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letra de today (interlude) - xx_pu$i-d3$tr0y3rrr_xxxx


[verse: xx_pu$$i-d3$tr0y3rrr_xxxx]
motherf-ckers try to suck a f-cker
with a puckered lover
they don’t understand that i’m coming
around to sucker punch ‘em
rumpert, hump him
if you wanna cuff him
then you got him runnin’ like
a headless chicken who’s
tryna put it back on or something
who knew, that you two
are runnin’ around like coocoo’s
booze cruise
michael gary scott like i’m on the news
you lose
def jam recordings cause i’m too cool
pro tools – not used by nv
‘cause he use fl studios

[chorus: xx_pu$$i-d3$tr0y3rrr_xxxx & judah]
we got arsalan in the cut, mhm!
judah speak!
h-llop guys!
judah speak!
h-llop guys!
judah speak!
nah, f-ck it yo!
[outro: xx_pu$$i-d3$tr0y3rrr_xxxx]
-rs-lan is coming over to my house today!
i am quite worried cause he might be g-y!
i saw the sh-t he was searching up on his chromebook
and if i told ya, i promise you’ll be shook