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letra de hollywood hoes - wiz khalifa


“hollywood hoes”

[chorus x2:]
i’m livin’ life fast, sometimes you slow down but i continue speedin’
the new york nights, miami beaches, and hollywood hoes
i’m fresh out the air so you won’t see me there
unless i’m weedin’ (weedin)
that’s all i know
oh oh oh (oh oh)

i work hard, n-gg-s hardly work
smoke good swishers, ya’ll hit dirt
talk bad ’bout that taylor gang swag (swag)
now we hit the club in that small t-shirt
hopin’ that somebody will notice him
i’m chavo chasin’, that money keep rollin’ in
i step on stage and they say he’s goin’ in
four hoes tryna leave with me and the motorman
i’m blunt roastin’, on a cloud just coastin’
shift once and i’m speedin’
on my way outer sp-ce
a couple n-gg-s in this race
but its one that i’m leadin’
hoes see me think they dream (dreamin’)
i’m a star
drive a sp-ce ship sweetie, not a car
come on dog, we ain’t gotta wait for the weekend
i’ll hit the west coast and be back for the weekend (back for the weekend)

[chorus x2]

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