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letra de 2am freestyle - ygb hakim


yo, jalen, where the f-ck my beat at?

[verse 1]
shooters with me get to bustin’
if you talkin’ sh-t, that’s the end of discussion
n-ggas be totin’ them sticks like they po
but they really a b-tch and ain’t talkin’ ’bout nothin’
i f-ck on your sister, your auntie and cousin
she say to come over, ho, little b-tch, i’m comin’
you with the gang, so you come by the dozen
i aim for the neck, i don’t aim for the stomach
walk by my lonely, but i got a double
if i spark it up, then my n-gga, you in trouble
word to my money ’cause i like to hustle
man, i wanna f-ck, b-tch, i don’t wanna cuddle
then when you wide, you get passed to my brother
we sharin’ these hoes ’cause we all gon’ straight f-ck ’em
dump out my clip when you shoot out a couple
i’m burnin’ the body, i don’t need a shovel
f-ck havin’ ’em dead, bro, i want y’all hurtin’
stayed to myself, so i pull back the curtain
ridin’ in town, so i get to skirtin’
said, “suck on my nuts,” b-tch, she said she allergic
delete all my posts ’cause i know you be lurkin’
wet up the block and i did it on purpose
n-ggas some clowns, so y’all work at a circus
i got me a hood rat and worked at a [?]
you say that you hard, b-tch, i don’t give a f-ck
never been p-ssy, so you can shut up
smoke me a blunt, i’m in love with the drugs
i f-ck on her often, but i’m not in love
either this rappin’ or go hit a l!ck
say you a g, i ain’t worried ’bout sh-t
no, you ain’t gangster, so pull down the front
’cause you only like that when you hang with the clique
no, i ain’t gangster, but i get to shootin’
like i’m steph curry, ain’t talkin’ ’bout hoopin’
feelin’ like zay and i go in the paint
and i’m goin’ too hard that they say i go stupid
you know i go crazy, you n-ggas don’t faze me
can’t f-ck with many, you n-ggas fugazy
heard that you switchin’ up just for a b-tch
but we f-ck at the crib while, yeah, you can ask jacy

yeah, stupid ass n-gga (hahaha)
you should’ve let me go on this

[verse 2]
and i f-ck on her daily
they say i’m the joker, i can be so crazy
catch me in the ocean, can’t catch me at [?]
i drop on the top, n-gga, f-ck a mercedes
i back on my sh-t like i came from the ’80’s
b-tches get k!lled with the boo
walk on your mattress, don’t trust, i’ma shoot
n-ggas be bitin’ on most of my style
i think i’m too sick that i gave them the flu
wanna jump first, but you think i want you?
don’t trust the [?] ’cause they never stay true
used to be faithful to most of these b-tches
now i treat them hoes like the back of my shoe

i know