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satan is sad - xoemyr



(pull the trigger, budd dwyer)

[verse 1]
oh christ!
spark from the blade grinding on the ground
walking with the my hammer and some blood, christ!
black nails, need a thottie that finna grind on my body
hold her hippie drip on me ain’t light
hope the zombies eat my brain so i cannot think about the flood i gave ’em
to the devil we go, this forsaken evil is laying back, as i should

[verse 2]
eugh! why you scared?
eugh! my cash
he folds and i win
but i won’t let a motherf-cker spin my whip
he dat p-ssy boy dat p-ssy boy b-tch
hold it right there buddy, hands up, freeze!
gimme my money, i gotta snort a 3
shawty wanna suck my d-ck, that sh-t ain’t free
hold up baby, tell me, why did you leave?
mixing chemicals in my drink, pleasе
you can’t rap, let alone speak
blood in my еyes make me not wanna see
blurry vision cuz i’m working with some heat
rocking back and forth in my seat as the shadow speaking


[verse 3]
gah! i just wanna rest, easy for me, dead
i don’t know what’s in my head
laying silent with the demon under my bed
hoe what did you say?
we got children wit them sticks, we gon’ let them play
snort the cocaina from the credit card
debit card scamming and the black cat’s stomach turning
cuz it ate the dead mouse from the garden, rotting from the inside out
and the body hanging in the lobby
forget knocking ima get red on the blue carpet
and i’m finna sit and laugh
cuz they all crying
as i wait for the day that the sun is gone



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