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letra de vampire (outro) - ynkeumalice


i wanna live life
under the moonlight
imma vampire at night
how i be up all night
wide awake
got nothing better do
but go all out for the night
looking at the moon
i change from day and night
vampire energy at night
live my life in
the dark of night
more lively at night
i be awake in the night
how it be werewolf’s and vampires
at night
how it’s akin but enemies
ik i’m dead inside stake to the heart
how my heart hurts how i
feel for the night time
night owl
up all night
living long
living to i rule the underworld
take you the underworld
where hades rule
outro :
no good blood succa how it
be different in the night time
more energy i be with the moon
i’m a vampire moon walker
walk with the moon through
darkness of night i like
vibes are wholesome



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