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letra de akira - yhapojj


i just bought a new glock this b-tch was 350
i just told this hoe [?]
you remember me from school but then were elementary
you would tryna play me fool but i can’t get let you get me

i [?] bout my timing and i don’t like my feelings
im tryna tell this hoe her timing right now on the building
i just feel like su-real. tell this hoe i cannot feel
tell this hoe i dont wanna feel, tell this hoe i [?]

it would [?] on the corner when you couldn’t get me
i was talking to the teacher [?]
i can [?] but that don’t mean she really
i would give [?] that sh-t hurt my feelings

i rеmember crying by myself from thе start
i remember crying for some help and no one [?]
i remember crying for myself from the start
i remember crying for myself [?]

i tried to get the boy a lover gave the boy a game
the boy just tryna give me [?]
i reminisce about the times she don’t think i miss
im tryna go see my lil partna’ he think im tryna k!ll him
i couldn’t put the pain on you cause you was just a victim
i couldn’t let them rain on you cause you was just the victim
kick it door [?]
get on that floor, run yo sh-t

he got money, that boy lit
he so dummy, this ho fish
like it were all about the money n-gga they couldn’t see
they tryna fall about the money n-gga i don’t want beef

i just f-cked two sstick gang hoes, thalia and shelia
this it ain’t no srt this an automobile
n-gga tryna f-ck this hoes, they live in mobile
i just tryna grab this hoe [?]

i just told this ho, i grabed the l!ck like [?]
i told lil [?] that boy my partna’ he my f-ckins snipe’
im tryna f-ck this today, this hoe talm bout some wife
n-gga all this b-tches [?], you lovin on a stupid hoe she thought [?]

(she thought [?])
(all this b-tches [?]), (all this b-tches [?])

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