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letra de no diggity - young six


[?producer tag?]
ay put me on eli

r.i.p. to listo b-tch we still tripping
and its still f-ck them suckers b-tch he ain’t with it
in the still f-ck clown b-tch he ain’t with it
how you throwing up that sh-t but he ain’t with it
man i’m on the road again
trying to stack another hundred bands with four ten
if the b-tch ain’t trying to pay she ain’t getting in
if the bro ain’t got his glock he ain’t getting in
so i’m schmoney my pockets it ain’t thinning
down on venice beach trying to smoke some
poly on a six trying to pour some
double pistols on me like i’m max payne
why i hate it from the back she made a perky face
she always spits a pill she likes to perk a taste
threw thirtiеs in the glock and threw the stocks away
wе left sh-lls on saint hel’s and did an an andalay
i ain’t worried about them suckers they ain’t need no sh-t
slows the away and they ain’t slid since
the only thing he lighting up is candles by the fence
how the suckers catching bodies but n0body hit
fifty plays in one day i been road running
if he ain’t talking money he ain’t saying none
always be the brokest people trying to say some
lil shorty trying to f-ck her told her face some
blue jackets, sports mode i’m trying to race some
all that hanging from the side of me to make some
ain’t no sliding down this block bro tape some
f-ck a leg shot get at your points if you face someone
put it on a six they ain’t f-cking with me
if he really from the 6 say he f-cking with me
i ain’t f-cking with the suckers it’s the thug in me
came from the bottom that’s my brother b-tch he stuck with me

man i wasn’t even going to do it like this
you know i had to get my n-gga cito on this
i had a cito talking to me

aye passed the light and hit the brakes before he shot the n-ggas
started hanging out the window i ain’t popping jiggas
[?] lets get it popping n-gga
from the porter to the fight know i’m walking with him
dirty 30 [?]
try to skrt again chase it till he stepped on
heard he f-cking with the suckers he could die too
let that n-gga drop a diss he ain’t gon die soon
7-eleven drop a dollar add a keg to it
i ain’t even pop his ass i let the keg do it
had to slap a goofy n-gga cause he playing stupid
me and ninjas on the street we was really trooping
crossed my heart and hope to die if i’m lying bout it
send your brother to the sky it ain’t no way around it
it ain’t no way around it
crossed my heart and hope to die if i’m lying bout it

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