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letra de 12 pm on the northside - ysr gramz & rmc mike


we the ones going extra hard to bring the city up

we the ones going hard to bring the city up f.n got so much f-ckin power this b-tch giddy up, d-mn i don’t want that rec no more i need a bentley truck, drunk a four of wock and popped a perc just to pick me up, gave my lil b-tch a perc too made her l!ck me up, b-tch we in a ram trx this the hemi truck, counting twenty mad as h-ll i can’t hit benji up, took my side b-tch down the way too f-ck fendi up, (rmc mike) ian even get the head from yo b-tch i just titty f-cked, we in a lamborghini put that old ass bentley up, we in thе alley with the same n-gga that poppеd rickey up, i’m out in cali looking for the bud you gotta hit me up, my lil n-gga said he love the sound the way the semi bust, i was sixteen years old on the city bus, i got a hemi in this b-tch you hear me pulling up, if i went to school with you n-gga i would’ve beat you up, (ysr gramz) shiit i would’ve shot his ass cold hearted demon traumatized about a body bag, i would’ve blew the task force up if i was rodney ass, n-ggas steady tryna bite our style old copycats, i just poured two four’s in a pair of snapples, drinking on some old red this a teradactyl, that mean it’s old as h-ll, if you ain’t got no weed call gramz he got bowls for sale, he caught a body then snitched on his man’s that’s bold as h-ll, the same feathers always flock together you told as well, (rmc mike) nah mike i’m done selling weed i got a phone for sale, i just got into some real estate we got homes for sale, she real, she stayed in the trap when it was cold as h-ll, why you posting all them guns this ain’t show and tell, i don’t want the head out yo b-tch her t–th gold as h-ll, you be out here shooting people co- you finna go to jail, sold a four out a wock pint mike poured a twelve, how you doing scams on the road but can’t pay yo bail (ysr gramz) glock on me every single day that’s my protocale, oops i mean protocol popped a n-gga all in his chin knocked his shoulders off, now i’m in a ten wit f.n and a bowl of sauce, if i don’t like you and yo beat whack ima overcharge, (rmc mike) .308 shootin big bullets like a bowling ball, she can put the ak in her pants she got on overalls, pull that b-tch out and knock a n-gga whole motor off, my cup darker than a b-tch it look like motor oil, my n-gga still in traffic with that 30 he got court tomorrow, (ysr gramz) two years ago was f-cked up i got a fortune now,(rmc mike) from lebow street lsp i’m in florida now, hate when no seats war baby i’m in georgia now, (rmc mike) a empire recording a mixtape blew a quarter pound

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