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letra de glass - yoshua


[verse 1]
stained gl-ss shining from the top down
looking out the window that’s rolled down, feel the wind blow
funny how a life could mean a lot but it still ends though
funny how i still got memories stuck in my mental
thinking ’bout it less with every day that p-sses
thinking ’bout how happy i was in the past tense
thinking ’bout my faith and how i feel the absence
thinking ’bout how i just haven’t felt like that since
a while, i can’t remember now, i’m getting older
the earth is heating up, but my soul getting colder
wish i could make amends with all my loose ends
i’m losing all my old and my new friends
i been feeling different since i moved out in june
even my music ain’t been sounding in tune
some nights i lay awake and watch the lonely moon
i tell him not to worry ’cause i’m lonely too

[verse 2]
won’t you come back so soon?
i had this letter written, couldn’t send it out to you
i really tried to reach out but my body couldn’t move
i walk amongst the trees and mourn the death of my youth
wasted all this time figuring how to rewind it
because i hate the way i feel, how i’m always reminded
they say love is real, i tell ’em that love got me blinded
i can’t see through the gl-ss, but i really don’t mind it