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letra de alexis - yen (producer)


it’s been f-ck them for a long time my fans know (fans know, fans know)
her room smell like burberry she scared that her man know (yuh)
flexed up, icy (i-icy)
i do what i can ho i do what i want to (can ho, want to)
bad b-tch named alexis movin xans she can get you right, nat54
don’t need your advance my budget not tight like try again
trappin til we can these college groupies wanna spend the night
i love gettin bands i should get that printed on a shirt (yeaaa)
n-ggas movin funny n-ggas movin weird but ima worry bout my money (woah woah, yea yea)
n-ggas doin extra but can’t hold nothin above me (yuh yuh)
jaydes a skinny n-gga but them pockets lookin chubby

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