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letra de 19thoughts - yann n


[intro: flora liu]
so, how do you feel right now?

[chorus 1: yann n]
hmm, hmm
today the sun rose, and the sun will set soon
what people mean to me, something i hope i get soon
in the meantime i need more nekketsu
some more evidence why i do music for the meaning
inspiration for hope as i’m breaking my gl-ss ceiling
cuz’ i’ve only hit 19% of my self-healing

[verse 1: yann n]
this a letter to my better self than when i was 17
with a shyness deeper and a self-love never guaranteed
add to that the negative narrative of an errant teen, and i reckon i’m prolly less straightforward than my parents deemed
self-confidence, a work in progress; that’s cool though
i feel my winds of change; they hit me like a cool blow
if you want some of them i’ll take you to school with this cool flow
and if i say them long enough i’ll take these words as truthful

[hook: yann n]
i feel like winning again, like i’m getting back that edge, so tell them other rappers to be on their best day
i got a stake in my pen, it’s headed straight for your head
so with that being said, lemme segue

[chorus 2: yann n]
today the sun rose, and the sun will set soon
what people mean to me, something i hope i get soon
in the meantime i need more nekketsu
i got 19 thoughts and a beer (and a beer)
and i’m drunk off some, it’s pretty clear

[verse 2: yann n]
you can catch me on that power trip kanye, no can fetter me
life’s just a battle with my self-doubt, towards a better me
i reckon that my inner me is my only enemy
i recognize that my sole enemy is my lack of anomie
it’s into me, it’s intimate
listen to me, i scream too much
inside of me
labour of feeling for reward of consistent happiness as a salary

[chorus 3: yann n]
today the sun rose, and it prolly set soon
what birthdays mean to me, something i think i’ll get soon
not sure anymore that i need nekketsu

[outro: flora liu & yann n]
so, how do you feel right now?
umm, so right now, i would say that like, i don’t know, it’s almost like there’s two parts of me; like, there’s this me that’s like, really confident and -ssertive, ho can, do whatever he wants and like, just feels really happy with the life he has and like the friends he has and, everything