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letra de 0-100 (remix) - young hefa


[verse 1]
[young hefa]
i know i speak the truth because i read from the bible im trying to be the king that one n-gga with the t-tle. literary messages ya moms stay reck in it not a d-mn flaw cuz young hefa is a veteran. other words perfectionist you know you not better than so get a wet wipe and act right when im stepping in, all these n-ggas cry and bow down to the better man i got a body bag for you n-ggas disrespecting it, i don’t mess with you lame -ss feather weights better back up cuz mafiare them n-ggas never play we got alia$ and also nick dante, a soulful black man but i violate all day. i got the flow no time for intermission never wanna fight me because it will end with a lynching you thing im joking boy i bet you hopeing never seen my hokus pokeis tool in which a n-gga chosen. i got the sk!lls less agree, label me a legend, and a god and a king. don’t give a d-mn wear my hoodies in the summer and when a n-gga die put me twelve feet under. its mafiare collaborating codes tell the facts that yo dum -ss teacher didn’t know, its mafiare you know we mute the fake sh-t i been this fly since i came from the slave ships
[young chymez][saying sh-t we can not hear]