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letra de great to be there (outro) - wiz khalifa


“great to be there (outro)”

yea man
it’s ya boy
young khalifa man
wiz khalifa
whatever the f-ck you wanna call me
and uh, its ’09, star year, yea
so we gone do this like this
taylor gang
heavy hustle and all that
uh um

[verse 1:]
new money, new car, new crib
and you gone need luggage cause this n-gg-‘s a trip
need to buyer, frequent flyer
loose chains with it, need some pliers, get a grip
and me im on the suppliers sitting wit
got a blunt rolled
keep me a dime wit sitting b-tch
im mr.space, sign n-gg-s like elroy
and my bills big face like h-llboy
they say im guaranteed to blow young steroid
and i get it gone, my new home is the airport
wake up in a new city and stay
party all night, then go to sleep on a plane
and it’s mill to ice grillz
saying all you wants a picture
but n-gg- im tryna chill
lot of speculation since a n-gg- signed a deal
but for all y’all that hold me down for real
i wanna thank ya


[verse 2:]
i ain’t make your front page or your top ten
im not a hipster plus i heard rocks in
first flight on the way, but ’til it drops then
im peroxiding the cut, getting it popping
a new year, got a couple shows locked in
couple of important folks doing some talking
im with the stars and n-gg-s who go hard
getting chavo
n-gg-s duckin’ from rosado
checking battery life now, charging my iphone
i do it big, you just the sh-t in your time zone
i switch those like clothes
charm like a computer with a virus whos mind froze
i get alot of whole hate, whole lot of hoes
spend a whole lot of cake on a prod of clothes
when you mention my name, they ain’t gotta know
this for thinking they ought of know
i wanna thank ya