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letra de jedi night - xv


jedi night

you ever see what a jedi night look like
well, let me show you

[verse 1:]
i’m in front of the one, like obi
light skin, but the dark side’s all that she, wanna show me
i’m a jedi, you gave a red-eye to know that she control me
never met a dude like x now i’m jango fett, she wanna clone me
i rep the republic, she rep me in public
and everybody loved it, our empire strike back
sith try to trip, but we fight back
dark side can’t find where the light at
but i can show you where the jedi night’s at
have it all, and we can paddle on young padawan
we can take it to the max beyond

now tell me if you want to feel that force be with you when i’m with you
cause you can have whatever you like
i know it’s dark days out there, but if you stay here
i can show you a jedi night
we can take over getting green like yoda going everywhere
we can even walk on the sky
know it looks dark out there, but if you stay here
i can show you a jedi night


[verse 2:]
have you ever seen the death, of a star?
i can feel it’s so close, but i really just hope, it’s still far
jedi night light, but when the mood’s right, we should go, in the dark
grab my lightsaber if you get scared, cause it glow, in the dark
do i confuse you like yoda when i talk?
or the drink that you drink that you drinking just have you lean
jedi light in your eyes when it’s flashing green
is it my name that you’re tattooing?
and since i came here from tatooine to have a queen
they told me don’t go to fast, cause i walk on the path of kings
and if the empire ever try to take you away, they’re going to feel the wrath of me

[hook x2]

[verse 3:]
can you feel my force, when i’m with you?
don’t worry, boo, i got troops if the storm, ever hits you
and if we come together like the walls of the [?] princess leia got us into
i would go [?] like han solo just to rescue you
just to rescue you
from the darkness, of your apartment
under the sheets, you creep like [?]
had a heart like darth ’til she filled it with me
ain’t no amidala but she still is a queen
never leave in the dark like anakin sky walk
back against the wall whenever the chips may fall
live it all for today cause tomorrow
i’m headed to a galaxy far far away

[hook x2]