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letra de ro - 1st time again - z


(feat. ashanti)

[chorus: ashanti]
you came into my world and taught me thangs
and i can’t lie cause boy you did yo’ thangs
feel like i’m floatin when i hear yo’ name
i think you made me fall in love again

[z-ro: over chorus]
screwed up click

whenever you need a n-gg- call me up i’m on my way
s-x or serious conversation, i’ll listen to what you have to say
this ain’t gotta c about a wham bam thank you ma’am
i’m not like these other fellas although i know you think i am
even though i kick it with a lot of – females
i can honestly tell you that i ain’t gotta – female
but since i’m fresh out of jail you probably thank that i just wanna bone
hit it, quit it, then delete your # from my mobile phone
can’t you see the tattoo reads one deep
so i need only one lil’ momma, one cup of codeine and one swisher sweet
weight of the world is on my shoulders because i’m thuggin
but sometimes even the hardest of us need some lovin
and the first time with you is like my first time again
like rediscoverin rap music, writin my first rhyme again
you say you feel like you’re floatin, well i’m floatin too
everybody’s leavin, now you know it’s time for you and z-ro to do


now tell the truth; i’m like a mechanic when i work my tool
so brace yourself baby so i can hit you with the mule
everytime i touch ya i’ma find a new hot spot, it’s guaranteed
i’m a thug n-gg- but still a romantic so p-ss the weed
now you ain’t no dimepiece, you a whole dollar
and i’d rather be givin you “f-ck faces”
ain’t tryin to pay these hoes no bother
you see i consider myself as a king
but i can’t reach a comfort zone ’til i find myself a queen
so we can rule together, it’s picture perfect me and you together
go through our good and bad moods together
plus i’m concerned if you don’t come home
long as you call me and let me know you alright i’ma stay offa ya phone
ain’t none of that drivin by ya mama house or callin private
the way you hug me when you see me let me know you my chick
and i ain’t scared to put that icing on your finger either
you’re my sunny day when it be rainin
it’s a blessin momma sing for the future


me and you is like a feelin that i get when i roll on 22’s
and i’ma keep you stylin when i’m shoppin for you
plenty ice, plenty clothes, plenty shoes
but don’t get it confused, i ain’t trickin cause i’m pimpin
but without you in my life i would be barely livin, mayne
what we do in my arms is like doja to the brain
i promise you like a drug you’re much better than everythang
now if i was to try to hold in this love, i would choke
cause it’s some potent sh-t like from humboldt county on the west coast
yeah i think i fell in love again, it’s on
it’s so real i feel i won’t have to make another “i hate you b-tch” song

[chorus x2]

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