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letra de 1969 ascot drive - young abdulleh


rest in peace, don’t take life for granted
crying out for help but you left me stranded
leaving me abandoned, doing so much damage
xannies and perkies, b-tch the pills ain’t even worth it
i can’t read your mind cause you typing out in cursive
turned into a monster, you a different person
costco love, b-tch i want it all in wholesale
leaving me on voicemail
lie right in my face and you telling all these folktales
diamond choker on me and i’m calling that a big flex
am i gonna go, b-tch, am i gonna be next
living like a rockstar, prolly gonna be dead
double cup on the vaporwave, yeah
brand new patek, i’m just switching lanes, yeah
ask me what you doin, pull up to your place, yeah
tell me come thru, uber on the way, yeah

infidelity it ain’t no felony
sippin on patron, the liquor helping me
keeping secrets and she never telling me
but all these b-tches love me, got the melody
leave your drunk friends at the club acting like a fake b-tch
never really f-cked with me until i got rich
720s, i hit the mothaf-ckin switch
don’t be switching sides, yeah
f-cking other guys, huh
on some mob ties, yeah
in the 209, yeah
got these crazy b-tches turning up on ascot drive, yeah