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letra de fatal - ybn lil bro


[verse: ybn lil bro]
a n-gga look wrong, he getting upped on
everybody mad at me, like where the love go?
never was with me from the start, i already knew what was up
a n-gga i knew since i was a kid died, i ain’t feel for em
how the f-ck this sh-t ain’t real life? we getting real money
i’m so into what i’m into, i forgot that deal coming
me and bro so locked in ’cause n-gga, this my real brother
told me don’t go back to the block, you know i’m still going
go to school or play the street sh-t, i had to pick one
living proof because ain’t no n-gga never took sh-t from me
told the opps to do better, can’t put no b-tch on me
ain’t f-ck with you, you be telling, free my n-gga big homie
room full of rap n-ggas, i ain’t gon’ lie it feel funny
i be tryna k!ll something, watch how i feed you to my pits you ever steal from me
you did that hoe sh-t i don’t love you, i go by loyalty over money
even though she was a junkie, got the game from my auntie
you don’t know me you know the old me
think we real close, i do a n-gga just like bro did
i’m the one who got your folks k!lled, i ain’t got no filter
quit asking how i made this sh-t happen, i don’t know either
since you wanna be a hoe, go ahead hoe, be a hoe then
type of time i’m on, i ain’t got no love for no b-tch
he went and told on his whole f-ckin gang, sh-t make no sense
my bro caught a body, i’m still with same n-ggas i was broke with

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