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letra de ysr records - ysr loski


(yeah, baby, you did this one)
(yeah, baby, you did this one)

[verse 1: driveway baby]
ain’t n0body gave me sh-t, but it made me a beast
we was 4 deep in a rental and made 20 a piece
i cashed payments for my whip, you still payin’ a lease?
a n-gga slidin’ on the l, he gon rest up in peace
how you buy a pair of buffs, but your rent due?
cashier tried to tell me no, but it went through
i got a couple masters and a couple fits too
i’m finna go to another line, cause she ain’t hit too
loski said he finna weigh, a couple ounces
go to the strip club, and tip a couplе bouncers
f-ck a n-gga b-tch from the back, know i had to pound her
a n-gga callin’ back to back, hе just keep poundin’

[verse 2: ysr loski]
she want me to pull out so fast, but i’m hardly in it
drop 2 out a 15 clip, i left harden in it
in the hallway catchin’ a play, i was a tardy n-gga
only n-gga get their guns took, cause we charge a n-gga
i ain’t givin’ my gun to n0body, not even my n-gga
told dude to let me touch the bowls, when none of them hittin’
you still out here chasin’ hoes, boy you a kitten
they gon pay me at least 500, when i get to fenton
finna make a 2 ball today, and n-gga i ain’t kiddin’
hit the casino for 3 bands, had a good feeling
you gotta know i’m taxin’ when i get it, who the best bidder?
bro in the kitchen on the pie, he a famous whipper
driveway hit the swipe dance, soon as we hit her
[verse 3: driveway baby]
toss a n-gga up quick and dump his ass in the river
that’s what his stupid ass get, he shouldn’t have been on twitter
if i pull up and somethin’ out there, i’m k!lling the witness
seen a car with the lights off, loski got to rippin’ it
my pockets stay fat as f-ck, they need to get some fitness
i need my car detailed and paint, i’m finna go to xzibit
a n-gga spoke on g and we had to leave him sh-tty
you ain’t never took a risk in your life, it can get risky
i done sn-tched a n-gga b-tch quick and left him real p-ssy
and i got a light 10 on me, but i ain’t mike bibby
talkin’ ’bout we ain’t up, b-tch, you sound real silly

[verse 4: ysr loski]
when you left from the shootout, you still had bullets
like you ain’t bust one shot, your sh-t was the fullest
i ain’t tryna leave no witness, bro, they gon cook us
but enough of that, i run to the pape
b-tch had enough of your broke ass, she tryna escape
you a rookie, you the white cop off training day
b-tch suck d-ck like a pro, she got trained that way
point me to the bowls, i’ll hop on the train today
records, n-gga