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letra de fine - yung castro cas


gap tha gap,tha gap in the back
where yo fucc ass sit at tha gap in the back
we finna chase are dream like tha (yeah)
they said u trippin oh u b-tching who up cribs like n-gga
what u kidding it’s golding gun and strip right in the back
fucc yo asap cap like n-gga kick it back
what u say u jus want hurt my name break my heart lil baby girl wit the same same sh-t u be doing wit the saint that’s young n-gga
verse 1
that u get for talking back what u wanna see about n-gga tha be (yeah) fresh cooker in these streets (yeah) u jus want take the fam and leave bad b-tch said u need take the plead hold up what u kno about lil shawty wanna know about u wait what bring back them body’s u say fucc them n-gga illuminate bad chick i don’t wanna hеar about that sh-t

bussin the pack and wе moving right back all this n-ggas all talk all the smack now i hear this mouth n-ggas all quit when i walk through tha back
fuccin yo b-tch all up on the app(yeah) she said she on tha (yeah) she said she on tha
i can’t fucc wit other n-ggas ‘ play broke ride around on decatur and pay forks if n-gga don’t pay bills well we stay low
bussin the pack well we move back fuccin this hoes all up on app this n-ggas all talk all that smack bad b-tch she hear all the fans smoking thé to on tach and know we get bans right back fucc them n-ggas ain’t that i’m the real castro what she want take on to uh jet fly on to another state all to another country which one ever u can up on homie
bet she want midnight fuc the b-tch die i i
and u know he got bag but he still lie