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letra de 00:00 (interlude) - young drastic


young artist, is heartless
he feels insignificant
so please pardon
please don’t harm in

the gods try to arm him
with a strange fruit from a f-cking garden
but he’s so confused
he’s fearing that he’ll lose
he doesn’t know what to do
which way should he choose?

suicide watch, blood on my clock
the battles f-cking over like i’m f-cking k!lling papa doc
the beat stops
it’s beginning to shut down
apple of her eye
but my windows being shut now
trapped inside a box
purchased for a service
cause i don’t have the service
of giving more of these verses
with a purpose
so before decomposing
finish off all my composing
while jimmy burning bush
not talking moses
sorry i missed the call
curtains already closing
sorry i’m the next victim
that depression has chosen

(hook) i can’t find my way
who wants me to stay