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letra de shepards sheep (outro) - ynkeumalice


how we lead a stray
he catch like father and baseball
sports and games
wicked slay the lamb
the gray be the lamb
one i be for the lamb
god is my father
god is true
manifest thought
how imma sheep of gray for
the shepard i’m not perfect he knows
too take my soul
he has my soul
he leads me to the righteous
to the pen of gospel
the gospel of bells of noon
how it be the pen i’m not in
with in tied down with the water down
ways i use to and i became
it’s the shepards way i lead he guides me
back to his loving care
ik i be gone
ik i be away
shepard guided
me the way
innocent sheeps be slayed of a blade
how love by the sword with remorse
of my sins god knows my sins
bells to whistles
here the cry i plead lead me to
death i rot with you
how it be thy savior of my soul
took be here for me in the end
how it be
how it be
let it be
let it be
let it go
let it go
far away
far away



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