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letra de des how am livin - yauhndoe sage


des_how_am_livin (freestyle)
rich king psycho
-verse 1

pu-sy ass ni-gas you hating i’m back in the game and i’m winning
i told my ni-gas i’m in this sh-t and i came with the realest
i’m back in the “game and i’m winning”, ‘ i ain’t got no competition
i’ve been cooking in the kitchen (hmm, yeah, des how am livin)

i told my momma that i’m gonna get it ,ain’t catching no feelings
i put my name on the map
i told them naggis that des_how_am_livin
the future brought to the see vision. (yauhndoe sage)
when i’m on the beat i make a k!lling
when i’m on the beat i break the ceiling (yeah)
rich king psycho
des_how_am_livin (yeaah)
yeah, des_how_am_living (“des_how_am_living”) {yeah}
i told em’ “des_how_am_living…yeah”
des_how_am_living (“yeah”)
i told thеm des_how_am_living (“yeah”)
rich king psycho
-verse 2
i got put mysеlf on the right spot
gotta grind till i’m on the tip top
i’m that type’a naggi that don’t flip flop
you go hard i go harder dawg
if you want it then you gotta chase it dawg
gang’s always bought the f-cking cash dawg
i don’t do no talkin’ i just rap dawg
realest n-gga no cap dawg yeah i’m always rapping bout the facts dawg

n-ggas hating what the f-ck is that dawg
when i’m on the beat , i got class dawg..
jonny bravo with the packs dawg
claudications on my ass dawg
i don’t want no friends i want the cash dawg

yauhndoe sage

-verse 3
“don’t pull up on me like that i’ll f-ck you up”!
i just ran into the ghost of my of my dreams piling up on my knowledge i almost got toast
snakes in the grass with a sack full of green tryina suck on my chi
i ain’t selling my soul
came in the game with gs and a sack full of cheese so these rats can keep eating
reversed the would evil and got a new meaning, family feeds and feuds until the evening

studio broke so we playing house keeping i kept the door open and swallowed the key till i blow
i won’t die broke cause ya’ll thought i won’t blow, you don’t know what i know , you don’t know how i i know
i dun came up from the mud and we light up like stars, you ain’t seen us shine like this before
i dun can out from the south where it all go so fast if you don’t keep your eyes on the road
battling demons we talk like we jesus and walk like we moses
job had a job so we ain’t trying rob none
bigga said he knew a shortcut, cain had a strap and he asked if i want one
ain’t got that much in the bank but i’m paid in respect, now my tokens keep running
can’t feel my thoughts but these lines just keep coming
my stomach still grumbling , i’m doing it hungry

i see a fake naggi ,got my eyes closed but i see plenty
think you’re the man you just the man behind the mirror
with your demons glocking with your trigga finger
man i call shots , i don’t jump ni-ga
got the squad begging me to shoot threes
if i do , it’ll make my money grow thick i’m on wall street eating blue cheese

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