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letra de bode - young shee


dis a big move, i can’t bring no rookie wit me
i ain ricch but i roll like i got tookie wit me
i ain gang bangin
but i got my chains sw-ngin
i go for a run, i luh to hea dem thangs clangin
ion care if dem thangs hurt my chest
when it come to dis rap thang, dey know im da best
and i learned back in high school
allem tattoos
dont mean a thang
cuz i look some n-ggas inna eye and dey ain been da same
thass da day dey met a k!lla
ima f-ckin grave digga
i step onna shovel
dis how it feel when noone’s above you
im jus tryn top my old sh-t
i go ape sh-t and i known glee since like 06
i ain totin
im walkin light
cuz i only slide at night
rarely go out inna day time
allis drip, its gettin deep, dat sh-t is by my waistline
she can’t link wit me but she wan facetime
i can’t waste mine
its expensive
i feast on beats pro tools is like my utensils
i jus needa instrumental
ioneeda pencil
it ain accidental
or coincidental
pull up inna rental