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flintsylvania - yung9ine dro


[intro: yung9ine dro]
woo, ayy
free rio, n-gga

[verse 1: yung9ine dro]
i’m out on bond for attempted homicide, i ain’t do nothin’
it’s goin’ on like four years, still can’t prove nothin’
nowadays, eight hundred dollars just shoe money
my n-gga piru still shed blood over blue hunnids
why in the f-ck did you cuff that rat ho when the crew f-cked her?
just sold a whole pound of shake, i’m a true hustler
my jugg paid thirty for an eighth, he a glue puffer
got a glock with a switch and the clip look like a cucumber
my area crazy, we ain’t really fond of no newcomers
my n-ggas post in the paint, they don’t really like to shoot jumpers
in okc with the hammer likе i’m thor, this the new thunder
madе a hundred g’s off the weed, swear to god, i need a new hustle
twenty racks just in jewelry, b-tch, i been the man
and i cannot f-ck sober, i’m a minute man
i heard the opps in the party, i don’t give a d-mn
you only get one chance at life, you can’t live again
i’m in jacksonville with that chopper with me like i’m spinnabenz
big bro a cosmetologist, he split a n-gga wig
as soon as we kick a n-gga door we go and grab the kids
i’m shootin’ ’til the glizzy hot, i’m glad i brought my oven mitts
b-tch, i ball hard, shoot out the court high off wockhardt
b-tch, i’m onstage with heavy metal like a rockstar
my lil’ b-tch don’t smoke weed, she just pop bars
my fiend couldn’t buy no morphines, so he copped some hard
mac-11 with the red dot, this b-tch’ll stop a car
i hit that b-tch with no glove on ’cause she like it raw
i’m like a bartender handin’ out shots, i don’t like to brawl
i like saks fifth bags, i don’t even like to shop at malls
[verse 2: grindhard e]
my nephew head f-cked up, he ain’t got it all
guarantee, you pull up on some bullsh-t, then you ain’t drivin’ off
out of town lookin’ at real estate, i might buy a loft
i just poured a four of tris up, now i’m noddin’ off
wock’, hi-tech, morton grove, or par, sh-t, i like it all
rolled a half of ‘za in the fronto leaf ’cause i wasn’t high at all
b-tch pulled up and got b-tt-booty-naked, she wasn’t shy at all
she had the nerves to ask me do i love her, i said, “not at all”
i spent a band on my shoes, ain’t even try ’em on
seen four or five other shoes i like, had to buy ’em all
you ain’t coppin’ sh-t, you be window-shoppin’, boy, knock it off
use your head before you do somethin’ stupid, ’cause we’ll knock it off
i know a fiend who did every drug, he done tried it all
he was tryna quit, he was goin’ through withdrawals tryna fight it off
plr knock his sh-t down, i don’t fight at all
the only fight you ever seen me in was tryna fight the law



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