i’m high you get stomped out
she like me, cause i’m not one to f-ck round
my pipe deep, so she fuss, tell her hush down
my timing’s when i want, n-gga calm down
this lime green in my blunt getting stuffed down
cause the suns out
felt the love round me, cause the suns out
cause the suns out, love round me
cause the suns out

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