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letra de supposed to be* - yeat


lyrics from snippet

i might dip, hand it off, gone (woo)
shawty gon’ pull up and tell, pull up and f-ck (woo)
yeah we insane, keep my fire, uh (woo)
you can suck my b-lls, you could have them pals (woo)
know yo’ ass a cross,
who’s you pose to be? (huh?) who you pose to be? (huh?)
“a somebody”, who’s you pose to be? (huh?) who you pose to be? (huh?)
you ain’t n0body tell me-, “pull with the mob”, oh my god, you teasin’
yeah, ah, shut the f-ck up when you talkin’, yeah-yeah
all these diamonds on me when i walk in
yeah, huh, huh, fresher, then find out my coffin
yeah, i might dip slide, i might pop in
yeah, huh, call you “this your life” as you breathe in
yeah, only the sh-t when you talk, you need a breath mint
yeah, i say no “h-llo”, when you here, you seen a headman

maybe i’m trippin…

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