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letra de ​your mother - wyguy


[verse 1]
yo, what’s up? my name is wyguy, yuh
that’s right, i’m sittin’ here makin’ a song about your mom
i don’t care what you say, i’ma give my thoughts
about this kind and loving woman who i hope you love a lot
always shoppin’ at target or lookin’ at pintrest
takes three hours to find somethin’ that sparks her interest
she says the shopping will only take twenty minutes
but you’re at least three years older when you’re finally finished
why haven’t you seen your dad in sixteen years?
you really think he went to buy milk, cigs, and a beer?
nah, he got in his car saying, “i gotta get outta here”
then he drove away so fast that he flew into the atmospherе
why do you think there’s so many yo mama jokes?
is it ‘causе she’s fat, ugly, stupid, short, or old?
you wanna hang out with friends but she always says, “no”
and then you try to ask her why and it’s, “because i said so”

[verse 2]
oh, “because i said so?” what about what i say?
i don’t know, when will it be the day
where i can do what i want without delay
i can get a job, then i can get paid
i can buy a house in my own name
right now, my chores make me feel like a slave
once i’m grown up, things will not be the same
i feel like my parents try to make me look lame
so then i act out when they want me to act tame
“i’m a teenager,” is my excuse whenever i misbehave
tom and jerry, it’s an everlasting cat and mouse game
but will they still chase me when i move out of state?
or will they just keep up this wild goose chase?
when i get in trouble, they feel like they can just take
and i say, “hey, i paid for that with the money i made!”
[verse 3]
oh, yeah, your mom’s a guy
explains the extra body part that i won’t specify (what?)
well, i guess now you know why
your dad left without even saying goodbye
a lot of the time, we just sit and complain
we always wanna scream out when she’s calling our names
sometimes we even talk back, “i’m not playing these games!”
but there’s just something we gotta get inside of our brains
we gotta show appreciation for all their dedication
wake us up, take us to school to get an education
they’re pretty much always there for us on any occasion
and after all that work, we blame them for all of our frustrations?
they freaking gave birth, carried us for nine months
and for you with siblings, remember, she did it more than once
it’s almost treasonous how we turn around and make a fuss
after all the times we do them wrong, they keep on loving us

despite the jokes, mothers are pretty lit
you’re the proof, she raised a pretty cool kid
this is the end of here we go again
i gotta thank you all for listenin’