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letra de i miss the old axtone - yann miro


i miss the old axtone, straight from the go axtone
chop up the soul axtone, set on his goals axtone
i hate the new axtone, the bad mood axtone
the always rude axtone, spaz in the news axtone
i miss the sweet axtone, chop up the beats axtone
i gotta say, at that time i’d like to meet axtone
see, i invented axtone, it wasn’t any axtone
and now i look and look around and there’s so many axtones
i used to love axtone, i used to love axtone
i even had the pink sweater, i thought i was axtone
what if kanye made a song about axtone
called “i miss the old axtone”? man, that’d be so axtone
that’s all it was axtone, we still love axtone
and i love you like axtone loves axtone