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letra de in the morning - wrekonize


this might be the last you see of me
i’mma get it goin go an get what i was born to be
i know that i promised you i’d stay
i’ll be gone in the morning

[verse 1]
i been moving for so long now the roads like my second home
they be like just dial him up but they find out that wrek been gone
keep it keep it moving but my place is like a ghost town
ain’t been around for months don’t expect a host now
move along cuz the illusions gone
we making moves and all what you ain’t knew we on
i told ya i’d be moving for the
season but you must of not believed it we been on the go and i figure that was gonna make it hard
to be staying in one place for long
i’m an apparition not what you thought you saw
we about this life and see we living it for all we can
so you can understand why i can’t be staying


[verse 2]
when the chips were down
you know i picked em up
i always came around
not just cuz we f-cked
we had a lot of problems
we fixed em up for fun
it was diy this little house of love
then the drama came like it always does
you need to re-ssess this mess that we been victims of
cuz tonight’s been fun but i’mma leave when the moonlights over
pick it up get to my closure don’t stress
cuz if you need a little bit of time
that’s fine cuz i’ll be leaving soon
i’ll leave you free to bloom
you always said you needed room
so i’mma give you some
don’t say you never heard the warning
it’s really for the better ya know if i’m gone in the morning