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letra de ro - happy alone - z


“happy alone”

i know they don’t, give a f-ck about me
i promise, i’ll be happy alone
whether you see me on tv, or these streets
my att-tude, is leave me the f-ck alone
i know they don’t, give a f-ck about me
i promise, i’ll be happy alone
whether you see me on tv, or these streets
i’m not a rapper homie, i’m just a g

how the f-ck can they love me
if they out there in the streets, talking dooown mayn
how they f-ck can they love me
if they look at my money, like it’s not miiiiine yeah yeah
homie i come from the street, live my life by the rules
if i owe ya i’m gon’ get ya, might be ten years due
guarantee it’ll be a visit, if you f-ck with my food
smile in my face and stab me in my back, that’s what busters do
me, i go it alone what the f-ck is a crew
a bunch of people, that want me to do what they want me to do
i don’t take orders, if anythang i’ma give them b-tches
you must of thought by having my child, you guaranteed to get riches
sh-t i told you last alb-m, to go on ‘head and file on me
hate me so bad, i know it hurt ya to see a smile on me
b-tch i’m a boss, you trying to talk to me like i’m a trick
one hundred and twenty thousand a month, i guess i am that b-tch


trying to make it to heaven, is hard as h-ll
they out to get me baby mamas, and my boys as well
they say they love me but do they love me, it’s hard to tell
they love his freedom, but forget him when their boy’s in jail
i was driving, but the sh-t was where the p-ssenger ride
so now-a-days it ain’t n-body, on my p-ssenger side
eating bullsh-t, wearing white and p-ssing the time
i swear it wasn’t no cotton, up in that mattress of mine
so use to mean mugging, i swear i gotta practice to smile
but i got that hercules hustle, you can’t challenge my grind
my partnas had money, but got mad when i had to get mine
that’s why i took the time to tell em, to kiss my -ss in this rhyme
they said i didn’t even rap good enough, to go get a stack
but now i’m headlining a long way, from the opening act
they wanted to burn my dreams, i still smell the smoke in the back
even if they kill me i’ll come back homie, to go and get that that’s right


white boy jimmy, he the reaslest n-gg- i know
it’s because of him i’m walking the streets a free man, and i appreciate that bro
god d-mn, i don’t wanna go to prison no mo’
beside t. ferris and b-tches, don’t n-body visit no mo’
i’m not complaining my n-gg-, just saying how it is
they say it’s lonely at the top, i guess that’s how it is
i swear i ain’t seen n-body, in the last thirty days
ro must of fell off, that’s what them haters that can’t stand me say
but i ain’t never been a b-tch, don’t know how to be a hoe
only thang i know how to do, is collect that dough
if you owe me money, pay me on time
and 7 tre fo’ 2-4, death before dishonor on mine
me be a punk, i would have to leave this world for that
matter fact, my mama could of had a girl for that
i’m cool as a popsicle, in the freezer in the winter time
but i’m a d-mn fool, and i have about respect so give me mine