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whats happenin? - yungmoneyxd


i be ballin like jordan in 88
ice makes my neck gain some weight
i’m on beat i ain’t never late
cut the beat out like i’m in place
rollie got begets in the face
i go hard on the beat even without some bass
my lawyer got a dub we beat that case
left him without a trace
i’m gonna switch out the flow
i’m the president but i’m not like joe
my wrist on snow
you’r lyrics were hard but your flow was slow
diamonds on my neck on glow
let me switch it back a lil bit
love live serve we making skits
i make the mosh pits
i make it lit
i made him do a flip
then i make him split
we running like rick
my wrist be stunning
i make the beats i’m like cunnings
i make them racks
diamonds all black
500 plaque
i dont lack



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