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letra de don't fight it - wilson pickett


there you sit
all by yo’self
everybody’s dancin’
they can’t a-help themselves

the mood is much too strong
you can’t a-hold out longer
so get up
don’t fight it
(you got to feel it, feel it)

you better get on up
and get that groove
you know what, baby?
i like the way you move!

ya do the thing
like you oughta be, alright
so don’t fight it
whoa, baby, yeah, yeah
(feel it, feel it)

[sax & instrumental]

the way you, jerk
the way you do the twine
you’re too much, baby
i’d like to make you mine

and after the dance
i’m gonna take you home
so don’t fight it
baby, you’ve got to feel
(feel it, feel it)

don’t fight it, oh, no
(feel it, feel it)

you got to feel
(feel it, feel it)


you can’t fight it
(feel it, feel it)