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letra de salt - yakithekid


[verse 1]
oh lord, now we back at it again
we got rid of slavery but now we chained up in our sin
i ain’t even tryna act like this is new, but now we getting worse
now we celebrating different sins and blocking out the church
maybe even worse, we so focused on discussion
we got churches switching up on god to keep the people coming
now they out here politicking with the trends and all the politics
someone’s gotta tell ‘em that’s a method we ain’t rockin’ with
guess i’ll bе that guy
long as i got set of eyes and avoid thе pressure of society i’ll be alright
long as i remain faithful and my power rests in christ
and i don’t believe the lies that they try and advertise
why we all about friendship but got a lot of enemies?
love to send messages but hate it when it’s sent to me
evil hit the ground and now it’s looking like a centipede
people running ‘round and acting like they don’t remember g-o-d
now we talking to the devil, let him get to know me
souls playin’ ring around the rosey
ashes to ashes, we all goin’ down
acting in passion, let man take the crown

speak your mind, silence
world peace, violence
world needs righteous
cancel jesus, pilate
[verse 2]
hold on
why we going back to b.c.?
pack a bag and meet me
on a train to d.c
we believing that the crown is with the pres and vp
demons creep around, they poppin’ out the trees like vc
viet cong, war zone, now we look like vietnam
no alarm but jesus christ about to drop a kingdom bomb
bullets flying ‘round and we ain’t even notice where they coming from
devil underground, he packin’ heat, it got a hunnid drum
ain’t nothing to worry ‘bout
he already took an l
he gon’ take another one, that’s two, that’s why they call it h-ll
he know that he finna be dismissed, he waiting on the bell
he ain’t going down without a fight, that’s why he tryna sell
deception, like having s-x way before you get the ring
matter of fact, you ain’t even get the ring
he gon’ make you think you should be friends, he’ll give you everything
but you gotta pay your dividends, you know it isn’t free

[verse 3]
fact check, love isn’t s-xual immorality
got you thinking love means h0m-s-xuality
got you thinking murder is a form of healthcare
oh i’m finna go there, k!lling babies ain’t fair
go ‘head, tie your shoes and get ready to run
pick your cross up, it was never meant to be fun
the imposter, satan really isn’t the one
got us idolizing people we ain’t meant to become
the celebrities, laying at their feet, you know he brought us there
he don’t really care ‘bout what you need, this ain’t obamacare
ain’t no aca, you know this thing is not affordable
trapped inside a cell, the type of one that isn’t portable
problems and problems, i get it, we got ‘em
but we gotta recognize the proper way to solve ‘em
don’t wait ‘til we televise what happened back in sodom
world is mad enough, i don’t think we need more salt bruh

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