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letra de africa town - wone


(adlib) can’t even believe it man
i pulled up at leimert park
sh-t just seemed like a ghost down
i don’t understand it i don’t know
i don’t know what the f-ck happened
ain’t nothing to it but to do it

i had a dream
to “cash a check at the capital”
but posted on western and king
it wasn’t cappin though
bro had to devise a (yep)
will to survive and (yep)
still keep the vibe
in this sh-t i’m alive
had to go back and get it
stake a claim f-ck the fame (f-ck it)
buildin the fortune
as i’m scorchin down the lane
straight up crenshaw
taste of soul to vision y’all
off on the k-line
sika he be thе grapevine (what up sika?)
round the cornеr so-fi
inglewood i was yay high
now i came back to the hood
sh-t is gentrified
the other night i see
sistas do electric slide
quiet as kept
i can’t even find a bean pie (where shabazz at?)
we can never slow up (never)
sankofa in the mix
means we need to be taken over
i’m feelin like we too calm
kaos network to eso won (know that’s right)
who being handed the keys
when all the elders gone
you say you need me
the city need to feed me (yep)
i emailed bakewell and
he didn’t believe me (la sentinel, come on y’all)
mark ridley and marqueece
they fleed me (ghost)
i guess the only way to come up
is hit the tv
huh? cool
hollywood’s the holy tool
c.r.e.am. coded knowin’ that
cash it be the only rule (cream, baby)
fool me never
not a n-gga to pull (never)
the wool over lids
still hungry dem bellies full (right)
quarter of century i came back
still black
another generation
to come and i instill that (yep)
recycle the black green
keep it hood
and then we buy it back
like nip in the neighborhood (rest in peace, brotha)
5th street uncle kamau
ms. morrison the world stage
bussin freestyle i feel it more again
ahneva two times drum circle was so aligned
hot & cool good life livin’ up in golden time (remember that?)
sh-t talk dockweiler to citywalk
the real ones ear to the street to hear the city talk
i used to live my life on the beach that was my city block
now i’m breathing life on my street before the city drop
30 years ago i know i’d never see again
another brother fall to koon, briseno, powell and wind
but yo since then
another holocaust
who pay the cost
for all our brothers they haulin’ off (rest in peace george floyd)
fallin soft mellow marshin’ they calling off
we tipsy off the c-cktail they flavor molotov
watch out stay alert they like to tiptoe
run up in ya ear and grow close that’s how the sh-t go
chase bank of america wells fargo
benefitted off of our backs see we was cargo
far go back to a history where we lack
and try to rewrite all the facts nah give it back
f-ck what you heard this ain’t no war of the words (uh uh)
this is a role call for all the sh-t we deserve
i got the nerve from a panther womb i became (yeah)
as long as i circulate oxygen to the brain (what we gone do?)
thangs gotta change i’m feeling on something strange
we pandering acting abandoned plus estranged
kday and kgfj
how much mo’ sh-t they gone gank from la
billion say we breakin’ banks all day
til they pay what they owe nuttin’ less it gotta go
so until that time
engrave this in your mind
kings and queens
only stronger when we combine
resource and report
the village that we protect
community and then
reparations we will collect…