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letra de the final act : the bottom of the dough man - ynkeumalice


feeling like i got options
feel like i got opportunities
feel like all these things imma hide
i ain’t gonna tell it’s just me and the four walls
i feel like life gets hard i keep my head up
i keep to the grind tell n0body anything
about anything that gets me k!lled
i be cautious but still live on the edge

(sounds of waves)
(lighter fl!cker)

trying to get my bread up
trying not to show my hands
show my cards when it’s my turn to play
i feel like n0body should play with me or my life
it’s ain’t a joke
sitting on a cliff looking at the lake
water like emotions the currents
i’m a wave rider living my life
apon a thousands stars in one dream
feeling like this my life take risk
take chances live like this my only life
feeling like nothing done for me
i ain’t stoping anyone
living my life
had doubts about life
till i took a risk
feeling like where
they at when i was at the bottom
felt alone
felt numb
felt no one cares
but i feel like why should i care

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